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22 Reviews by Phil

We've had this service for years. We enrolled when ID theft became an issue with the growing use of the internet for financial transactions.

Late last year, we got with ID Theft, and in listed their help. The first thing, that was a bit dismaying is, they never "saw" the fraud. Because the fraud occurred through a credit card, they're not set up to "see" those transactions. Instead, they monitor your credit status, so until those fraudulent transactions get posted to your account, they won't "see" them, and won't be able to notify you of the fraudulent activity.

That was our misunderstanding. We were initially disappointed they hadn't notified us of the unusual activities - to the tune of over $80K in new charges from Chicago to Florida!

OK, so there's that. They monitor your "Identify" not credit cards activities.

However, once we were aware of the fraud, they could help us. They advertise they will spend "X" number of hours helping clear up any problems Well, the help we received - which, in fact was helpful, was a list of things we could do to mitigate the problem. Which amounted to contacting the repositories to notify them of the fraud, and to place fraud alerts on the affected accounts.

Fast forward to today, and we received notice of activities. I went on-line to check them out. There they listed they activities and ask, "Do you recognize this?"

They give you two choices, "Yes or No". If you respond yes, then you're done. If you respond no, then you're instructed to call in.

So, I called in I was told they would send me an introductory package - wait, what?

"I've been a member for years, why send me an Introductory package?"

"Because, that will tell you the steps you should take."

"But wait, I just want to notify you these inquiries are fraudulent."

"You'll have to contact Transunion, and let them know about these items, but we can transfer you"

"OK, so what is the service you provide? Are you like an answering service for Transunion? Where I call you, so that you can transfer me to them?"

"Uh, well, we can't speak to them about your account You have to speak to them directly, but I can transfer you."

"OK, this doesn't make sense to me. I'm not sure why we're paying you a monthly fee, to simply act as a answering services?"

"Um, sir, we can transfer you, so you can let them know"

"OK, I can do that myself - thanks."

So, it appears any fraudulent financial activities are covered through Transunion. If your drivers license or something like that occurs, apparently you can enlist their help.

Keep in mind, I believe ID Shield used to contract through Kroll Identify Protection. They severed ties, and it appears took thing in-house, and now rely on Transunion, and other such services for their data, and use a staff who is lightly trained, and gets easily confused if they have to go off script.

Is their service worth the monthly fee - I'll be doing some research, but as of now, I don't think so.
This site sells a monthly membership and the vehicle they use to sell that is a line of 'natural' supplements designed to cure various ailments. Of course, there's no way of telling wether they actually work or not, and most likely they benefit from the power of suggestion. I purchased a 3 month supply of product. hat I didn't realize, that with that 3 month supply, came a monthly billing of $9.99. Apparently the billing of $189.95 included 3 months of product, and the first month's 'membership' fee. Keep in mind, I didn't realize I was agreeing to a membership... The following 2 months I was billed $9.99, for the membership - admittedly, I didn't see those fees, or I would have taken action. Now on the 4th month, I received another bottle of this witches brew... I figured, OK, I screwed up. I accepted the 49.95 fee, but sent an email stating I wanted my "account" to be cancelled effective immediately. I received a response stating, "Your request (8634) has been updated." To me, that means they have cancelled my account. But, noooo... This month I received another bottle of their ineffective crap, and upon checking my account, another $49.95 fee. Both bottles I have returned. As of this writing, I still have been unable to cancel my account. From here, I'll be filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the State's Attorney General. These guys have simply devised a scheme to separate you from your hard earned cash.
Ok, so overall the service is decent. I called in and stated I needed my car towed. They took my information, and got my location.

They gave me an ETA of a little over an hour, and arrived within about 15 minutes. The towing service was great. My concern is with Verizon's roadside mobile service's mapping and billing.

I was having it towed to a specific auto service center, which was within the 10 mile free' tow zone. The most direct route, using the highway, was 9.7 miles. She quoted me 12.5 miles, which would incur an additional fee.

Now the additional fee was $10 plus change, which isn't much. But, to get that extra fee, they must have their mapping service set on - "Take the Longest Route"! Instead of going almost directly SW, by getting on the freeway at the closest entrance point, they showed a route taking the driver north, then west, then SE, adding about 3 miles.

Again, the $10 isn't much, but multiply that by their 1000's of customers, and they're doing a great job padding their bottom line, at the consumer's expense. It's that nickel and dime mentality of so many service providers that I find infuriating. The entire premise is, to pad the bill by small enough amounts, that the consumer won't complain.

Real Estate starting doing this back in the mid 90's. If you sold a house, you signed a contract agreeing to pay a percentage of the sales price as commission. Then the gurus started marketing the idea that adding a small office fee, wouldn't even be noticed by the consumer at closing, when they're about to fork over thousands. So, $100 dollar office fees started popping up on closing docs. That worked! Let's try $200. Yeah! How bout $300! That worked so well, that other fees' began to emerge.

That same mentality has percolated throughout the service business industry. Now we, the consumers pay a set fee for service, yet when the service is provided, there often is an additional fee created one way or another.
When you join as a base member for $39, you gain access to a lot of good information about the Cannabis Industry. But, to put that knowledge to work for you, you'll have to join other "clubs," where they unveil the secret sauce - so to speak. Many of their reports will tell you about a new company and explain what a great investment it is, and then tell you, to learn how to invest, join our exclusive membership for only $1,500 (or whatever), for the opportunity to snag a windfall practically overnight. It's really just one upsell, after another. There is some good information, but to make it actionable, it's gonna cost you. So, the $39 bucks is an entry fee, used to determine whether you're willing to pay to play.
These little cameras are the best. 1) They're cost effective - $20-30 each, depending on the model you get. 2) Extremely easy to set up. 3) NO subscription needed to use!!! This is what I have been looking for, for a couple of years. I unpacked mine, and had the first one up and running in minutes - literally. In my case, I had to upload the BlueStacks app, to access the camera's feed on my Mac. I have all my cameras pointing outside, so disengaged some of the features, such as night vision (reflects off the glass) etc. And I have one is set up outside, under a protected eve, since these cameras are designed to be used indoors - and it's working fine. If you want a bit of security, and would like to be able to record events around your home or business, these work great. The quality of the feed, is a heck of a lot better than some of those security camera feeds you see, and they're in color. Keep in mind, the price and no monthly subscription! Generally, you get what you pay for but in this case you're getting a quality product for a reasonable price. And they're continually strive to improve their app! That said, they're not going to compete with your more expensive security cameras, though they're doing a pretty good job of it.
The only different, at the time, was that it offered wifi capability, to view the temperature of your home, and adjust settings remotely. Which in theory sounds good, but in practice I never used. Initially, it also provided access to their website, to show usage etc. Which again, was kinda cool. But, I pretty much used it as a thermostat, so when I did decide to begin using the wifi capabilities, I was surprised to learn they had 'updated' the service, so my phone was no longer capable with their app. But, in truth, I'm not one to get the latest and greatest, so my phone was older - iPhone 5s. Ok, so I have to upgrade my phone to use the app, that they sold me on. Errr... Well, I wasn't going to do that. But, then circumstances changed, I got a new phone and decided to begin using their app, once again. Oh, but now I learn, they've made it a paid service. Again, just $1 per month or $10 per year. But I paid a premium for this damned thermostat, and now they feel the need to nickel and dime me?!! Nope - not doing it. It's smarmy. All these guys attend the same seminars, where they learn "subscriptions are golden"! Nobody feels that buck or two slipping away every month, and when they implement an increase, you're so busy you don't remember the email they sent you. Before you know it you're paying $5 per month, and you never use those silly features. But the neighborhood hacker, and access it!
Their credit card is issue by Community, but here's what happened. Our daughter purchased a couple hundred worth of product. She moved, lost her card and traveled out of the country, all in a span of a couple of months. During that time a couple monthly bills were sent out. One didn't reach her, due to the move, we suspect. The next one came after she had lost her card, and was out of the country, and the bill arrived at her parent's home.

First, the interest rate is ridiculous - 27%! Plus, since she missed the previous bill, there was an extra $39 fee on there. Ok, whatever - we'll move on

The due date was just a few days away, and we wanted to get the bill paid before another late fee was applied. We took the bill, along with cash - (legal tender, I believe), to the local Victoria's Secret store. They would not accept the payment, without our daughter being present, or her driver's license?! The account number is on the bill, we have her birthdate, driver's license number, SS#, address, phone, location of her birthmarketc.

We weren't trying to use her account, but trying to give them money to pay the account in full. Nope. Can't do it!

Now if you go to Sears, Kohl's or just about any other store - as long as you have the bill and money, they'll take it.

We came home, and got on the phone. The first person we spoke to was a real bee-atch! The next person said, they'd accept payment if we provided all our banking information to them - which we weren't going to do. We figured they would end up associating our banking, credit information with the account - and that wasn't going to happen.

Finally after insisting on speaking to a manager we got Ryan. He gave us some mumbly excuse for why they couldn't accept cash payment, but finally agreed to take payment over the phone, if we used a debit card. After spending waaay too much time trying to give them money, my wife agreed.

Personally, I would have told them to send it to collections, were they'd get 20-30 cents on the dollar. But, they had worn my wife down by then, and she agreed to give them her debit card number. Ugh!
• Updated review
After five days and after reading this review, the seller did reach out to me. Clearly not happy with the review I left here. And especially bothered by my stating he blew me off'.

One of the biggest differences between a brick-and-mortar business and an online business is the accessibility. He mentioned that he had taken some time off to spend time with his family. If a brick-and-mortar business closed their doors for 5 days just cause they could, they'd be out of business. So, I appreciate the attempt at a guilt trip, I'm not buying it.

I understand that the internet allows people to throw stuff up to sell, and to automate things very effectively, but to expect folks to invest their money buying your products, only to discover the business is closed with no idea whether it's going to open again, is really disrespectful of your customers.

He closed saying that even though he went above and beyond (which he did, the first time around and even now - though after 5 days), and because I stabbed him in the back, that we should go our separate ways.

He sold me a PLR products and never wants to be bothered again, yet he didn't offer a refund. I'm inclined to agree, but then I paid good money for the product, I should be able to put it to use.

He seems like a nice guy, but he sure doesn't want to be bothered with customers.
Meh, You Get What You Pay For.
• Previous review
First off - I'm a newbie when it comes to online marketing, and it was suggested to me that a good way to get started is through Private Label Rights (PLR), products. After an online search I found the PLR store, and purchased a $47 dollar product, paying extra for them to set up.

I provided all the set up info and waited. Now what happened next is 100% my fault. The site was there but I could not access it to do anything with it. I sent an email, and received no response. Having been burned on several occasions by shady online marketers, I kinda flipped out and figured I got scammed again. Dang. So I torched the site, change all my access info, and sent a blistering email to the seller.

Surprisingly, the dude responded, and was kinda like, huh?! So, I explained the situation from my perspective, and he basically was, dude you're way off-base. He even agreed to re-install the site at no fee. Which was very cool.

So, a couple months went by without me doing anything with the site - as I got tied up with my "job". This week I had some time, so decide to see what I could do. I typed in the domain name, and zip. I went to my host and checked out cPanel, and nothing. I mean the domain was there, but the data was toast.

I reached out to the seller, to see what kind of support was there. He checked out the situation and confirmed, yup the site's gone. Must have been your host.

So, I figured, OK, looks like I've got to load the thing myself. But I needed some basic clarification, so I reached out to him again. This time, he's just blew me off.

I actually thought, that if he responded and was upfront with me about the limits of his willingness to help, that maybe one of his other PLR products was a self-help website builder kinda program, that I could buy.

So, the reason for the "Meh" rating is, the seller not wanting to be bothered to even respond - with a polite, sorry can't help you with that - yet he's still sending me sales emails trying to sell me new programs.

I also think, given his site promises support, that even though it's not his fault, that it is a good business practice to offer some amount of help - even at a price.

Given the size of his site and the amount of products, I'm surprised he hasn't found somebody on Fiverr who he could direct people like me to, for such help.

That's one of the downsides of online businesses - once they start making sales, it's too easy for them to blow-off their existing customers.

Tip for consumers: There's some OK, inexpensive products there. I would say don't go there, but be very aware of the limitations.

Experian is one of the three primary credit repositories in the US. The data they collect on you determines what credit score they assign to you. That credit score is used by any business considering extending credit to you. The lower the score the higher the risk you are considered. The higher the risk the more you're going to pay in interest, down payments etc.

So, you'd think accuracy would be important to them. Nope. Because you're not their primary customer - the creditors are, and that's who their loyal to. If their information is bad, it just protects the creditor by costing you more money. And, truthfully, do they care f you have to pay more - that's a hard no!

Recently I checked my credit, and found some errors. Following their protocol, you can make some corrections, but not if institution has submitted the incorrect info. You then are directed to contact the institution, and I guess, provide proof that the information they have submitted to the repositories is inaccurate.

Initially, I was going to take care of that, but then I thought to myself, why? Do I care if they're making money selling inaccurate data about me? Do I care if hackers steal inaccurate data about me? No, & no

Screw the repositories!

If they want accurate information about me, they can pay me for it!
This site does background checks on people. Marketing itself as the best and most thorough.

Not so much

I joined the site with one of their trial plans, where I paid a nominal fee to have access to their site for a short period of time.

I did a search of myself. What I found was mis-information, and no way to correct it. Much like the credit repositories, they throw out a net and gather all this info on individuals and then it's up to the individual to find it and correct it. But, to correct it, you have to buy a premium membership. So, obviously, accuracy is not that important.

What MyLife does is assign a score to you - the higher the score the better quality person you are? - I guess?!!

So, my score was pretty decent, but it was getting knocked down by my "sleezy" associations, I guess. So, I looked at who they were associating me with, and I believe only one was accurate. Almost all were neighbors. Of the neighbors listed, two are dead, and have been dead for a while, one I have never heard of and doesn't live on my street, one I wave to occasionally, and the rest I don't interact with at all. Yet, these folks are being used as associates of mine, and affecting my score'!

Just keep that in mind before you pay for any information.
I found Instructables.com after searching for a solution to a problem I was trying to solve. After a search online, I found a solution that was reasonably close to what I was trying to achieve and believed it would work. The potential solution even had a link to eBay with a part that I knew I would need. And then I noticed the link to a pdf, that I could download. Cool! I clicked the link and was notified I'd have to upgrade to a premium membership - up until then, I hadn't even noticed I was on Instructables site. The least costly price to upgrade is $15 for 3 months... Errr... But, Ok - I paid the fee. Then downloaded the pdf. Well, the pdf had zero actual instructions - it consisted of step 1, and step 2, with a bunch of poorly taken pictures, with no instruction what-so-ever. And the part that was linked - isn't even used. It was a complete waste of $15 bucks. the only possible redemption might be if a find another 'instructable' with actual instruction - but searching the site has proven to be somewhat of a pain in the azz. So, word of caution - just because the site promotes instructions to various projects, the quality of the instructions you receive is solely dependent on the "teacher," who could be clueless.
We have been receiving the Detroit Free Press, weekly distribution of the Select - which is a free separate publication designed primarily for advertising. The Detroit Free Press enters a subscription for you, on their behalf, and you receive these publication thrown on your property in the wee hours of the morning.

I have always picked them up, and placed them directly into our recycle bin. Many residents don't pick them up, and they languish in the street where they are blown around, driven over, rained on and basically litter the street.

After years of putting up with this, I finally sent an email requesting to be removed from the delivery. That didn't work.

So, I called and I was told, no problem. That didn't work, so I called again, oh, no problem. That didn't work, so then I called and suggested maybe I need to call an attorney or something. Finally, that worked!

Of course it helped, that I knew a few communities around us were in fact suing the Detroit Free Press to stop unsolicited delivery of this publication.

So, fast forward today. About a month ago, we began receiving the darned thing again. It's received win the weekend, and of course, you have to wait until regular business hours to call - because they certainly don't want to be inconvenienced! Finally, I got around to calling and was informed, I wasn't on the route to receive one; that there must be a new delivery driver and that it would be taken care of. That didn't work

What's it say about a communications business that doesn't communicate very well at all?!

So, now I have to call again I suppose I'll have to threaten them again, because apparently if you're polite and nice they simply don't pay attention. They have no problem throwing unsolicited trash on thousands of yards every week! If they were ever to read any complaints, they would learn that because of their arrogance, I have resolved to never pay for a subscription to any of their publications, and I refuse to read their free Sunday Select.
I read that if you wanted to compare automotive insurance rate, try this service. Supposedly, it not just a data gathering site, but would actually provide quotes. I input my info, and about 10 different companies popped with potential quotes. Of those, only one gave and actual quote. All this rest listed the exact same coverage and amounts, and if you wanted more details you had to click on "Quote". Well, then that takes you to that particular insurance company's site, where you have to input all your info again. You are able to change the amount of coverage on The Zebra, which affects the broad quotes - and I was able to improve the coverage, and increase the price, as expected. But - the price I was given, with the closest approximate coverage, was $100 more per month than I'm currently paying. I have yet to find any auto insurance company who has been able to beat USAA's prices and coverage.
The sales price, makes it almost worth it. Of the food choices we tried, only two were what I would consider good - maybe even really good. The others pretty much filled the void. And in saying "filled", I'm being generous. The portions probably satisfy the health industry requirements, but most the guys I know could easily eat two of these meals at one sitting. Plus, if you plan on receiving your meals when they are scheduled, you'll likely be disappointed. Our last box came a day late, and customer service never returned our calls or emails. Not knowing what was going on, we had to go grocery shopping. When the box did arrive, it arrived late in the day. The ice packs in the box were half thawed, and all the meals had condensation in them - which makes me think they sat on the delivery vehicle for quite awhile. Would I pay full price for these meals - absolutely not! Customer service - none responsive.

Tip for consumers: If you set your expectations low, you may like this service OK. Though I'm not convinced the value received is reflected in the full price. Sale price - maybe.

These are great devices! I have one in each of our vehicles. It is great at helping diagnose a problem and it has saved me several hundred dollars in diagnostic fees alone. I had a sensor go out on our Ford Focus. The dealership would have charged $198 just to diagnose the problem. The OEM part was less than $20 online, and there was a 'How-to' video on YouTube. It took me less than 10 minutes to change out the part.

That's only one incident. Using FIXD, I have successfully diagnosed and made four repairs on 3 different cars. I highly recommend it!!!

The other thing it does is it gives you a heads-up to what the problem may be. In one instance, the dealership tried to convince me the problem would require over $1,000 in repair costs. Using the information FIXD had provided me, I backed out of that situation, called up a local mechanic, explained the problem and got the repair done for $140 and some change.

Knowledge is power, and this little device helps provide you with more knowledge, so you won't be so easily snowballed!

Finally, my daughter lives several hours away. If she has a problem with her older vehicle, she can use FIXD to get a diagnosis which helps me, help her seek to the best solution.

It's a great investment, that'll pay dividends - you'll get your investment back!
I was shopping for an impact wrench, and up popped one of those foldable ladders. Something we were considering buying for my pa-n-law. I clicked on it, and it fit the bill, plus it was discounted from $149 to $89 - even better.

I added it to my cart, and proceeded to check out. Road block - I couldn't pick it up, it had to be delivered. I thought that was odd - I didn't even know they delivered, but OK.

In checking out, the request your phone number so they can nag you with offers, I gave 'em my landline (which I never use), and checked out.

I was delivered the next day - Great!

A week later, I checked my phone messages. Crap - Lowes had left a message verifying that I knew the delivery fee would be $59 bucks, for an $89 dollar item and to return their call if I didn't want it.

Then I thought I better check my bank account - they charged me a $94 dollar delivery fee!
Are you kidding me?!!

Keep in mind the store it came from is 5.2 miles away, or 12 minutes. That 12 minute delivery equates to an hourly rate of $470 bucks!

For any of the big-box stores who can't figure out why consumers are flocking to Amazon it's because of bullsh** like this. I will never, ever buy anything from Lowes again - never!
OK, WOW is no different than any other cable service provider - they know the shell game really well, so they don't really care once you're a customer. They are currently charging me $45 per month, while providing me a whopping 65mbps service, even though their third tier service is $29.99 for 100mbps! And for $49.99 per month I could have 500mbps! When I called to ask about our crappy service, their response was - you have a contract. I said, "So, you're encouraging me to switch service providers - there's nothing you can do?" Their response, "You have a contract. Thank you for trusting WOW." Keep in mind my contract ends in a month... Oh, and I have been with WOW for for over 25 years. They're so focused on the shell game, they place no value on existing cuatomers.
Never, ever - ever upload 'search.anysearchmanager.com' or 'anysearchmanager.com' as it is essentially a virus that you can't get rid of without 3rd party help. I accidentally uploaded it, when I uploaded another program, that this damned thing was attached to as an add-on. I absentmindedly was clicking through the upload process when I realized had I just clicked to upload this program. I couldn't stop it, and since then have been unsuccessful it removing it from my computer. I have followed their guidelines - which work only temporarily, and have found other steps to remove it, but have yet to succeed in getting rid of it. It keeps coming back!
I loved the product - I bought three before they were officially released. You plug them in, sync them with your phone and you're good to go. If there's a problem with your vehicle, you can run a scan and get a good idea of what the problem is. You can then either fix the problem yourself, or go to a mechanic having a pretty good idea what the problem is. However, be aware that you must have a newer smart phone to interact with the device. I have an older iPhone 4S, which is too old. I have had to use my wife's newer Samsung to connect with the devices. I believe iPhone 5 or later, ( iOS 10.3 or higher ) and Android smartphones ( 4.1 or higher ). Verify that before you buy, other that than, it's a great investment!
I ordered a couple of the 3d type shirts they offer on their site. The pictures of them were kinda cool, but to be honest, my expectations were low, as they are made in China.

I ordered:
1) Mens 3D Swirl Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt XL &
1) New Fashion Concave and Convex Lattice 3D Printed Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt XL

First there's no way they would fit anybody in the US who wears L or XL - I ordered XL large to be safe... They would probably fit a small - maybe.

The shirts themselves were made of some sort of semi-stretchy material, and the print designs were crappy - nothing like the photos, and definitely not something I'd wear.

I mean you get what you pay for, so there's that. I chalked it off as a bad decision, and put the shirts in the Goodwill. Maybe somebody has a small kid, who would think they were cool...???

Tip for consumers: My intent was to provide a heads-up for future shoppers, & not to secure a refund. I felt a refund was not warranted, as I had taken a chance & ordered the products knowing the quality could be 'iffy.' However, they did refund my costs in full, & approved of my donating the products rather than returning them. The refund was processed quickly. They also said they would be reviewing the quality of the products. Hopefully, they do and future customers will have a better experience.

CustomerService R. – DressLily Rep
Dear Phil N.,

We regret to hear that you are having sizing issues.

On all our DressLily product pages, below the product description, we offer a clearly marked size chart to help our customers choose the correct size.

Also ur products are quality checked before being sent out to our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality at the lowest prices.

Please see more details on our refund and returns policy here: http://www.dresslily.com/m-article-id-80.htm.

We have sent you a message via our Support Center. Please kindly login to your account and reply to us there.

We look forward to your reply,

DressLily Customer Support Team

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