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We have been loyal customers of this brand for many years (since the beginning) Fast forward to these modern times where everything goes on sale but nothing is returnable. Be VERY careful of what you purchase here. Make sure it fits and it's to your liking because everything seems to be 'final sale' in certain aspects of the website. This is not the 'customer service agent's doing, this is the company itself and their higher ups. The customer service is outstanding and responsive and have been nothing but gracious to us and apologetic. They (e commerce customer service agents) hope to change the policies and loosen up the reigns from corporate on the final sale items. They understand how 'online only' shopping can be dicey for many and since we are relying on that these days, it's always a gamble. But again, the brand is some of the most gorgeous products and denim you can find and customer service is top notch (don't get mad at the messengers) Possibly look to Nordstrom for your AG needs if you are unsure of product fit since at least Nordstrom the return policies are looser. Other than that you cannot go wrong w/ AG quality. It's some of the best out there.


We have been shopping with Alternative Apparel since the beginning and they have been nothing but outstanding with their customer service and products. You'll find wonderful basics (for both men and women) and some eco-friendly brands of other products as well at times (i. E. bath/beauty, jewelry etc.) Free shipping option is handy and customer service always... ALWAYS responds swiftly in the event of any concerns or questions. They are what other sites SHOULD BE as far as e-commerce customer care and expediting orders. The items are of great quality, some comfy pieces and wonderful essentials that have lasted us over time. The women's portion has some gorgeous cute outfits and the sales are incredible! Check out their final sale clearance! Men's side has great basics, baseball shirts, t shirts, etc. that are of great quality and the loungewear (shorts and other bottoms) are excellent quality and very comfortable.
When this company developed itself over time, they put in top notch people who care. This company is well worth shopping at. This is what online shopping should be like. Hands down... one of the best.


Fast shipping overall. Excellent products to boot. The only issue is the return process which, when trying makeup or any of a cosmetics line, can take a while to endure until you are credited or exchanging (trail and error for shadings and such) A makeup artist friend recommends going in person to a Bobbi Brown counter and experimenting w/ product and for efficiency if needed, mail order your usuals but when experimenting w/ colors and new products, definitely go in person to a counter. Again, customer service has been sometimes dodgy, be wary of the "post your photo so we can color match you" as nothing and we mean NOTHING can beat color matching in person. There is a gamble with such and often those customer service agents are not trained to truly color match and some are even just "guessing" what your shade is and such. Again, color match at the counter in person and order your usuals via the website.


J. Crew used to be a mainstay in American goods, gorgeous streamlined wearables now are a bit shoddy and cheap. Again, companies outsourcing to factories where the 'fast fashion' churn out is effecting quality and thereby met with sizing issues and cheaper materials and low quality garments. Some basics are still ok, it's hit and miss. Online the customer service is pretty much non-existent. Wait for sales of certain products, coupon codes and such, if you are a fan of the J. Crew brand.


Though their products are "ok", affordable and we love the thought of "sourcing responsibly" for manufacturing of our clothing and it's origins and overall "DNA", the quality, we noticed has suffered a bit in the last year or so. Sizings have been off by margins, color in fabrics have seemed to cheapen out and lasting quality has not been a primer in general. Customer service is on point though and has always been truly a pleasure to deal with. It's hit and miss with the quality of what you are getting. T shirts? (perhaps a good deal and ok on quality a step above Target and quite a few notches below say, AG Jeans t shirts) Jackets and such? (a gamble, we'd be careful with larger purchases such as these and inspect accordingly and not to remove tags as fitting, we found are rather dicy especially with the men's sizings)


Some beautiful items, true, some decent sellers as well BUT the customer "service" overall is horrid. We have heard NOTHING but nightmares about this place. No return policy no help, unanswered emails, and also along w/ a string of dishonest shenanigans we have heard (but not experienced) We cannot fathom as to how much longer this site can uphold it's bearings. Be very very careful when you purchase something, you cannot return it and will go through hell doing so.


Sephora (for an in store visit) is good in general but don't bother with online. It's such a joke. Numerous problems with checking out online, customer service is non existent or basically a bunch of idiots they hired on a dare or something. Just do yourselves a favor and go in person or if you do not live near a Sephora, try your hand at Ulta or wait until you visit the big city and just do a run in the actual free standing store... seriously. Online is pretty much a nightmare with this and we cannot expound as to how many people we know were met w/ missed orders, out of stock items, order fulfillment miss haps and lackluster customer service. Do yourselves a favor and shop in store. Seriously.


Seriously. What is going on with the world that a company has this "quirky, obnoxious, allergic-to-a-straight-answer ninja b. S." as it's forefront in customer service (or lack thereof?) We pictured a trendy warehouse in downtown L. A. and a bunch of odd balls on Molly being encouraged to answer their consumers in the 'most quirky and obscure way possible'. It's a total joke and we know it. Avoid anything online and dealing with these clowns. We got everything from some idiot lecturing us about "ordering too much product as to cut down on waste of the boxes we send you" (seriously?) to "yay! Your refund will be processed and PRONTO" followed by a video clip of Wham! "wake me up before you go-go" (seriously? People actually consider this a real job or career?) We are beyond over their online service, they are considerably the worst and you will not get a straight answer in regards to return or consumer advocacy of any sorts. The product has also gone downhill, very cheap feeling, think $#*!ie's for pants and Sweaters from the bargain line of JC Penny (not that there is anything a miss by these brands, but in terms of advertising as a luxurious brand that prides itself on it's comfort and level of service, it fails to meet that expectation) We truly were not satisfied with the product and lack of customer care, it was like plotting a third world takeover just getting someone to answer our questions in a direct and concise manner and even so the email was peppered with this immature, borderline millennial snarky tone which was completely a waste of time reading their dribble. If you are a fan of their clothes, find a free standing store and order them up there in person and dodge the clowns at "Ninja Central" you won't get anywhere and at least in person, again, if you do love the clothing, you will get a level of customer service that is complacent and akin to at least a first rate shopping experience.


The most horrific customer service on the "chat" on their site. Stay far away from it. Inquired about a product that was not working efficiently and was met with no help, vague answers, was met w/ accusatory remarks, rude statements, it was basically a nightmare. For a high end product that we have been using for 20 plus years, one would think they would hire better staff to accommodate online "e commerce" chat. This is the WORST reflection of their company. Something has to be done. Good people spend money on their products and Kiehl's out-sources some second rate horrifying "online support team" that treats the consumers with such deplorable behavior. Consumers be warned. The online chat is a HUGE joke.

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