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I have no experience with hosting a website at t35. This is a review of how their abuse department handles reports of phishing scams. Like most other free webhosts, t35 finds people using it to host harmful and illegal content. On several occasions, I have reported phishing sites hosted there and they have always been taken offline within hours (saving me from having to review them here). While the site may attract the wrong crowd, the speed and strength of their response tells me that t35 doesn't like scammers any more than I do and will enforce their terms of service against them.


Siteadvisor is run by McAfee and has an objective similar to Sitejabber, namely to warn netizens about websites that may be unsavory. The difference is that Siteadvisor relies more on automated tools to analyze a site's links and downloads. This is useful, but of limited scope. It's good at spotting phishing sites and browser exploits, but I was surprised to discover that it gave the OK to sites that faked McAfee's own trust seals. They supplement this with user reviews, but don't have as active and helpful a community as Sitejabber. Siteadvisor (correctly) tells you that you won't get a virus from visiting a penny auction site, but if you want a detailed explanation why you won't get a $5 iPod from them either, head to Sitejabber. There are user submitted reviews, that can address other complaints including "bad shopping experience", but these should be treated with caution too. Their only user review of Sitejabber calls us a phishing scam (I think that reviewer confused us with someone else).

My advice: use both. Siteadvisor's uniform analysis is better for the technical questions. Sitejabber's helpful community is better for consumer advocacy and support. Differing methods give greater confidence. If both agree that a site is good, it probably is. If both agree that a site is bad, it definitely is. Otherwise investigate how each site reached their differing conclusions.


This is the homepage of the National Honor & Merit Scholars Society. Please note that, despite the very similar name, this organization is unrelated to either the National Honor Society or the National Merit Scholarship Program.


Nominally a web hosting service, but the impression I got from reading through their site is the web hosting service was added as an afterthought to create the impression that there was an actual product supporting the base of their pyramid scheme.


Hire these guys to do your homework for you. According to their pricing chart, they charge $5 per question for easy problems and $15 for "Extreamly Tough Difficulty" questions. Oh, and they also have at least a couple broken links due to misspelling their own domain name.

God help any student who hands in a paper proofread as carefully as this website.


This is exactly what it says on the tin. Every day the site presents a deal from a game of cribbage. Visitors can vote and comment on how to how to handle the discard. Regular commenters include some top-level players and a computer program.


Sporcle is perhaps best known for their geography quizzes such as the excellent "How many countries of the world can you type in 15 minutes?" (with a map). That can get a bit cluttered, so doing them continent by continent in separate quizzes is also possible. I've learned a lot of geography from this site, including how to correctly spell Kyrgyzstan on the first try. There is a lot of variety; use the search feature, and this site can keep you busy for a while.

Logged in users can submit quizzes of their own as well. If well received by other Sporcle users, these can sometimes become "official" and get promoted to the front page. Note that this is a community of trivia buffs so be sure to carefully check your work if you plan to design quizzes. You will hear about it in the comments if you forget that France borders Brazil, that Denmark is the 13th largest country by area, or that the West African country between Liberia and Ghana prefers to be alphabetized under "C", not "I".

User experiments with the flexibility of the quiz design feature have yielded many different types of quiz formats beyond the simple "List all the___'s". Quizzes have been designed to simulate various game show formats, crossword puzzles, music lyrics, and matching.

The site is quite functional for logged out users, but registering with an email address allow commenting, rating, user statistics, and quiz creation.


Just a scraper site full of affiliate advertising. Marketing portal with no original content. Presumably John J is reviewing his own site.

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