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I purchased Cometchat plugin and its related APPs, SDK and Desktop Messenger after reading the instruction and description of its features, and my nightmare began. The plugin was not only failing to work properly, but caused the slowness of the whole site. The chat could work only among the 4 sample users, and you could not add new users to a contact list. There are totally 38 warnings and errors with the Cometchat.

I contacted the support and the guy named Salam answered my ticket a couple weeks later promising to let their developers to fix it. They did nothing to solve the bugs during the whole licensed year, then they asked me for more money to extend the license and much more $$$ to move my self hosting to their cloud hosting. Yes, this terrible scamming group based in India just care about money only.

What is more that they never ever game the right APPs packaged, never ever game the active SDK and Desktop Messenger.

They ever did not fix the dozens of bugs, but refused to refund me. They overstated the features of the Cometchat features to induce customer to buy, and took the cash and left nothing working. Don't buy this terrible scamming plugin to avoid loss!

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You simply search with bing.com, yahoo.com, yandex.com, baidu.com, or google.com with the key word "Inout Scripts" or "Inoutscripts", and you'll get thousands of scamming articles with same or similar contents. They overstated the features of these Inout Scripts to induce people to buy. Finally, they took the cash and left you nothing working.

5 Evidence can confirm that Inoutscripts are phishing scammers
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1. Inout Scripts are spammers. They registered at least 30 domains to set up scamming websites, and published more than 1000 scamming articles with social media to induce customers to buy their so called scripts. Finally, they took the cash and left buysers nothing working.

2. Their scripts are full of bugs. For example, the inout shopping cart has 514 bugs totally. Believe me this is not a joking. It's real. None of INout Scripts are working. Their softwares will bring you heavy loss, including hosting cost.

3. Their company does not have the right technology. The head of developers is Jacob, one of the top scammers on earth. The head of sale agents is Kumar, the liar.

4. They are dishonest. They never fixed any bugs. They never refund you once you make a payment. Their service email account, *******@inoutscripts.com has been widely labeled as "phishing".

5. Negative reviews and complaints about Inoutscripts are full of the WWW. Definitely, you can read someof them by searching.

They said they are the leading clone scripts in the world. Actually, they are a group of terrible scammers located at Kerala India.

Inoutscripts.com company didnt provide support and it was difficult to contact them

Inoutscripts.com the support team was useless and didnt provide any info

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies $480,6gb data, 4 months

Inoutscripts.com their support team doesnt help you after you buy from them

Inout Scripts analysis of inoutscripts music codes (30 bugs)

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies can you believe it? 45 bugs at my inoutscripts site https://eastso.cn

Inout Scripts / Nesote Technologies how many bugs at the homepage of inout scripts search engine v8? 32












InoutScripts E. – Inout Scripts Rep


The negative review is yet another review of the SAME CUSTOMER referred #ValuedCustomer (For privacy and professional reasons of our customers, we don’t display his name or other details here), but we hereby copy our official response below.


Dear Client,

I would like to gracefully tell you that your allegations on our scripts and its efficiency are FALSE.

We don't deny the fact that you faced problems with a couple of software (which rely on/crawl third party services/websites), with legitimate reasons and we explained to you clearly.

As we(our engineers) informed you already multiple times in the past, many websites were being blocked by your firewall (either firewall set by your host or the firewall set by your country [ You host that within China we believe and as you know China has strict firewall guidelines]. Since the core of the spider, search engine software is crawling third-party websites, under a firewall, it remains very slow and blocking.

Also as we indicated you clearly, your server's internet gateway (the internet connection attached to it) worked extremely slow (especially the download speed, [upload seemed to be ok]) even for very simple downloads. It's a pure hardware/networking/DNS issue where we don't have any control at all. We proved you this many times sharing screenshots and the estimated time left showing for simple internet file/image downloads. It has nothing to do with the script. Under such scenario, irrespective your server may have a high spec, internet-based services(specially which required a lot of data in - like spiders) cannot run fast.

Also for the same reason we guess, most of our connections to your server was also getting failed. We explained this clearly to you multiple times but you did not understand this it seems.

We always assisted/helped you to give you full support without any reluctance (even though we had to provide extended support several, several months on this, without complaining, even though we were not responsible on this). Setting up your hardware/server resources is technically not our responsibility, yet we offered you free, unconditional help, every time we could do.

Please note that you observed the same slowness to crawl the web when you've used third-party software(Nutch for instance) also.

We are always happy to help you even further, to the extent possible for us (hardware/network level fixing we cannot do since we have no access to your datacenter).

If you can (even temporarily) hire a server somewhere outside the firewalls restrictions (preferably outside China, because of China's firewall restrictions), we can help you and show the crawlers working perfectly. We told this multiple times and you denied this without reasons.

We are still, even after your reviews, 100% willing to assist you, if you are willing to co-operate and understand the DNS, internet and firewall issues you have with your service provider. We value each of our customers, including you, and will do everything possible to help you on their issues.

Looking forward to unconditionally helping you on this!

Inout Scripts Executive.

Inout Shopping Cart script has 514 bugs
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Can you believe it? Inout Shopping Cart script has 514 bugs. It's the world's record in the IT business.

For the details, refer to:

How about Inoutscripts?
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I bought their inout search engine and its addons for 1070 USD, and Inout Spider for $2950. The so called big data based spider not only stopped crawling after installation, but produced huge amount of errro log and core files that caused the server down finally. On the other hand, the Inout Spider was not compatible with the Inout search engine v8. I contacted their support and head Kumar, but they did not get them fixed with one year.

They said they could provide reinstallation of the same script, but wanted to charge $80 more. I guessed the things would happen, since they did not revise the scripts.

With my suggestion, they agreed that they could install the Nutch to replace the Inout spider, but they had to charge $480 for the Nutch installation and integration with Inout search engine. I had no choice and paid the money by Paypal. What happened next? The Nutch they installed did not work. It had just crawled 6GB data with 5 months, and it did not match with the Inout search engine. They said it might be the limitation of Nutch. You know Nutch is an open source enterprise spider having been used by a lot of commercial websites with no limitation.

Finally, they took the cash and left me nothing working. They did not refund, and did not fix the issues.

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