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15 Reviews by Persinette

Amazing prices, incredible selection, ships super fast (very reasonable $4.95 flat-rate shipping fee - orders over $49.00 ship free). The website is beautifully programmed, with a very navigable layout and a cheerful feel. Food, toys, medicine, litter, treats - they literally have anything you need (or want) for your pet. My spoiled baby always gets excited when Chewy arrives. She knows what's in that box (and loves to play and sleep in the boxes too)! I can't resist buying new toys with every order. Sometimes there's a bit of a wait for the toys, and they get shipped separately, but it's no big deal. I've never once had an issue with a Chewy order, and I've been using them for years now, so that's saying a lot. Great company that really cares about pets and provides a hassle-free experience for the consumer.

* My only complaint is that they use FedEx exclusively which has caused major issues for me at times. I wish Chewy provided different shipping options. I'd be willing to pay more if it meant worry-free delivery.
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After requesting my account and posts be removed, 'Community Manager' Emily responded with a weirdly long, passive-aggressive email that broke every rule of basic business etiquette.

She defended the person who stalked my posts, without even considering my side, cause meh 'anyone can respond.' So then according to your own rules, I should be allowed to respond back, no? Oh I didn't have 'the right to be rude' (as she put it - ironic considering she is one of the rudest site moderators I've ever encountered), because I dared to disagree with his armchair diagnosis and asked that he stop commenting. I see. So it's okay for him to track down my every post (I'm not the only person he has done this to either), and spread outright false information everywhere on the site (after I asked that he stay off my threads because he wasn't contributing anything of value). His nonsense irritated me and I should have been given the option to block him. Block buttons help de-escalate tense situations - that's website 101.

She also said only the posts in the thread I was 'upset' over were removed (I tried telling poor confused Emily it wasn't *just* about that particular post, but she didn't seem terribly bright) - and that she 'did me a favor' by looking into the matter at all. Talk about condescending.

I was on this site for close to fifteen years. This was the first time I ever reported any kind of an issue - and this was the response? Her snarky reply really reflects on their attitude towards site visitors. I've never in my life had a customer service rep respond so rudely before.

Really poor business model - hence the abysmal rating here and I told her so. I think Emily needs a refresher in consumer relations. And this site needs a total overhaul, starting with management. I'd be surprised if there isn't an influx of fake positive spammy reviews showing up here soon.

'We provide an informative, safe and supportive experience.' - Medhelp's soulless corporate motto. No, no, and hell no you don't.

If I had any doubts about Medhelp's integrity before, I certainly don't now.

* I just requested my account on the Dinet forum be deleted (over privacy concerns). Admin was super kind and helpful, and promptly removed all of my posts (many forums do this, if you ask). She asked me if anything was wrong and how she could help. That's class. That's respect. THAT'S how you run a forum.

Tip for consumers: Don't visit here if you value your well-being.

Amateur Hour.
• Previous review
This moldy site has looked and functioned the same way since bumbling Bush Junior was president. The ugly interface is in desperate need of a face-lift. It's an absolute mess program-wise too. Disjointed, laggy, and almost impossible to navigate - nothing is organized well. It's not very user friendly. You can't delete or even edit your posts. You can't block anyone. At least 75% of posts are from the early 2000s and a lot of the information is super outdated. Just awful.The advice given is hit or miss - usually a big miss. The last time an actual MD responded to me was probably around five years ago, and the big takeaway was 'see your doctor, I don't know.' LOL. I didn't expect such a flippant, pointless response, and never participated in that forum again (ophthalmology). He's still on there and he's about 100 years old and rude as ever from what I've seen.

I hadn't logged on here for years until recently, and it's the same hot mess it's always been. Be aware that anyone can answer your questions, so take any information given with a big grain of salt. I can't stress this enough. Some of these people can cause more harm than good (some unintentionally, others are just malicious trolls). I did receive some good information/links to resources on here awhile back, but several recent disturbing exchanges have prompted me to contact customer service and request my account and posts be permanently removed.

After posting several questions in various communities, I noticed the same name popping up in my answer feed. The feedback he gave was not only wildly inaccurate, but potentially damaging as well. A more neurotic person might have taken what he said to heart, and become very upset over the dark conclusions repeatedly drawn. After digging around in this person's post history, I found a sinister pattern of hijacking threads with extreme doom and gloom fear mongering with zero context. When I called him out on it (all I did was defend myself and ask that he please stop 'diagnosing' me when I already had the tests proving I did not have what he really really wanted me to have for some reason), and reported him for harassment, Medhelp deleted MY comment instead. So they take the side of cyber bullies and trolls. All of this could have been avoided had there been a BASIC BLOCK BUTTON. This incident was the final straw for me here.

This site is potentially very dangerous. Unmoderated armchair MDs run amok....a customer service team that not only facilitates, but actually encourages very crafty and insidious forms of cyber bullying. No thank you.

Tip for consumers: The moldering junk drawer of the online medical world. You may find a gem hidden amidst all the scrap - but it's not likely.

I'm done with reddit. For good this time. I got a lot out of it in the past (career and medical advice mostly), but it seems to have really gone downhill just in the past few months. I asked a perfectly rational, civil question in a community dedicated to some pretty 'out there' theories about reality (my understanding was this was a place to safely share subjective experiences), and was shocked by the flood of negative responses (and downvotes oh no) I received. These are supposedly 'open-minded' people mmk. There's a real tone of arrogance on most forums. You can disagree with someone without mocking them. I no longer feel comfortable sharing my viewpoint about anything, when all it does is invite ridicule. So much for intelligent discourse. These are seriously sadistic people who get off on belittling others.

You may get lucky and find a few good apples, but most here are rotten to the core. Even the bots are snotty and unpleasant.

Good riddance.

Tip for consumers: While there's undeniably a wealth of information to be found here, it's best to enjoy as a silent spectator, rather than a participant most of the time. I found supportive communities in the past, but wouldn't dare risk putting myself 'out there' again after the unexpected abuse I encountered. The bad far outweighs the good.

• Updated review
Bogus 'tracing department' numbers, putting the blame on Chewy for my missing package, and finally just copping out and saying their 'investigation' determined my package was lost. I filed a complaint against the driver, but I doubt anything will come of it. He just didn't feel like delivering my package and it's all good with his superiors.

F*ck you FedEx.
Lazy and Unprofessional.
• Previous review
I order from Chewy every month. I am PAYING for the CONVENIENCE of having VERY HEAVY boxes of pet supplies DELIVERED DIRECTLY to my FRONT DOOR. That's what Chewy is all about. For some reason, lazy FedEx workers only leave my Chewy boxes by my front door when they feel like it. They don't even leave a slip. I live in a gated community (FedEx has full access to the grounds), and ONCE AGAIN they left my VERY HEAVY BOX with the management office (DAYS AGO), which is about half a mile away. I should NOT have to go do lazy @ss FedEx's JOB and haul literal 100 lb. boxes (I physically couldn't anyway). For that matter, I may as well go to Walmart and get everything myself. The customer service bot helped me in the past, but for some reason I got nowhere with it tonight, so I have to wait until tomorrow to talk to a human being. Meanwhile my cat NEEDS what's in that box. I don't believe we have to be put through this. RIDICULOUS.
• Updated review
Read terms carefully before signing up and you shouldn't run into any issues. Just live chat with the 'assistant' on the home page and request a cancellation (before the seven days is up). No problem.
Verified Experts on Call 24/7
• Previous review
Recently signed up here to get a second opinion of sorts. My new cardiologist acted like he never even heard of my condition and contradicted himself when we spoke about my test results/plan of action. I left the office confused and upset. The online doctor I spoke to here seemed much more together than the one I saw in person. He answered me promptly and was patient and thorough. He also helped ease a lot of my concerns. I feel like I can make a more informed decision now. I also had trouble getting information on a scary sounding anomaly that showed up in my heart monitor results - another cardiologist I spoke to here immediately cleared up my confusion and calmed me down. You only pay 5 dollars for a consultation via chat ($50 if you want to talk on the phone), after that it's $46 a month for unlimited questions with a panel of experts. They are very upfront about this. You can cancel before the 7 day trial ends, and won't be charged anymore. They have all kinds of experts on call here 24/7. Vets, tech support specialists, mechanics, lawyers etc. The monthly fee may be worth it if you have a lot of drama in your life lol.
My husband of 20 years is serving a 10 year sentence (6 to go), so needless to say this is pretty stressful and depressing. Jpay makes it super easy to communicate. Each letter costs one virtual 'stamp', and you can easily transfer stamps to your incarcerated loved one. It's much cheaper to buy them in bulk, rather than one or two at a time. Sometimes there's a delay in letters. Usually just a day or two, no big deal, but I once got a letter two months after he wrote it. This occasional delay can cause some miscommunication. Be aware they review all correspondence (they're pretty lenient about what you can talk about and almost never censor anything...but don't ever discuss case details). They also keep everything on file. I once accidentally deleted a couple of important letters. When I contacted customer service, they emailed me a transcript of our entire message history a few hours later. You can exchange photos too, which is great, but each photo costs an extra stamp. You can also send money to your loved one, and they'll get it in a couple of hours usually. I prefer old fashioned letters, so I don't use jpay exclusively, but it's a great service if you want immediate (well, usually) communication. Sometimes the prison kiosks are down, so that can delay things too. You can even exchange little videos, but this feature is a bit buggy at times. There's also a jpay app, but it was glitchy and aggravating, so I stick to the pc version.
The 'fraud department' here denied me the ability to join twice. The first time I wasn't even allowed to create a profile at all. The second time I wasted an entire hour adding details and photos, only to have my account removed without warning shortly thereafter. Apparently my photos don't match their idea of what a disabled person is *supposed* to look like. I explained in my profile AND to their Customer Service team I have invisible illness, and yes, those are my actual photos (there is nothing 'fake' or 'botty' about how I look either), but they refused to even reconsider. The irony is they allow real scammers on the site. So 'hey baby if you're horny text mee' with an external link doesn't raise any eyebrows, but my 100% legit account is deleted almost immediately because there are 'inconsistencies' whaaat. They could have asked me to verify my identity. I don't appreciate being called a liar. I'm housebound, and at times bedbound. Sh*t gets isolating and I was hoping to talk to others like me. I made it clear in my profile I wasn't even on there looking for 'dates', so how did I come across as botty?

This supposedly inclusive site is ironically way more discriminatory than sites for abled people. Unfortunately not the first or last site to do this to me (I was literally banned from a similar site, for similar reasons), and many other honest women I'm sure. This bot hysteria needs to stop. I'm tired of it.

2 stars because it's a great concept and hopefully does work for people who meet their mysterious criteria and are allowed to create profiles, but don't bother trying to join if your disabilities aren't super obvious (they even list depression as an accepted disability, so I'm not sure what the issue is). They apparently have the right to decide who is disabled and who isn't by looking at your photos. Their behavior actually shocked me.
This site is a great resource for those suffering with dysautonomia (an umbrella term for a group of conditions caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system), and their families. Invisible illness is usually a very lonely road. Communities like these make things a little more bearable. Dysautonomia is all too often dismissed as 'anxiety' by doctors (and the people in our lives). It's frustrating. Maddening. Hurtful. This is a REAL physical disorder, distinct from somatic anxiety, that can unfortunately take years to diagnose. It's a shame you have to be literally bed-bound and non-functional before clueless doctors take you seriously. Quality of life is a major issue for a lot of us.

I've learned A LOT here (the mechanisms behind certain symptoms, what to tell doctors, ways to deal nutritionally etc.), and I continue to learn all the time. The site is super active. Everyone's friendly, open, and helpful. It's comforting to know you're not alone - although I wish no one had to go through this. Knowledge is empowerment.
Just received my first packages (I ordered mostly clothes, but you can find almost anything here really). Everything arrived within two weeks of ordering, and either met or exceeded my expectations, which really took me by surprise. They make keeping track of everything very simple. All the information about your orders (including tracking, ETA and a link to open a dispute) is listed in one place, making resolving potential issues very easy. They even email you when your items reach the states, so you'll know when to be on the lookout.

You could get lost for hours browsing here - the selection is incredible (I love their collection of Mori Girl stuff in particular). I found a lot of really adorable items identical to ones found elsewhere, for literally half the price. There's this huge misconception that AliExpress only sells disposable rags, which just isn't true. If you have a good eye, you can find some really high quality pieces here.

Please bear in mind Asian sizes run MUCH smaller than American, so refer to the charts provided. The sellers make this very clear. There's often not a plus size option at all, so make sure before purchasing.

All in all a very pleasant experience.

* I just ordered a few more things and expect them soon. Will update if any issues arise.
I'll start with the positive...My items always arrived on time and in immaculate condition. Samples were quite generous for the price. The bags were well made. Sturdy zippers, quality fabric, and adorable designs. I found myself looking forward to the bags more than the samples inside. I filled out Ipsy's questionnaire, but they never sent me anything that suited my preferences. The samples were not curated, as they claim.

Ipsy gave the impression they would at least occasionally treat you to mid-range or even high-end selections (e.g. Benefit, Smashbox, Huda Beauty etc.), but they literally never did. All I ever got was random dollar store crap. I have nothing against less expensive indie brands (a number of well-known brands started out this way), and love giving new things a try, but the quality was just not there. The skin and haircare products were pretty forgettable - outside of a skeevy turmeric face mask that made me break out in hives. They also sent me nude lip liners almost every month. Nobody needs more than one or two nude lip liners. It's boring, I'm sorry.

I canceled my account with no problem. I gave it a fair shake. It just didn't feel worth it to me anymore. I could see Ipsy being really fun for a kid just getting into self-care and cosmetics. It just wasn't for me.
Had their 900 wt microwave for a few months before it literally smoked out my entire kitchen. I'd only had it on for a minute or two, before thick plumes of smoke started billowing out from the back. My smoke alarms went crazy (thankfully the sprinklers didn't kick in). The fumes took hours to clear, and went through the entire house - the stench lingered for days. It was a really scary experience. Apparently this model is defective because other people are saying the same thing -

Dozens of recalled products are listed on the HB website. From this page, I went to 'report an issue' and gave all the information I had - what occurred, serial number etc. Customer service responded with a very dismissive email. They basically couldn't be arsed and told me they 'don't deal with that' and to 'contact Walmart' (the store I bought it from) lol. I wasn't asking them for a refund. I was telling them their appliance was dangerous and should be looked into before someone gets hurt. I even linked them to the Consumer Affairs page where others reported a similar issue with this microwave. Hamilton Beach couldn't care less. Walmart never got back to me either, but that's another story.

Dangerous Made in China appliances. Reckless business practices. Horrible unethical company.
This site was never my go-to for medical advice, but it's become even more useless since selling out to advertisers. Literally more ads than content. Confusing to navigate, there's just way too much going on at once. Pages take forever to load - and when they finally do, it's just a cluttered mess of drug ads, (often poorly disguised as 'doctor discussion guides' - they all lead to the same place - pharmaceutical adverts of course) and random links. As if that's not bad enough, there's also the distraction of seizure inducing pop-up ads. It's truly an assault on the senses. The ads are all over the place too. They just throw it all at you in a frenzy and see what sticks. I endeavored to get through a single article, and was hit with just about I don't have ankylosing spondylitis...or saggy jowls...and I certainly don't have erectile I'm not interested in 5G stocks (these are just a fraction of the ones I saw) either. There's no real way around it - ad blockers handicap the site completely.

Content feels like an afterthought - articles (squeezed into one or two small paragraphs per page, to make as much room as possible for the ads) are presented in a really cheesy slideshow format. The information given is often laughably basic and repetitious e.g. 'sleep and exercise more' if you want to conquer depression. Whoa, mind blowing. We've all heard these regurgitated factoids a million times - this sort of hackneyed advice is meaningless to the seriously depressed.

Between the bombardment of ads, lazily written articles, and poor web design, this site is absolute garbage.
These exhaustive, regularly updated manuals (originally published in 1899 - they were then converted to web format in 2014) cover thousands of medical topics and are available in ten languages. While I mainly use the professional version (recommended by my teacher to supplement my instruction), I sometimes toggle back and forth between the professional (as a student) and consumer version (as a patient). There's even a Merck veterinary manual that covers not only cats and dogs but more exotic species as well e.g. lizards, llamas etc. It's perfect for pet caregivers in need of concise and accurate information. All corresponding versions of the manual are held to the same high standard.

Merckmanuals are peer-reviewed - the articles are written by 350+ independent medical experts who are specialists in their fields. This rigorous standard means the information provided is authoritative and valid.

These manuals are completely free of charge and don't require any sort of registration, which means no cluttered inbox or financial hassles - but don't let the easy access fool you - the content here is the real deal.

I especially love that this site is refreshingly free of all commercial advertising/sponsored content. No obnoxious drug ads here bogging down your page and influencing data (yes, Merck is technically a pharmaceutical company, but they continue to provide the public with unbiased medical information). This streamlined approach makes absorbing information that much easier.

There's a lot of dangerously misleading/outright inaccurate information out there. It's often hard to distinguish credible from unreliable sources. Merckmanuals offer the curious consumer easily navigable information that can be trusted. The consumer needn't worry about getting distracted or lost while perusing this site. Common health topics are broken down by organ system. Even those with difficulty spelling can find conditions (or symptom info) by navigating the letter spine atop the page. All reference material is presented in an easy to understand format that also includes: valuable first aid emergency information (CPR, responses to both common and unusual injuries etc.), health news, headlines etc. The plethora of rich, interactive material kept me super engaged. Here are the features that stood out for me as a student -

- Lively, in-depth case studies that don't insult your intelligence. These challenging studies really helped me gain insight into the entire diagnostic process in meticulous step by step format.

- 3D Models/Animations. Powered by BioDigital (the world's first interactive 3D body platform), specific views can be obtained using the zoom, pan/rotate, and dissection buttons. I'm a very visual person - the 3D models enriched my understanding of anatomy in a way nothing else has. These models are perfect for both the student trying to visualize anatomy and the expert wanting to refresh their knowledge. That said, most aren't very impressive graphics-wise. They get the job done, but the visual impact is somewhat 'blah'. Hopefully they'll improve them in the future.

- How-To Videos. The vast library of videos (exams, surgeries, bodily processes etc.) are detailed, yet concise - no tangential droning - just straight to the point presentations that really helped me grasp complex concepts.

Along with all these features are timely medical headlines, a library of conversion tables, quizzes, editorials, clinical calculators, and even podcasts on thousands of pertinent medical topics.

Invaluable resource ( in the US/Canada, in the rest of the world) for students, professionals, and the general public.
Such an archaic (and at times wonky) interface - you can't even create photo galleries (well, not without overly complicated maneuvers). NOT SEO friendly at all, even though it's run by Google lol. I was in denial about how limited Blogger's capabilities were for a long time until the lack of features and support started affecting my work (I bought a domain and foolishly continued blogging through blogspot...yeah). I've since switched to Wordpress, and I'm invigorated by the possibilities. A whole new world has opened up.

I do appreciate how easy it is to take advantage of the adsense program, but I never made enough to justify committing exclusively. I still have an older blog I play around with sometimes (and earn a few pennies on) but it's mostly just for fun (and a little bit of nostalgia...I just can't let it go. Blogger will always hold a little place in my heart).

Nothing wrong with Blogger if you're just testing the waters (it's very easy to navigate (as far as basics), which is a plus if you're new to blogging), but if you spend a lot of time creating content, you will eventually become frustrated with this anemic platform.
Overall this is not a very welcoming community. I appreciate the concept of this site - it's the only one of its kind with active members. I respect the webmaster (although his communication skills are lacking - emails are often ignored) and his vision. That said - site quality has declined dramatically. Way too many bullies and juvenile people running rampant here now.

There's a lot more I can elaborate on and may do so at a later time...(Updated Below)

* edit 6/2019 - Jim just rejected my totally innocuous photo yet AGAIN (it's a running joke at this point). I'm a paying member too. Oh nvm, I just got 40 emails saying it has since been approved after being rejected. 40 emails. Uh...okay? (rethinking that respect thing I said earlier).


Deleted my account here several weeks ago - the time away has given me a level of objectivity I didn't have before. I graciously left two stars at first - that was way too generous. I can't speak for the 'dating' aspect of the site like most, because I wasn't here for that (especially since the short-lived 'revamp'), but I was fairly active for a long time. Here are the issues I experienced as a long-time member -

The Chatroom - I cannot recommend this feature (like so many others here have said), especially if you're more introverted/low-key. The people who frequent chat these days are super 'in-your-face', gossipy and rude. Just really low-class. I only went in occasionally to PM, but almost every time I did, my profile/avatar was picked apart in the main window like I wasn't even there (e.g. I was constantly accused of being a 'bot' and 'fake profile'. Meanwhile, I'd been a member here (on and off) for years. Had this twaddle been limited to the chatroom, I couldn't care less, but it started to infiltrate my inbox as well). Lots of inappropriate remarks too. Of course, negative encounters aren't exclusive to NLL - the complaints here are a reflection of how the abuse is dealt with (which is not at all).

Bugs - The innumerable technical issues were extremely frustrating. This was my main reason for rage-quitting this time around lol.

Sketchy People - Lots of impressively dedicated trolls running multiple accounts. Some people become hostile if they perceive you as rejecting them (or for no reason at all) - even if you've made it clear you're not here for 'that'. Others simply have evil intentions. Problematic members aside, there really are decent people here, honest - but it takes a loong time to sift through all the resident muck. Ask yourself if it's worth it...

Tip for consumers: Peculiar energy in the chatroom. Perpetually unfixed bugs. No engaging features. The webmaster is usually out to lunch. You *might* catch him on a good day and get a reply to your emails, but even if you do, the foul climate here never changes. It’s a shame really.

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