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I'm glad they finally opened up to selling online. I've been checking this website periodically over the years and it must of been recently 2018, 19 or 2020 that they opened up their services to online selling. No longer do I have to go into the store to pick it up. I can use that time towards something else.


The dol does it's job. I started doing everything by mail because I severely dislike my local dol due to long waits unpleasant staff and horrid customer service. It's sort of a figure it out your self system. I suggest giving your self 4-6 weeks to ensure your new licences and tabs take their time to get to you. Don't send it off three weeks until expiration. Give your self at least two months and you'll be fine.


I have gotten several packages through ups over the years. Most of the time they're pretty decent but lately the quality of their work has dropped. If my packages ship through the Tacoma, WA facility they always get directed down south to California. What the hell?! Why!? My home address is east of Tacoma so how the hell is California east of Tacoma. It's south! The package is slowly pinged it all over the place slowly working it's way down south. A few days later it says out for deliver. Well where the hell is it being delivered to? I live in the suburbs of WA east of Tacoma and why is my package being delivered some where in friggen California. Thank god the delivery driver knows how to read an address label. The driver sends it back to the shipping facility and it slowly pings it's way back north and three weeks later it arrived. What a waist of shipping. I paid for three day shipping and this is the bull $#*! I get to endure?! This isn't a one time occurance.

One package okay fine it's a mistake. Understandable.

Two packages okay something fishy is going on here. Understandable.

Three or more packages and you guys are intentionally shipping it the wrong way to get three weeks shipping out of it. At this is intentional. I should of just picked it up locally from the store 20 minutes from my house. Yea you got two plus weeks shipping out of it by pining it all over the place. You couldn't use your brain and wait until a few days before to ship it then economically ship it over?

When I returned it the package quickly arrived in less than 24 hours. Gee what's wrong here?


I originally started purchasing games from gamestop.com but quickly decided against it. You do not get free shipping on games even though games are expensive and currently run between $30 and $60. Secondly even when you pay for shipping some how it takes three weeks to get to you when Best Buy can have them to you by the next day with free shipping.

I use to buy my games in store locally and found they only carry the latest games that were published within 12-24 months. If you want anything older than that forget it you must purchase it online. The customer service reps in my area at least are a bit judgmental about what games you buy and can be sort of rude mean about it. I would suggest local gamers to purchase from BestBuy.com over here. BestBuy might be operating two decades ago but at least the gaming industry doesn't change much.


I enjoy going into Target but refuse to order online due to extremely slow shipping. A typical package arrives within 7-10 business days for most business. With Target i'ts closer to 14-28 business days even if you pay for the faster shipping. Good god I could go into the Target 20 min from my house and get it faster. I only ordered it online because it was one of the scenarios of I'll pick it up later and two months and you still don't have it. I'm not surprised why. My package keeps getting delayed for 2-4 days at facilities and it drags out the arrival date further. I ordered a package early last week. It will take 1.25 more weeks to get to me. I have ordered only 2-3 packages from Target.com in the past few years and I feel that this will be my last. Some of them I pay for the faster shipping other times free and it shouldn't take 4-6 weeks for a package 2 hrs from my house to get to me! The last package I ordered got shipped down to California then got sent out for delivery. I live no where near California and if they had shipped it east I could have had it by the afternoon. 3 of 4 packages went through the same exact scenario. It's not a coincidence. It's intentional to ping your package all over the place before it gets to you. Yes, Ups you found a way to turn an afternoon package arrival into two weeks of being pinged all over the pacific nw before it got to me. 3 of 4 packages it's clear that this shipping method is intentional.


I use to enjoy Hobby Lobby until I realized it wasn't as great as I thought it was. Through various experiences I decided Hobby Lobby just isn't for me and I love arts and crafts. For starters Hobby Lobby is geared towards beginners that want to dive into projects for the first time. There's just enough for a small hand full of people to get started. If you are regular repeat like me, well then there's never enough supply on the shelves. They tend to only replenish the shelf once every 2-4 weeks. Once it's empty, well that's it you're out of luck and have to seek other stores for supplies.

I enjoy quilting and can do basic seamstress projects. I purchased some recent fabric from them and have been less than satisfied with the quality of the fabric. The sewing section of their store is minutely small compared to Joann's or a local quilting shop. The notions section is incredibly small and not really worth it. I purchased some denim from my local store and the smell was so bad on it I had to toss it. It took me a long time to figure out what it was similar too. Old people. Literally the denim smelled like old people and break room food odors that accumulated into a peculiar nauseating smell over time. I purchased 100% cotton or polyester blend cotton fabrics for quilting and they were okay but not high quality fabrics. After diving heavy into quilting, let me just say one of my amazing teachers taught me a ton about fabric. I know a lot more about fabric than most would ever know. I am thankful to her for that knowledge so my projects can look good for years and years to come.

I've tried a few returns because I over purchased and realized a little kid had scribbled all over the non noticeable parts. When I went to return it no problem. I didn't realize it until she pointed it out but there was no tag on it from the beginning so I was I to hand in the product will full tag on it? The cashier attendant gave me snooty attitude over the issue and reluctantly handed me my refund.

I'm sorry Hobby Lobby but the more I shop at your stores the less apt I am to come in for future visits. Any where from so-so customer service, to shelves not being stocked to inferior product quality all make me not want to come back.

During covid 2020 The company got finned for not allowing their customers to wear masks and ppe to prevent covid. Yes Jesus is my lord too but you still need to take care of your self. They got finned about 8 months after the government passed the first mask mandate. I do not think I'll support Hobby Lobby any more.

I absolutely despise our 45 president. More incompetent than Nixon. They kept hanging signs around their stores like he was a god. I came in once to find a sign that literally read support trump in smaller letters under it was a book that said god. Yea fu-ck no. Sorry but I'm tired of christans stating god placed trump in office. That's blasphemy.


I have no clue how many times I've purchased the same game but for the current gaming plat form?
I have no clue how many times I've played the same repetitious characters over and over again?
I have no clue how many times I've beat the same story line but on a different plat form?

I have been a fan of Nintendo characters all my life and I'm beginning to realize in my late 30's early 40's I've been repetitiously playing the same games over and over again. They might release 1-3 classic games for each system but it doesn't go much further than that.

I enjoy Zelda games but the Nintendo switch 3d version is a child's joke. The hard dungeons have been replaced with preschool games and the game was wasted money. People like it because hey it's a Zelda game but it severely lacks story line and you're getting ko'd every damn time you turn a corner because your weapon breaks after 5-7 hits. I gave up on it after a month of playing due to severe frustration of being ko'd every time I turn a corner. I'm a strong gamer and I'm surprised how easy it is to get killed on this damn Zelda game.


When we first moved into our condo it had a complex hydraulic heating system. NW Mechanical was recommended. At first we were pleased then after a year or so it all changed. Several of the parts they installed broke after six to twelve months after they installed them. Some how they managed to install an addition to our system backwards twice. Twice how the hell did they manage to do that! They didn't even credit us for the issue and refused to admit fault twice. We originally started with a wonderful well seasoned mechanic and they ended up retiring. We tried several other mechanics only to realize they did shoddy work. Several times they showed up late, not at all or on a day they were not supposed to. A few of the parts they installed on it were defective and broke after six months or so. It got expensive fast. Several times we had to call them back for defective work. Expensive defective work. They gave us bad advice several times and after a couple years of shoddy services we found another more reputable plumber.

We switched to Perez plumbing and have never had any issues with them. They are honest, reliable, punctual, do the work correctly the first time, knowledgeable reps, good customer service, decent prices and admit mistakes. They do not install cheap parts that break a few months later for return business. Perez plumbing is a reliable company.


I had to close this credit card because I never used it. Having an unused credit card was dinging my credit score. It'll ding it a bit closing it but my score is so high it won't matter due to how good my credit score is. The ding in my score will be short lived but worth it in the long run.

I'm thrilled they finally added in a close my account button on their website. It use to be you had to call the 800#. Experiences were shaky at best and customer service wasn't all that great. Now that you can do most things online they get snooty and rude with clients that want someone else to do it for them.


Quality of their products have dropped over the years. Customer service is terrible in person or online. I've had horrid shipping experiences. I'm a gold card member and they just dropped each furniture piece at the door and ran. They were to send a shipping confirmation so it wouldn't sit on the door unattended. They did not do that. One piece sat at the door for 48 hours unattended. They did none of what they were supposed to do. Left a few scratches on the walls as they carried it reluctantly with negative attitude to room of choose. After ordering a three piece bed room set from them and having a horrible shipping experience I will never support JcPenny again.

In years gone by until about 2010 or so they use to be about as good as Macy's. They've really tanked since then. Quality has dropped and so too has customer service.

I am closing out my JcPenny credit card. I opened one temporarily because it was encouraged to do so by the sales rep. Later as I reviewed the fine print the card is set up to ding people on missed payments heavily. Beware users of the hidden fees and gimmicks. My credit score is in the 800 range so it won't hurt me by closing it out.


I love sim city games and have been playing since the 1980's. This recent game sim city build it is fun to play but damn it's ad heavy. The ads didn't use to be forced but now they are and game play is getting interrupted every few minutes or so. The game algorithms are set up to analyze the data you need and post it. However the more you advance the slower it is to collect those items. I've learned to keep one account below level 15 to collect these items then trade buy them to the higher level account. It's sub super slow to expand and it takes for ever to do so. It takes for ever to get sim cash and is set up against to player to give them any. It force encourages people to buy it though in reality with patience you need not spend a single penny on this game. The sims are super needy. Once you've saved up for one thing they're squabbling about another thing. Before you realize it you've lost a ton of your population to this or that. Due to the fact it takes a long time to save up coins for any thing it's best to keep your houses around 30 or below or you'll loose half your expanding city to this or that as stated earlier. The mayor's challenges are fun but set up for a city that is fully functioning around level 20 or so. I love sim city but it's been 15 years or so since sim city has released another version and I'm loosing interest in the game. Is the game a shadow of but it once was and I fear it may not survive much longer if they don't start releasing new sim city games.


I'm beginning to doubt cnn's honesty for it's articles. I've been browsing the different web feeds for news lately and noticed that one website will bring up the story. A few hours later it'll show up here. Some times they get the facts right other times they don't. Say for example one article floating around right now is a man in china or some where around there got tape worms in his brain from eating pork. Cnn translated it as "pot" now all the other websites are translating it as pot instead of pork. I see little errors like this all through cnn's stories. I am crossing them off my news feed list.


I've been trying Dave's Killer bread because it's highly rated by many people. I tried it and don't see how it's any different than other breads other than the fact it's like $6 a loaf instead of other brands that are $2-$4. While it's more expensive and probably healthier I've compared the ingredients to cheaper breads and they're pretty much on par. You can purchase controlled calorie count breads from other manufacturers and not have to spend so much. I think I'm switching back to my other 100 calorie bread option as their white bread literally falls apart in my hands as I eat it.


We've been taking some classes from them and have been enjoying their services. You go home with a nice planter that will last years. Products are good and they are very knowledgeable of their plants. If you enjoy do it your self projects and plants I would highly recommend them. Prices are a bit high and I would suggest to add up what you want as you browse so you're not shocked with a high bill. Quality is decent and customer service is excellent.


Having a complex hydraulic heating system we went through several plumbers before we found Perez plumbing. I would highly recommend them. Prices are reasonable. They're honest, reliable and reputable. When they do work they do it correctly the first time. They do NOT sell you cheap parts knowing they'll be back in a few months. Prices are reasonable and I would highly recommend them if you live in the area.


You get what you pay for. I was thinking long and hard what to write about and trust me you get what you pay for. Cheap products that may or may not fall apart outside of the packaging upon opening or reduced quantity count of the product so you're purchasing the product more frequently. Liquid hand soap that turns to water after three weeks. Packaging that lies about the product materials and so forth.

I hate to say it but the area I live in has two Dollar Trees in a racist neighborhood. Discrimination, racism call it what you want it's the same damn thing. Legally they can't refuse you service but the employees and the local clients sure give you the "You don't belong her look" and give you a hard time about being "out of character". I'd name races and such but then I'd have people bi*tching at me so let's keep it hr professional.

Customer service at most Dollar Trees is not all that good. One Dollar Tree I have an employee that refuses to look up as she walks and has run into me several times. Then runs away from me like I was at fault. The only individuals that acknowledge you are the cashiers other wise the employees down the isle ignore you. I've found most cashiers to lack good customer service. Well I don't blame them they earn minimum wage.

Each Dollar Tree I've been into is dirty, run down and in bad need of cleaning. Some of the older stores in my area I won't shop in because how dirty they've become over the years.

I only shop here on budget months or if I need to purchase items that are the same as at my local grocery store. Otherwise I try to support better stores.

While I do enjoy the option of cheap, I hate to say it but some of the customers that shop in my local dollar store must of skipped elementary school because a lot of them can't add 1+1 nor understand basic elementary school math questions. A lot of the customers at the dollar tree I chose to shop at (which I no longer support) are NOT smarter than a 6th grader. I have a true disability and these people should be ashamed at them selves. Pick up a book and start reading every book you can get your hands on. Do some thing good god there's a library right across the darn street. Don't be stupid. I grantee you life will be more challenging if you're stupid. Everyone has brain smarts you just have to open that door.


I've tried our local dsw shoe stores and the service resp have horrible customer service. The sales individual running the cash register, door greeter and if a customer requests assistance for product in the back they must do that too. I've purchased several products and haven't been too pleased with their products. Every shoe I've tried is uncomfortable.

We went there earlier this month (Nov 2019) and ended up abandoning the purchase. Some how another customer swapped the sizes and we ended up going back to find the right size only to find out there was only 1 shoe that size and no others. We asked if any other shop would have shoes nearby. Closest one was an hour away. We ended up not purchasing the shoes.


I wear a normal underwear size and the stores I shop at barely have any underwear in my size. I've tried about twenty different stores in my local area and zero stores sell my size. My size seems to be grown thin on the market as if they're trying to discontinue it. I've been resorted to purchasing it online and most stores mark it up 20%. When the product goes on sale none of the stores can keep up with supply and demand. I've started finding other brands.


For the longest time the mods were not active and anything went on this website. In the summer of 2019 some idiot decided to post a ton of porn on it and the mods didn't catch it for about 4-6 weeks. This caused them to loose about 80% of their site attendance. In the mean time the site was flooded with discrimination posts about this and that and which races did this and that. I understand Kroger sucks but the participants on this website apparently don't care about being politically correct. I've tried reporting people but the link to report them doesn't work. Kroger is aware that this website exists and has been for years but won't shut it down. I know they're not affiliated with Kroger but they are piggy backing on Kroger's name and that unfortunately makes them affiliated with Kroger.

I tried creating an account with an attached email but the mod got pissed off when I sent a professional post/email stating that they poorly maintained the site and now porn is being allowed on this website. Instead of professionally handling the situation they retaliated back with a bunch of f* you's and b*ch that and just went bonkers on me like I flipped a switch. I'm sorry but if you're that much of an ass hole in real life $#*! you!


I tried volunteering for this place several years ago. I couldn't even get a volunteer shift because they kept denying me the option to volunteer. Why I don't know? I kept getting bumped, shuffled around and moved at the last minute. This was about ten years ago. I recently tried applying again and it's a wonder how this place manages to survive. I went through the interview process, they unlocked my account but every time I try to sign into my account on their website I get account awaiting activation. I've called and sent emails but no one seems to care that another individual is interested in volunteering. I was sent the activation email link, clicked on it, set every thing up and still nothing. I'm beginning to have second doubts about this place. Well it's been three weeks of trying to get into this place. I would love to volunteer here. I was looking to fill in some time and to try to make some friends. Maybe gain some more life skills. It's been 4-6 weeks of trying to get in. At this rate I'm concerned about their organization and how well it's run. I've volunteered for several organizations over the years and I'm on their schedules within 2-3 weeks. I've been waiting two months and I shall move on. This place obviously isn't interested in one more volunteer. I'm afraid this review will cost them a lot more.

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