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79 Reviews by Peach

I enjoy Netflix and having the ability to have thousands of media options available. Price is kept reasonable to the consumer for affordability. This coupled with hulu allow me to forgo cable and is 10 times cheaper and lets me have more to watch. I've never had an issue with customer service and have always found them to be easy to work with. 2019_____________
Add on: I enjoyed Netflix in 2017 and took a leave from it for 2.5 years. I recently reactivated it for 6 months 2020. Several old tv shows that were fan favorites got removed. Main hollywood favorites got replaced with terrible seconds. Netflix doesn't supply full seasons and leaves you missing a season here or there. Watch one show and the algorithm fills up your page with this or that. Watch one cartoon and it fills your page suggestions up with cartoons. I tried to find other stuff to watch under different categories and it wouldn't display anything but children shows.
When did pintrest become a soft porn site? I use to use it all the time and realized the searches were all the same and not rotating random like they use to be. Last year I started getting a ton of porn related searches any where from sexual imagery to penis shaped images and side boob shots and photos highlighting one part of the body more than the other. Good god pintrest have some shame.
While I enjoy free email I do worry about the privacy side. I use to use hotmail email but it had too many issues and too many sites blocked hotmail. I've never had an issue with google mail. No advertisements no monthly payments no unsteady server connections.
Our family has been with them several years and they have kept our insurance at reasonable rates. It's worth it to get all our coverage under one place so we don't have to worry about any of our physical or financial assets being attacked. We have the gold member plan at half the cost of our old insurance with really good full coverage. I've always found their customer service representatives to be very assisting. Not a whole lot of wait time. Not to mention all the discount perks of being a AAA member. They were very receptive when we had an auto accident (not at fault). Thank god the dash cam said the at fault party said they were lying as they blew through a stop sign with out right of way. The road side services are slooowwwwer than snot if you need a tow truck.
I would recommend these phones as a short term use phone. I picked one of these up to have a second number so my main one would stop being given out and spammed. I like that you only have to pay as you go. As I'm not that social I can pretty much do everything I need to on wireless. I wouldn't recommend these phones as a heavy phone user. I'm an apple based software user so android is a bit of an adjustment. I do not like that you have to search for every flippen thing just to use it. I have mixed feelings about these and I think I'll continue to use my main phone as my better phone.
I use to use monster.com but found most of the job postings were fake, advertisements and not worth it. I applied for a few local jobs and the postings were incomplete and not to what the job specifications needed. Or I'd go into the interview and realize the interviewee was a total ass hole and ruder than rude. I filled out what I thought were a couple job postings but it turns out it was a click ad based ad. How low is monster.com getting to allow members to falsely give out personal information. I would not recommend this website to anyone job hunting.
I have been working with the company 10+ years and have only advanced to cashier and no further. I've experienced ridicule, discrimination, verbal harassment, been a verbal punching bag, been repeatedly scolded at by customers, had items tossed at me, been scolded for being an incompetent lazy employee even though I'm doing my job.

Currently I am being bullied by a coworker how is quite abrasive and aggressive with me regarding my work. She's always scolding me for doing a bad job and making up lies regarding my work. She reprimands me in a demeaning fashion in an abrasive verbally abusive way.

Management doesn't always stand up for me in situations where the customer is angry. Instead of handling the whole situation the customer will continue to verbally harass me over some b. S. cr*ap that we can't honor. Instead of kicking them out they become verbally aggressive towards the employees.

I am a highly functioning disabled running self check and I'm tired of customers being total a$$ holes over the machines. If an individual with a disability similar to autism can run it customers need not be such shi*t heads regarding the machines.
While I enjoy the services of Amazon.com they're also becoming a monopoly and have altered the way our local retailers operate. I noticed that you have to really price watch their products. Some products can be over priced up to 200% compared to local retailers. They push Amazon Prime so heavily that I had to stop purchasing a few regular items because they became Prime only merchandise. I tried Amazon Prime and it's okay. If you don't do 10+ purchases a year it's not worth it. From Oct to Jan shipping is unreliable and not reliable. With working retail and having to deal with Amazon's 800# for gift card customer service I have grown to realize Amazon has terrible customer service. After the tenth time of gift cards having issues and the customer pissed at the retailer I gave up. I now force the customer to make the call. I've called the customer service number a few times my self and while they were friendly they often never were able to assist me. If an order is lost in an empty slough of waiting you're stuck until they deliver it to you. With living close to a delivery center I've learned that Prime isn't really worth it as if they ship locally it will arrive within less than five days.
I've had it with this new website. It's down three times a week and often unreliable. It's down several days in a row and not reliable for Kroger employees to use. How can we plan our lives with such a shi. Tty website?
Our power goes out a lot during weather and it's unreliable a lot in our area. Takes a few days to come back up instead of within 24 hours. We're quite conservative on our power and some how our power bill jumped 400% in the last quarterly update. PSE is quite the monopoly. Never had an issue with customer service but a 400% increase in our power bill is ridiculous.

I do not like how they occasionally make new charges to the bill and take us off the budget plan. Instead of paying a traditional lower amount each month it's a whopping 400% higher without warning. So thank you for no changes without warning.
I enjoy zevia drinks. Thank you. I just wish they'd come out with more flavors. The Lemonade isn't all that great as all I really taste is splenda and carbonated water. My local grocery store only sells select flavors and I was wondering how one could order more?
I enjoy using Google but am a bit concerned regarding their privacy policies. I love Google Maps and enjoy how it has changed our lives. Where was this thing 15+ years ago when I started driving? It helped me learn the area well.
Enjoy the show but I can't bring my self back to religion. While it's nice to know Jesus is in my heart I can't bring my self to go back to religion after how its brain washed my family. While it set them on the right path of good moral ethics and values it caused a lot of generational damage both physically but mostly mentally. It did so much damage that the current generation wants nothing to do with religion all together. My family has suffered a lot of physical health issues that otherwise could have been without if they accepted doctors and medicine. We've suffered with these scars for several generations. We've tried prayer healing and never received healing. We've tried everything the bible said and then some and never received our prayer healing. I tried tithing to them and only found that the spam donation letters increased. No way to stop it. I've written to them and asked them to remove me from their system but I still get three to five letters a week from them requesting donations. I tried tithing 10% of my monthly income and found my self strapped for rainy days. Heck I even found my self in a situation where I couldn't pay a bill for the first time ever. While some testimonies state this and that I'm beginning to doubt it all. Jesus does exist don't get me wrong as I've seen him or at least felt him in the same room as me.

As a personal opinion I'm disgusted at how the Christian community supports Trump. It's nauseating and difficult to stomach. How can they support such a child? Do they have blinders on their eyes so thick they can't mentally challenge any thing?

There is no way to remove your self from their mailing list. I've tried contacting all their contacts and they refuse to remove my personal information from their mailing address. Thank you I revive too much spam mail from you guys for a few donations and there is no way to change the address even if you move. I keep getting the reply you need to support god's domain. Thanks for the half assed answer that has no customer service.
I thank this union for being a part of our grocery store chain. They have saved the employer from taking advantage of me several times. I wish I knew about my union rights and winegarten rights sooner than later. There are several times where the union should have stood up for an employee's rights on the spot but they never do unless they get it in writing or have enough complaints about it. There are other times where you try to complain against a coworker who should have been fired six months ago but are still there ten years later. Pulling the same b. S. and lazy attitude towards the job. They can not stand up for you on the spot as an incident occurs but they can certainly be there for you when you challenge the ethicalness of that incident. I do not like how this union is taking advantage of the new hires and screwing them over on every contract.

Who wants to work a holiday without holiday pay and for only a whooping $1.00 an hour extra for the first year?

Who wants to spend 8+ years at a solid 40 hour a week work week trying to earn journeyman pay while spending more than half your career at minimum wage?

Who wants to work a job where your new hires earn the same as your journeyman people? Due to minimum wage being so high?

Who wants to work a job that doesn't guarantee 40 hours a week or heck even 25 hours a week?

Who wants to work a job where it's impossible to get terrible coworkers fired for doing a half assed job for their entire career?

Who wants to work at a company that staffs the bare minimum and have a line of angry customers because the company is only willing to staff one cashier at a regular lane?

Who wants to spend half their life being belittled, scolded, brought down and punished for trying to do a good job?

Who wants to work a pay check job their entire life with no signs of promotional opportunities?
I purchased one from Nutrimedical.com and have had one for a few years now. It promotes healing through photons and light. I've used it for a while now and I have been enjoying using it. I've had scaring tissue regenerate and start to disappear. Aches, pains and other minor issues tend to disappear with this. It doesn't cure all but it does help with minor wear and tear. It supports tissue and regeneration.
I thank this company for giving me my health back and allowing me to heal faster. The product is a bit expensive but well worth it. I'll keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet for sprains, strains and minute muscle tears. I order mine through here or Nutrimedical.com. It does allow you to heal faster and you system will tell you if you've had enough. It is not a drug it's a natural substance that promotes faster healing. I've used it a few times to heal faster and the doctor's just couldn't under stand it. I have a knee that clicks all the time and it helped heal that. I sneaked some of this into my grandmother's food because she chose not to take care of her self. It gave her movement back and allowed her to live more comfortably. It also does your pets good. I'd ask your veterinarian before giving it to them. I let my pets sniff it once after being on it for a year and they acted like it was a treat and badly wanted it. After that I had to hide the bottle from them as they kept trying to open it when I wasn't there. If a cat want's it then it's safe to take.
I tried Allicanemed after hearing positive reviews from customers and hosts of Nutrimedical.com. They kept claiming how it really works and keeps viruses at bay. I tried for two years. All I got was bad garlic breath coupled with a few health issues. It does not keep viruses at bay so they claim. I still got my 1-3 standard colds a year.

Despite the fact they claim it doesn't give you garlic breath well it does. It gave me garlic breath so bad no one wanted to be around me. Regardless of how many breath mints I used and how many times a day I brushed my teeth it was still there. It lasted for up to 30 hours. It probably didn't help that I'd also have garlic belches.

My system didn't care for this much garlic. It gave me ibs and that was fun for 24 hours until it worked through my system. Before I started Allicanmed I didn't have this issue with garlic. Now regardless of the garlic amount I have I get ibs. Thank you for that one.

My heart rate is increased when I take it. It went from resting 72 all the way up to 150. I asked my doctor and he said not to worry it was just an increased heart rate. He said it was the equivalent of doing a prolonged exorcise period. I'd find my self with my heart fluttering in my chest after a few hours. It was so fast that I could see my pulse veins moving under the skin and I could see my heart fluttering in my chest.

These symptoms didn't start until the end of year two. After that I decided to get off the stuff and stop taking it.
I love iSpoofer as I can play Pokemon Go (Pogo) without leaving my house. I'll play for hours. Were it not for iSpoofer my dreams of filling the pokedex completely would be a broken pipe dream. I am not rich and don't have hundreds to spend on travel. Using the app will place your pogo account at risk and lead to the potential of being banned. I use an alternative account for iSpoofer and keep my main account on Pokemon Go's real software just to be safe. I'm uncertain if trading between spoofing software and the real software will place both accounts at risk. Spoofing threads say it will not but I'd rather be safe than sorry. If you're uncertain uninstall the spoofing software install the real software. Let a few months of no play time pass. Then trade. If you get the ban message let it pass then trade. Remember you get three strikes. Third one locks your account permanently. I suggest after the second strike you create a whole new account and stop using that one. You need not purchase it as you are not truly donating the funds to Niantic. I recommend not to. You can walk and teleport without having to pay for it. I like how it remembers your location because the game crashes a lot.

Due to Niantic's attacks on location modifying software the spoofing software sites are unreliable at best. You might get lucky and play for a week then get kicked out.

Warning: Don't swap between spoofing software and real software. Repeatedly it will catch you faster. Made that oops on one of my accounts. Got dinged on the fifth swap. If you want to trade from a spoofing account to your main let that account go quite for 2-4 months then start playing again. Install the real version on another device that has never had spoofing software on it and then trade.
While I enjoy using Uber for traveling the convenience is nice to have. While most of the drivers are friendly it's really only convenient in down town areas where you don't have to travel far. I'd use them for work but it would be quite costly for a daily convenience. I work partial swing and I'm not sure who would be up at 1 am to get me home. They only send 5 star drivers out. I would love to dock a star to some drivers that have really filthy cars but if their car is their income source you can't. There's really no way to leave feed back about that either.

I never let an Uber driver pick us up at our house. I wait at the main drag to the complex entrance. I've heard too many Uber drivers heading back and robbing the place. I found Uber is really only convenient for traveling around a big city. If you are outside of the city it costs a bit more.

We have used them for trips and they were wonderful. No communication, no worrying about tips and no chance of being dropped off at the wrong location due to the language barrier. The app does all that for you and all you do is tap for a pick up request. Thank god for Google Maps.

I prefer them over our local taxi cab drivers as most of them scare the hell out of us. Local taxi cab drives drive insanely fast, do unethical/safe maneuvers while driving, or turn the meter off (which is illegal in any state) and start shouting flat fee rates. If this ever happens to you ask them to let you out where you are. If they're an ass about the whole situation don't even pay them and contact their supervisor immediately to the company they are with. This by US state law it is illegal to turn off the meter at any point a passenger is in the vehicle. Report them to their manager after they leave. Request an uber or lyft service instead.

After trying a few shops I am quite happy to finally be the secret shopper. It's fun to be the secret shopper rather than a secret shopper be an ass hole to me and fail me intentionally. The company is legit if you go through secretshopper.com. They will contact you through real mails sent to your letter box. Any thing else is a scam and should be ignored. I feel bad for people that subcome to such an easy scam. I suggest getting the checks cashed rather than depositing them directly into your bank account. Then deposit the cash just to be safe.

If you are in doubt check their page over on

Secret Shopper
620 Mendelssohn Ave N Ste 190

Company is very ligit. You will never be emailed by them. You will be sent real letters in the mail box and it will generally only be your monthly payment._____________________
Added on later:

After three months or so of frequently checking their website for secret shops within a reasonable distance of my house I've only done two shops. The rest are unreasonably far away which would result in a 1+ hr car drive. They don't get new secret shopper bids often and if they do they fill up super fast. I was hopping to turn this into a get out of the house money but it's not working. The sales people are generally pushy and you end up buying more than what you're given. So it doesn't really work in the end.

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