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Weight Watchers calls this a life style change but it's really a diet scheme to advertise their services, their foods, their calorie counting program. I tried this diet for six months in 2014 and gained 20 pounds due to the sudden food change. I went to the classes, bought the food and tried the services. I ended up gaining weight due to the sudden food change. I went to the classes to figure out their equation to their point system but was told just use the app. The app it self still requires a membership fee. I was starving on this diet because it was restricting me too much. Their app is very confusing to use and designed for their products. They fail to give proportion servings and set unrealistic food goals. Five years later I had to switch back to a high protein low sugar, carb diet to loose the weight this diet put on me. I gained so much weight i was feeling type two diabetic symptoms. I lost 10 lbs with keto 10 years later and I no longer have the symptoms. Before weight watchers my weight was 145. After 6 months it was 170 and I was trying hard to follow the diet protocols.

This diet program does not work for everyone. Yes food addiction is an issue in this society but this was waited money. The only reason weight watchers became big is because of oprah. While it works for some of society it doesn't work for the bulk of society.


Well Bellevue College found another way to tuck in another elearning fee. Their online classes are a joke. Half of your course material answers can be found using google. All you have to do is show up for zoom test date and that's it. ILearnstore is a unique website for you to purchase digital access to your course material. DO NOT Purchase the key through Bellevue College Bookstore or you'll pay paying $30 more for it for the ease of access fee. In addition to a $15 shipping fee (wtf?). Just by it from ilearn and make sure you get your self into the right class. They walk you through it and your teacher should supply you with the course code. I am going back to school in my 30's and did not realize how much Bellevue College over pays through their book store. I could of saved a shi-t load of money by purchasing them through another reputable website rather than through the book store. They basically charge a 30% processing fee for ease of purchase. I only purchase through bellevue college book store if I have no other choice but to.

The site runs on adobe flash. Now that adobe flash has been laid to rest in jan 2021 I wonder how they are going to compensate for this?_________________________________
Feb 2021 add on:

After taking a couple classes through iLearn I found the program to be frustrating and confusing. The most annoying part about iLearn is if you didn't score 80% or higher on the sections you couldn't move on. I lost track of how many assignments I got repetitiously stuck on due to the poor explanations and how to's. There was zero materials on the side to study if one got stuck. The instructors at Bellevue College got lazy and relied on iLearn to be a book supplement. ILearn is a horrible substitute. They provided comical youtube videos found first in the link as a how to and some of us don't learn like that. I know I don't learn by watching videos I need hands on projects. I didn't know where I was in the course curriculum. I didn't know what was expected of the student to learn. And iLearn is set up expecting you to already know the information. Well that's not why I took the class. I took it to learn the information. ILearn teaches an odd math system and makes the lesson ten times more difficult than it needs to be. The videos raise more questions and did not provide a clear explanation on what you needed to do for the lesson. Some of the picture links were broken and iLearn quoted in one of their emails "It's not our side." Yea thanks for nothing. So how is that going to help me learn math? Simply put it isn't? I will NEVER take another e-course utilizing iLearn.

Very little qualifies you for a refund and frankly iLearn is a joke of a program. If I ever find a class requires iLearn I'll withdraw from it and take another course that uses a REAL BOOK.


Best Buy is okay. I use to prefer Circuit city but their business crashed in 2008. I've been shopping around at other electronic stores and Best Buy is unfortunately one of the better rated stores. Due to the fact they have higher quality merchandise. The customer service at stores varies and in my area isn't all that great. They'll upsell stuff you don't even need and take advantage of consumers because all they care about is $$$. Not consumer longevity. Due to the millions that shop at Best Buy they don't mind loosing a small hand full to bad customer service. For the most part they have decent quality items but if you want anything older than two years old you're pretty much forced to go online for it. If it's older than the current two or three models they don't have it.

I tried Amazon Prime for some of my movies but got irritated when I found out they could terminate your license purchase at any moment. My 10 Amazon Prime movies eventually expired (for a life time purchase) and soon became zero. Sorry Amazon Prime but I will go back to buying disks at Best Buy to have control over my media. Yes disks are old school but if you read carefully all digital streaming sites state that you don't own the media you are purchasing. You are just renting a license copy to be able to watch it on their platform.

Geek Squad isn't all that great. I got pushed into an upsell package I didn't need and found the online service to be Google experts not tech experts. Totally useless. I could of done that. I bought a best buy computer around 2013. They snuck in some old technology and some hardware that wasn't 100% compatible with other hardware. After a year it was having issues. If it wasn't oddly built I could of fixed it my self but I decided to give Geek Squad a try and found out I was conned into using a completely useless service. If you are good at maintaining your own technology. Do not use Geek Squad. Geek Squad is designed for incompetent computer users who know nothing about computers and just need someone to change settings or swap out a hardware piece at a little cost to the consumer. I was very perturbed that even though you had an appointment it was still first come first serve. All too often the electronic wasn't even ready for pickup by requested pickup time. Three times I had to come back and each time it was still sitting in the same spot never touched. Third time I put the angry customer tactic on them professionally and made them fix it in an hour. Good lord I had to wait two friggen weeks to pick it up and it still wasn't done three times. I'm not sure what they did but after a few months my computer started having additional issues. I rolled it back to factory settings and the computer was functioning just fine.

I do not shop in Best Buy's local stores. I haven't had good customer service experiences. I buy online and ship it to store then pick it up if my desired item is worth more than $200. It's either that or have pushy sales reps push merchandise on you that you don't even want. Every thing is pretty universal now so it doesn't really matter what you buy. I hate to say it but when my windows computer crashes I'm going mac. Mac never crashes and is steady for years. I'll use my windows laptop for the academic world but for the most part I'm going mac.

I only give them four stars due to bad customer service with Geek Squad. Other wise it's five stars all around.


I am very particular about my cleaning products. I have spent the last year trying to find decent cleaning products. I really love meyers cleaning products. They do a good job and leave a good smell in your house when done. Prices are reasonable and ingredients are friendly. I have sensitivities and allergies to a lot and I have no reaction to meyer's products. I would highly recommend and I am a difficult individual to please. I was raised to appreciate quality and ingredients that are non toxic to use.


I use to use their products for years. About ten years ago they switched from a good product and started going cheap on their products. Their pads are just a thin piece of plastic with barely any cotton for absorption. Do they really think women's periods are that light. The absorption will just bleed right through it and destroy your clothing. The only half way decent feminine products I have found is the brand Stay Free. The problem is people buy the brands they are use to seeing. I have highly considered making my own feminine products in the future with how expensive these things are getting.


I tried an la fitness in our area upon a grand opening. This was years ago. Renton, WA Landing. I enjoyed it at first but found it in the end to be a head ache. I didn't think it was an obligation to be forced to keep your gym membership. Other clients found out my review wasn't a well that's just a one time negative issue. No it was right on the mark. I hate to say it but I'm glad that the government forced gyms to allow clients to cancel memberships due to being unable to use them for 6+ months in 2020. My experience at this location was around 2009.

The gym started out great. As time continued: The machines got dirty and other gym members failed to clean up after them selves. They failed to keep up the machines to protect the user. Instead of fixing them they did a band aid slap fix. Wear and tear started occurring to the building with little desire to fix things as they broke or succumb to wear and tear. Bathrooms and locker rooms became dirty and unsanitary. Locker room theft became out of control; I made sure to get a cell phone wallet and decided just to bring my self to the gym. I left my duffle bag next to the exorcise machine I used. Even though the attendants didn't like it I didn't trust the locker rooms. Wasn't going to leave it in my car. The parking lot was another issue at this location. Bad design, high theft and in the slums of Renton.

The biggest issue was when I tried to cancel the contract. The ladies at the front desk won you with kudos and excellent customer service. Damn La Fitness is expensive to begin with. They har@$$ you into paying the top dollar fee even if you don't want it. After you signed it all changed. The gals at the desk became snooty and rude and difficult to deal with. Half the time they wouldn't acknowledge you or brush you off like you were an issue rather than a client. I was never rude to them, always polite and courteous even when they were being arrogant difficult to deal with@$$ holes. When I went to cancel the member ship I succumb to ridicule, arrogance and disrespect from the employees. Getting them to do anything but gossip between them selves was irritably difficult. It was like dealing with the dumb blond b-i-t-ch high school girl that just wanted to smack on gum all day and work on her nails. So self centered nothing else mattered. This location went through so much staff and each one eventually came to the same to the same level of unprofessional laziness. It does all start with management. I found out I had to cancel my membership through the 800# (bull $#*! why?) Later found out either party could of done it. They were just being lazy@$$es and abusive towards their clients. I canceled my member ship after about 6 months because I found two months of the year I couldn't use the gym due to 500% client increase. In addition the gym was starting to succumb to issues. I checked in on them ten years later and if anything they've gotten worse.

I went to a couple of the ymca locations in our area and have been with them sense. It also helps that my health insurance offers a discount to join a gym at a discounted cost. Before covid hit I used it all the time. Parking is a bit of an issue but if you go mid day it's not bad. Ymca is family friendly, non discriminatory towards all and highly worth it.


A lot of people like seventh generation products but after trying a few I will avoid them. Most of their cleaners are toxic and contain ingredients that should not be found in a company that claims to be organic, free from harmful chemicals and harmful to skin or environment. I have found their cleaners do not do a very good job cleaning. Their feminine pads are terrible quality and do not even absorbed a 20 min nap on a light day. After an hour in your under wear they're just a bunched up mess of cotton. The pad it self starts falling apart after an hour in the underwear. Not only that they're severely over priced. I will avoid their products in the future. I enjoy using Meyers products and they are more friendly to use and more reasonably priced.


For years I purchased textbooks for school only to find out the books were darn difficult to get rid of after the quarter. You pay what? $300-$100 for a single text book times 3-6 for your 3 classes and end up finding out they are utterly worthless when you try to return them. Books are so valueless these days you can't even try to resell them online. So you end up wasting like $300-600 on text books a quarter that are valueless after used. Math books are damn expensive. One class the book ran $350 I went to xyz and rented the digital version for $50 and just brought my tablet to class. I am really enjoying xyz textbooks. Most of the text books average around $50-$100 or buy a multi pass for $50 and unlock up to 20 books and will let you rent them for up to a year. That's just enough for a full year of digital school text books for a full time student. Xyztextbooks is a very stable website and you do not have to worry about a website outage. I will consider purchasing ebooks through xyztextbooks in the future. It's very cost effective. Highly recommended.


Cost effective.
Not stuck with worthless book that's difficult to get rid of.
Not over priced.
Steady website. No need to worry about outages. In the middle of the quarter.
Xyz digital homework is easy and efficient.
Payment is secure.
Compatible with multiple browsers.
Problems are clearly explained and the video instructors are wonderful. As some of my friends stated please offer more languages.


Mostly focuses on the math and sciences. Please open up to other subjects.
No pdf version to download per their contract.
Xyz digital homework: If there is variable answers and you enter a correct answer but isn't the one the system recognizes it counts it as wrong.
If a problem has a wrong answer on xyz's side; but you have the correct answer you get it wrong. This website is very good at problem accuracy. Other rental sites have this issue.


I ordered some face masks from here and other products and am highly satisfied. The product quality is good. 100% organic cotton. No shrinkage or wrangles upon washing. So long as you follow the washing instructions and don't goof and toss in with your regular laundry. No more skin rashes from latex or spandex quietly slipped into the fabrics. Prices are reasonable and shipping is quick.

After using their masks for 6 months I'm finding I have to replace them. I asked one of my friends if she could make me a few of her face masks as I enjoyed her pattern. Even a gentle sink wash and air dry isn't enough to remove the odors the cotton absorbed. I'd love to try some of the under wear but not for the price when my feminine cycle causes me to throw out a few under wear a month. I'd love to try a bra but their sizing doesn't go high enough.


I love his work and spent years listening to his work posted on public media websites. Yes it was without his consequence but it allowed me to listen and watch to his works. I tried setting up an account with his website and it must be manually created by someone on the other end. The requests are so high I'm reviving emails from his website several years later stating that my request from two years ago just went through. I've heard mixed reviews about people ordering stuff from his website. Some get some don't. If his website was more reliable in setting up an account and his products were more reliable I would consider purchasing items. Don't get me wrong I like the truth and he really documents it.


I only contract with them because it's them or satellite. I can't afford satellite tv/cable. Or I'd be out of Comcast like that. Comcast varies in customer service from professional to rude. Most of the time I have a decent customer service experience. Some times I don't. Our local Comcast store is horrible for customer service. Everyone is miserable and obviously hates third job. I didn't use to take the satisfaction survey after words but now I do. They need to know. If a rep is good I rate well. If they so much display snootiness or attitude I rate low. I didn't use to do them but companies need to know. I work in retail too but know how not to give bad customer service. If you want repeat customers you treat them well.

Everything is pretty much done online. Some of the reps give you a hard time for having to do things for you when the customer could easily do it online them selves. Well that's not why I'm calling. I have trouble understanding stuff like this. Maybe I'm not in an area where I have access to my computer... I sort of wish trump didn't undo everything obama did. I did like that oboma stated that internet was a utility now and made it so internet providers don't over charge their customers. Since this happened I'm slowly seeing my internet bill creep up. 15 years ago when I moved out I was only paying $25 for internet + cable. Now I end up paying like $60 for just a low grade internet option.


I was going to switch from Netflix to hulu but realized hulul still has ads on it even if you pay for it. WTF?! Hulu use to be even cheaper than Netflix but I realized they are just as expensive and their prices have slowly increased as the years went on. I would happily pay a little extra to avoid ads. They use to allow anyone to view their media without an account but now you have to have an account to even view anything. I am going back to just regular cable. Enough of this switching between media services. If I select the right plan I can select a record option to keep on top of my favorite shows.

In the early days I noticed that Hulu only allowed you to have a couple seasons of a tv show. If you're like me and let a couple seasons get released before watching you can't dive that far back. If it wasn't released in a 6-12 month time frame forget it. I'll just purchase them on iTunes because I have apple devices.


Our new home came with a ton of Kholer products. They worked great at first and I was satisfied. As parts started breaking we became super frustrated with Kholer parts. You can only order replacement parts through Kholer. I'd rate them higher if I could go to the local hardware store and purchase replacement parts in an afternoon. No you have to call the 800# and order them through there. Customer service varies.

A bran new kitchen faucet and the pull cord sprung a pin link after 1 year of use. Medium high product and it broke after a year of use. We are not hard on our appliances. We called the 800#. Customer service rep was a bit snooty. She told us that life time warranty expired when the house sold. She would honor this one product but not the rest. So yea thanks. Thanks for the attitude. The product was ordered. It took 3 months for it to be made due to a long back order wait list. So it took 4 months for the part to get to us. Mean while we had to wrap the hose in towels and replace them every 24 hrs to keep water from spraying every where. That was super frustrating.

Touch less toilets. I would not recommend these. The ghost flushing will drive your water bill up and frustrate you with extreme water waste. The toilet ghost flushes a lot to anything. The slightest thing will make it flush. The touch less part is defective and you end up replacing it every few years. The ghost flushing got so bad I had to pull the part out to stop it. It kept auto flushing by it self for no apparent reason. The water bill was being driven up by this thing and we just couldn't take it any more. Not to mention it would keep us up all night long with ghost flushing. The part was only a year old and ghost flushing horridly. We replaced the product and got it within 3-5 weeks. I am ready to rip this toilet out and replace it with a regular toilet for the sake of the water bill in the long run.

As time continued our other kholer products began to have little break down issues. Rather than call the 800# to replace them we decided to go to the hardware store and replace them with other brands. Brands where we could replace parts with a local trip to the hardware store. Rather than wait 4-12 weeks for a replacement part. If it were not for the fact that one must order kholer replacement parts through the 800# I might rate them higher.

After society starts to open up again I am going to start calling companies to replace our kholer products. The ones that I can do my self are already done and kholer part tossed.


This is a great place to get your technology from. You need to watch it as they'll slip in some old technology into built products. Returns are easy and generally not questioned unless you do something stupid like break it. Prices are average and decent. Products ships quickly. Would recommend with a bit of caution.


I do love apple.com and all their products. Yes, I'm an apple user and have been most of my life. Apple has gotten greedily lately and thinks it's users will pay over a thousand for their phones. Yea, right, like we can all afford that. For most it's maybe that once every 10 years special buy. I do like how apple technology doesn't crash. Or at least runs smoothly until a forced update. Apple has gotten better about making sure their products run more smoothly with Microsoft computers. In the 80's it was a challenge for compatibility. Customer service is excellent and I have never had an issue with their customer service 800#. The only time I had an issue is when I got an individual with a foreign accent so heavy I had to request another individual.

The only negative thing I can say is that I wish apple would treat their workers in China better. More like workers and human beings rather than slaves and slave labors. Don't believe me? Start researching the truth!


I've had mixed reviews with gofundme. The new online pan handling website for society. People create all sorts of accounts for all sorts of things ranging from hobbies, health, religion, memorials and who knows what. For the most part it works like it is supposed to. People create their account. Select a valid reason. Let the funds start rolling in. If the funds max out at the goal amount you get to keep all the money. Certain rules apply for less than that as dictated in their guidelines. If an account gets deemed unworthy I'm not sure if the money goes back to the original donor or if the company keeps it. That is why it is good not to set your goal amount too high. You can always create another gofundmne to continue the funds.

The negative side of it is that I've heard the company not allowing the individuals to keep 100% of the allocated funds. They can suspend accounts at a whim and compensate your funds earned at their disposal. They are allowed to keep a small percentage of your earned funds but I've heard some stories of people being screwed over by this.

The second negative side of this is not all people are honest. I use to volunteer, I use to donate, I use to tithe, I use to give to the needy but after being scammed here and there I have discontinued these actions. One rotten egg will ruin it all. Several rotten eggs will ruin it forever. I will never volunteer in society again unless it's judge ordered. (I'm a good rule follower citizen so I don't see that happening at all.) Do research people you give to. So that you know you are not being scammed or taken advantage of.

Story: Coworker diagnosed with cancer. True story. Bills piled up. Debt occurred due to it. True. Unable to work due to cancer. True. Paid off bills. True. Mortgage on house heavily reduced due to extra income. True. Well this is all fine and dandy and I support stuff like this. However, his gofundme account is still ongoing and I know him personally. The side you don't know: Always poor but spending money like he's a rich person. As his gofundme account continues he is getting money he never would dream. He is doing projects and purchasing items his own salary would never support. Instead of setting it aside for the time frames he can't work he is instead embezzling it on him self. Then moaning when it's all gone and allowing his mood to affect the whole work place when he shouldn't be at work.

We're starting to hear stories of thousands of dollars of shopping sprees on this and that.

We're being told stories of expensive home remolding projects with expensive stuff.

We're being told stories of how he is able to buy that extra fancy thing his wife wanted that he was never able to buy.

We're being told stories of parties and gatherings (before covid) and seeing him purchase fancy fiddles on a limited income salary.

Get the picture. Do be careful of who you give money to.


I tried going digital for my newspaper but found it less than useful. Unless you subscribe for a monthly fee you won't navigate far into the website before it blocks you. You use to be able to get the website for free but that's changed.


The game started out great. It had a blast when every one had it on their phone but now it sucks. Despite the fact it's advanced a lot it's not all that great and very repetitious. You can't play because they have so many rules built up to keep cheaters from playing the non cheaters occasionally get dinged in the middle. If you use certain phones it will think you're cheating when you're not. I use to enjoy community days but they've pretty much destroyed my community with mass cell phone mob gatherings mobbing all over the place. They keep changing the time frames and I've missed so many community days because they all fall during my weekend work shift. I've given up on getting shinnies. I've given up on getting 5 star raid bosses because it takes 7 raids to get even 2 rares due to the low capture ratio. The game crashes a lot even with the real version. It is pretty much set up against the gamer and the gamer pretty much looses a lot. It doesn't calculate distance walked accurately and even on walks where I know it's 10k steps it might register 7 k at best. You get kicked out of game play due to forced updates. Thanks ass holes I've been kicked out of good raids because of this $#*!. Due to this being a 24 hr live game they can't schedule the updates for off time. I played on and off for the past 6 years and I'm done. I throw in the towel. They're rolling pokemon characters out too slowly and they don't even have all the eevee evolutions yet. I guess we get umbreon before sylveon. The game sucks and isn't very entertaining. You've created a new generation of cell phone addicts. The game is pretty much unplayable unless you're in a major city area and I've requested my tiny town get a poke grid but they refuse to install new pho stops and gyms even with a lvl 40 account. I shouldn't have to spend an hour driving to get to a decent grid. I've entertained my self with better pokemon games than this crap shoot game. I quit and this time it's for good.

Customer service sucks. Even if you're an honest to god no cheater player but get dinged with cheating forget about even getting it removed. Zero policy on "so called" "cheaters". Well that's how they lost me. Thanks ass holes. There have been numerous complaints about this from other players as well. Honest players getting dinged because the app thinks your repetitious life style is an application doing it for you. Not my fualt my prior work location allowed me to play all day long. I'm glad I refuse to spend actual money on this as I've had the game crash in the middle of a raid and lost my purchased raid pass for the day. When you try to request niantic to remove a poke stop from a business, being too close to a home or being on private property it's a pain in the ass to get them to remove it.

The gotcha is a total joke. Let's face it some work some don't. They fall out of the charger and niantic says they do not endorse the product even though their name is on the box stating they do. Some people like it. I tried two versions and both will bring you nothing but frustration because let's face it the device is crap. Over charged piece of crap.


This is a great website to snag a picture of an individual who doesn't exist so that you can hide your identity for websites that refuse to let you operate without a photo of your self. I. e. Facebook.com. And other websites that encourage self portraits and you refuse to post but the website won't let you continue until you post a "real" photo. Just refresh it until you find one you like.


I've gone through two yelp accounts and I follow the rules. I sign in one day only to find out my account has been "closed" for some fr-i-g-g-e-n reason. If I'm signed into my web browser using one email instead of the one I'm logged into it decides to "close that account" because it thinks I have too many accounts. Yea thanks. Now I have none. What The $#*!! How can people leave honest reviews if you won't even let us fu-c-k-e-n post them?!

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