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Local, rural internet provider for the Greensprings (Cascade Siskiyou National Monument). Incredibly helpful customer service - the owner came out to our property free of charge and spent two hours repositioning our antenna to optimize our signal. This whole area is all dense old-growth forest, so service can be sketchy depending on your line of sight with their tower. However, the alternative company (HughesNet) is just awful - they had less than 1MBPS download speed (and had promised 45MBPS) and charged $400 for cancellation, whereas, have no cancellation fee and get much higher download speeds than HughesNet and for less monthly cost.
Support your local co-op and go with over corporate giants like HughesNet.


I purchased a 2016 Subaru Outback from Southern Oregon Subaru two-years ago. I've put almost 50,000 miles on the car and I take it Southern Oregon Subaru in Medford for every scheduled service. They give me a 10% discount for being a disabled Veteran. They have a very comfortable waiting area with free WiFi, coffee, hot-water, family / baby changing facilities, restrooms, large-screen TV, play-area for children, and a desktop computer. The staff are friendly and down-to-earth. I wouldn't take my Subaru anywhere else for servicing. They arranged a great rate for financing (4.9% through a regional Credit Union). They've always been very honest and upfront with me. Always following-up on my visits to ask if there was anything they could have done better. I love Subaru's. They're the only car for driving in Southern Oregon if you want to go exploring. The high clearance, AWD, reputation and rugged reliability make Subaru's top of the game.
If you're looking to buy a new or used Subaru and want reliable, friendly, economical ongoing service then there is no better option than Southern Oregon Subaru.


I've been shopping on Amazon almost since their inception back in 1994. My overall experience for the past 20-years has been great. I've had a seller and a buyer account. I've purchased hard to find items at very competitive prices. Up until the past year I've had absolutely no issues.

Notably, over the past two-years Jeff Bezos has contracted outside of the USA (Amazon was a Seattle based company) and invested literally BILLIONS of dollars in India. Wow!

Not only do I disagree with that (US companies should keep jobs in the US, this is totally selling out), but there's a reason labor is cheaper in India - it's of a lower quality.

This is my story. I had signed up for the free 6-month Amazon Prime Student membership. For some reason I forgot to cancel it after the 6-month trial and the $49 membership fee was deducted from my account (no pre-warning this was about to happen). As I didn't want Prime membership I contacted Amazon and cancelled the Prime membership. Two weeks later the same thing happened - another $49 deducted from my bank account for Prime membership. Why? I have no idea. I didn't sign up for Prime again. Not only could this have sent my bank account overdrawn but it was an unauthorized withdrawal of funds from my bank account. Wow! That's usually referred to as 'theft'.

I decided to close my Amazon account completely as I did not want to risk this happening again. Now, if you ever want to close your Amazon account you will see that there are no less than 7-steps, plus an email verification process, and then a 24-hour wait with no confirmation email that your account has actually been closed. The process is so convoluted it is literally designed to make closing your account extremely difficult. What a low-ball tactic to keep you. During the process I went online and 'chatted' with customer support. The customer support person I spoke to (Guarab) had a very poor command of the English language and did not offer anything helpful at all. Why would he? He's on the other side of the planet and English is not his first language.

I did some research and sure enough (search it up yourself - I just used Wikipedia) between 2014 and 2016 Amazon invested over $5 BILLION DOLLARS in India!

Wow! So, Jeff Bezos apparently isn't rich enough (despite his net worth of over $72 BILLION DOLLARS!) that he has to take jobs to India instead of investing here in America where he lives and where Amazon was birthed. I despise companies that do that. They're sell outs.

I would have given Amazon a one star review but I'm actually trying to be fair. They served me well for 20-years. It's only been the past year that they've really let me down and, in my opinion, sold out.

Ironically, Jeff Bezos money making strategy of investing in India (let's be honest - it's not because India is a beautiful country, it's exclusively because of the cheap labor force) has backfired on him because now he's lost my custom for life! The few dimes he hoped to save by hiring cheap (and ineffective) labor from India has actually cost him his customer base (in my case at least).

Greed is a terrible thing Jeff. You can't take any of it with you. Thanks for selling out.


The very obvious comparison to this store is Lowes. Both stores offer a 10% discount to Veterans with a VA service-connected disability. I should also mention that the Sportsmans Warehouse also offer a 10% discount to all Veterans (regardless of disability).

I am a Veteran with a VA service connected disability rating of 60%. I have shopped at both Lowes and Home Depot many times since leaving the military and have finally given up shopping at Home Depot based on the way they have treated me (and all disabled Veterans). Here's why:

Let's start with Lowes (who got it right). I shop at Lowes. Select my product. Take it to the checkout. I show my Veterans healthcare card (which has a photo of me on it) to the employee. The employee says "Thank you for your service" and deducts the promised 10% discount from my total. Perfect. Thank you Lowes.

Now Home Depot (who consistently have got it wrong every time I've been in there, to the point that I now don't go there because I'm disgusted with them). I go into Home Depot. I select my product. I go to check out. I show my Veterans healthcare card to the employee. They stare at it like it's something alien. They point to the front of the card and say: "It has to say 'service connected' ". They do not give me the 10% discount. I tell them the following facts:
1. This is the only card the VA issued me.
2. I offer to show them my VA disability letter and my Disabled Veterans license plate, which you cannot get unless you have a disability. They shrug their shoulders and say, "It's our policy that we only accept a card that states 'service-connected'.
My response: I leave my product and leave the store disgusted, having felt like I've been cross-examined by the Home Depot employee who don't seem to believe I've gotten disabled from service to my country. Wow. Thanks Home Depot!

My issue is this: I'm not going to go to the VA and say: "Hey, the Home Depot won't give me my 10% discount because they say my card doesn't have 'service connected' written on it - can you fix it?". Because the VA have more on their plate and I'm going to assume they're not going to magic me up a special card that states that my disability is service connected. Furthermore, why do Home Depot insist on this very specific wording on the VA healthcare card and not accept the actual official VA letter confirming disability? Every single Federal and state organization accepts either the card (as it is) or the letter as proof of a service connected disability. Why is Home Depot so different?

The upshot of this is that I am certain I am not alone in being denied the claimed discount. So Home Depot can boldly tell the world how "nice" they are to disabled Veterans by offering them a 10% discount, but the reality is they don't. They get out of it by making you jump through an impossible hoop. Oh, and no "thank you for your service", ever.

Yes, Home Depot have excellent products, but if you compare the two stores (Lowes and HD) side-by-side, Lowes is incredibly friendly and responsive to disabled Veterans. HD is not.

I wrote to HD Corporate to complain about this issue and their response was to completely ignore my questions (they offered no response when I asked why they wouldn't accept the disability letter or why only their company requires the VA healthcare card to have this special wording on it) and dumbly reiterated their policy: "our policy is to accept the following forms of identification: a VA healthcare card that states the words 'service connected' on it. And again, no "thank you for your service".

Basically, they are guilty of false advertising. If I have a business and I say I offer a discount to a minority group, but I then add a caveat that as proof of your eligibility you have to possess something that you can't possess like a card with special words on it that no one from that minority group has - that, to me, is false advertising. Someone somewhere in corporate hq said: "How can we promise one thing but get out of delivering it? So we look good, but actually don't have to live up to the promise? I know! We make it so their card has to say something special that none of the cards say."

Scumbags. You're welcome for my service. I'd do it all again, even though you treated me like a piece of crap when I tried to get my disabled Veterans discount. God forbid I came in their with my legs blown off and you did the same thing.


I purchased a light fixture from in July. I chatted online with their customer service to ensure the correct bulbs came with the fixture. The light arrived and the bulbs were 10cm too long. I contacted beautifulhalo support (they are based in China...) and they promised they would fix the situation by mailing out the correct bulbs to me at no extra cost. A month later and several emails back and forth and they have not mailed the bulbs. I contacted them again and threatened to write a negative review on SiteJabber. After that they mailed the bulbs and sent me a tracking number within a few days (at no cost to me). I've yet to receive the bulbs but the tracking says they've arrived in Kentucky, from Shanghai. If the bulbs are the right size I will amend this review and give them a higher rating.
ADDENDUM: I just received the replacement bulbs in the mail. They are all 3-inches too short! Amazing... A company that sells light fixtures gets the wrong size bulbs three times in a row. First, with customer service online chat, second with the replacement bulbs, third with the replacement of the replacement bulbs. Wow! Absolutely dire. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

PPS: Their latest email response (apparently they have to 'hand make' the bulb for the fixture they sold... hilarious!). Also, note how they are based in China but all respond with Western names to lull you into thinking the customer service is in the US. It's not. They're Chinese and don't give a hoot about US customers.

Dear customer,
Sorry for that, but the replacement should be specially made for you, so we need time to process it
Hope you can understand, we will rush it, and will send to you asap.

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