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17 Reviews by Paul

First off, I can't count how many times I've gone to HomeDepot and they either didn't have it or have it in stock. Prices on the Canadian side are far higher than the US but then what's new. The products are fewer with fewer makes and models so this doesn't make it good here but better in the US. Prices, high to average with damned little ever on sale unless its time to get rid of something or its become redundant. Its a convenience, local for most people to go and shop but the prices are higher than I find online so I'll not say its a bad place to shop but I can't count how many times I have gone there and left with nothing. Out of Stock
I have never had a problem with shopping, buying or returning anything I bought there. High to good to average prices on quality products from electonics to cameras to tea buscuits and prescriptions so yes, I like London Drugs but I do shop with care especially on higher end products with high end prices but then they do offer to sell their products and match prices so its good.
Its a good store on either side of the border as it offers local outlet shopping, online shopping and they don't have a return problem although they have an RMA system which is good but not so good.
NCIX used to be better than they are now with prices lower or second to none but things have moved up since the earlier days and now its a good place to shop but keep your eyes on the prices as you can find better prices online on most items they sell.
Some items are about as low as you'll find but its more the exception now than it is the norm. I prefer to go to a store to pickup as shipping isn't free on most items. Many products are also out of stock, not always available and it does become a store where you have to search online, see what they have and at what price its being listed for but do go to other websites to compare prices before buying, otherwise, you may find it cost you quite a bit more for the same make and model or product they have listed.
PetSmart in my view is an average store with plenty of products but their prices are high to average so its where I go if time is short and my need is pressing. Aside from that, its ok and average with plenty to choose from but high to average prices.
This store is a good place to go, shop and see what is available as they have a lot to choose from but not everything comes with a price you want to pay. Again, its a great store whenever you're finding the right products you need and they're on sale or at a price that make it a great place to shop. For the most part, its an average store with plenty of quality products but high to average prices and that is what makes for an average store.
I have shopped at Sears for many years and saw great products on sale with low prices and I have seen bad products with high prices. It doesn't make it bad but its a good store trying to stay in business with all the competition out there. Returns are not a problem and that makes Sears good but I would not recommend their credit card and I would recommend you go with browsing in mind. Shop til you see what you need at the price you want and keep in mind the sales are usually at the end of the seasons when it comes to clothes. I like Sears in Canada and more in the US but currency exchanges keep me home when they get too high much like many of the products that Sears has to sell. Good store
I have subscribed to Netflix twice and with few complaints but ended up leaving whenever there was little left to watch or wanted to watch.
It has been a major problem for Cable and satellite providers and its about time somebody sent cable providers a message. Netflix has been good to average on both subs I had with them with no complaints on the media or the prices they had but things have changed for Canadian subscribers and I can't say its good so average is where I'm at with my Netflix review.
I bought a high end router from Staples brought it home and found it was extremely complex to setup and configure so I carefully repacked everything back as I had received it before returning it to the store.
I explained it to one of their electronic sales people and they agreed it was not an easy router and quite daunting for most are overwhelmed with it. No problem, checked inside, provided refund and I bought a different high end router which I have used for almost a year without a problem. Definitely would do business there again and recommend this store with its no hassle returns.
I bought an item online, they shipped it to me and I found it was not working so they simply told me to return it to any local outlet and they will provide me with a refund. This relates to 30 days or less.
The downside to Bestbuy is the local stores don't have much of everything in stock as they get what they get from their main warehouse so buying online is usually where I have to go to buy from BestBuy but returns cost nothing and there is no RMA's or hassle providing you do it within 30 days. 4 stars for BestBuy as its a good store but it doesn't carry everything locally.
First, finding a place to park, next wading through the crowds and the aisles requires a new level of patience. The membership itself is a process which I could live without but since Costco does not accept credit cards there leaves little choice.
I think Costco is ok but for most people, the savings are not so great when you have to buy bulk items which require time and space to use if it doesn't go bad first. For the electronics, again, the savings are there but the choices on makes and models are limited and seldom relate to the best models or products that the manufacturer has which brings me to the not so great. I would recommend you visit the store, inform them you'd like to see before you buy a membership. They do accommodate and you'll get a better idea of what is there and what to expect without taking my review to heart since not everyone would agree with me on it.
Walmart has a lot of products with varying prices that need to be checked as some are great, some not so great and some are more than what you'll find elsewhere. I like the store, I like the people who work there and I like most of what they have to sell. Problem, it has made moves towards their own credit card and not all is good with it since one has to look at the interest rates and read the fine print. Sorry but its not for me so bring your debit card or cash. I would recommend Walmart for most products but be aware there are better prices on some things and you only need to go online to find them. Sorry but its average place to shop
I have shopped in Macy's several times but being Canadian, its a process that takes place whenever I have enough reasons to go over to the US and when the exchange is at par or near par. I liked most of their products, clean, no crowded aisles like the big warehouse outlets where too many go to shop. I leave Macy's feeling good and it stays with me so 4 stars for Macy's as prices are good but not always as good as they could be.
I liked going to Kmart before it left Canada and Target moved in to replace it but ended up leaving about 2 years later. I do go to Kmart whenever I go over to the US but I find it has more than it did previously at the Canadian locations and that seems to hold true for most stores that are based in the US and Canada.
I like the store, the people and some of the quality products it has whenever they go on sale so its an average store worth going to.
I have bought several things from this online store especially when other computer stores don't have it in stock or at higher prices. I found it to be a reliable place to shop with some great prices at times when they go on sale but slightly higher to average prices more often than not. Average store, great products and often in stock when others are out of stock.
First, I have no idea how or why they came up with Canada Computers as every store is located in Ontario and not one is anywhere outside of Ontario. Some of their products, they will only sell if you go to one of their stores for pickup. So, imagine you live in the Yukon, BC, Alberta or Newfoundland and you want to buy something but after you buy it, you have to go to one of their outlets in Ontario to pick it up. If this doesn't make this store a poor place to shop, then you either have too much money, too much time or own a Lear jet and have a great lack of common sense. Suffice to say, my criticism is well earned and I have been banned from making any online purchases. Whoa is me, whatever will I do as for everyone else, it might not be so bad if you live near an outlet as their prices are high to average with periodic sales that make it worth your time and trouble.
Amazon used to be one of my favorite places to go online even though the Canadian Amazon is not the US Amazon and it doesn't have the same products nor the same prices but that was ok for the most part and then they changed. They've gone the route of trying to be another Ebay with 3rd party sellers who try to sell at 2, 3 and more times the average retail prices. The schemers who go there are not reputable and may not even have the items they're trying to sell but that doesn't appear to bother Amazon. I have ordered some products from Amazon, never received a tracking number at least none that you could use. If you shop at Amazon, I would strongly recommend you avoid Amazon Market Place or suffer whatever burns comes with it. I really don't know what Amazon management was thinking but they have degraded their online shopping to a level I'd prefer to avoid. BestBuy, Staples and many others don't have nor need a Market Place with 3rd party sellers but then you don't need an RMA number to return anything either. Two stars Amazon and falling fast.
My review stems from my experiences with Target before they came to Canada and long after leaving Canada. They always seem to stock what everyone else carries with few exceptions and their prices are generally higher than most with some exceptions. I liked the store, I liked the people working there but I really go there or buy much when I do for the reasons mentioned.

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