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I have had numerous experiences with this company and I encourage you to never buy from them. My wife took a vehicle in for an oil change while I was out of town. The value of the vehicle was about $8,000. Before the vehicle left the shop they charged her $6,600. Really? I was hot.

Recently I was going down the road and luckily close to home and the brakes went out. I limped hope and being it was a one ton diesel I had limited places to work on it. I had it towed to them on my dime. They charged a whopping $3200 to fix it. They are not afraid to screw someone given an opportunity. Clearly their mechanics work on commission.

I had a fuel issue recently and had them look it. I gave them detailed information when and how it happens and it was when the temperature goes below 7 degrees but I knew it was fuel related. It was 40 something degrees when I took it in. They called and said they did not find any problems and everything should be fine. They charged me $350 and put 5 miles on the vehicle on their test drive. What part of when under 7 degrees did they not understand. The total point was to perform a total fuel and fuel related inspection to find the problem. But no! Just drive the damn thing 5 miles and charge me $350.

I performed the fuel system inspection myself and found the issue and the repair was $60. Apple Valley Ford is not knowledgeable and total scam artist.


I am sure when you think Nashville it is Fried Chicken and a Juicy Hamburger. Well after a few bad meals of that; hint think Fort Worth, TX. I went back to my staple of Pizza. Fox's had great reviews. I asked the gal behind the counter what her favorite meal their was; she told me Spaghetti and Meat Balls with Garlic Bread so fast I had to try it. This was a low risk order. Oh my was it ever wonderful! I highly recommend Fox's Pizza Den. I think I will go back tomorrow.


Just an educated guess tells me that Fried Chicken and a nice Juicy Hamburger might be a popular choice in Nashville. After a few bad meals in Nashville I tried Fox's Pizza Den. I asked her favorite meal; Spaghetti with Meatballs and Garlic Bread, sounded great. It was so hard to resist the Pizza and Wings. The food was absolutely incredible and the people were top notch too. Keep up the great work.


Incredible when a company does what it tells you it will do and the service and support makes you feel great. Then they perform as promised. The Grommet is awesome.


Start up companies are very difficult and finding our way in a new industry is even tougher. Along comes TheBuyersApp.com. The committed to knowing all the major retailers and getting appointments with the key decision makers. It sounded perfect. They required lots of samples to be sent out at no cost to them but about $15,000 lighter in my wallet. I thought if I sent all these out I would be golden. Well these samples went to somebody but not the decision makers. When following up with these companies they have never heard to TheBuyersApp or seen my samples. I paid one years worth of $500 per month subscription on top of the samples so yet another $6000 down the drain. If you wonder why small business struggle maybe you should look at companies like TheBuyersApp who like vultures feed on new companies dream and passion to live the American Dream. TheBuyersApp can live the American Dream because they have taken advantage of companies like mine.


I purchased and paid for a lift from RUYI for export to USA. My forwarder; UPS, refused it when trying to pick up because it was not export condition; it was illegally packaged. Your Tina falsified the paperwork and used her friend to forward; he goes by the name of Raymond. They have been trying to scam money from me and will not release my cargo. They tried using a fake account in NY USA to scam $1200 from me and they were caught by the bank and the bank confiscated the check from Raymonds agent Rebecca. Rebeccas friend called and threatened me. That did not work. Then they decided rather than this Raymond guy and Tina decide that instead of the DDP they agreed to that I should pay the customs and all freight charges directly; which I did. Tina gave me an account to wire $380 to In exchange for a freight release. I did and proved the wire transfer they are still holding the freight and will not release. I am going to report this to US Federal Customs to ensure RUYI never ships to the USA again. You are holding $4400 of my product and I have paid $1300 of scam fees. Tina needs to be fired and I demand a freight release on my order.


I was searching for a very clean low mileage F-350. This venture took me to Milam Truck Country in Puyallup, WA and I was traveling from the Midwest. Oh my what a huge mistake!

The salesperson told me how super clean the truck was and that it was a one owner locally traded vehicle. Later I find out this was the beginning of SEVERAL LIES. THIS VEHICLE EXCHANGED HANDS SEVERAL TIMES. I test drove the truck his route and went a total of 2 miles as it was almost out of gas. I did like the truck and bought it with a cashiers check. When purchasing I turned down the extended warranty however it did have a 72 hour PEACE of MIND purchase. I should have been on alert when the finance person told me the warranty was done THE second I turned on my blinker and left the lot and was not kidding.

I made it about 1/3 of the way home and the used vehicle fear from hell was experienced. The overdrive on the transmission stopped working along with the power windows, power locks, blinkers, and brake lights. 48 hours later and $1200 I was on the road. After being belittle during the time the vehicle was being fixed finally they agreed to pay for the repairs. Great Promise BUT NOW THEY WON'T PAY. I wanted to return the vehicle under the 72 Hours Piece Of Mind and was told NO THAT IS NOT AN OPTION. I pleaded my case for numerous hours with no success. I sent a nasty email to everyone in the company. The Manager finally sent me an email that I could return the vehicle toward the purchase of another vehicle but he waited for an extended period of time to send it knowing I was traveling further and further away. Once back I find the email. I wanted to exchange out for a different vehicle they had and was TOLD NO. So he completely lied thinking I would not do this.

To put salt in the wound when I get back I was unable to register and license to drive as they would not provide the title. They said "we will not send the title until your check clears". Here I am 1700 miles away...$1,200 lighter in the wallet and still can not legally drive this vehicle. The check clears and still no title. Then they tell me it always takes 7 days to receive the title; it ended up taking 29 days. We all know they purposely held it too be $#*!s. 29 days before I could legally drive and license a vehicle that I paid in full at the time of purchase. They are the worst people I have even done business with. I have given them numerous opportunities to make this right but they would care less.

Had the salesperson not lied to me about the ownership I would have never bought this vehicle. Had the service/sales manager did the right thing and lived up to their 72 Hour Peace of Mind and would not be writing this and would not own that vehicle. Had the General Manager not lied to me I would not own this vehicle. Had the Title Clerk did her job it would not have take 29 days to get a clear title.


• Updated review

Sorry for keep you waiting.

Today is the last chance for supplier.

If they still did not send us valid information, we will try to apply the refund.

Please kindly send the following information:

1. Hold your passport in your hand and take a photo of you and the passport. Please make sure the information on the passport is clear enough.
2. Hold your bank card in your hand and take a photo of you and the bank card. Please make sure the information on the bank card is clear enough and the bank card is the one you made the payment to Alibaba.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I paid Trade Assurance for a trade with Hefei Qiaenna Imp.&Exp. Trade Co. The MFG will not ship my product or return an email. Trade Assurance will not refund my money as the contract states. This is a total scam. Product details
Product name Quantity Unit Unit Price (USD) Price
Beeswax candle beeswax foundation beeswax wrap
1000. 00 Kilogram(s) 3.7000 3,700.0000
Delivery terms
Trade terms:
Shipping Fee:
US $ 0.00
Insurance charges:
US $ 0.00
Agreed shipping date:
Ship 45 day(s) after supplier receives the total order payment
Shipping method:
Sea Freight
Shipping address:

Payment terms
Initial payment:
US $ 3,700.00
Total product Amount:
US $ 3,700.00
The balance payment:
US $ 0.00
Shipping Fee:
US $ 0.00
Inspection Fee:
US $ 0.00
Payment method:
T/T Credit Card e-checking
Total order amount:
US $ 3,700.00
Trade Assurance terms
On-time shipment:
If supplier fails to ship order on time, you can open a dispute for a refund of the total amount paid or the covered amount for your order.

Post-delivery coverage:
You have selected post-delivery coverage. You will be covered for the total amount of the actual payment you makeexcluding bank fee. You can check the quality of your products after receiving the goods and open a dispute if there are any issues. Youll have 90 days from shipping and 15 days from customs clearance (With the shorter coverage time being valid)to confirm the quality of your order. Here are the details...

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