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The delightfully responsible Joe Walsh Tour (JWT) company finally replied to my parents and told them it was none of their business that the flight the JWT company booked was canceled. May I repeat - if you want a company who will care when things go wrong on holiday - I suggest you choose an alternative option to the JWT brand who clearly couldn't give a fiddlers.

Elderly parents left stranded
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My parents recently booked a holiday to Croatia and including a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. They had a wonderful time until they arrived at the airport for their flight home - which was cancelled.
The company rep told them it wasn't her problem completely abandoning them. They were left with no alternative flight for days and had to find hotels and flights home without assistance. It was high season and it took them hours to find a hotel not fully booked. Both are in their late 70's. The flight they eventually found - 2 days later was in a different city - hours away in an expensive taxi they also had to self fund. On their return I wrote to the company to ask for an explanation - not even an acknowledgement of my email! Thoroughly disgraceful way to treat any customers and completely spoiled their trip. Take my advice - Never EVER book with this company that cares so little for customers - especially vulnerable elderly ones - when in trouble. This company charged enough to book everything but took zero responsibility when something they booked was cancelled.


Lots of websites out there that sell rubbish electrical supplies. I have previously bought mobile phone batteries that have almost set my phone on fire. HAPPY to report this site is legit - product has breathed new life into an old mobile phone and service was efficient and reasonably priced.

Thank you!


In short - this site promises full refunds on bookings until you press purchase and as soon as you do you are informed that you have made an unrefundable purchase.
And worse than this - last year I booked a holiday to Amsterdam for my parents. Sadly my mother fell extremely unwell - to the point that we were not sure if she would make it out of hospital. We had booked one of these refundable/non-refundable hotels. I called the hotel and they were lovely - so compassionate and said we should cancel the booking but that they would reactivate it if my mother got better... which she did. But guess who refuses to reactivate the booking - not the lovely hotel I can tell you. HOTELS.COM... I've emailed them multiple times and phoned and spoken to a total of 4 different people - each one (til last) lovely and pretended to help and PROMISED to email or call back within 24 hours. Of course none of them ever did.
The last person was the supervisor - who almost refused to apologise for the actions of his colleagues - it took several attempts to even say the word sorry. He claims that the hotel have already been paid and need to refund me but the hotel have told me they never received a cent... Guess which company I believe?!... Apparently I'm on an emergency list to have this problem addressed. This time I am not holding my breath. What a shame when the hotel were so lovely, so compassionate to be represented by such a terrible company.


As I travel a lot and work on my computer for hours of each day I decided to treat myself to a very expensive super light computer. I bought the latest ASUS for just under 1700Euros - which is the most I've ever spent on a computer. It looks great and is very light but I am incredibly disappointed with it. None of the short cut keys work - even after following the online advice; it takes ages to load even my word documents - and when it does I find myself typing for 10 seconds before anything appears on the screen. I asked the company to take it back and give me one that worked but all they offered was to send it for a service - it is BRAND new! And I live in Tanzania and cost a small fortune for me so NO I don't want it serviced!... Save your money or buy from a brand that is reliable. I decided to try this company as I don't like that Apple own the market but you know what? I am so sorry I didn't buy an Apple. In all my years I've owned computers from many different companies but I've never had one that didn't work out of the box and have always been excited to own the next new one. This one is such a disappointment and irritating cause I'm stuck with it for the next few years... and the after sales is pointless. Take my advice and look elsewhere! High end computer my ass!


I had a mastectomy 10 days ago. Although the procedure was scary the scar is fine. But most disturbing of all was the ugliest monster bra the hospital offered me turning me instantly from a 41 year old to a 90 year old.

But all was saved by this and one other website. They have beautiful sexy lingerie and beachwear. They arrive within 2 working weeks. They are totally affordable and they even wrote to me to tell me I was entitled to a vat rebate on the items I purchased. Although when I contacted them about this they never replied.

So so happy to have found this site.


The final update - the company refused to return the money for all 6 tickets stating only 2 tickets were stolen although the entire day was ruined for all 6 people. They refused to pay for the flights or accommodation - hilariously stating terms and conditions - as if terms and conditions apply when they sell STOLEN GOODS!


In case anyone is interested in hearing what happened with our trip to Wimbledon - the tickets were at the hotel - all 6. However when we took our seats at wimbledon - we were quickly escorted by security to the legal office where we were informed that the tickets were STOLEN! All this happened before the first ball was served.

I have an official letter from the Wimbledon solicitor which I am happy to share with anyone interested in seeing it - please just leave a message.
So I have actual physical proof that this site sells (at truly enormous prices) STOLEN GOODS. Please everyone - protect yourselves and stay away from it.

Yours most sincerely,
Dr Trish Scanlan.

Dear Adam Carlos,
Although you have remained silent I keep the faith.

My family and I are soooo looking forward to the women's Wimbledon tennis finals: my monday chemotherapy is done; my whole family have packed their bags - including my 2 elderly parents; we are ready for the event of our lives.

I have one final question for you: from a scale of 1-10 in your very informed opinion, how excited should we be? Let me give you the breakdown:

1 = this company is a complete sham and there was never any chance of the tickets appearing.

5= this company is dodgy but there will be some general gate pass tickets provided for the day which will not allow you entry to centre court but you'll be able to hear the cheering.

10= this is a fantastic company. They deliver dreams every day and have only satisfied customers. You will be sitting next to the royal box and the sun will shine all day long. They will from now on plan all your holidays. The huge expense was totally worth it.

I'm really hoping you'll say 10! So do let me (and everyone else reading this post) know. Fingers crossed.

Take care,
Dr Trish

Dear Adam Carlos,

I explained my situation last week - see below message.

For clarity I would simply ask you directly Mr Adam Carlos from Easy sports tickets to publicly answer the following question:

1) Do you definitely 100% have my 6 tickets to the women's singles Wimbledon final for the 5th of July 2014.
2) Do you 100% guarantee they be delivered to me in a timely manner?

Please note that if you cannot answer these simple questions on this public forum (as you have previously refused to do so privately), then everyone reading this site will draw their own conclusions.

As I will be receiving chemotherapy the monday before the event in a different country only if you can GUARANTEE the tickets will the travel and energy be worth while. If you cannot guarantee the tickets then please guarantee to refund the money paid to your company ASAP.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours most sincerely,
Dr Trish Scanlan

Dear all on this site.

First of all thanks for all the information - I only wish I had read it before handing over an enormous sum to this company for the up coming Wimbledon Ladies Singles final.
I really wanted to take my family to this as they are tennis mad - and also because I am very likely dying of (relapsed) breast cancer and this is possibly the last chance I have.

Having read all your comments I have repeatedly asked the company to simply write to me confirming that they 100% guarantee delivery of the tickets or a full refund of all reasonable costs (tickets, flights and hotel for my 5 guests and me), or simply to return the money for the tickets right now. Of course all I have received is a computer generated response with no guarantees and absolute refusal to return the money. I have failed to hear from anyone with a name from the company.

As a doctor who has worked in Africa for the last 7 years looking after children with cancer I am not wealthy but this was one dream I was willing to pay for. Rather have wonderful memories than money at the end of a life. But wasting serious money on a scam is not the sort of memory I was hoping for.

Does anyone have any guidance? Is there anything worth trying? Anyone/any agency worth contacting? I repeatedly wrote to Mr Adam Castro to engage with me but he appears to only respond when prompted to publicly.

Adam C. – Easy Sports Tickets Rep

Dear Sir,
Please accept our deepest apologies for this!

We are truly sorry that this was your experience.
We are looking into this matter we are doing investigation with our supplier to understand what happened in order to resolve this issue to your utmost satisfaction.

Our costumer service already talked with you few times and will continue
Until resolving this issue.

Thank you

Adam Castro,


I had a mastectomy 10 days ago. Although the procedure was scary the scar is fine. But most disturbing of all was the ugliest monster bra the hospital offered me turning me instantly from a 41 year old to a 90 year old.

But all was saved by this and one other website. They have beautiful sexy lingerie and beachwear. The items I chose arrived within 1 working week. They are totally affordable and the bikini I bought is completely beautiful.

So so happy to have found this site.

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