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59 Reviews by Frances

I ordered bulbs and plants online from about half a dozen companies this fall. This company stood head and shoulders above the rest, for both quality and shipping practices. All of my bulbs were perfectly fresh, plump, healthy, mold free, and of good size. They were shipped in a well ventilated plastic crate, which is a genius idea. Most companies ship in taped-up cardboard cartons, and almost always there will be some mushy, blackened bulbs in there because bulbs don't like to be handled that way. I would order from Dutchgrown.com again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.
I thought I should send Wayfair some love here, because I see so many negative reviews. I have placed numerous orders with the company, all of them for garden items. I even purchased a garden structure that was around $2000. It arrived in perfect condition and is exactly as shown on the website. We love it. Everything I've ordered from Wayfair has shipped promptly and arrived on time. There have been small problems just two that I can recall but Wayfair took care of them immediately. One glass light arrived with cracks, and that was replaced immediately. One solar light would not work, and they sent a new one. It's always refreshing when a company's customer service policies are sensible and non aggressive. For the cracked glass item, Wayfair just asked for photos, and then sent the replacement. For the light that didn't work, they trusted me that it didn't work, and sent a new one. That is how a company earns loyalty from a customer. I recommend Wayfair.
I have purchased plants online for as long as that was an option. Before that I bought them over the phone. I have been gardening seriously for 40 years. The trees I have received from Trees of Antiquity are among the best bare root specimens I have ever purchased. The send out large-caliper, well branched trees with well developed roots. I have approximately 20 TOA fruit trees in the ground at the moment. Most of those trees produced fruit their second year. I recommend this business without reservation.
I've ordered from this company just once, but the transaction went smoothly and I am pleased with my purchase. My Isabel Marant coat was shipped from Germany to the US. It shipped quickly and arrived promptly, and was beautifully presented in a pretty yellow box nice enough to keep for storing clothing. The DHL courier did something truly stupid when my box was delivered, but that is a problem with DHL, not this company. I will order from them again.
(This portal website is is now Rakutan.com.) I've shopped through this portal for years. I was so disappointed when Nordstrom stopped their association with Ebates (criminals were abusing the system, so it's understandable, but still), but there are enough businesses that I use included on Ebates that I still get nice Big Fat Checks. Just not as fat as they used to be, alas. They have improved the website so that it is now really easy to track your "shopping trips" and your cash pending or cash back records. Once in a while a cash back has not been noted, and I have notified Ebates of this. A few years ago this notification would require some time emailing back and forth, but now it is all very quick. And I always get my money! In fact, Ebates has gone ahead and credited my account for cash back that the business has not yet credited to Ebates. This is a great business. Yes, by going through a portal you are selling your information for marketing purposes, but you are sharing all that already by galloping through the Internet. So get some cash for it.
I have shopped on Farfetch for years. They are a safe site to purchase items internationally, since they handle all the customs forms and courier scheduling. Sometimes designer goods will even be a bit less expensive obtained overseas because of a good exchange rate and no sales tax or VAT. They also require that their vendors to meet a standard of quality, so your items will almost always arrive nicely wrapped and presented. I recently received something that was not up to that standard, and Farfetch arranged for a return even though it was past the return window by the time they got my communication on the problem. I recommend Farfetch without hesitation.
I have many R&B pieces in my home. I can count off thirteen at the moment, and may have more than that. Over many years I have purchased case goods, benches (one custom), tables (one custom), and bookshelves from them, and all have been excellent quality. Their delivery service could not be better. I have a long, winding driveway that is not accessible for the huge delivery trucks furniture companies use. I always request a step-down service to deliver with a small truck. The last time I got a R&B table delivered (with a heavy stone top), the dispatcher or someone else messed up and sent out the full-size truck. The delivery guys parked down on the main road and carried the table and the stone top up to my house. It's about a quarter mile walk uphill! They could have passed on delivering and rescheduled for a smaller vehicle, but they went to all that trouble to keep the delivery appointment. That is great service. The few times I have had a problem with the quality of a R&B piece, the company has swapped out a replacement without fighting me on the issue. Highly recommended for quality merchandise and top-notch customer service!
I have used this service for numerous orders, over many years. All of the outdoor cushions they make for me last for ages. Every custom cushion I have ordered had been precise on size and shape no mistakes. The cording is done beautifully. The fabrics are high quality and so is the padding. They can be expensive, especially when you do custom shapes, but they produce a high quality product. Very dependable, ethical company.
I have many Patagonia fleece and knit jackets, and very few other items of their women's clothing. This is because their sizing can be a bit crazy. Their fit model must have the hips and chest of an adolescent boy, so if you have a womanly or muscular body you may have to order a couple sizes up from your usual especially for things like trousers and then you may experience other fit problems. I gave up on trying to get a good fit on their shorts and trousers, but I do okay on jackets (I am a very tall size 8, and a medium in Patagonia S/M/L clothing). Even then, sometimes a medium Patagonia jacket can be a little snug. Men's clothing seems to fit the same as other clothing lines: my husband takes the same sizes in Patagonia as he does elsewhere. So I dock Patagonia a star for expecting women to be built like teenage boys. But the clothing lasts for years and years, so they get a thumbs up for quality.

Order fulfillment can be iffy, especially when you're ordering sale items. However, if you place an order and they find they are out of stock in an item, they will send you an apology and a good discount code for future purchases. They don't fight customers on returns, either. Overall, I'd say they stand behind their products, even if they have an unrealistic image of an adult woman's body.
I have several DWR pieces in my home. I have had good and bad experiences with ordering from this company. The good thing I can say about them is that they do correct any problems that arise, and they don't leave the customer taking a loss. The bad thing is that you might have to fight for your rights. For example, I received an upholstered DWR chair that had been damaged in shipping (cracked wood frame). The damage was slight, but the piece was pricey and I had paid for perfect! So I demanded a return and full refund. They tried to discourage me from returning it, but they gave I when I pushed back. So if you stand up for yourself you are fine with DWR. Their delivery fees are high, it sometimes they offer deals on that.
I've purchased luxury linens from this company for many years, mostly buying items during white sales or things on close-out. It used to be an actual brick and mortar business, with stock on hand, and most orders were filled promptly. Sometimes if you purchased a brand that was offered on a manufacturer's promotion, or a retired pattern, an item would not be available or would have to be procured from the manufacturer, and that sometimes resulted in a long delay. But the contact person I dealt with, in past years, was always nice and very personable. I liked the fact that I was buying from an independent business, with a real store. I don't know what happened whether the business was sold, or something but now FLandB seems to have morphed into a purely procurement-on-order service. Everything is on a shipping delay. I see that they are now marketing themselves as an "in-store shopping experience online." But a store has stock on hand, so that characterization is not quite correct. I'm not sure this company is right for me, now. I don't need to go through a middleman, when I can buy most linens directly through the company websites. I don't need the fabric swatches they offer. I think FLandB may be courting a different kind of customer now (they have a banner on their home page saying, "Supporting estate, house and yacht managers worldwide"). I don't have an estate or a yacht, or a property manager. I am not a designer (they have always offered a designer to-the-trade program). I just like luxury linens, and I splurge once or twice a year. I hope FLandB doesn't forget their "smaller" customers, like me, while aiming for the custom of the super wealthy.
• Updated review
Downgrading this review for two reasons. First, a dog bath that I purchased a little more than a year ago failed exactly one week past the one-year limited warranty Chewy offers. They told me they could not do anything and to contact the manufacturer with "questions or concerns." You'd think that for an item that gets used maybe a couple times a month, at most, an extra week of warranty coverage might be logical. But no.

Second, I have submitted reviews on Chewy for that bath twice, and neither review has posted. The first review was mildly negative, pointing out some dog-safety concerns. The second was a one-star review because part of the product broke, with normal use. The product has almost all positive reviews on Chewy's website, so I suspect some cherry picking of feedback is going on here. I am so disappointed. I used to love this company.
Good price on prescriptions
• Previous review
My vet dispensed a daily medication for my dog (Galliprant) that was more than $4 a pill. I checked Chewy.com and found it for about half that price. They handle contacting the vet's office for approval, and they get a new approval for every refill (they notify me of progress by email). I don't have to do anything because it's all automatic. Easy peasy. The medication they dispense is authentic, which is not necessarily true for some online pet pharmacies. I think it's outrageous that veterinarians in the US are allowed to dispense their own medications (usually at a hefty mark-up because it is a profit point for them), so I am happy to bypass that racket and buy direct from a reliable source. Great service! (BTW, Heartguard is also about half the price that my vet charges.)

Update 8/28: After months of approving refills, my vet's office has stated giving me trouble over Chewy filling my dog's prescription. They have no right to do this, any more than my doctor can force me to fill my prescriptions at the medical center in which her medical group operates. I phoned Chewy and was told that they will follow up again with the vet. So it's good to know they will fight the battle for me. It is absolutely unethical for vets to use prescriptions as a profit center. Years ago I had a vet agree to price matching with another online pharmacy (before Chewy existed) so that he could still get a cut if the profit. He said the reason was that it was the only way to be sure I received good quality medications. But I happened to be standing at the counter when some of his deliveries came in, and I saw boxes from the same vet supply and pharmacy I was using! So stand your ground and demand that your vet "allow" you to fill prescriptions elsewhere. It the vet won't cooperate, find a new vet.
They work to earn your loyalty
• Previous review
I began using Chewy simply because I couldn't obtain my dogs' kibble anywhere near my home. I became a fan, though, when they refunded without being asked items for which I posted less than stellar reviews. The first was a seat cover for my car, which was a fine product but didn't work for me. They give me my money back and told me to donate it to an animal shelter. Next, they refunded a couple dog toys that didn't work out for my boys. An acquaintance told me that when her dog died soon after she's purchased some expensive senior dog supplies, Chewy refunded her and sent her a sympathy card. They are a great company. Their prices are good and delivery is free over a minimum charge. Perfect!
• Updated review
I'm downgrading DermStore by two stars because they have slowed down their fulfillment times. It took them three days to process my current order, and I just received an email notice that my order had shipped. But "shipped" means only that they generated a label. When I went to track my package, I saw that it has not yet reached a shipping facility. And since is a Saturday afternoon, and it's a long weekend, that means my USPS package won't truly ship for three more days. So I will get my package maybe 14 to even 21 days after ordering (based on 7-14 business days standard shipping time). Way too long.
Reliable company
• Previous review
There are a lot of fake reviews on Sitejabber, and one of the ways to spot them is that they are posted by someone with no other reviews, and they post at the same time as a slew of similar one-star or five-star reviews. So I look at the run of one-star reviews here and I wonder whether the competition (in particular the company with a very similar name to DermStore's) is submitting fake, negative reviews. Just something to keep in mind.

I've been ordering from DermStore since 2013 (back when they sold on Amazon!) and although I did have a few order issues with them years ago (I just checked my archived emails to confirm this), they always made things right without fighting me on anything. In the last few years I had been alternating between this company and the similarly named SkinStore, depending on which had special offers on my products. But since that other (awful) company has morphed into the business from hell, all of my orders will now go to Dermstore.They are a fully owned subsidiary of Target, so you know you have a solid, reliable corporation behind the name. This is not, unlike that other (awful) business, some dodgy overseas warehouse operating on a collective web platform, with no real corporate offices. Dermstore's very real corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. They are an authorized retailer for some of the brands sold by med spas and dermatologists' offices (like SkinCeuticals, for instance), but unlike the med spa I frequent DermStore occasionally runs specials on my product lines. Even better, I get money back by going through the Ebates portal. I consider this a safe and reliable place to buy my cosmetic supplies.
I have purchased several items on 1st Dibs textiles, framed art, and decor. I have bought items sourced both from the US and internationally. I have had mixed experiences. It is important to check of the individual seller before making an offer. Look at all of their listed items, assessing them for consistency and quality. See whether they also have a bricks and mortar shop or gallery (that is a positive sign). I made the mistake of buying an item in haste from a seller that I later learned was also selling many ridiculously priced garage-sale junk pieces (calling this junk "vintage collector's items" or something similar). I had not taken the time to look though his full listings because I was in a hurry. That kind of flea market stock list is a huge red flag. Avoid those shops.

The bid process is pretty good on the site, although I once had a seller try to deny that he had accepted my lower bid when I who had not seen his acceptance mistakenly accepted his higher counter offer. Not sure how that happened, but I won that argument. If you tag an item as a favorite and wait, the seller may send you a discount offer after a time. The website also holds sales featuring several shops at a time, and will notify you if a shop you liked is included. Be aware that some 1st Dibs shops post prices that are hugely inflated, expecting the price to be bid down. If you do your research and you know the going price of what you are buying, this is a safe place to shop.
I am torn about giving RL even three stars because I think their web platform can be misleading (the way the automatic counteroffers work can be wonky), and because when I have complained to RL about problems I've experienced, their customer service department has been rude and dismissive. However, I have purchased several high-quality pieces of jewelry from one long-term seller on RL, and I am quite pleased with them. The seller is easy to work with, the jewelry is as described and shown, and the seller even adjusted the price of something down when I had second thoughts about the purchase. I think that RL suffers from not being choosy enough about who sells on the site. I agree with the other reviewer who says it can look like a junky garage sale. But there is at least one really great jewelry seller on there, who gets repeat business from me and (if you trust the transaction reviews) other buyers. Just be careful who you deal with.
I am a fan of R&B clothing, particularly their jeans. I usually buy their goods from Nordstrom, but have recently made a few purchases directly from the R&B website. On one order, the shoes I received were made of a very different finish of leather than was shown or described online, and I thought they were ghastly. I'd purchased them as final sale because they were at deep discount. I contacted R&B and they did take the shoes back, even paying for return shipping. On the next order, my jeans arrived in a beautiful gift box, but I was charged for that gift box and had not ordered it! They did refund my money for the box, but didn't apologize, which is annoying and a bit insulting. I mean...it was their mistake. I might stick with ordering their stuff from Nordstrom instead.
The only time so buy from HauteLook.com is when they have flash sales for a couple jewelry designers I like. So I am buying merchandise I am familiar with. I have had fairly good experiences buying from them, although I really hate the way your shopping cart times out. The thing to know about these flash sales (and this is true for all outlet sites like this) is there are items that are truly on sale styles from previous seasons, or designs that have been discontinued and items that are made for specifically for outlet stores and flash sales. I have not bought fake goods from hauteLook (that I am aware of), but when you see the same items appear on each and every flash sale it's a clear sign that those are the "fake sale" click bait items. So you need to know your merchandise. I have returned items to HauteLook without any problem, and have gotten my return shipping paid for when something was damaged in shipping.
Purchased a Speck case for an iPad. The one I received made the buttons on my decide impossible to use, so I contacted customer service. They said that all of their cases are "tested by a lab" before being sent out. Really? If so, it must be a Labrador retriever. The case also had horribly sharp edges that could slice skin. The response from customer service, when I complained about this, was, "Our cases are designed that way." Again, really? I ended up returning the case, using a prepaid label they provided. But the refund has been slow in coming. I won't be shopping here again.
I still buy the occasional Annie's Annuals plant at my local garden center, mostly because they're isn't a lot of choice, but I no longer order them online. I used to place huge orders. A few years ago one order was something like 65 plants! I was initially impressed by the quality of their plant stock and their packaging for shipping. But then they sent me some truly rubbish plants and did not replace them or reimburse me for the loss. They also misrepresented a plant and lied about it when I called them out for it. For that deception, they were selling a variegated mutation of a common plant, which I knew had to be propagated from a cutting. What they sent me was non-variegated seedling. When I contacted Annie's, their "expert" tried to tell me that the plant would change color as it got older. That is a blatant lie, and was insulting to me, a customer who is a knowledgeable plantswoman. The other incident that turned me off of Annie's involved plants that arrived nearly dead, and ultimately died. Annie's claims that they guarantee their plant stock. I reported those damaged or diseased plants upon receipt, and was told to keep an eye on them and report back if they did not make it. I was told that they would replace any that failed. When the plants died and I contacted the company, as instructed, I was brushed off. They simply stopped responding. So I stopped ordering. Do not recommend.
• Updated review
Lowering this by two stars because my mailbox has been overflowing with bra and lingerie catalogs since I became a ThirdLove customer. Thanks, guys. It's not only a pain for me (and probably makes the mail carrier smirk) but it's really bad for the environment. It's puzzling because I always opt out of the "share your information with our partners" choice when I set up an account with a merchant. But it must beThirdLove that did this because they are the only new lingerie company I have signed up with in a few years. And the catalogs started coming about a quarter year after my first order. That's generally how often mailing lists are sold. It doesn't make me "love" the company.
Products work for me
• Previous review
I'm surprised that Third Love has so many negative reviews here (one of them hilariously prudish!). My first purchase of two bras worked out well enough for me that I placed a second order for two more. The bras are well made and comfortable. They are high priced, but I think the quality makes up for it. I get adequate support in their bras without the underwire I usually need. I think their claim that only they can fit women correctly is a bit much, though. Every bra manufacturer has a slightly different fit to their products. In the better quality bras, this fit will be consistent enough that you can order a bra in a new style and chances are high it will fit. This is true for Chantelle bras (another expensive brand). What Third Love has going for it is the extensive fitting information they provide online, and the fit assistants who are available for questions. They offer free exchanges and a generous return policy. I ended up exchanging my first purchase for a bra size that I have never worn in any other brand. That doesn't mean that I have been wearing the wrong bra size, as Third Love claims, but that Third Love has their own, unique fit. I think this company is worth a try. Might not work for you, but it did for me.
Christina S. – ThirdLove Rep
Hi Patricia! All of us here at ThirdLove are so excited that you have found a great bra (or eight, if you're like me)! Thank you for leaving your honest and detailed feedback about your ThirdLove journey. We love to hear from our customers, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative; but success stories like yours are especially exciting for us.

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