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64 Reviews by Frances

• Updated review
Update: A week after my Chat interaction with customer service, UO had not followed up (no surprise there), so I phoned them. I was told that the "lost package request" had been denied, and the items would not be reshipped because UO would not be reimbursed for the lost package. It doesn't matter that I had never been informed the shipment went out (so I would know to expect it) and had never been provided a tracking number or proof of delivery. It did not matter that I am a longtime customer and that the missing items were a minor part of a larger order. The UO rep dug in her heels and refused to reship or reimburse me. Nice way to do business. And the cost of the missing items? A total of $52 plus tax. They lost a customer and incurred all of this ill will over a lousy $52 (retail) worth of merchandise.

After weeks of waiting for backordered merchandise (I received several of the items in my order shipped one at a time, in that period) I realized that some of my items were still missing. I used Chat to report this, and was told that all of the missing items were shipped together, and that the package was noted as delivered. But, I said, I did not receive it. Too bad, said the agent, there is nothing I can do but report this and request a refund, because it is outside out X day limit for reporting lost packages. I asked whether they could just reship. No. They don't reship "lost packages." I was told to wait three days for a response to the request.

I have no proof that UO ever shipped these items. If I check my order on their website, it shows as delivered or complete, but shipments (multiple, because that is how they manage fulfillment) are not itemized, and no tracking numbers are provided.

So, UO stole from me. I have no confidence that I will get my refund.

Do not order online from this company. Purchase in a bricks and mortar store, if you must. I won't buy anything from them again.
Still waiting on that order
• Previous review
The order I mentioned in my main review is still not fully delivered. It consisted of eight items, and three weeks later I am still waiting for two of them. Projected fulfillment is five weeks after I placed the order. Almost everything came in separate shipments. Really frustrating.
Poorly run business
• Previous review
I have ordered household and decor items from UO many times, with mixed results. They are often backordered on stock, which means it can take many weeks to receive something. That is always frustrating, but what makes me give them one star here is what happened to me the other day. I placed an online order and just hours later I got an email that they were having a one-day sale on everything. Fifteen percent off or something like that. I contacted UO and asked whether they could adjust my order, and they have ignored my enquiry. So one star it is, UO. Good riddance.
Do not sign up for this website! I wish I had not fallen for it. To begin with, they require that you share excessive personal information to get on there, which raised a red flag for me, but I signed on anyway for the crime alerts in my neighborhood. What I did not realize when I signed up is that they display your home on a map on your profile page (you can hide your actual address, but are required to use your real name, so you are easy to locate either way). They preset most of the settings for who can see your information (another red flag). No privacy choice there.

I was warned ahead of time that there were a lot of petty people nattering away on Nextdoor (that is true), but what I found on the site was far worse than pettiness. There are people on there who are just bat-shyte crazy. And they can find you. I made the mistake of getting involved in a couple discussions about local issues. I had to mute a couple people who kept trolling me, and I flagged several posts that contained abusive or profane language (some posts aimed at me, some at others). I don't know whether someone I reported flagged me back in retaliation, but out of the blue my account was suspended. When I went to the website a banner came up saying I was suspended and could sign in after 15 days. Suspended for what? There is no contact information provided. No one to ask. Just a link to a page of rules for the site, and something about being "kind." Huh? Who was not kind? I reported the bad behaviors of others. And I am being slapped on the wrist for that?

The 15-day thing is weird, too. It's like some weird kind of training program. Like an electric shock collar for dogs. Come back in 15 days and try again and see whether you can avoid getting shocked again? No thanks. Why would I want to?

And it gets even worse! Because of the suspension, I cannot sign in to delete my account. So it will sit there for 15 more days. Fully visible to all the crazies.

Now I am stuck wondering what Nextdoor sociopath has my address. I am genuinely freaked about it. I wish to God I had never signed on to this horrific website. They take zero responsibility for the safety of their users. They just want your information, like all social media. But they disguise their data mining operation behind thos fake neighborhood watch and block party facade. Don't buy it. It is a lie.

DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION! They will placed you in danger. I cannot emphasize that enough. THEY WILL PLACE YOU IN HARM'S WAY. I have purchased security cameras for my property because of this website. Huge mistake joining up.
Update: I had a good laugh at the company's snotty reply, below. What a great way to win over customers! Glad I stopped shopping the site. They suck. I've figured out what the rush of rave reviews is about. HerRoom is forcing customers via a pop-up window to post a review here in order to complete their transactions and get an order number. Awful company.

I count 22 HerRoom full-star reviews in a row, all arriving together on the same day (today), all from reviewers with just one review on file. Shame on you, HerRoom. Yours is a business that I used to support. I've placed at least a dozen orders with you, over the years (the last one in 2018), and perhaps more. Now you have lost me. I hate it when businesses have their employees flood review sites with fake reviews. (Since you need an order number to review for HerRoom, how did those fakes get in, hmm?)

My ordering experience with HerRoom was always unpredictable. They would draw me in with a sale item that they did have in stock (emails announcing that brand X is on sale), but most of the time anything else I added to the order would be backordered. Sometimes the backorders were for many weeks. I'd often cancel items that kept getting delayed. I kept returning to the site because they carried so many brands and had good sales, but overall I would say that order fulfillment was terrible. Finally, I started buying my lingerie elsewhere.

As proof of their backorder habit, here is an excerpt from a 12/2018 HerRoom email:

"We have not forgotten you! The items you selected which were on back order have arrived and we are prepared to ship them to you immediately. In order to complete the shipping process, we will need to update your payment options. Orders paid for with PayPal cannot be resubmitted after a 30-day lapse, but you have several options..."
Wilma W. – HerRoom Rep
Hello Patricia - I'm sorry you think this, but you are absolutely WRONG! All our reviews are legitimate customer feedback. We simply had Sitejabber add a pop-up after the thank you page asking our customers to please leave a review. We are delighted that people who usually do not leave reviews have chosen to do so, and that they think so highly of our site and their experience.

Looking at your order history with us, you like to buy items on sale. You also have a very popular size. I am sorry others with your same size are getting to the sale items before you.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Manager
• Updated review
The results are in. I filed a dispute with my credit card bank, and in the interim Ivan at Chairish issued me two $25 apology reimbursements. My dispute was approved by the bank. So unless Chairish comes back within X days with a viable argument to show why I wasn't cheated (not going to happen), the remaining charge (minus the reimbursed $50) is forever negated. This is precisely the reason most credit card contracts include at least some degree of consumer protection! Even PayPal has a buyer guarantee. I encourage abused consumers to fight the good fight. It may take a lot of time to present your case, but it feels good when you win.
Chairish final decision: Not our problem if our seller cheat buyers
• Previous review
Ivan at Chairish got back to me with the final decision on my having been cheated by one of their sellers (Tish & Fox, of Norwalk, CT) and it was just another big eff off to the customer. He said, indirectly, that it was my fault for not rejecting the item within 48 hours (that was not possible, given delivery issues) and suggested, again, that I try to sell the worthless thing on Chairish (so they can get another cut, and someone else can be cheated)! I cannot believe that a business can sink this low. I am awaiting my bank's decision on the disputed credit card charge. I am also going to look into filing a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
No help from Chairish, time wasted
• Previous review
After several email exchanges about with Ivan at Chairish, I am still left high and dry. The last email said he was going to see what the seller might do for me. This is a seller who altered the listing photo and lied about the condition of the item, so they aren't going to do a thing about it, I am certain. Between dealing with Chairish and my (credit card) bank, I have spent a few hours trying to recoup around $250. It is not worth my time, but I so hate to see the bad people win! So I am going to pursue this with the bank. At least I know that neither the seller nor Chairish has my money, because the bank is holding back payment during the dispute.
Company and their sellers have no ethics, do not buy from this site!
• Previous review
I purchased an antique ceramic serving piece from this auction site. The item was listed as having "no imperfections," and the photos of the item showed no chips. When I received the item there was a large, darkened (so it was very old damage) chip on the underside of the plate. I looked at the photo from the Chairish listing, and sure enough, the chip had been (badly) photoshopped out! Because of issues with delivery, my 48-hour window for returning the rubbish, worthless piece of crockery had elapsed. I contacted Chairish about this purposeful deception, and this is the reply I got:

"I'm so sorry to learn that the Antique English Cheese Dish & Cover did not meet your expectations. [NB: Notice that there is no mention that the seller lied and altered the photos.] Given the unique, one-of-a-kind nature of most products sold through Chairish, we do our best to provide a fair and equitable approach to returns.

Most items sold on Chairish are preowned and have wear consistent with age and history [NB: Again, avoiding the fact that the listing was faked and intentionally deceitful.] The Product Details are provided by the Seller and are expected to accurately describe the item. While the condition of any pre-owned item may be subjective, we ask our Sellers to be thorough in their descriptions and photos to ensure there are no surprises [NB: They take no responsibility for the dishonesty of the sellers they feature on THEIR Website.]

All of our shipped orders are subject to a 48-hour return window and once that window has closed, all sales are considered final...

You may want to consider listing your unwanted purchase on Chairish, as a way to offset your purchase. If you would like additional details on how to list, we are here to help."

So, not only does Chairish dodge responsibility, they suggest that I pass this rubbish in to another, poor, naive Chairish buyer, and so make some more money for Chairish!

I am truly floored by this. I have purchased many items from FirstDibs and other resellers and auction sites, and although I have had mixed results, I have never been so blatantly ripped off as I was by Chairish. I am going to pursue this through my payment service, which has a buyer guarantee.

The seller was Tish&Fox in Norwalk, CT. Be aware that often sellers who get bad reviews will just change their seller listing names, so knowing this is no guarantee they won't still be selling on Chairish.
Bluefly has a 14-day return limit, after which their site will not generate a return label, and the customer has no other recourse because they have zero phone support. I ordered an item that took more than two weeks to get to me, so it was past the allowable window for return when I received it. Default final sale, possibly by design on Bluefly's part. And I am out almost $400 because it is too large for me. Steer clear of this company! They are extremely dodgy.
I noticed that six days had passed since my high-value item shipped, and I had neither received it nor gotten any updates from Bloomingdale's. This is not the kind of merchandise that usually goes out on "slow boat" shipping, so I am concerned. I use the link in my "item has shipped" email to go to the Bloomindale's website, to track my purchase, but their system won't let me check my order. So I phone customer service and get an automated response telling me that UPS has not provided updates "in a while," but that it "sometimes takes up to 48 hours" for them to update. That is just not true, FYI. UPS provided real-time tracking. I get an agent, finally, and she provides a projected delivery date: Ten days after shipping, twelve days after order.

Not good enough, Bloomingdales's. I will not be shopping here again.
Artful Home is a middleman business. It's sort of online gallery, for the most part, although they do carry some mainstream retail items that are (I assume) drop shipped from the manufacturers. So when you buy something it is shipped by the maker, artist or manufacturer, not from a warehouse. I have made a few good purchases from the site, but only for items that are on hand and ready to ship.

The business falls apart when something is made to order or backordered, because AH takes no responsibility for the transaction. I purchased a $600 article of clothing made from a hand-dyed textile, and was told it would ship "on or before X date." The item was paid for, in full, up front. The maximum fulfillment date was six weeks out. I heard nothing from AH for six and a half weeks, and when I contacted them I was told that the textile artist had been "inundated" with orders and was trying to catch up. The customer service agent said that AH considers orders to be "commissions" and that's why customers are always charged up front for all items. So? I was not complaining about the way they take orders, but about not being informed about the delay in fulfillment. This woman made a lot of excuses, but pointed; y avoided the fact that AH had not bothered to inform this customer there was no way in hell the $600 item was going to get to me within the fulfillment deadline, and that AH had no idea when it would be shipped. I repeat: she said that they could not commit to a shipping date!

The truly obnoxious part of this is that she was placing the blame entirely on the artist, not on AH. It's a dishonest take on how these galleries work, too. They take the full payment and do not pay the maker or artist for their portion (minus a hefty commission for AH, of course) until after the "commissioned" items ship and are accepted by the buyer. That's a long ride they take on a customer's funds. I would love to hear what the makers and artists think of AH. I don't think AH is doing their producers any favors. I canceled my order and requested a refund of my money. Why would I let AH sit on my $600 indefinitely, with no firm fulfillment date? That's nuts.
I received two (non furniture) items that we're damaged (worst packaging I have ever seen). I live nowhere near an Ikea, so tried to deal with the matter by phone. Get a phone menu, offering options 1 to 3. Three is what I need, but system won't accept it. Try option 2 (order tracking) and am told I will be transferred to the right department. I get automated message about high call volume and they "cannot answer right now." Click. So I try the email contact form online. Options under "about my order" are "business customer" or "order cancellation." Nothing else. Another dead end. What the heck is a customer supposed to do? Phoned again and tried option 1 (new orders) and the agent is now trying to get through to the right department. I am listening to screeching "music" and repeating recorded messages. My life is passing before my eyes. Never ordering from Ikea again.
The review is for S&L pricing only, as I have never purchased from the site. I do a lot of online shopping, and sometimes I see the same merchandise sold by different vendors, at wildly different prices. This is the case with S&L. A Moroccan pouf that they currently sell for $498 is available on Amazon for $169.95. It is the same item, I know, because I bought it from Amazon and I recently saw the S&L one at a consignment shop (the shop notes the source of their consigned goods on the tags). I've suspected this of S&L before, but have not had proof, before now, that they were selling and marking up the exact same goods as other vendors. Now I know It's true. Buyer beware.
I have had three Dyson upright models, over the years, and I now own an upright and a Dyson Animal V8 stick vacuum. The uprights have had to be replaced because crucial (non-replaceable) plastic parts eventually break on them, while the motor on the vacuum still works perfectly well. Dyson offers a generous trade-up program, to get customers to purchase the newest models. I strongly suspect that this planned obsolescence is part of their business model: make a vacuum with a great motor but choose other materials that have a short lifespan. Since they can't milk you for crazy expensive vacuum bags and filters, like other companies do (Miele, for instance), they get you to replace your expensive vacuum every few years.

Their cordless vacuums are built using a plastic-encased battery pack that costs around $100 US to replace. The battery pack on my V8 died after less than a year of light use. It is under warranty, and Dyson told me that a replacement had been sent, shortly after I requested one. But it's been almost three weeks and I have not received it, nor have they given me the tracking number I requested. At first they told me it would arrive in 7-10 days. When I complained about the delay, they changed that to, "It generally takes 10-15 BUSINESS days" to arrive. Three weeks? I don't believe they have shipped it.

I would never purchase the stick vacuum again. It's obvious I am going to have to pay for battery pack replacements every year or two, after the warranty runs out. I will stick with the upright models in future.
I ordered a linen-covered X-bench from Ballard, and received a bench so poorly executed that I donated it to a charity shop. I had opted for an upgraded fabric and studs on the bench, so it was one of their more expensive offerings in that line. Not a sale piece or a second, but fully custom. The fabric that covered the legs on the bench I received was buckled from being stretched unevenly, and was obviously creased and loose (it should have been taut and completely smooth). The padding on the seat was uneven higher on one side. The cording around the edge of the cushion was wonky and uneven. The entire thing was just slapped together. The company said they would take it back (no help on how I was supposed to pack up this very heavy bench, since I had to tear apart the box it was in to get it out), but only to remake the order. They refused to give me a refund. Given the poor quality of the example I had before me, I passed on the second try and just donated the thing. Even looking at it made me angry. The icing on the cake was that when I wrote a negative product review on their website, Ballard killed the review!
• Updated review
I'm downgrading DermStore by two stars because they have slowed down their fulfillment times. It took them three days to process my current order, and I just received an email notice that my order had shipped. But "shipped" means only that they generated a label. When I went to track my package, I saw that it has not yet reached a shipping facility. And since is a Saturday afternoon, and it's a long weekend, that means my USPS package won't truly ship for three more days. So I will get my package maybe 14 to even 21 days after ordering (based on 7-14 business days standard shipping time). Way too long.
Reliable company
• Previous review
There are a lot of fake reviews on Sitejabber, and one of the ways to spot them is that they are posted by someone with no other reviews, and they post at the same time as a slew of similar one-star or five-star reviews. So I look at the run of one-star reviews here and I wonder whether the competition (in particular the company with a very similar name to DermStore's) is submitting fake, negative reviews. Just something to keep in mind.

I've been ordering from DermStore since 2013 (back when they sold on Amazon!) and although I did have a few order issues with them years ago (I just checked my archived emails to confirm this), they always made things right without fighting me on anything. In the last few years I had been alternating between this company and the similarly named SkinStore, depending on which had special offers on my products. But since that other (awful) company has morphed into the business from hell, all of my orders will now go to Dermstore. They are a fully owned subsidiary of Target, so you know you have a solid, reliable corporation behind the name. This is not, unlike that other (awful) business, some dodgy overseas warehouse operating on a collective web platform, with no real corporate offices. Dermstore's very real corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. They are an authorized retailer for some of the brands sold by med spas and dermatologists' offices (like SkinCeuticals, for instance), but unlike the med spa I frequent DermStore occasionally runs specials on my product lines. Even better, I get money back by going through the Ebates portal. I consider this a safe and reliable place to buy my cosmetic supplies.
• Updated review
I've lowered my rating of Poshmark after having an odd experience on the site. I had removed all of the for-sale items in my "closet" because I was, temporarily, too too busy to follow up on bids and sales. So my closet showed only sold items. But many weeks later I received an offer on an item I had removed. Odd. I think it slipped through because it was a second bid, from someone who had previously submitted a low offer and had been rejected. So that is a flaw in the Poshmark programming, and that is my first complaint. I still had the item so I accepted the offer, and then I got a surprise and this leads to my second complaint. The item was a handbag from a Big Name designer brand, and the purchaser was the manufacturer! The "buyer" was identified as a woman's name, but the address was the office for the brand. So perhaps the manufacturer is buying up their stock on the resale market? What bothers me about this sale is that I found this out only after accepting the bid. It makes me feel that I have been snookered, somehow. It seems wrong that a company can hide behind an essentially anonymous buyer while snapping up their merchandise across the Web. And then the "buyer" did not give me any stars for the sale, so that messes up my average rating of full marks. This got me thinking about the flaws in the Poshmark structure. It's not balanced in favor of the sellers. Sellers are not allowed to rate buyers, even though buyers cause a lot of problems (based on the many complaints I have read). And I have never been comfortable with sending items to stranger with my return address on the package. So I am no longer a fan of this site.
As a seller I've had good experiences...
• Previous review
I've sold many items on Poshmark, and I have full marks as a seller. I package my items carefully, include extra gifts, and sell only the best quality goods. The reason I don't give full marks for the site are, first, they don't filter out the junk many people post on the site. I see listing for the strangest stuff (used bra, anyone?). Second, there are obvious resellers who comb the site and follow other sellers. They'll "like" your listings and follow you, and I get the feeling they are gaming the system. I've never had a problem with anyone returning an item, but I have had low-ball offers that are just insulting, and that can be frustrating. Overall, I'd say this is a fine place to sell things like new or lightly used handbags and new-in-box shoes. Other items are slower to move.
• Updated review
After waiting weeks for the missing parts needed to assemble my expensive purchase, I received a shipment that was again missing parts! I should have been sent twenty pieces and received 15. So I have a pile of useless parts siting here and am out of pocket for more than $425. Idiots! I do not recommend this company for anything.
Never again... they have lost me
• Previous review
After thirty years of doing business with this company, I am now an ex-customer. I have a $425 (plus shipping in excess of $60) pile of useless parts, and am still waiting for the replacement parts needed to put the item together. The company has offered no accommodation. No refund of shipping. Nothing but insincere, meaningless lip service. They even killed the product review I submitted, so they cherry pick their customer reviews. Do not recommend... for anything.
Effusive but insincere, ineffective customer service representative
• Previous review
I've purchased many things from GS over the years, and even though I sometimes had problems with the odd purchase they have always made good on the order (although I sometimes had to stomp my feet and demand that they adhere to their customer guarantee promises... the customer service reps could be annoyingly argumentative). This reliability is why I continued buying from them. But something has changed at the company, and I don't like it. Yesterday I received a damaged shipment of a large, very heavy (70 pounds) item. It had been shipped in an inadequate box, which had broken open. I phoned to ask what I should do with this partially torn-open shipping carton. Should I open it and inspect the contents, or tape it up and return to sender? The customer service rep (so effusive, brittle and fake-friendly that I found myself missing the old-style, grumpy reps I was used to) talked over me and said the item was shipped directly from the vendor, and that I should inspect it and do an inventory of parts, and then they will "work with" the vendor to replace anything missing or damaged. I pointed out that once it's opened up I was not going to be able to pack it up again. She said, vaguely, that if it needs to be returned the vender would "help with" the return costs, but first they need me to do an inventory. Translation: I am stuck with this thing whether I want it or not. They aren't going to take it back. So my advice, if you order from GS, is to avoid ordering any large, heavy item that is drop shipped from a vendor. Stick with the items they have in stock, in their warehouse, or smaller items that are easy to ship. The big, heavy items that come directly from the vendors seem to fall into a gray area where no one takes full responsibility.
I am torn about giving RL even three stars because I think their web platform can be misleading (the way the automatic counteroffers work can be wonky), and because when I have complained to RL about problems I've experienced, their customer service department has been rude and dismissive. However, I have purchased several high-quality pieces of jewelry from one long-term seller on RL, and I am quite pleased with them. The seller is easy to work with, the jewelry is as described and shown, and the seller even adjusted the price of something down when I had second thoughts about the purchase. I think that RL suffers from not being choosy enough about who sells on the site. I agree with the other reviewer who says it can look like a junky garage sale. But there is at least one really great jewelry seller on there, who gets repeat business from me and (if you trust the transaction reviews) other buyers. Just be careful who you deal with.
Update: Super slow return processing! I contacted the company to ask about my return, which tracking showed had been delivered five days before. The response was this: "Please allow 2-3 weeks from the return shipped date for your account to be credited. Depending on your bank, it may take 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement." Two to three weeks to process a return? Never buying from these people again!

Johnny Was is one of those companies that makes you pay for return postage. They sent me an item of clothing that was defective a quilted piece with broken threads in a prominent place. So I emailed them and asked for a return label. Usually when a customer receives a damaged or defective item, a business will send out a prepaid return label when that is requested. But what does JohnnyWas.com do? They demand photos to prove that the customer isn't lying:

"Please attach photos of the damaged item to this email. Once we receive your photos of the damaged item, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to the email address we have on file."

Really? I understand when companies do that for things damaged or broken in shipping, since they may have a claim they need to document and they need to instruct their warehouse employees on how to pack shipments. But for defective clothing, which was packed and shipped in that condition? It's insulting. It doesn't matter whether this request for photos is based in mistrust (I assume it is) or whether they want a record of the flaws for their quality control department (they can take their own photos when the item is returned, so I'm not buying that excuse). I won't be shopping here again.
I used to buy household goods from WS and WSHome fairly often, and I thought they were a reliable company. But a couple weeks ago I ordered a small appliance for Christmas delivery, and it didn't show up in time. Not a huge deal, but I just tracked the order and found out that the projected delivery date is eight weeks from the order date! And no one at WS informed me of the delay. When I made the purchase it was listed as I stock and available to ship. That is not the way to treat customers if you want them to come back again, WS!

(Just found out that item was still on backorder, and the delivery date was pushed back even further than the projected delivery window mentioned above, so I phoned WS and canceled the order. The galling thing is that I found this out only by checking tracking on my order. Williams Sonoma did not notify me of the change, again. Terrible way to do business! The current predicted delivery window not guaranteed, mind you was approaching 12 weeks from date of order.)
I have purchased several items on 1st Dibs textiles, framed art, and decor. I have bought items sourced both from the US and internationally. I have had mixed experiences. It is important to check of the individual seller before making an offer. Look at all of their listed items, assessing them for consistency and quality. See whether they also have a bricks and mortar shop or gallery (that is a positive sign). I made the mistake of buying an item in haste from a seller that I later learned was also selling many ridiculously priced garage-sale junk pieces (calling this junk "vintage collector's items" or something similar). I had not taken the time to look though his full listings because I was in a hurry. That kind of flea market stock list is a huge red flag. Avoid those shops.

The bid process is pretty good on the site, although I once had a seller try to deny that he had accepted my lower bid when I who had not seen his acceptance mistakenly accepted his higher counter offer. Not sure how that happened, but I won that argument. If you tag an item as a favorite and wait, the seller may send you a discount offer after a time. The website also holds sales featuring several shops at a time, and will notify you if a shop you liked is included. Be aware that some 1st Dibs shops post prices that are hugely inflated, expecting the price to be bid down. If you do your research and you know the going price of what you are buying, this is a safe place to shop.
I don't know what to think of a company that floods this site with fake five-star reviews every day. The reviews post in groups of a dozen or more, all with strange phrasing and too-specific details. It's a huge red flag. (I see that since I posted this FashionNova has now started loading up obviously fake FOUR-star reviews. Amazing.)
Package theft is a huge problem in the US. It's so bad that Amazon has worked with the police in some cities to run sting operations using bait packages. Yet PayPal offers no protection for buyers when a package is reported as delivered but is subsequently stolen. I had a merchant (SkinStore) refuse to reship a $600 package that went missing from my front gate. Fed Ex did an investigation and determined that the package was lost or stolen. The vendor kept putting me off when I requested that it be reshipped, saying they were doing their own "investigation." I had paid with PayPal, so I filed a dispute with the merchant. The merchant, knowing that PayPal will ignore and then decline any dispute or claim when a merchant has proof of delivery, ignored me. I escalated to a claim, which was denied. So I am now stuck. If I had paid with a credit card the matter would have been found in my favor, and the merchant would have been forced to either replace my goods or face the negation of my payment. Dodgy merchants know that PayPal provides no consumer protection against package theft, so they play this delay game. I have requested a new shipment innumerable times, and was at first repeatedly put off. Now they just ignore me. I will never see my shipment. An outrageously rude PayPal customer service rep essentially told me to get lost when I complained about this catch 22 in the system. They don't care what I've been using PayPal since the early days of its existence. Loyalty and consistent, documented honesty count for nothing with PayPal.

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“This was extremely helpful to know! Am also kind of dying to try and figure out which company it is! P? LV? G?”

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