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59 Reviews by Frances

• Updated review
I have dealt with some remarkably dishonest businesses in my long life, but SkinStore is by far the worst ecommerce store I have ever encountered. That is saying a lot! Proceed at your own risk, with this business. They are purposely designed to be hard to pin down. Why would you want to hand over your money to a company that was set up to avoid accountability?

PayPal screwed me over and ignored my Claim against SkinStore. So I am left high and dry. SkinStore never intended to reship my order. They just played the game until my dispute and claim expired. Do NOT buy from this company! If you make the mistake of ignoring that advice and your shipment goes missing, do NOT fill out the bogus legal document they will demand of you. Decline that form, document your attempt at resolving the issue, and then directly with your credit card bank. You did pay with a credit card, right? Because PayPal offers zero protection for lost or stolen shipments. Zero.

I have reported SkinStore to the FTC.
Watch out, these folks are game players! I have now escalated dispute to a claim.
• Previous review
(Correction: I cannot access the bottom of this update post to insert this addendum, but note that FCC should be FTC. The address for filing consumer complains is FTC.GOV. Note, too, that Skinstore was, in their correspondence, trying to get me to close my dispute on PayPal, which would leave me with no leverage against the company. It's a chess game move: we will do nothing to help you until you close the dispute, and when you do that you will have no way to force us to h3lp you. Checkmate.)

This is so ridiculous it's almost funny. After Fed Ex determined that my shipment was lost, Skinstore continued to say they needed to do an "investigation" and "look into this further." Red flags everywhere! This is clearly a game for them.

I had filed a dispute earlier with PayPal, just to protect my rights, but all that means is that the merchant is put on notice and the charge is flagged. It's not a formal claim until the matter is escalated by the customer, and the customer can not escalate the dispute unless the merchant is unwilling to settle it without PayPal's intervention. I repeat: a dispute is not a claim until it is escalated. PayPal does not even review correspondence between a merchant and a customer unless the dispute is escalated. So, after being repeatedly put off by Skinstore in my off-PayPal exchanges (through email and Chat), I contacted them on PayPal, voicing my concerns. This is an excerpt from their reply:

"We are so sorry about this! Unfortunately since we have received a PayPal claim we are unable to do anything regarding this order. Once the PayPal claim is cleared we will be able to provide a solution."

That is a bald faced lie! Nothing but another delaying tactic. I had not escalated the case at that point, so there was no "claim." Merchants cannot correspond with customers, on PayPal, after a dispute has been escalated. PayPal encourages merchants to work out disputes before that point. There is never any restriction on resolutions.

Needless to say, I have now escalated my PayPal dispute. I will be filing a consumer complaint with the FCC as well.
Customer service is a circus
• Previous review
Latest in the missing shipment saga: my Fed Ex delivery guy phoned me and was wondering what the heck was up because Skinstore/The Hut Group customer service reported to Fed Ex that THREE shipped packages were missing rather than the one, single, small, shipped package that has vanished. No wonder the guy was confused. Sheesh.
Website form out of date
• Previous review
I did an online Chat with "Chelsea" at Skinstore customer service. She told me that the Nonreceipt form on their website is out of date, so she sent me another to fill out and submit. It has almost the same (concerning) wording, which makes me think that it is just an internally created, nonlegit contract. I wonder whether I should have even signed it. When I asked how long it would be before they send my replacement shipment, she said that an "investigation" takes 7-10 days. This is their loss, not mine, especially since they sent the package with no request for signature. Surely they have insured the contents of the lost package? Unfortunately, I paid for this with PayPal, which offers less protection than my credit card bank does. Lesson learned. Fingers crossed I get my shipment eventually.
Very concerning business practices
• Previous review
My $600-plus shipment from Skinstore has gone missing (Fed Ex online tracking shows it as delivered, two days past the five-day delivery window), so I have submitted a "missing item" notice to Skinstore customer service. They require customers to upload a signed "Nonreceipt of Goods Disclaimer Form, " which they generate. The wording in that form includes the following statements:

"I agree to cooperate with the carrier's security and/or the police in the event of any investigation into the missing items.

It is our policy to replace any item that is lost in post (sic) and a replacement item will be sent out in due course."

That tells me, first, that I am going to be the one dealing with the Fed Ex claim, even though they are the shipper and I never took possession of the missing goods. Second, it tells me that they are going to take their own sweet time replacing my merchandise. I will update here when I find out how this is going to go, but after reading lots of reviews telling similar stories I am not hopeful for a good outcome.
I have many Patagonia fleece and knit jackets, and very few other items of their women's clothing. This is because their sizing can be a bit crazy. Their fit model must have the hips and chest of an adolescent boy, so if you have a womanly or muscular body you may have to order a couple sizes up from your usual especially for things like trousers and then you may experience other fit problems. I gave up on trying to get a good fit on their shorts and trousers, but I do okay on jackets (I am a very tall size 8, and a medium in Patagonia S/M/L clothing). Even then, sometimes a medium Patagonia jacket can be a little snug. Men's clothing seems to fit the same as other clothing lines: my husband takes the same sizes in Patagonia as he does elsewhere. So I dock Patagonia a star for expecting women to be built like teenage boys. But the clothing lasts for years and years, so they get a thumbs up for quality.

Order fulfillment can be iffy, especially when you're ordering sale items. However, if you place an order and they find they are out of stock in an item, they will send you an apology and a good discount code for future purchases. They don't fight customers on returns, either. Overall, I'd say they stand behind their products, even if they have an unrealistic image of an adult woman's body.
I have purchased jeans, tees, sweaters, jackets and shoes from Everlane.com. My thoughts on these transactions have ranged from satisfied to furious. To their credit, they have never refused me a return, and they have paid for return postage when I have demanded that (for returning defective merchandise, or an item that was not as described). But I have had to send a lot of stuff back.

So why two just stars for company I still buy from? They lose points because they have, too often, demanded multiple photos of defects before they will authorize a postage-free return, which always makes me angry (try trusting the customer, Everlane!). Then there is the fact that their quality control is terrible. They once sent me a white cotton blouse that was dirty and crumpled, as if it had been worn and tossed in the laundry hamper, then folded and slipped into a plastic sleeve. How did the warehouse employee not see that before packing it up to ship out? Their lightweight tee shirts shrink up to nothing and get holes in the wash. Sizes are inconsistent, too. Their jeans can be great, if you get the right pair. I have repurchased jean styles that I like, only to find that the size varies widely from pair to pair, and even more so if you get the same style in a different color way. They are absolute sticklers about taking jeans back, too, so if you wash your purchase and then have a problem with it you are stuck.

The (made in Italy) shoes I have bought from them have all ended up at the charity shop because they were so uncomfortable. I don't know why that is, since they look like they should be good quality, but they are stiff and do not fit well.

Along with their better jean styles, I have been happy with their leather totes, a couple lightweight rain jackets, and with most of their sweaters (their cashmere is just okay quality, not worth full price but acceptable if on sale). I think their "pay what you want" sale gimmick is an insult to the intelligence of their customers. I mean...who would want to pay more than the bottom price?
(This portal website is is now Rakutan.com.) I've shopped through this portal for years. I was so disappointed when Nordstrom stopped their association with Ebates (criminals were abusing the system, so it's understandable, but still), but there are enough businesses that I use included on Ebates that I still get nice Big Fat Checks. Just not as fat as they used to be, alas. They have improved the website so that it is now really easy to track your "shopping trips" and your cash pending or cash back records. Once in a while a cash back has not been noted, and I have notified Ebates of this. A few years ago this notification would require some time emailing back and forth, but now it is all very quick. And I always get my money! In fact, Ebates has gone ahead and credited my account for cash back that the business has not yet credited to Ebates. This is a great business. Yes, by going through a portal you are selling your information for marketing purposes, but you are sharing all that already by galloping through the Internet. So get some cash for it.
Artful Home is a middleman business. It's sort of online gallery, for the most part, although they do carry some mainstream retail items that are (I assume) drop shipped from the manufacturers. So when you buy something it is shipped by the maker, artist or manufacturer, not from a warehouse. I have made a few good purchases from the site, but only for items that are on hand and ready to ship.

The business falls apart when something is made to order or backordered, because AH takes no responsibility for the transaction. I purchased a $600 article of clothing made from a hand-dyed textile, and was told it would ship "on or before X date." The item was paid for, in full, up front. The maximum fulfillment date was six weeks out. I heard nothing from AH for six and a half weeks, and when I contacted them I was told that the textile artist had been "inundated" with orders and was trying to catch up. The customer service agent said that AH considers orders to be "commissions" and that's why customers are always charged up front for all items. So? I was not complaining about the way they take orders, but about not being informed about the delay in fulfillment. This woman made a lot of excuses, but pointed;y avoided the fact that AH had not bothered to inform this customer there was no way in hell the $600 item was going to get to me within the fulfillment deadline, and that AH had no idea when it would be shipped. I repeat:she said that they could not commit to a shipping date!

The truly obnoxious part of this is that she was placing the blame entirely on the artist, not on AH. It's a dishonest take on how these galleries work, too. They take the full payment and do not pay the maker or artist for their portion (minus a hefty commission for AH, of course) until after the "commissioned" items ship and are accepted by the buyer. That's a long ride they take on a customer's funds. I would love to hear what the makers and artists think of AH. I don't think AH is doing their producers any favors. I canceled my order and requested a refund of my money. Why would I let AH sit on my $600 indefinitely, with no firm fulfillment date? That's nuts.
For an interesting read on Yelp's dodgy practices go here:


I've suspected for a long time that Yelp was a shakedown operation, and I have been told as much by business owners, but now I have proof that it is true. This is based on what happened with two low-star reviews I wrote, a few years apart.

The first review (a one-star, with a long, detail,explanation as to why) was killed by the business owner (Yelp said it was "managed") because he claimed it did not speak to the personal experience of the reviewer. That business had all full-star reviews on its page at that time. A couple years later, my one-star review was reinstated on that page, and not at my request. It just suddenly appeared in my account, so I clicked over and looked at the business page. I noticed that the page now showed several one-star and low-star reviews, with various dates! The only explanation that makes sense is that the business owner stopped paying the monthly "page management" fee to Yelp, so the archived negative reviews were posted again. Kind of funny, but really unethical. Devious.

The second instance was infuriating because it endangered me, and it was so blatantly in violation of Yelp's rules. I wrote a low-star review of a business that I had used for years and no longer supported. My review was detailed and honest. The business owner harassed me (violating Yelp's rules). She then posted a long reply revealing my personal information (sick and twisted, and also in violation of Yelp's rules). I flagged the reply and was ignored by Yelp. I deleted that detailed review and wrote a short, terse review with a low rating. The business owner pasted in the same, long, vindictive, identity-revealing reply. Again Yelp ignored my flag. I contacted a Yelp through another channel and was told that they deemed that hateful, vindictive reply not to be in violation of the Yelp rules (no mention of the harassment, of course, because they cannot explain that away). And here is where things become absolutely clear, when it comes to Yelp's shakedown business model. The business in question used to have several negative reviews on their Yelp page, along with some positives. They now have 100 percent positives, and the business owner managed to "manage" two negative reviews away, by breaking Yelp rules.

So what is Yelp if not a blackmail operation? If a business owner gets a negative review and contacts Yelp for advice on what to do about it, Yelp will tell said owner that they can pay a monthly fee to have their page "managed." I know a business owner who got this sales pitch. This is about as dirty as advertising gets!
Update: Super slow return processing! I contacted the company to ask about my return, which tracking showed had been delivered five days before. The response was this: "Please allow 2-3 weeks from the return shipped date for your account to be credited. Depending on your bank, it may take 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement." Two to three weeks to process a return? Never buying from these people again!

Johnny Was is one of those companies that makes you pay for return postage.They sent me an item of clothing that was defective a quilted piece with broken threads in a prominent place. So I emailed them and asked for a return label. Usually when a customer receives a damaged or defective item, a business will send out a prepaid return label when that is requested. But what does JohnnyWas.com do? They demand photos to prove that the customer isn't lying:

"Please attach photos of the damaged item to this email. Once we receive your photos of the damaged item, a prepaid shipping label will be sent to the email address we have on file."

Really? I understand when companies do that for things damaged or broken in shipping, since they may have a claim they need to document and they need to instruct their warehouse employees on how to pack shipments. But for defective clothing, which was packed and shipped in that condition? It's insulting. It doesn't matter whether this request for photos is based in mistrust (I assume it is) or whether they want a record of the flaws for their quality control department (they can take their own photos when the item is returned, so I'm not buying that excuse). I won't be shopping here again.
• Updated review
(Addendum: I just had two more items canceled, and that was on an order for which I had used a $25 off coupon. So that coupon is negated, and I have no merchandise to show for it. Oh...and the cancellation email included another "look for a 10 percent off coupon" promise. Amazing.)

This is a story about how frustrating and inept LC can be. When they canceled my last order (the in-stock, teaser item was item not in stock), they sent me an automated email apology telling me to "look for" a 10 percent off coupon code in my email within 24 hours. I never got the code. I did a Chat on the LC website with "Roberto" to ask for the code I was promised. Roberto denied that such codes were sent out by email. He then asked for the date of the order (I had given him the order number, so...yep). Then he tried asking what order I wanted to apply the code to (I had a couple items in my cart because I guess I never learn). He tried everything he could come up with to avoid giving me the code, or even directly addressing the questions I asked. Finally, he looks up my cart and tells me that the code (which I do not have, remember) can't be used on the items in my cart because they are already discounted. Really? If you are familiar with LC, you know that everything is sold as X percent off. But remember that I never told him I was trying to apply the code (which I did not have) to an order. I simply wanted what I was promised.

Adding insult to injury, I have gotten several LC emails today reminding me that I have "left something in (my) cart." What are the items? The out-of-stock items that LC canceled more than a week ago.

I hate this company.
So sick of canceled orders!
• Previous review
I'm lowering LC's rating because I have had it with the constant order cancellations! I just had another today. They list items on their website that they don't actually have in stock. And because their website can be a bit clunky, I can spend way too much time trying to complete a transaction, only to have it canceled the next day. Waste of my precious time! And this happens frequently enough that it smells like a cynical scam. It's illegal to bait customers with deals you cannot fulfill. That's why car dealerships will always have at least one car available at that "unbelievably low price." So is LC listing those "almost gone" items at "40 percent off sale price" to draw in the customers, knowing that the items will not be available? It's possible. After all, many times I add on another item or two to the order, so LC gets a sale even though part of the order (the part that was never available) is canceled.
Just be choosy about why you buy
• Previous review
As with all outlet stores, you need to know your merchandise to shop effectively on LastCall.com. I have been buying from them for many years, and have had mixed experiences, but I keep going back to them even when they mess up. If you know a brand and know the real retail price, you can often snag a good deal on previous-season pieces. Just be aware that the site is clogged with odd-duck stuff that may or may not be actual NM store stock. Outlets like this do get stock from their flagship stores, but they also carry stock made expressly for sale in outlets.

The most annoying thing about LastCall is that they have poor inventory tracking, so you can complete a transaction and find out days later that the order is canceled because they are out of stock. The website also has scanty information on many items, and often they'll have just one photo of a piece. However, they have paid for returned shipping when I complained that an item was not as described, so they do listen to customers.This is where knowing your brand comes in handy: I always cross-check items on other websites and image searches before I buy.

Be sure to look up coupon and promo codes, and use their free shipping code. They give cash back through The Ebates portal, too.
Update: I discovered after Christmas that an item I'd purchased online never showed up. Tracking said it had been delivered. I sent an enquiry to Nordstrom and was told it was too late to look into this. No accommodation because of my long relationship with the store. Just a giant Eff you. So, right back at you, Nordstrom! You lost a loyal customer. The company has totally lost sight of what made them stand out among deportment stores. It's idiotic to throw away a reputation that was hard earned, by your daddy...or was it granddaddy? The spoiled offspring of the late Nordstrom patriarch have squandered what the founder worked so hard to build for them. Shame on them.

Another annoyance: I received a $55 lipstick that was broken (the stick of lipstick was snapped off inside the case). I arranged the return on the website, but contacted customer service through Chat for assurance that the mess of a lipstick would be accepted for return. The assistant was nice enough, but could not guarantee that I would be refunded. Really? I have never returned a cosmetic item in three decades of shopping Nordstrom. And they cannot trust me in this? I detest this store now.

Original review: I have been a Nordstrom/Nordstrom.com customer and account holder since the 1980s. I am now a Level 3 or 4 member, so you know I buy a lot of merchandise from Nordie's! I am so frustrated with them lately, though, because their once high level of service is now absolutely terrible. In the last couple years I have received too many expensive items that were simply thrown into a box with no padding (arriving damaged and scratched, or so rumpled they needed to go to the dry cleaner), and shopworn items that are soiled and smelly. When I complain about things like this I always get a boilerplate "sorry" email, but that's it. No apology credit, or immediate return credit to my account so I don't have to wait for the returned items to arrive in the warehouse (that immediate credit was the practice in the old days, for long-established customers, but no more). The most recent annoying thing was a $300 pair of earrings, which had been backordered for some time, arriving scratched up and destroyed because they had been bashing around the box in shipping (due to stupidly poor packaging). The earrings were sold out by that point, so they cannot be replaced. I shipped them back using a Nordstrom label, and ten days later they are still tracking as "in transit"! I am still waiting for my money. The customer service communication stinks these days, too. A month ago I returned a $1100 designer coat by mail, and never got an email confirmation (usually they send out a "we have received your returned items" email). They never notified me that the item had been processed. I had to follow,up on it myself.

They are falling apart, slowly, it seems. It's very sad because this used to be a family-owned company that cared about loyal customers and maintaining the highest standards of service.
I have shopped on Farfetch for years. They are a safe site to purchase items internationally, since they handle all the customs forms and courier scheduling. Sometimes designer goods will even be a bit less expensive obtained overseas because of a good exchange rate and no sales tax or VAT. They also require that their vendors to meet a standard of quality, so your items will almost always arrive nicely wrapped and presented. I recently received something that was not up to that standard, and Farfetch arranged for a return even though it was past the return window by the time they got my communication on the problem. I recommend Farfetch without hesitation.
The review is for S&L pricing only, as I have never purchased from the site. I do a lot of online shopping, and sometimes I see the same merchandise sold by different vendors, at wildly different prices. This is the case with S&L. A Moroccan pouf that they currently sell for $498 is available on Amazon for $169.95. It is the same item, I know, because I bought it from Amazon and I recently saw the S&L one at a consignment shop (the shop notes the source of their consigned goods on the tags). I've suspected this of S&L before, but have not had proof, before now, that they were selling and marking up the exact same goods as other vendors. Now I know It's true. Buyer beware.
• Updated review
The results are in. I filed a dispute with my credit card bank, and in the interim Ivan at Chairish issued me two $25 apology reimbursements. My dispute was approved by the bank. So unless Chairish comes back within X days with a viable argument to show why I wasn't cheated (not going to happen), the remaining charge (minus the reimbursed $50) is forever negated. This is precisely the reason most credit card contracts include at least some degree of consumer protection! Even PayPal has a buyer guarantee. I encourage abused consumers to fight the good fight. It may take a lot of time to present your case, but it feels good when you win.
Chairish final decision: Not our problem if our seller cheat buyers
• Previous review
Ivan at Chairish got back to me with the final decision on my having been cheated by one of their sellers (Tish & Fox, of Norwalk, CT) and it was just another big eff off to the customer. He said, indirectly, that it was my fault for not rejecting the item within 48 hours (that was not possible, given delivery issues) and suggested, again, that I try to sell the worthless thing on Chairish (so they can get another cut, and someone else can be cheated)! I cannot believe that a business can sink this low. I am awaiting my bank's decision on the disputed credit card charge. I am also going to look into filing a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
No help from Chairish, time wasted
• Previous review
After several email exchanges about with Ivan at Chairish, I am still left high and dry. The last email said he was going to see what the seller might do for me. This is a seller who altered the listing photo and lied about the condition of the item, so they aren't going to do a thing about it, I am certain. Between dealing with Chairish and my (credit card) bank, I have spent a few hours trying to recoup around $250. It is not worth my time, but I so hate to see the bad people win! So I am going to pursue this with the bank. At least I know that neither the seller nor Chairish has my money, because the bank is holding back payment during the dispute.
Company and their sellers have no ethics, do not buy from this site!
• Previous review
I purchased an antique ceramic serving piece from this auction site. The item was listed as having "no imperfections," and the photos of the item showed no chips. When I received the item there was a large, darkened (so it was very old damage) chip on the underside of the plate. I looked at the photo from the Chairish listing, and sure enough, the chip had been (badly) photoshopped out! Because of issues with delivery, my 48-hour window for returning the rubbish, worthless piece of crockery had elapsed. I contacted Chairish about this purposeful deception, and this is the reply I got:

"I'm so sorry to learn that the Antique English Cheese Dish & Cover did not meet your expectations. [NB: Notice that there is no mention that the seller lied and altered the photos.] Given the unique, one-of-a-kind nature of most products sold through Chairish, we do our best to provide a fair and equitable approach to returns.

Most items sold on Chairish are preowned and have wear consistent with age and history [NB: Again, avoiding the fact that the listing was faked and intentionally deceitful.] The Product Details are provided by the Seller and are expected to accurately describe the item. While the condition of any pre-owned item may be subjective, we ask our Sellers to be thorough in their descriptions and photos to ensure there are no surprises [NB: They take no responsibility for the dishonesty of the sellers they feature on THEIR Website.]

All of our shipped orders are subject to a 48-hour return window and once that window has closed, all sales are considered final...

You may want to consider listing your unwanted purchase on Chairish, as a way to offset your purchase. If you would like additional details on how to list, we are here to help."

So, not only does Chairish dodge responsibility, they suggest that I pass this rubbish in to another, poor, naive Chairish buyer, and so make some more money for Chairish!

I am truly floored by this. I have purchased many items from FirstDibs and other resellers and auction sites, and although I have had mixed results, I have never been so blatantly ripped off as I was by Chairish. I am going to pursue this through my payment service, which has a buyer guarantee.

The seller was Tish&Fox in Norwalk, CT. Be aware that often sellers who get bad reviews will just change their seller listing names, so knowing this is no guarantee they won't still be selling on Chairish.
I have many R&B pieces in my home. I can count off thirteen at the moment, and may have more than that. Over many years I have purchased case goods, benches (one custom), tables (one custom), and bookshelves from them, and all have been excellent quality. Their delivery service could not be better. I have a long, winding driveway that is not accessible for the huge delivery trucks furniture companies use. I always request a step-down service to deliver with a small truck. The last time I got a R&B table delivered (with a heavy stone top), the dispatcher or someone else messed up and sent out the full-size truck. The delivery guys parked down on the main road and carried the table and the stone top up to my house. It's about a quarter mile walk uphill! They could have passed on delivering and rescheduled for a smaller vehicle, but they went to all that trouble to keep the delivery appointment. That is great service. The few times I have had a problem with the quality of a R&B piece, the company has swapped out a replacement without fighting me on the issue. Highly recommended for quality merchandise and top-notch customer service!
The only time so buy from HauteLook.com is when they have flash sales for a couple jewelry designers I like. So I am buying merchandise I am familiar with. I have had fairly good experiences buying from them, although I really hate the way your shopping cart times out. The thing to know about these flash sales (and this is true for all outlet sites like this) is there are items that are truly on sale styles from previous seasons, or designs that have been discontinued and items that are made for specifically for outlet stores and flash sales. I have not bought fake goods from hauteLook (that I am aware of), but when you see the same items appear on each and every flash sale it's a clear sign that those are the "fake sale" click bait items. So you need to know your merchandise. I have returned items to HauteLook without any problem, and have gotten my return shipping paid for when something was damaged in shipping.
I purchased a pair of "vintage" porcelain lamps, which arrived damaged, and a framed piece of "vintage" artwork that was not at all how it was described or shown in the listing. Zero for two. Do not recommend, at least for their "vintage" (a fancy word for used) offerings.
OneKingsLane C. – One Kings Lane Rep
Hello Patricia, We're sorry that you're disappointed with your order. Our Customer Care team would love to make this right - they can be reached at customerassistance@onekingslane.com or you may reach out to cfloyd@onekingslane.com.
Bluefly has a 14-day return limit, after which their site will not generate a return label, and the customer has no other recourse because they have zero phone support. I ordered an item that took more than two weeks to get to me, so it was past the allowable window for return when I received it. Default final sale, possibly by design on Bluefly's part. And I am out almost $400 because it is too large for me. Steer clear of this company! They are extremely dodgy.
I have several DWR pieces in my home. I have had good and bad experiences with ordering from this company. The good thing I can say about them is that they do correct any problems that arise, and they don't leave the customer taking a loss. The bad thing is that you might have to fight for your rights. For example, I received an upholstered DWR chair that had been damaged in shipping (cracked wood frame). The damage was slight, but the piece was pricey and I had paid for perfect! So I demanded a return and full refund. They tried to discourage me from returning it, but they gave I when I pushed back. So if you stand up for yourself you are fine with DWR. Their delivery fees are high, it sometimes they offer deals on that.
I have used this service for numerous orders, over many years. All of the outdoor cushions they make for me last for ages. Every custom cushion I have ordered had been precise on size and shape no mistakes. The cording is done beautifully. The fabrics are high quality and so is the padding. They can be expensive, especially when you do custom shapes, but they produce a high quality product. Very dependable, ethical company.
I ordered a linen-covered X-bench from Ballard, and received a bench so poorly executed that I donated it to a charity shop. I had opted for an upgraded fabric and studs on the bench, so it was one of their more expensive offerings in that line. Not a sale piece or a second, but fully custom. The fabric that covered the legs on the bench I received was buckled from being stretched unevenly, and was obviously creased and loose (it should have been taut and completely smooth). The padding on the seat was uneven higher on one side. The cording around the edge of the cushion was wonky and uneven. The entire thing was just slapped together. The company said they would take it back (no help on how I was supposed to pack up this very heavy bench, since I had to tear apart the box it was in to get it out), but only to remake the order. They refused to give me a refund. Given the poor quality of the example I had before me, I passed on the second try and just donated the thing. Even looking at it made me angry. The icing on the cake was that when I wrote a negative product review on their website, Ballard killed the review!

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“This was extremely helpful to know! Am also kind of dying to try and figure out which company it is! P? LV? G?”

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