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Check this place out for all of your electronic needs - if you are looking for any new electronic items, make sure you check out this website. They have good prices, fast shipping and very reliable. They also often have coupon codes too!


I bought from this site and they have great stuff - I got my brother who is a big MMA fan a ton of stuff from this site, T-shirts, gym bag and dvds and he loved it. Said it was one of his best bdays ever and it all arrived in time for his birthday.


Get FREE Viagra from your local pharmacy - Pfizer (company that makes viagra) will give you every 4th prescription for free. If you work your doctor, ask for the first 3 rxes to be only 15 tabs and then ask for 30 tabs on your fourth one.


Great software for newbies to 3D designs - If you have any interest in learning how to create all of those cool 3D graphic effects you see in movies, this software can have you creating amazing landscapes and images in just a matter of hours. It really is quite amazing and you can merge these images with photoshop too. Bryce has been around for a long time and is extensively used by advanced amateurs to make 3D models. Poser is another application and is used to make very lifelike 3D human models. Anyone interested in learning more about this type of artwork should definitely try their software.


Rip iTunes to unprotected MP3 files instantly... and legally. - Currently iTunes allows you to take your iTunes songs (M4P) which are "protected" and you can burn them to a CD. You could then take that CD and import those songs back into iTunes as an MP3 file. This new MP3 file is unprotected and you can share that with your friends or play it on a non-ipod. But this method is very cumbersome and takes quite a bit of time to do. Noteburner simplifies this process of converting an M4P to an MP3 file. It makes a fake CD drive on your PC, which then allows you to skip the step of actually burning a CD. Now you can directly convert your iTunes (M4P) to an MP3 file in one simple button click. I bet Microsoft loves this little piece of software...


If you own a Wii, you need to check out this site - Chicks with Wii remotes coming out of their eyes, broken plasmas, finger injuries from wii remotes... what more can you ask for to demonstrate the awesome power of the Wii.


Upgrade your XBOX360 to HDMI - Like many people I got screwed by buying the first gen xbox360 system and was I was very upset when the new XBOX 360 got the HDMI upgrade. I then found this website and bought the analog to HDMI upgrade and now can play my 360 in pure digital. It was an easy install and does seem to produce better quality graphics. It wasn't cheap at $70 but it is better than buying an entirely new 360 system.


Cheaper to just buy from your doctor - If your doctor participates in the Adipex program you can get the pills for only $46 a bottle... buying them online is actually more expensive. The only trick is finding a local doctor that participates in the Adipex program and has the coupons for them.



Online store is cheaper than retail store - The online store is cheaper than the retail store because they will sell it to you tax free and free shipping. Same company, same product... no point to actually buy it in the store unless you need it that same day.


Finding date on this site? - this is the most random dating site in the world... click on a 1000 girls and maybe you will get 1 double match from some ugly girl in Ohio. Not particularly worth it I think. But it is really cheap and it is fun to do. I downloaded the google app and can now find dates while doing my regular work. Sure I may never land a 9.5 girl, but if I'm in the mood for a 3.4 girl, then I can get me some action.


The premiere dating website - I think this is probably the best dating site out there, purely because it has such a large number of people to sort through. I also like the quality of the people on the site. Most are very real people and not just looking to have fun. These are people who are really looking for a relationship and it is great that you can screen them ahead of time. I will admit that there were a number of people who didn't look quite like their photo, but it wasn't that far off. I have tried dating on CL, and usually it ended up badly. Lots of flakes on CL. But I have always been rather impressed by the match.com people. Definitely worth signing up for their 6 month deal. Guys, my 2 cents is to just put down the higher income bracket, I initially put down a lower amount of money and found the girls would more likely go out with me if I just put down the higher bracket. And, hey, someday I'll make that much...


Sony destroyed this MMO - Vanguard was set to be a pretty good MMORPG, but clearly it was modeled after EQ2 and it was probably going to steal some of the EQ players. So, what did sony do? They bought it and buried it. They put almost no development effort into it and let it just pretty much die. EQ2 is pretty much dead at this point in time and EQ is also on its last legs. Too bad...


Fury... stay away from this MMO - This is a complete waste of money, it is trying to solve the problem of MMORPG PVP game play and failed miserably. Sure, if you want PVP in your MMO, it usually is a tough thing to balance out. Just look at WoW and all of the balance problems they have. It is tough to implement PVP in an MMO... so instead Fury makes PVP the main aspect of their game. However, there really is no skill involved... it is like PVP with NO real game. If you played WoW pretend you are in the arena and that is the extent of the entire game. What a waste... save your money and skip this title


Slingbox to take your HDTV on the road - I was a little skeptical at first, but now that I have tried a slingbox I can tell everyone that they really do work. You can connect your HDTV tuner or DVR to a slingbox and via the internet you can watch all of your favorite shows in HD on your laptop. It really is an amazing piece of technology. Once this catches on it will be like Tivo.


Marantz is better than sony - When the average consumer thinks to by home theater equipment, they think of Sony as a premium name brand. But Marantz is the brand that the real audio/videophiles trust. Not quite as pricey as Runco, but they are almost just as good.


Great buys on HDTVs and other electronics - This company is large enough that they will occassionaly offer really good deals. My favorite thing is to get their catalog... if you are considering buying a new Plasma/LCD TV, just ask for their catalog and you can see all of their latest deals.

They do have periodic email offers, so if you sing up for their mailing list you may find something you want someday for really cheap.


Perfect colors for your HDTV - When HDTVs are shipped from the factory, the settings are usually not great and need to be adjusted. The problem is that if you try to adjust the colors/contrast/brightness/gamma all on your own, you may not end up with the colors that are optimal. Ovation offers there famed Avia DVD which helps you to calibrate your HDTV.

If you spend $4k on a plasma, an additional 20 bucks to get your set calibrated is well spent.


Great source of knowledge - started by some great guys who really know home theater, this is a valuable resource for AV gear. I have even bought a screen from them in the past and delivery was perfect.


Cheap and high quality projector screens - Everyone says, buy stewart greyhawk screens or the firehawk, but who can afford those things?

If you are like me, you want a screen that doesn't cost more than your projector that is of high quality. That is where carada screens come into play... these are great deal and wonderful screens. Crisp blacks and vibrant colors.


Best place for HDMI or component cables - If you are looking for long DVI, HDMI or component cables, this is the place to buy them. Get there here rather than from some guy who is installing your HDTV, you'll save some $$$

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