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27 Reviews by Nishant


They operate behind multiple sites. They ask for lot of money before starting. As you know guys, any job that asks for money before starting is likely a scam.
They took my $90. I have reported them to British Home Office, Interpol and other authorities.
They use these emails:

sari B. – Internetpros.biz Rep

Yes we have multiple programs and is not illegal. I think Nashant wants to clearly try and ruin our reputation because he wanted us to break the law for him and we will not do such a thing. Nashant payed for a program and refused to sign our user agreement which is mandatory for ALL members due to being a legal entity. In California, you cannot work under the table, it is ILLEGAL. We told Nishant it is mandatory to sign his name as we cannot allow people to work under the table and with fake names as he asked us to do. He wanted us to break the law so he would not have any record of money earned to avoid taxes and he wanted to us to issue him a fake name. If authorities found out, we would both get in trouble. Our company states in the Terms Of USE that EVERYONE must sign the user agreement or cannot work until they do so. Sorry Nishant, we will not allow you to perform illegal activities with our program. I look forward to talking to anyone he sends to us as we will tell them exactly what really happened.

Sari Balhi


1) Transactions made on this site are often blacklisted by major banks in countries.
2) Terrible Customer Support
3) Bad Terms & Conditions and bad days for buyers and sellers.
4) Runs like Elance.com


1) This was a free listing site when all of a sudden it became paid.
2) Email Support and Management of this site company is terrible.
3) Conning webmasters for money.
4) Delaying site submissions to extract maximum bucks.
5) Results are flawed.

Michael S. – ScrubTheWeb Rep

Above review is written by dissapointed user whos site got rejected because he had not read terms before submission
Nishant Patnaik added netbizdotcom.com on 02/09/2017 but this site redirects to amazon products what violates terms which claim

"Sites [...] created to referr to shops like amazon etc will not be accepted"

He received free code to add another site instead. He made a complain on paypal and he lost - paypal decided that service he paid for was carried out right. I am sorry that you site got rejected but in such a case you should have asked me before submission if the site fulfills terms. Please stop writing false reviews about Scrubtheweb.com


The new owners of YouTube are as greedy as they are dumb. Copyright strikes, unfair settings to add a few. Intelligent people realize that Microsoft and Google are the major manipulators in the IT world.


Don't be fooled by those amazing looking ads, smiling faces. Club Mahindra is a con best to avoid. Looks like Company/ Owner Policy how to make moolah out of people's hard-earned money, people's blood.


Anything that is a Mahindra is a bigtime "Scam". Middle to top management of this bank has been in the news for converting black money into white. The Indian Government conducted raids in many Kotak Mahindra Bank branches. Lot of cash was seized.


Most of the time you are just not earning points or any money. The surveys don't pay at all. Points never get updated.
Not worth a try for asians. Won't get as far as 100 points


1) Swagbucks simply does not let you earn in any sort of way after the first 7/10 days... maybe a few months for others.
2) Points are never updated. Most of the contests, surveys, etc are a waste of time.
Wonder how the U. S government does not bring this site to justice. Also all those mobile apps just spam your smartphone/s.


Most hotels in 3 star category and under 3 stars have one issue or the other or multiple issues. Looks like many of the reviews are cooked up, at least one or two for each hotel. The worst issue with most hotels in India are attached bath &/ washrooms. Often room size is very small for two persons/family. Sometimes rotten food is served.
Now for the 5 star hotels. What goibibo.com never tells you is the hidden taxes. This includes min bar bills.


1. Hostgator does'nt give quality support especially technical support. No way easy getting your way, solving your queries on cpanel &/ your websites, blogs.
2. They are good manipulators. Your server/s will be changed without any notice. Sometimes its apache, sometimes its nginx... you do'nt know. Then they tried to force Attracta (SEO company) on to its customers.
3. They stopped giving email support. Now its much harder to get them with Live Chat. Chat is often busy. Phone support is there but its useless.


1. Google like most IT companies is corrupt.
2. Google's search rankings are a scam. Most results on first page on Google for any keywords especially businesses and websites are unrealistic and substandard.
3. Google has a racist bias for work coming from Asia.
4. Hard to get technical support. No easy way to contact Google.


Unreliable in India. Drivers have liitle or no experience with GPS, the whole ola system. Many cabs report late, many do'nt report at all. Catching flights, trains can be a harrowing experience.


Beware of this fraudulent website: bookmyshow.com. A frequent no show is the blacklisting of online tickets. This is alleged to be in connivance with bookmyshow people, the cinemas and other players. What are these other players? These include mafia and criminal elements which generally own Malls, cinemas.
Proof against these people: Online booking from your IP, your government ID, payment from your credit card/ netbanking.


The website and Makemytrip.com people are involved in bigtime scam. Cancelled orders are rarely refunded. Their support is mostly unaccessible. Also cancelled flights are rarely accounted for. People may find some of there bookings going smoothly until they get the shock of there life in case of cancelled flights, cancelled orders or failed banking or credit card transaction.
Be it SpeakAsia or Makemytrip.com there business is handled by Punjabis. Now punjabis are the most corrupt and rogue people in India.


Mahindra makes the worst cars, SUVs.It is a nightmare if you buy the car with their finance(Mahindra Finance). Xylo is a big failure.


This is one of the fraudulent, scammer auto finance companies in India. Beware of buying any taxi/commercial auto from Mahindra Finance. They will loot you with the best manipulation practices. After paying downpayment, if you err in paying EMI from time to to time(maybe due to slow business/loss), they will just seize your vehicle.In the end you loose precious EMIs and downpayment. They continue like parasites through greasing the system, a common practice by Indian Companies.


Having more than one accounts in fineptc.com from different systems never helps. They never pay. Pity as it is among the popular scam sites. Need to ban it by governments in US and Europe.


Looks like ebay.com is a favourite haunt of the criminally-inclined sellers of the world. Poor customer support. Much manipulation. For feedbacks sellers may abuse you, stalk you for positive feedback. Pity it's not being blacklisted by governments of the West.


Absolutely the best online shopping website.


Beware of sellers and customer support on Fiverr. More than 80% of the sellers on Fiverr are conmen, scamsters, liars. They have a habit of marking the order as delivered without the exact delivery of product &/services.The sellers will manipulate you to give them 5 star feedback, force suspicious, fraudulent terms and sometimes abuse you. Customer support just sits pretty over all this scam and blunder. Instead they give account closure warnings to unsuspecting buyers from time to time.

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