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2 Reviews by Nigel

If you are considering buying ANYTHING from this guy Damien Zamora and his dodgy outfit GoMobile Solutions, please read this first as I would like to give my experience and a very strong warning to stay well clear of this total scam artist.
When I say SCAM ARTIST, I use the term very specifically, before reading the rest of this, please follow the links below to see the true nature of this individual:




As for my experience with him, just over a year ago, I watched a webinar for a system that Zamora was selling called Geo Lead Pro. It was a way of targeting competitors' businesses to generate leads as a B2B service for local businesses.
I live in the UK and wanted the system to provide this service to my UK clients, I asked if the system was suitable for the UK and Europe and was told that it was 100% suitable for the UK market.
A few days after I bought the system, all the people that had bought from Europe were invited to another webinar where we were told: "yes we told you it worked in the UK but in fact, it doesn't as it breaks GDPR laws. Not to worry though, we can achieve the same results with the "look back" facility and as a gesture of goodwill, this would now be free for life".
Whilst I was disappointed and a little annoyed, I accepted this compromise and went about the job of setting up all of the peripherals required to market any high-value service. I literally spent hundreds of hours setting up website, collateral, agreements, videos, graphics, social media, marketing, advertising etc.
When I tried to go live with my marketing, I was then told that in fact, the look back facility was also not currently available but would be very shortly.
To cut a long story short, I spent months trying to get answers from GoMobile's appalling obfuscation operation that they call "support" which is seemingly staffed by semi-literate, poorly paid non-English speaking people, no doubt based in some third world country, that do not even try to help but send cut and paste answers or completely irrelevant nonsense, usually many days or even a week after you have raised a query.
As it transpired, the lookback facility NEVER became available either. This was not the fault of the providers of GLP, it was the misrepresentation and fraudulent claims made by Zamora and then refusal to offer any form of a refund, despite selling something that was impossible to use in the regions he had promised it was fine for.
As I said, I wanted a refund but couldn't get one and was just given the run around by Zamora and his cronies.
Stupidly and in a moment of weakness, I watched a webinar that Zamora was running, offering a seemingly amazing deal on app development for local businesses. It seemed genuine and I wanted some way to get my money back so I spoke to Zamora and did a deal whereby he waived the initial $97 setup fee and I subscribed to his "white label" app development service at $300 per month.
I don't know where to start with what a scam this app development thing is. You get a website and site builder that looks like something from the '90s. You get the same semi-literate time-wasters acting as "support", ensuring it takes weeks if not months to get a simple query answered and to cap it all, the apps are an absolute joke, they tell you to sell these for up to $4000, they are not worth $40, they are total junk.
Here is the kicker though, the absolute proof that these guys are not just incompetent producers of appalling quality systems, GoMobile Solutions are an outright SCAM.
In this so-called "WHITE LABEL" system, Zamora deviously hides links to his own sales pages in the customer-facing content, in many and varied places.
In the GoMobile "training" you are advised to sell apps to businesses initially that you know, people that trust you (low hanging fruit) for $3000 and when we provide them with an app viewer, there hidden behind links supposedly to "about us" or "privacy policy" are links to Zamora's sales pages screaming "Sign up with us and buy these apps for $97 and sell them for $1000 - $4000 pop!
This link is HIDDEN behind a link to the privacy policy in the viewer that YOUR CUSTOMER has to be provided to view his draft app!

This is a screenshot of the sales page Zamora's hidden link will take your customers to:


Zamora makes sure that his company name and YouTube channel are ALSO in the "white label" videos on your "white label" website as well. His strategy seems to be to get people to buy his crappy systems so that he can then market directly to your expensively acquired prospects and sell them his crappy apps for the same price that you, his so-called white label partner, buys them for.
If you try to get your money refunded or point out that what he is doing is immoral, unethical, possibly illegal, certainly fraudulent and most definitely a scam, you get threats of lawyers and/or stonewalling, but no refunds, once this character has your money, he will give up a kidney before he gives you back one penny.
If you do contact Zamora and try to get a refund, you can also expect him to threaten to libel and slander you. This is what he threatened me with:
"I have many successful people using the very stuff you refer to as scam.. I will be reaching out to Chris Munch, Chris Winters and other friends to warn them of working with you.."
I don't know if Chris Munch and Chris Winters are happy for this proven con artist to be using their names in this way but we will see.
Please be aware, these disgusting, deceitful practices speak of absolutely premeditated fraud, they are not mistakes or oversights, these links to his sales pages are purposely hidden in information we need to send to our own customers, this cannot be done by mistake, it is by design. This guy is a complete fraud. I am reporting him to the authorities and will be exposing him and his scams as far and wide as possible to stop him scamming more innocent hard-working people out of their hard-earned money.
If you have had dealings with this scammer, please contact me as I would like additional evidence to go to the authorities with and possibly to bring a class-action lawsuit against him and GoMobile Solutions. This man must be stopped, he is causing harm to many people with these fraudulent scams and he has nothing but utter contempt for his victims. He must be shut down permanently and possibly put in prison for what he is doing. Please take this warning seriously and do not fall for his scams, but if you already have previously fallen prey to this scammer, please help me to bring him to justice.
Please share this post on social media and marketing forums.
Where to start with this appalling outfit?

I used this firm for almost 25 years, albeit with a specific lawyer (now retired) and mainly for conveyancing.
Around 6 years ago I had an issue where another lawyer literally stole £30,000 from me that was on deposit in his client account to pay a deposit on a property. I discussed the matter with a solicitor at Stokes and they advised that we should take legal action and that it was essentially a simple slam-dunk, a no-brainer.
To cut a long story short, I have never witnessed such utter incompetence, bad advice and overcharging. These clowns managed to lose the case against the other solicitor (who was in prison for fraud at the time!), whilst continually assuring me that we would win, in order to rack up a truly indecent amount of fees.
When it became obvious that there was no point in continuing, I was presented with their final bill (after paying many thousands already), I disputed the amount which was entirely unexpected and unjustifiable. Instead of having a reasonable discussion about the matter, they immediately took legal action against me, knowing I was (due to their incompetence) in no financial position to defend myself.
After placing a charge on my property, they then went silent for (almost) 6 years, then just before the opportunity passed by at 6 years, they then came back all guns blazing with threats of legal action and demanded the original disputed fees with a huge amount of additional costs and interest.
I can only say that I had never disputed a single invoice with this firm previously, we had done a lot of business with them for conveyancing, yet as soon as a bill was legitimately disputed, they came after me with everything they had.
There are many good law firms out there that are honest and decent, this is not one of them.
Whatever legal help you need, please do not use this firm, there are far far better firms out there that don't treat their clients in this disgusting manner.

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