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24 Reviews by Niel


GOG is SO MUCH BETTER THAN STEAM! With GOG you buy the game, YOU OWN THE GAME. Download it, store it on your own hard-drive, burn it to your own DVD-R's, stick it in your cabinet and install it 10 years from now, or 40 years from now. With STEAM, you buy the game, and then you HOPE that STEAM keeps it on their server because otherwise you can NOT play it. With GOG you are buying the game, with STEAM, you are buying "access" to the game on their network, but only for as long as they keep it on their network.

Being able to play any of my GOG games WITHOUT an internet connection is a HUGE reason why I love GOG and I only "tolerate" STEAM for a few games. I travel a lot for work, so when I get stuck at some work site, 40 miles from the nearest town, and then have to wait 2 days for some inspector to show up and sign-off on our work, those 2 days go a LOT faster when I have some GOG games on my laptop to keep me busy. My STEAM games require that I log-into STEAM... NOT gonna happen when I am 40 miles from the nearest internet connection. GOG beats STEAM once again!

And speaking of STEAM's network, every time you play any game on STEAM, they record WHAT you are playing, WHEN you are playing, and HOW LONG you are playing, and every thing you DO in the game. Oh, but people want those "achievements"... yeah, sometimes, but with GOG I have the choice to play through GOG GALAXY and keep track of all those stats and achievements (and more), but I ALSO have the choice to play OFFLINE, so that there is no permanent record that shows I played INDIANA JONES for 200 hours that year, and my wife wants to know WHY I never have time to paint the back desk, and my boss wants to know WHY I won't work more overtime, and OMG look at all the hours this guy wasted on video games! I like that I can keep my gaming time PRIVATE on GOG, by just playing OFFLINE, and NOBODY is keeping track of ANYTHING I do. SO NOBODY can use it against me later!

ALSO with GOG, you often get TONS of EXTRA FEATURES and supplements that you can NOT get on STEAM. GOG often includes the game's complete soundtrack as Mp3 or FLAC or BOTH; you often get artbooks, early concept art images; interviews with creators; additional in-game equipment or perks; PDF versions for manuals and reference guides, and Strategy Guides ---- and TONS of stuff you usually do NOT get when you buy the EXACT SAME game through STEAM.

ALSO with GOG, you get TONS of free games, and some high-priced premium games are handed out for FREE several times each year for various promotions. I've got several $40 games that I NEVER would have purchased, but since they showed up on a FREE promotional give-away, I decided I'd give them a try.

I have tons of games on GOG, and only about 7 on STEAM, because the ONLY reason to buy from STEAM is if that particular game is NOT available on GOG.


Very Helpful and their prices are great.


These people can't seem to get ANYTHING right. I mean seriously, a mistake or two is no big deal, but OMG these people can't manage to get a SINGLE THING CORRECT --- GGGRRRRR

It is 2015, why's it gotta be like this?


HIlton often costs a little more, but after my last experience I think it might be worth it. GREAT customer service -- very helpful and friendly. It stings a little bit to spend the extra $30 or $50 per night, but it's also hard to put a price on a nice hassle-free week. If your company is paying the bill, then I can 100% recommend Hilton. If it's coming out of your own pocket, then you'll have to decide what you are comfortable spending.


Always good to check around at a lot of different websites before clicking the pay button. Orbitz has some good deals sometimes, but I usually can find better prices on PRICELINE. If you can't find what you need on PRICELINE, then I definitely say you should try Orbitz next -- but just make sure you check at least 3 or 4 different websites before you just buy something --- you never know when somebody will have an amazing special running that can save you a lot of money


OK, even if this place was average I'd still want to give it 5-stars because they have William Shatner as a spokesperson --- but as it turned out I didn't have to "give" them any free stars, this company actually EARNED ALL FIVE STARS from me because they just saved me $653

I definitely recommend checking ALL the big travel sites BEFORE spending any money, but every time I check around, PRICELINE still always shows me the lowest prices -- so I finally booked, and saved even MORE than I was expecting.


I never really liked STAPLES as much as OFFICEMAX because OFFICEMAX had some brands I liked --- but then I started ordering supplies for our other offices and OMG Staples makes it SOOOO EASY and hassle free. I just call up and give them our account number, then I tell them what I need, and which office it needs to get shipped to, and the stuff shows up in a couple days. WHY CAN"T EVERY BUSINESS DO THIS FOR ME?

STAPLES may not always have the exact brand you were looking for, but if they have anything even close to it I highly recommend them just because they do business the old fashioned way --- I pay them, then send my stuff, SIMPLE, no BS, no hassle.


There was a time when JC Penney was just an average store. I never really put it too high on my list when I went online or drove to the mall. But in the last couple years they have really changed a lot. It is SO MUCH BETTER now. GREAT PRICES, GREAT SELECTION, and customer service in their stores is like a whole new world -- SO NICE!

I know the company is having some financial problems and it may not be around much longer, but the great thing is that OTHER stores might see how the changes at JC Penney have helped them survive a lot longer than all the "experts" said they would -- so even if JC Penney doesn't make it, maybe some other stores will copy the JC Penney ideas and that will make shopping online or at the mall a LOT BETTER for everybody.


With most of the big discount stores, often you have to put up with "less than wonderful" customer service, but everybody just deals with it because the prices are so good. But COSTCO seems to have the lowest prices AND nice employees --- HOW COME OTHER STORES DON"T DO THIS?


Going shopping these days can be a giant exercise in disappointment. It seems like every website and mall store or department store all just buy different flavors of the same low-quality crap. THANK GOD FOR MACY'S! When I need to buy a nice gift for somebody or if I am looking for something nice for myself MACY'S has saved the day on MANY occasions.

There's no guarantee that any store will always have what you are looking for, but I highly recommend giving MACY'S a look whenever you need something nice. If you;'re just looking for cheap socks or a nice inexpensive baseball cap, then K-Mart or Target will probably have those at a lower price, but when it comes to looking for anything a bit "nicer", then MACY'S and JC PENNEY are my first two stops (Yeah, JC PENNEY believe it or not -- that place has really changed for the better in recent years). You could also look at Dillards, but then you're gonna pay double or triple AND have to deal with rude employees -- if you like abuse, then go for it, but for me, I'll stick to MACY'S and JC PENNEY.


WebMD used to be SO MUCH BETTER -- what happened?:-(
Every year this site gets closer and closer to being completely useless. I do think they can turn this around and fix things because they obviously have tons of information, but they need to really get somebody new to handle how they run their website. Many years ago this was the GO TO place for health information on the internet -- now it's... well, just about useless.
I hope they fix this soon.


Seriously... I'd rather walk


Indian customer service agents who do NOT speak English, Spanish, or French --- OK I got 3 languages -- well, 2 and a half cuz my French is lousy -- but even with 2 and a half languages I can NOT reserve a flight!?!?!?!

Here's a CRAZY idea, but if you want to sell products or services in the USA, how about trying ENGLISH!

Sad to see this sort of problem at a company that used to be so AMAZING at customer service --- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO VIRGIN?:-(


I was driving a friend of mine around while his truck was waiting on parts. He had applied for a job at Bed Bath & Beyond, so while we were out we stopped by to check on his application. The manager said he couldn't hire the guy because he had been in the US Army and "... we really can't have 'gun people' here."

ARE YOU F'ing KIDDING ME?!? My friend is an Honorably discharged, DECORATED US Veteran, and this worm was explaining this to us in a tone that really implied he HONESTLY thought that we should just be able to see his position --- as if his decision was obviously the only reasonable conclusion any manager could come to.

Well, I have come to a conclusion -- I will NEVER shop at ANY Bed bath & Beyond EVER AGAIN.


I usually don't like MMO games, but STAR TREK ONLINE is one of the most fun games I have ever played so I make an exception for this one.


My old Navy hoodie is coming up on 10 years old and I wear it all the time and it's still in decent shape. When I bought it, I never expected it to last so long and hold up so well.

I've managed to get some GREAT deals on their clearance items. I just wish they had more selection on seasonal items.


Not what it used to be, but still a great spot to find toys.


Some nice items if you dig a bit. Amazing prices when stuff is on clearance. OK prices on most other stuff.

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