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7 Reviews by Nathan


Stupid $#*!s are elitists... I have $#*!ty tracfone, but guess what? Youtube works just fine! But these $#*!s and their $#*!ty ass app?! "$#*! you, we aren't the problem as to why you can't watch this, you are, the problem is on your end you poor, broke ass hoe! BUT KEEP PAYING US FOR LOUSY SERVICE $#*!! HAHAHA!" -_- NetFlix even works better... And NetFlix is kinda $#*!ty... But no, hulu can't match their competitor not youtube. That's $#*!ing sad and pathetic, and insulting beyond belief. -_- WELL! I guess these $#*!s DON'T want my money! Seriously, someone please tell them that their $#*! is worthless.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use it, they are elitist $#*!s.


Nothing but internet street whores who should all be arrested alone with the website owner, admins and mods for harassment and assessory to harassment. -_- Please take legal action... Seriously. Because the website owners, admins and mods clearly seem to be getting paid... Also, it's NOT an 18+ only website... Yeah, there is a clean section and that's another issue: The $#*!ing cam whore web prostitute $#*!es post there! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Seriously, your stupid little terms you force everyone who reviews to $#*!ing agree with cites legal action against them if they lie... HOW ABOUT LEGAL ACTION AGAINST BULL$#*! WEBSITES WITH SPAM?!?!?! I POST MY KIK USER ON SITES LIKE THIS AND KEEP GETTING HARASSED BY THESE NEGATIVE VALUE $#*! FOR BRAINS! Do the $#*!ing right thing... Before I myself start taking legal action... -_-


At first you $#*!ing get X amount of "top ups" to send your usernames to the top... Then after barely, what, two days that stops and you can't anymore without $#*!ing buying any?! WHAT THE $#*!?!?!?! Because THESE $#*!s don't want to just run ads on their site! No! They want you to $#*!ing pay them so $#*!ing spammers can get at your $#*!!-_ Let's get this website shut down please!

Beyond the regular spam? There's creeps posting on there for trading CP as well. -_- The site ignores all reports, but bans anyone who ISN'T spam or CP seller/trader... -_- You have an account posted for roleplay?!?!?! YOUR POSTED USERNAME NEEDS TO BE BANNED BECAUSE I'M $#*!ED BUT SOMEONE SAYS YOUR MENTAL SO YOUR MENTAL SO I BAN YOU! DUR! <_> And yet when you report spammers or CP $#*!s? They do nothing... They don't care or worse they are involved... -_- Seriously. Get the website shut down.

Tip for consumers:
Ever since the new version changeover? It's just spam bots, internet prostitutes and $#*!s trying to sell/trade/share CP. -_-


Like the title states. You can't post your Kik thing up there without getting spammed up the ads by $#*!ed monkeys that barely pass for Human... And not cute monkeys like Spike in Ace Ventura... But the kind that throw dung at you. -_- Can we get the site shut down please?

Update: The mother $#*!ing $#*!ed "contact us" $#*! is $#*!ing screwed up. -_- So you literally CAN'T contact them... While they're getting paid by stupid $#*!ing cam whore $#*!es so the $#*!es stay at the $#*!ing top 24/7 ON THE CLEAN LIST! Please, get this site shut down now!


You can't make an account, which has been an issue for months now... Nothing but $#*!headed men on there herassing women... Etc. It needs to just be shut down.


You get banned for measly little pecks downvoting you. First, an hour. Then, twenty four hours... THEN... A $#*!ING YEAR OR "PERMANENTLY BANNED" as the $#*!ing $#*!s call it just because a bunch of $#*!s with $#*!s for brains get you banned. -_- Because the $#*!ed site owners want to milk you for cash instead of $#*!ing running ads like a proper website... Because every $#*!ing person on there downvotes if you aren't who they are looking for... They have a $#*!ing server which is $#*!ing useles! They don't want to run ads because they're the kind of $#*!s that are just like the downvotes in that they all need to be rounded up and dumped on a deserted island with no communication and no food... -_- Stay away from this God damned trash heap!


It's pointless, hardly anyone bothers to ever reply, the ones that do are bots. Literally, don't bother, let it die.

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