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37 Reviews by Nancy

I am in a love/hate relationship with Gwynnie Bee. I've been a member of the service since August of 2013. During my trial membership, the turnaround time for shipping was short. It seemed as if I received a new item within days. Once I became a paying member, I noticed the shipping time increased a bit, not bad, but there was a definite difference. I've remained a member because of the incentives. (free item upgrade here and there) Also, I am retiring soon and have wanted to avoid paying retail for dressier items I won't wear once I am no longer working.
My current issue relates to receiving out of season items. For example, I have had summer skirts closeted since last summer but during the hottest times of the year in my state, I was receiving heavy, fall items. I have yet to receive some of the things closeted last June. The opposite would be true as well . . . receiving sleeveless tank dresses in lightweight fabric in December. The temps drop to well below 0 here.
Another thing I do not like is when I receive more than one item in the same shipment, only one blue bag is provided for shipping something back. That means if one of the items doesn't work and I know I will only wear the other once, I can't send one back to get another on the way until I wear the other and ship both back at once.
I have had decent success in receiving items I can wear and I have made a few purchases. I've ended up with things I would never buy or even try in the store. Wearing these things once is fun and gets me out of my comfort zone. I've received some things that have clearly needed to be "retired" as they've been faded and have had that rummage sale look. I've also received a few things covered in someone's dog's hair. Thankfully, that's only happened twice.
My work environment is professional and many of the dresses offered are way, way too short for me to closet or for someone my age to wear without looking ridiculous or as if trying too hard.
So my relationship with GB is a love/hate thing. I will likely end my relationship in May.
Gwynnie B. – Gwynnie Bee Rep
Hi Nancy, thank you for taking the time to write a detailed review. Should you have any additional feedback, we welcome it. You can reach us at support@gwynniebee.com. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
This review is for the company's customer service and not products offered. There is an update at the end of the review.
I ordered a dress for a special event from Roaman's online site. At that time, there was an offer from OneStopPlus which eventually became FullBeauty. From what I could figure out, OSP is a site that carries sizes 12W and up from a variety of companies all combined in a single site. The concept is great.
I needed the dress I ordered to arrive quickly and signed up for a service that made expedited shipping free and returns cheap. I believe the fee for the service would have quickly paid for itself if I planned to order more from the company. I signed up for it, got my dress, had fun at the event, and then forgot about it. That was in August of 2014. I never ordered from the company again.
In October of 2015, I received a notification that my credit report had a new addition. When I checked it, a delinquent payment was shown and my credit score, otherwise fairly flawless with zero late payments since there have been credit scores, had taken a hit of more than 100 points. Further research showed it was a result of me not paying my yearly fee for the expedited shipping and free returns program through what is now FullBeauty.com. I have worked hard on my credit score and watch it monthly. It was a shock to hear there were issues.
I called FullBeauty and was placed on hold for more than 45 minutes initially. When I finally spoke to someone, he assured me things would get taken care of and that I should not worry. He agreed to cancel my membership. I believed this and forgot about it. A few days passed and again, I received notification that my score had taken another hit. This time it had dropped 50 additional points because in the credit world, my account was now 4 months delinquent. Keep in mind I would have cancelled the service if I'd received any sort of notification that my yearly fee was due way back in August of 2015. In fact, the only mailing I received from FullBeauty.com was in late October . . . after I already knew there was a problem.
I again called FullBeauty. This time, there was a runaround with the phone number and department. It took almost a full morning to finally reach someone who seemed to be able to help. This person said she could not see any indication of anyone ever helping me but promised to take care of the issue. This time, I asked to speak to a service manager and asked that person to double-check to see if there was a reference to what had just been taken care of. At that time, it looked as if my service fees and late fees had all been cancelled. Soon, I received a letter that my ties with FullBeauty had indeed been severed. Soon after, I received an e-mail asking me to rethink my decision and rejoin. Ummm, no.
My credit report now says my "delinquency situation has improved." I want it to say, "There was never a delinquency situation at all." However, it WAS my responsibility to remember that expedited shipping program would auto-renew. I just really feel as if some sort of mailing was in order, the same type of communication EVERY other company provides.
In December, I received a notice from my auto and homeowners insurance that my rates would go up in January because of the change in my credit score and how I am now on a list of those who have delinquent payments. I have had this insurance company for my car since I was 16 back in 1976. I have never had a late insurance payment . . . ever. In some ways, it saddens me to now be looking for a new company for reasons not of my choice.
Be careful with FullBeauty. It is really, really hard to fight with credit bureaus.

May, 2016 Update - I again encourage readers to use caution with FullBeauty. It is now months since my ordeal and yet I am still trying to get someone, anyone, to work with me on what was not the delinquency FullBeauty claimed I had. My credit score is slowly working its way upward but I want it to be where it was before FullBeauty turned in my account as delinquent. It is beyond frustrating being put on hold and retelling my story again and again to someone new each time. What would help A LOT is actually seeing results but even when I am assured the problem will be taken care of, it never is. When I checked into the situation again, it is as if I never talked to anyone in the first place. This one so-called delinquency has affected my ability to get a decent interest rate on a car loan, my insurance premiums have gone up, and the interest rates on other credit cards have increased. It would be one thing if I were a person who purposely stopped paying my bills. That is NOT the case. I had an excellent credit rating prior to this mess. If this whole situation isn't bad enough, the multitude of catalogs I receive is incredibly annoying.
I purchased almond butter through Thrive Market back in 2016. It wasn't the best, so I gave it away to someone who said they liked it. I forgot about it. On 3/18/18, I received a notification from my credit card company's app that there was a charge for 59.95 to renew my Thrive membership. Of course, I'd forgotten all about the almond butter and wouldn't even have made the connection to Thrive if I had remembered since my purchase was 2 years ago. "Thrive Market? Where in the heck is that?" I thought to myself.
Also on 3/18/18, I received an e-mail informing me of my renewed membership. I attempted to use the chat link within the e-mail to get in touch with someone. Of course, that didn't work. Assuming it was due to it being Sunday, I waited until today, Monday, to call the company.
I stated I had no recollection of ever ordering from Thrive. That is when I was reminded of the almond butter ordered. I was told I was given free shipping at the time and that is why I am now paying for a membership. I know it's too late now but I suspect I was probably charged a membership last year as well. However, I received no notification from the credit card app at that time and also did not get an email. A company response to someone's review here states those e-mails often go to spam. Convenient.
I hate to even check to see if I was charged 59.95 last year. That amount of money could have purchased a lot of happy hour drinks. If I was charged, that was my fault for not noticing. Certainly I would've canceled at that time. I'd think it would be weird to the company that I hadn't ordered a single additional thing during all this time. And certainly I'd think I'd be getting e-mails regarding all the products they sell, right? Nothing, not a word, until yesterday.
I take full responsibility if indeed the rules were clearly stated. In general, I am leery about companies that have yearly membership fees, especially fees in excess of $50.00. Normally, I do not sign up for those services because I know it can be difficult to cancel.
When I spoke to someone today. I requested my membership be canceled. The service rep was pleasant and told me my charges would be reversed within 2 - 3 days. She did mention I had a credit of $45 on my account but because of these billing practices that seem just a little disingenuous, I do not want to have further dealings with the company.
Note- I think it is interesting that the reviews vary so much and that many reviewers have no other reviews. I noticed someone suggested that a person who writes a negative review must be hard to please. A check of my other reviews would show that is not the case at all.

Edit-Today, 3/24/18, I received notification that my credit card has been credited for 59.95. My story has a happy ending but I've made a note in my calendar to be sure to check for charges next March.
I have seen t-shirts offered from Teespring on Facebook for at least a year. T-shirts are my thing, I love them, and I will say that more than one of the designs have interested me. However, I'd read reviews (not on sitejabber) about shipping issues and was always reluctant to order. Earlier this month, I took the plunge and ordered 2 shirts on 2 separate occasions. I will address each order.
1) The first shirt is one that I do not really care when it arrives. It's a shirt I ordered as a gift for someone so as long as I receive it by December 15th or so, I am good. It is June 30 now. I do wonder if I will receive it, however, because the last time I checked tracking, the shirt had left Costa Mesa, CA, on 6/19/15 and is still sitting in Sparks, NV, as of 6/24. It looks like it went from CA to IN, back to CA, and then to NV. It's a long way to Iowa but hey, it still has months to arrive.
2) The issue with the 2nd shirt is the issue that prompted me to write this review. In mid-June, a limited edition Rolling Stones 4th of July t-shirt was offered. I was still on my Rolling Stones high from seeing them in concert a couple days before. I love 4th of July shirts and remembered wondering whether or not I'd get this one in time. I double checked the description more than once and eventually did order because right in the listing it said the shirt was "guaranteed to be in your hands before the 4th of July (continental US orders)." See picture with this review.
On 6/25, I received an e-mail from teespring stating that my shirt was estimated to arrive on July 9th. Wait, what? Yes, July 9th, not July 4th. The e-mail also stated I could track shipping using a tracking link or a "track my order" selection box. Note - there was no link and the selection box was inoperable.
So, okay, this is a t-shirt; I am not waiting for plasma or lottery winnings. I can wear one of my other 29 July 4th shirts, but I wanted this one. I only ordered it because it was guaranteed to be in my hands in time. This shirt would have been a conversation starter at the party I am attending. I was looking forward to having an obvious way to talk about the concert rather than going up to someone and randomly saying, "Hey, want to hear about the Stones' concert I went to?"
I decided I would write customer service to ask about this whole deal. I was nice, I was cordial, I wasn't obnoxious. I just stated the issues, reminded them of the thing called a guarantee and asked if I could have a working link for tracking. I received a response a day or so later that stated, "Yes, we are aware of the guaranteed delivery and as you stated, this is an estimated arrival time we use to account for any unforeseen issues that may arrive with the courier. . . Your order is all set to arrive on time, by July 9th, 2015."
The teespring person has combined comments from my original e-mail. In it, I spoke of not only the guaranteed delivery date but also the estimated delivery date mentioned in the "your order is one the way" message. The 2 things are indeed different.
Will I get over it? Sure. Will I order from teespring again? Probably not. Will the loss of my business hurt them? Ummm, no, but then again, I do love t-shirts and could have been a faithful customer. Will I take it personally that 2 separate shirt orders placed at 2 different times have issues? It's probably just a coincidence.
I could still get my shirt in time. Maybe there will not be unforeseen courier issues, issues I have rarely had with many, many online orders and ebay auctions.

Tip for consumers: There is some confusion as to what the phrase "guaranteed to be in your hands by . . . " means. Allow plenty of time for delivery.

I can't remember how I stumbled upon Jane.com. Probably Facebook. I'll admit I was drawn in by the prices. I'm still new to the site but from what I can figure out, Jane.com is made up of a variety of "stores." Items are posted for a specific length of time. You shop, order, pay, and hopefully receive your order.
I placed an order from 2 stores. My first item was described as an extra long tank top. It came fairly fast and it truly is extra long. I'm happy with my first item.
My 2nd order was one I was really excited to get. We are huge football fans and I ordered a football-themed t-shirt to have for NFL games. I wear team-related things to the games, of course, but wanted a generic football shirt to wear the day before or after games while we are in town. This second order took about 15 days to arrive. I'd incorrectly assumed shipping would be fast like most other companies. When I hadn't received my order after about 8 days, I contacted the store via e-mail. Apparently, the seller only ships on Mondays. (???) Because my order was placed on a Friday just as the sale ran out, I had to wait as they do not work weekends. (???) It's just as well. I can't wear the item anyway. I've lost weight but still ordered a 2X shirt just in case. The shirt I received might be a 2x in pre-teen sizes. I wear a size 12 in most other things and can't even pull the shirt over my head. While the price of the shirt was okay at 13.99, the shipping brought my total close to $20. This was like throwing $20 out the window as I am not seeing a place to request a refund. I guess I can make a dog shirt out of it.
I'd recommend being careful with this site. Ask questions of the sellers. Find out if the size charts are for actual human beings.
I wish there had been reviews of this scam site before I placed my order. Here is my story.
Before I start, please note that sitejabber reviews for this company can also be found under Outdoorsonline.com and just outdoorsonline.
Also, check out the Better Business Bureau to read about their involvement with this company. It sounds as if the company was never authorized to sell Yeti products in the first place. Shocking. As of 2/25/17, there were close to 600 formal complaints/request for assistance.
Here's my story and it's pretty much the same as all others. I saw an ad on facebook for colored Yeti cups and should have known when the price was fairly low that it was too good to be true. However, I placed an order anyway on December 20, 2016. (A Yeti cup, a cup handle, some stainless steel straws) My account was charged immediately and I received order confirmation. I never expected to receive anything by Christmas; the order was a gift for myself & I figured I'd have a package when I got home from Christmas vacation. I even asked a neighbor to watch for a package. Christmas came and went. We celebrated the New Year. We watched each and every NFL Playoff game. It was in the middle of playoffs that I decided I ought to check my order status.
When it looked as if nothing had been happening with my order, I can't remember what it said when I checked but it was obvious the order was in limbo, I e-mailed the company and got the standard, "Someone will get back to you . . . eventually," canned response. When no one got back to me within a week, I e-mailed again. I also checked my order status. This time I noted it had changed to "processing." Again I received a canned response. 2 months later, I am still awaiting a reply.
The Super Bowl came and went and shortly after, I tried to do a live chat. Of course, the company was "experiencing a high volume of contacts." After reading the reviews here, I know why. It was all of you guys, right?
For some reason, I then remembered I'd signed up for fraud protection when I placed my order. It had been so long I'd forgotten about it. When I contacted that company, they said they could not help me because it had been longer than 30 days since my order. How convenient is that, right?
On Valentines Day, I tried to log into my account with camping and fishing outlet and guess what? They said my account and e-mail did not exist. Apparently, there is no customer with my e-mail address. This is humorous because I am still receiving e-mailed offers from this sham of a company.
My credit union is going to assist me in getting my $ back. Perhaps by St. Patrick's Day.
It's super annoying to have had to spend energy dealing with this. What's that saying? If something is too good to be true, it probably is. The sad thing is, I really want my blue 30 oz Yeti cup. I am sad and annoyed.
For a good laugh, look up Outdoors Online on facebook. Check out all the 5 star reviews. I was going to leave a comment but it appears as if the company has disabled that feature.
Addition to review - as of 3/1/17, I have received credit back for my purchase. This did not come from the company. My credit union took care of the charges.
It is my understanding that Envy Stylz is a small brick and mortar business in Texas that offers online ordering. I have ordered quite a few things from them and have had great luck each time.
They offer t-shirts, fun holiday clothing, jewelry, and footwear. The t-shirts and jewelry I have ordered have been high quality and well-priced.
Recently, they started offering a subscription box that is kind of like a monthly grab bag. For $30, you get one t-shirt and then 2 to 3 additional items. When you sign up, you provide your size and they do the rest. The first box I received contained a New Year's t-shirt, pop socket for my phone, lip balm keeper, and a pendant. I loved everything I received and look forward to this month's box. I signed up for a month-by-month subscription but think you can sign up for autoship.
This company never charges shipping and offers the sezzle payment plan. (They will break your total down into 4 equal payments.) I have found communication to be great with updates from order to delivery.
Despite my 3-star rating, I do order from Massey's every now and then. I wear a size 11 and in my smaller town, that size can be hard to come by.
Massey's has a large selection of footwear in size 11. They carry most major brands including my favorites like Under Armour, Nike, Born, Earth, Jambu, and Pajar. They also have a print catalog but the catalog is understandably just a small sampling of what they carry. Massey's also offers a variety of clothing and accessory items such as purses and backpacks.
Shipping is usually fairly fast, approximately 5 or 6 days from the time an order is placed. It is the shipping fee that has affected my rating of this company. I have ordered super light sandals that have had a shipping cost between $15 and $17. Some shoes have come in a gigantic box with enough room for the one box of shoes and a small Volkswagen. Once shoes come, one must hope and pray they will fit because return shipping is going to cost as well. Massey's sends a convenient shipping label but will subtract the cost of return shipping from the refund. (about $8.00, I believe) I have had to use the return option and have never had a problem.
Every now and then, Massey's offers savings if you sign up for their e-mails. The e-mails are infrequent and not bothersome. Special savings offers seem to come about once every 6 or 8 weeks or so and are often tied to a holiday or event. There was one for 20% on leap day and currently, there is one for 15% off. Keep in mind there are often exclusions on certain popular brands like Under Armour and Columbia.
On occasion, clearance prices are offered. I have noticed this seems to take place when there are limited sizes left on certain styles.
Massey's has a line of credit plan which seems to work just like any major credit card. I had to call them once and encountered a very rude customer service rep. I am hearing impaired and stated so upfront immediately, adding that I usually do just fine on the phone. I really just wanted her to know she might experience a bit of feedback noise from my end of the phone. Hearing that I am hearing impaired must have made the service rep believe I am also intellectually impaired as she began to speak slowly, loudly, sarcastically, haltingly, and condescendingly - all the "ly" adverbs. You know the tone. The tone changed when I asked to speak to a supervisor.
All that said, one would think I would take my business elsewhere. Yes, I can find size 11 shoes now and then at one of my local malls as well as at that famous online site which offers free shipping both ways in addition to rocking customer service. I just like Massey's from time to time, particularly if the shoes fit and I do not have to contact customer service for anything.
I have used Restaurant.com for quite a few years. I have had pretty good results but I feel as if you really need to live in a larger city or near a larger city to make it worth the effort. (More restaurants/more opportunities) I have noticed that there are some restaurants listed in my area that have been closed for several years or more. That is why I have given restaurant.com 4 stars. The other reason has nothing to do with them but I have encountered restaurants that have no idea how to redeem certificates even though it is plainly written out on how to use them. (It's as simple as selecting "redeem.") Because of this, I wasted two out of three certificates for one restaurant on a single visit because the bartender did not know how to redeem them. I was told there is no way to get the incorrectly redeemed certificates back. Luckily, I had used a special offer for them and hadn't paid much.
***Please note the edit at the end of this review.

I first discovered Cheeky's via a Facebook ad. The first and second experiences I had ordering from them were wonderful. They have a disclaimer on their ordering page that states they are a small company and that shipping can take awhile. In the first 2 cases, I had my order within 10 days . . . no problem.
Now to my third experience. I was out to lunch with friends and wore one of the items I'd ordered from Cheeky's. They asked me about it and in showing them the FB page, we saw a t-shirt we thought would be fun for each of us to wear to a casual event at our upcoming class reunion. Because our reunion was 6 weeks away, we felt we were ordering in plenty of time.
My friends gave me the $ and I placed the order. Within a day or so, I received notification that my order was processing. After 2 weeks, I still had not received a change in order status. It still stated the order was processing. After 3 weeks, I contacted the company through FB messenger. I received an answer stating I needed to contact someone via e-mail. I did that and was told my order would be shipped soon. After 4 weeks, the order status had still not changed. I again contacted the company and was told the order would be shipped on Friday of that week.
Meanwhile, I was doubting we'd receive the shirts in time for our event, so we ordered something else from a different company. Those shirts came in 4 days without expedited shipping.
After 5 weeks, I checked again and was told Cheeky's was in a small town, that they'd had a large volume of orders, and that their post office was really busy. The tone of this message wasn't the most positive. I really wanted to cancel the order as I was certain we weren't going to see these shirts. 5+ weeks to get an order in the mail is beyond excessive in 2018.
This long story ends positively. Our shirts came the day of our event. I'd happened to leave the festivities to come home and let the dogs out. Our shirts were in my mailbox.
While I love the products this company offers, do be aware that you may have to wait a long time to receive your order. 6 weeks from order to receipt is a bit much in my opinion. A simple percentage off my next order would have completely changed my opinion. No apology, no discount, nothing.

Edit - After submitting this review, I received an e-mail from Cheeky's saying they'd read my review. They stated that at the time of my order, new customer service people were being trained and that they may not have known how to handle my situation. Cheeky's has subsequently added a $15 credit to my account. Gotta love that.
I will start out by saying I have not purchased a vehicle because of anything I've received from Car Gurus. I am only reporting about the experience I have had with the site itself.
I am on the lookout for a Subaru Baja and signed on with Car Gurus to help with the search. I get e-mailed updates every 10 days or so informing me of the availability of Bajas within a specified radius of my town.
A few months ago, I received a listing for the perfect Baja. It was the right color, had relatively low mileage, and was in excellent condition. I contacted the dealership and we discussed what might work for me to take a look. The town it was in was about 3 hours away, so I explained that due to my work schedule, I would have to drive over after 5:00 pm or wait until that weekend. The dealership asked for my VIN number and I made arrangements to take a look in 3 days. I was fairly sure I was leaving there with that Baja, so I paid to have my own vehicle detailed and made sure everything was in order for a purchase/trade in. The detailing required some arranging on my part as I had to find someone to follow me to the detail center, take me to work while my car was serviced, and then take me back after getting someone to cover for me for an hour.
On the day before I was set to leave, when I hadn't heard from the dealership, I called to confirm that I would be showing up the next day. I was told the Baja had been sold the day after my initial contact.
I am in no way upset the dealership sold the car. It's a business and I understand when someone has cash in hand, it's natural to go for the sale. I just wish I would have been contacted. The dealership we are talking about was a small town local dealership with just under 30 vehicles in stock. I am certain someone had time to call or text me.
This is not CarGurus' fault in any way. The salesperson I was dealing with apologized and all is well. I suppose I am just thankful I didn't make the trip there.
I've enjoyed the updated from CarGurus and will continue to receive them. I am now getting ready to add a few more vehicle makes/models to my search.
I have purchased several items from sevenly. This review will be for the most recent purchase. Animal welfare issues are important to me and when sevenly had a tank available for rescue dogs, I was happy to purchase. I ordered a tank top and found it to take approximately 7 days to arrive. That was as expected. The shirt itself has a great design - sevenly has many great designs - but the material in the shirt is incredibly lightweight and somewhat flimsy. I was a bit afraid to wash it in a machine but it turned out fine.
Sevenly is on facebook which I where I most often see what new items they have available. I also get e-mail from them but am thinking of unsubscribing as I receive a few more than I care to.
Overall, I was happy with my last purchase and would purchase from this company again if something new catches my attention.
I have had some great experiences on Mercari and some not-so-great experiences. Mercari is a lot like ebay. You browse various sellers' merchandise, offer to buy paying the listed price, or often, you can make an offer and hope the seller accepts. You rate sellers after purchases and sellers rate buyers as well.
When you receive your item, you are supposed to "accept" it through the app or online. Once accepted, funds are released to the seller. If you wait too long to accept, funds are automatically released. More on that later.
As mentioned, I have had good experiences. Sellers in those cases shipped quickly and items were as described.
I have had 3 sellers not respond to questions and also sellers who I've purchased from and have not shipped items and who were nonresponsive when I asked about the purchases. Sellers have a set amount of time to ship. I think the window is 7 days. Once 7 days pass, buyers can cancel and get money back.
Nothing was really lost in those cases except for offers I'd received from Mercari. In each case, I was offered a $5 off coupon. I used them for those purchases that never materialized. Once gone, they are gone.
My other bad experience I guess wasn't really all that bad. I was due to receive something while on vacation. I planned for my neighbor to pick up my mail. The seller of my item rated me down because she said I was nonresponsive because I didn't indicate I'd received my item and hadn't rated her. I couldn't rate the item because I hadn't seen the item yet. I'd said I was going to be gone when the package arrived and that I couldn't explain how to do a rating with my elderly neighbor who doesn't have a smart phone or the internet. Kinda annoying. I love those 5-star ratings. I'd a matter of principle for me.
So so far, I have received great items as described. I have had several sellers drop off the face of the earth and never send what I purchased. I'm not out any money but did lose out on the value of a few special offers.
I will keep using this site. My good experiences outweigh the bad. Maybe I did't really need those other items any way. Wait, I kinda did.
My fellow size 11 girls know that it can be difficult to find our size in stores. I live in a town with a variety of options but most of those places admit they only get a few size 11's and often, those shoes are out the door quickly.
6pm has given me another option to find what I want at a reasonable price. Most recently, I purchased a pair of UGG boots and Nike walking shoes on clearance. And a real plus was that neither pair was made in some wonky colors that no one would ever purchase.
I've always had good luck - shipping has been fast, and when I had to make a return, it was credited promptly.
The company offers special deals from time to time. Sign up for e-mails if you want to hear them.
I like the concept of Love Your Melon. I believe they donate 50% of their proceeds to childhood cancer charities. Their products are high quality, trendy, and warm. I've only purchased beanies, not any of the clothing or other items.
They have hats in about every color imaginable, including some marketed for sports teams. I like that I can get a hat in Minnesota Vikings colors but without the Vikings logo or wording.
One of our local sporting good stores carries the beanies which run the same price as they cost through the website.
I recently ordered a hat on Saturday and received it Tuesday. But I am close. The company is located in Minnesota and I live in Iowa.
This company advertises special releases for various occasions. For example, 2 weeks ago, they released beanies in pink and red for Valentine's Day. They sold out quickly.
Order with confidence from this company.
I am a huge fan of Dooney and Bourke and was happy to find this site. My city is fairly small and we only have one retailer who sells DB, and they have just a limited amount. So far, I've only ordered 2 bags from the site but have had good luck each time. My bags have been packaged well and I have been pleased with the pricing. I received a discount with my first order which was on top of an already discounted bag. That made me happy.
I have rated the site as 4 stars because when I contacted customer service, it took a long time for them to get back to me. The first time, I sent an email and was sent an automated response that my question had been received. The answer to my question took at least 4 days.
Teddy the Dog offers clothing and a few accessories catered to dog lovers. Many of the items utilize puns. For example, there was a shirt that said, "Orange is the New Bark" and another that had a dog wearing a football helmet and jersey and the inscription said, "Unnecessary Ruffness."
Lately, this company has been offering a different item each week. I believe they call the weekly items a part of a campaign. I get an email with a link to the site and can view the item from there. They did one when Prince died and have numerous products related to popular movies and TV Shows. Ordering through these weekly campaigns only lasts for a specified amount of time and then production occurs after they know product numbers.
TTD carries sweatshirts, a few baby-sized items, t-shirts, blankets, and dog items.
I have ordered from TTD several times and have always been happy with my purchases. Shipping is fast and products are packaged well - pawprint tissue and often a large dog-related sticker to be used as you wish. I gave them 4 stars because it is my opinion the prices are slightly high. A tank top is $28 + shipping. Yes, I get that it's about the uniqueness and I am willing to pay that for things I really want. I suppose they are really no more expensive than anywhere else. The quality is great and items have washed well. I don't mind paying for quality. Every time I wear one of my TTD shirts, someone says something. They are definitely funny.
I do not know if returns are accepted. I've never needed to return anything.
I took the plunge and ordered a Margaritaville frozen concoction maker through BBB. Our local story does not carry the product. I had a 20% off coupon which combined with free shipping helped me decide to finally order this product.
I found the website easy to use and my product arrived quickly. I appreciated the ease of reading product reviews as well as the format of the reviews themselves.
I am a little worried about what happens if the machine doesn't work properly as the packing instructions indicate not to return the item to the store.
The machine was packaged well but came in a box that took up a good portion of my front porch. My neighbors have been teasing me about it. Of course, now that they know what was in there, they want to come over for margaritas. Party!
So...since I can't return the item to the store, I am hanging onto the gigantic box just in case. Tonight is the trail run!
When I shop, I love to find unique and one-of-a-kind items. That can be almost impossible in the world of local retail unless I want to spend a lot of money for things. I stumbled upon etsy when I wanted to get new handcrafted numbers for the front of my house. From there, I have ordered jewelry, clothing, home decor, and accessories. It's like one huge arts and crafts fair. You simply type in what you are searching for and chances are, someone offers whatever it is you need.
The site itself is easy to navigate. If you see something you like, you can "favorite" either the item or the shop itself. There are options to contact various shops. Each time I have done that, I have received a response within hours, sometimes minutes.
Many vendors offer custom orders as well as special discounts if you "like" their facebook pages or even if you just request a deal. Last week, I asked 2 vendors if a discount was available and received 15% off from one vendor and free shipping from another.
There is an etsy app available which is also easy to use. From the app, you can access just about anything. I have mine set up to send me notifications whenever something has been delivered or if I have a message from a seller.
I have never used an etsy gift card but know they are available.
Most of the packages I have received come wrapped as if they are gifts. . . colorful tissue, ribbon, and even little surprises. Just this week, I received a scarf and included was a hand-crocheted snowflake.
I realize that my personal experiences from using the site are just that, my experiences. I have been lucky to "meet" wonderful vendors. Shipping has always been fast and any time I've requested a custom order, the experience was flawless.
I applied for and received a Credit One credit card several years ago. I manage most accounts online, including making payments. Credit One doesn't allow making payments much in advance. I usually like to schedule a payment the same day I receive an e-mail with my new statement. With Credit One, you can't do that. If you make a payment, it gets attention immediately. Sometimes, that is fine. Sometimes, I want to pay at or around the due date. If I do that, I need to remember to get back online at that time. So far, so good.
My other issue is a little more important. I was out of town for an extended length of time and had my mail held until my return. When I returned, I had a ginormous sack of mail to go through. There was an envelope from Credit One. Sadly, since I receive paperless billing, I assumed that mailing was junk mail and set it aside. Later, when making a payment to my CO account, I noted an additional credit card tied to my account with payment due within a couple of days for membership fees.
I believe this is a deceptive and sneaky practice. Of course, tied to the account was an account protection service.
Overall, I have no huge issues with this credit card company. However, I do believe users need to be aware.

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