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We made our normal online payment to our credit card. We then a few days later charged a small amount on that card and it was declined! We then called Bank of America to see what happened and get the situation resolved. So why am I giving this review? Their website made the payment to one of our accounts that had been canceled since 1998, 5 years that account had been closed! I called and they told me that they would fix the problem, I said great. But wait, they then said it would take 2 months to get our money back so we could make the payment or, would you transfer that amount out of our closed account and in just within1 or 2 days, get this fixed and back to our current credit card account. You would think they would say; "certainly sir, we'll get right on that and should all be fixed in the next business day. But no, they did not say that! I had the first person I talked with over the same call, then Had to end up insisting to be transfered to get to a supervisor, and then I had to insist even harder to get a manager so we could fix this fast. In the end I could not get them to budge, they would not do it so now for the next 2 months they get the use of my money, and it was a good size amount of money, they get to put it in their pot and make money with our money! It's wrong that they treated me this way whether a new customer to them or since 1995 like us. We are looking to move our account to a credit Union once this is fixed!


I emailed a question and they responded the next day and gave me a direct line to call. They answer the next few questions and give me the answers I needed with the knowledge you would think they should have. I am very happy with all my dealings with them, they deserve a 5 star rating...


In comparing the big chain hardware stores in our town, HomeDepo earns 5 stars from me. Our local stores has nice people and almost all the time if I'm walking around and a store clerk sees me they stop and ask if they can help - that's good. I like the way the store is played out and prices are fair. The lumber dept seems to always have the DIY lumber I need for many projects. Now with all that said, it is not perfect, but still deserves the high rating because no one is perfect or no store is perfect.


My local Ace Hardware which is on west Francis Ave. In Spokane is the BEST! Really it is. They are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and almost all the time greet me at the door as I come in. The owners are there, managers are there helping you all they can. And if they do uotknow the answer, they don't leave you the go through the store with you finding your answer, or they'll get another staffer to give input. They help you find an answer and that's very important when you do all the nDIY projects like I do. 5 star rating without a doubt!


UPDATE to this review as of 01. 21. 16. I put the same review the Sleep Number website on their " reviews page " and I just got an email telling me my review did not qualify to be on their website!
After having the King Size bed for about 14 years, I moved it to the guest bedroom once because it was not comfortable for 6 years. Then my wife talked me to moving it up to our room again, and it is still BAD and UNCOMFORTABLE. I always thought it was my fault it was not comfortable, I would visit local store, call the company, and they seem to convince me overtime that it was me and I had to change this and do this - it was always ME that was at fault. I just call customer service and I was on HOLDS for 52 minutes, yes 52 minutes and guess what, they said it was still my fault that the chambers cannot cause my bed feeling like a " water-bed " and I needed to buy a raiser for under them mattress to hep me - I had to buy it!
They are not willing to hep me at all. It is not my fault, it is the bed and they are not willing to help me get it fixed, what about the 25 year warranty!
This beaded company do not even deserved one star, they get a BOG " 0 " from me.
Here is the review link for their website:


I called for help, this being my first order and the customer service rep was helpful, nice, and really seem to care about my questions and getting me help. I felt no pressure to order, what I felt was that she cared. I will use them again, and again, they deserve 5 stars!
And then delivery and the actual glasses - 5 stars again!


I had some noises in my dash and then my inside fan, the ones that forces heat and AC into the car went out. Well not to serious, but, it was 30 degrees outside and on a Thursday late night after work. The dealership was closed so first thing Friday I called and they said they would take a quick look at it so I took it out. They were jammed with vehicles needing service and took a quick look. I explained that being 30degrees outside we cannot even get our windows defrosted, it was tough to even get to the dealership, but constant wiping kept the windows clear for me.
Once I got there they determined that it was the fan motor and they had one in stock. Me seeing how packed they were on a Friday, I hesitated to ask if they could fix it so we could drive safe over the cold weekend coming up and I expected them to say we have the part what time can you come in next week to get it fixed.
But I did not have time to even say that, the Service Manager Scott, and the Service Tech Tim, looked at me and said if I could wait a little there would put in the part right new! I have to tell you, that's service. I totally expected and would have been OK with coming by next week because they were so packed with cars, but they right away without any hesitation to me, said they would fix it right away. Needless to say I was grateful and relieved, well really I was ecstatic on the inside trying to keep my composure of calm. I actually got so excited they emailed and said they would get right on it!
THANK YOU to the entire Mercedes of Spokane Service dept. staff, especially Scott and Tim, you all truly care about your clients... A 5 star rating was easy to give this group!


Local Mr. Handyman - Spokane, WA.
After checking around google, making many phone calls and emails I came across Mr. Handyman, the local franchise located in my city. After a few calls with my many questions I decided to hire them.
They came out when they said, called on the way to let me know they were coming, and then once the repair guy got there, listened to me and actually cared about what I had to say and yes of course my budget. The fixed my rain gutters, well a few corners still needed some extra caulking, but without hesitation they came back out and fix the few leaks that were still there. They were professional and you could see and sense how much they cared about getting my job done right. I would give them a 5 star rating with out hesitation and will use them in the future as the need arises. They are GREAT!


I had two different 24 pass of Diet Pepsi and a few cans in each pack were bad, not filled with the carbonation, they were flat tasting and the can was soft before opening not hard.
So I had the UPC code and dates they needed from the boxes and they were very nice to talk with.
I was on hold for no more than a minute, and the person that answered the phone was nice, caring, and wanted to listen to what I had to say. After describing what the situation was, they sent me two coupons good for 2- 24 paks of any kind of Pepsi brand pop I wanted. That was not necessary to me, but the customer service rep really wanted to give them to me for helping them by giving them all the info they need. AND, I was nice to them on the phone, which made them at ease and nice to me... They impressed me for being a large company that they care about their customers!


There are many large companies who care about the individual, some better than others. One very good one is Hostess the makers of Twinkie's for example. BUT this review is on Xfinity-Comcast Cable ( not internet service in this review).
I recently had my cable TV go out and had " error codes " that they wanted me to look up and they were not one the website - yes that's right, the code on the TV was not even on their website that they directed me to. By the time you work through the phone menu you are easily 8 minutes into the call before you talk with someone. During that time one of the multiple messages tells me to go to their website.
The website is not real user friendly, but manageable. But as I said the code that the TV gave me was not even listed. It is a run-around that got very frustrating and for 4 hours I could not get the cable fixed - now it was not a total outage, but OnDemand with it's many channels was not available on a weekend!
And, I know what you are thinking, things happen. Yes they do and that it happened is not the issue! It is the long wait on the phone and their website not really helping because it has different errors codes than what they actually give you. Come on Xfinity-Comcast = an NBC company, become a company that cares about us, your customers...


OK, I know Hostess is a big company but the response was a welcome surprise. I had a box of Twinkies that tasted funny, really they did. I ate 2 of them and just could not eat nay more and the expiration date was still good. So I called and had the box with the numbers they needed. The person that answered the phone was pleasant and willing to listen to me. She cared and wanted to know all that I thought - and for a big company that was nice to hear from her and Hostess. They wanted to send me a gift certificate to replace the box of bad Twinkies and to may surprise they sent me 2 certificates for any Hostess product.
To have a BIG COMPANY stand behind their product with telephone staff that are willing to listen and help and care, well they are doing this part of customer service right!


I have been using Cruiser Customizing for a year now. I have had a few things needed to be returned and a few replaced. Every time, without hesitation they helped me whether it was my fault or theirs they were always willing to go the extra mile to fix the situation. They have great how-to videos and a website that's users friendly. They are a 5 star business and I will continue to buy product from them for my motorcycle!


I was looking for a smaller windshield with some class and style to it for my Boulevard Cruiser M109R by Suzuki and was only being able to find standard looking and shaped ones. I cam across the Laminar Company and they are the manufacturer. When I called the person who answered was very nice and had lot's of info for me. Then he said, " Oh yes, and you have 30 days to try it out and if you don't like it, just return it for a full refund ".
WOW, what a great company policy! But I have to tell you, I did not return it, I like it and it works very well on my bike. The stylish look of it fits my bike! They are a very good company in my opinion...


This company has a wide variety of Biker items, chaps, patches, helmets, boots, and so on and the QUALITY is very good. I had my chaps break at a seem and they took them back and repaired them and made the seems stronger - it was great!
Their customer service people are nice to work with and willing to help with a problem or guide you to the right product you are looking for!


All the cell phone companies have their problems. And I have come up against some of them over the years. But if you are ' reasonable ' with them, and treat them with respect, well you can get some benefits in your favor. I just got my upgrade phone from Verizon. They have an upgrade fee, well all the cell phone companies do, of $30. I thought after 12 years of being a customer they could help me out and not charge me that fee... Yes I resigned up for 2 years, I was expecting that. But after talking very nice to the Verizon staffer, she put me on hold and talked with her supervisor and they gave me 10% off my bill for 12 months which ended up being $18 more off than the $30 fee. So they said they had to charge that fee, but gave me a good customer discount to make it better for me. I am happy with the coverage and service. The only thing with Verizon I do not like is the website they have accounts in - I think it is not very user friendly.
Over all, they are pretty good to work with these last 12 years...


I made an appointment with the Apple Business Expert at my local Apple Store. I need a new Apple computer for our business and the expert I met with was super. Really I am hard to pleaser and I will be the first to admit it. This expert listened, and gave me good advise and as I was asking questions, he had good answers and even got another expert to answer a few questions he did not know the exact answer to- that's good service. I would recommend talking with and Apple Business Expert if you need helping in purchasing an Apple computer, my local store and Apple Expert in Spokane, WA- gest 5 stars out of 5.


I needed to get a local non-profit up and running with a website and new web host in the matter of a few months and still work my real day job. After extensive searching I came to the conclusion that iPage was the web company to go with. With that said I started to develop the website and after about 2 weeks was very happy with the Admin page and all the different things we could do. We have a store to sell memorabilia, we have slide shows, photo albums, contact page, PDf's to download, connected to Google maps, and many other bells and whistles. The tech help is good and usually help the first time. They stated a price, which was really a good one - and that's the price it really was, no hidden costs at all. We are very happy with them as our web host and website building admin. They are great! Visit our non-profit website and take a look...


They have always been GREAT to work with. Honest, helpful and very good quality products and tech help. I have purchased many products from them over the last 12 years and have always been satisfied! Really, always satisfied... On a scale of 1 to 10 they get a 10 and as you can see a five star rating.

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