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10/25/21 was founded in 2018 by a certain, Jason Williams (?) 1st This is the perfect example of why certain African's are the worst enemy of their own People, or as Dr. Ben said: ''there might be a few white people in the audience... looking like me'' Let's go to the obvious mistakes the fake profile name Jason Williams, a name that's common, but the actual person (see picture on the site) does not exist. It's a profile. Anybody that did follow Dr. Ben and ProfessorJohn Henri Clark, that they hated the infiltrators like this Jason Williams more then the Actual White people, who are responsible yesterday and today for many of the misconceptions, Pure theft, whitewashing of history etc! Prof. Henri Clark went so far as wanting to execute them when ever he would be in charge! He was even to publish a book, naming all the black betrayers of the struggle, worldwide, over the years! He said '' they walk amongst us and don't even get a scratch!'' This (I have to keep it human, for site Jabber) Jason, is One go them, with his, Book Of Truth (Fraud). It's a compilation of all the greats, stolen together and cleverly (?) leaves out all the books (at his book recommendations section) where he copied his crap from, He ask's just like Umar Johnson, to sponsor him from his copy paste effort (website) and he uses (don't ask me how he got it) a picture of my son (at least that's what the Mother says, I have my doubts, wit anything she says, lol) witch I can proof very easy, only he made the child, that time a toddler, dark skinned, but the position of the hand and eyes (Pose) are identical! So how does a Jason Williams, who also photoshopped his own picture (see photo) where his enlarged his own teeth, get my picture, that never was published on a website, facebook, and not only that, he knew that it needed modification, to not be recognised! Why go thru all that trouble, when you can take a picture of Black babies, from numerous professional sites! Because Jason Williams, is in fact a Dutch Surinam Guy called Mark who lives near Rotterdam somewhere, and is a hardcore porn producer, he is the only one that matches all profiles! Another thing that this site is just a trap! No black activists, apart from the ones sponsored to make us look like fools, is advocating the ''gay'' agenda! Even Richard Pryor, on the height of his career, walked off stage, even though he knew it was a Gay fundraiser, at the Hollywood ball, all major Players were there, From Actors, to Directors, Producers etc etc. The Guardian, and many other mainstream news outlet's still call it '' Richard Pryor's meltdown at the Hollywood Bowl'' as if he had a breakdown! The point he was making was a genuine point if you have the intelligence! The gay spokes people compared their struggle to the African (American) struggle. Richard Pryor, wasn't about generilzing anybody, but that was a blatant insult! Especially as be and Paul Mooney new, as the first Blacks to appear on National TV, without a broom, or getting beat up by Tarzan, that many of the Film industry Producers were in fact Gay, and occupying many top positions of power in the Entertainment industry. Only fake black flag waving blacks Like Black Lives Matter and Jason Williams (Mark or Mosh from The Netherlands - Rotterdam, former idiotic hip hop band Cold Blood Terror) With all the money he's making exploiting his black brothers and sisters, (dog's and roses, not to forget about, I call it rape, but PETA knows about it, but don't do anything about all those Zoopheliac sites, were 3/4 are Dutch made, then published thru some Florida set up! He has with the merchandise a few sweat shirts with the rainbow flag waving next to the Afric an Tri colors! I don't care that I've seen him with another ''friend'' in a position I will spare you, and if anybody wants to follow the Gay life cycle, is entirely up to the individual, but this guy is a fraud. A next thing that he features on his site, is (whilst being TRU of course) Is a porn sl_t with Purple relaxed ''straightened'' hair with the caption saying: Up & Stuck": The Science Of Building Momentum With Thoughts & Vibration... LMAO, was he involved in the writing of the Black Panther Movie? That would explain why it was (from an honest black point of view, as even white people were scared to call it what it was afraid of being called racist LMAO) 'total crap''! What does that mean, little boy should stick to his nasty porn and hundred's of fake You tube profiles, or begging for money with his porn sites and adult cam sites! 2 Pac is another feature on his OTT site, now, anybody that does a little bit of research knows that the whole 2pac story was as fake as the Rodney King story (he needed a whopping) only I assume they didn't; t expect the Mexican's to join in LMAO and it grew out of proportions a little! That's why they have BLM, to script-event it, so it stay's within the borders of what was planned! 2 Pac, was an A class student, and went to theatre school, were he was noticed (so I've read) He can be seen in a early 90's movie, with
Dan Akryod, featuring the Digital Underground, watch that clip, and you see the real 2 Pac, before he took on the ''thug'' character. And when has any actor, or musician, befitted anything but themselves, featuring Bob Marley, wi was so stoned, after his alleged shooting that he showed the wrong arm that was shot, LMAO, exactly, he was a faker, Peter Tosh wasn't. He's dead... Tosh the main C character at First, but Island records, wanted BVob Marley, turned him I. To a Mason, and the rest are all lies and entertainment! Why hail up sellasie? And the Buffalo soldiers? Dr. Ben Hated the Buffalo Soldiers, as they went to help slay the Ethiopians, who thaught that they came to their aid! At least 1/3 put down their weapons, refusing to slaughter their African Brothers, who opened up their thighs frontline to them, but the rest, slaughtered them, and he's featuring Marley! He's a complete farce, and not only that, has no shame of begging with stupid rainbow t thirst and try coloured Hoodies, for some money, from people who get sucked in to this nothingness, mindless crap! To end with a quote from the late Mooney: Before we get to the people responsible for our near demise, we are going to have to fight our most though enemy first... the happy cooning Media Ni99er! And Jason (Mosh 'Mark from the Netherlands, faker and Porn Producer, dogs and horses etc) Williams is One of those... And he's got his little Reuters friends, to boost his little book as if it's real... don't be fooled, and warn people not to waist their money on Dis information like this!


DAZ3D censors it's own users, the moment you leave a truth full review. And most are One person with 30 accounts, that keep on boosting up it's value. And easy use! Why?. It's for free? Why censor bad reviews. Actual complaints. And lycencing issue's. No support. Apart this faker here! But why the continues upgrades and adverts, and phoney You Tube tutorials. They most get something out of it. If it's not giving support. But new releases. And new upgrades are promoted all the time... and their Store or webshop. Are all the same clique using different names and real trouble to get content back when purchased, that doesn't work as proposed, as the the whole Software is a scam, then some say, it's because creators, aren't given support LOL, you know that straight away. But they are selling crap, year after year! Must be spyware. I try to get it off my Computer, and liked many others, their were files all ovder tghe place left from DAZ at the strangest, to me places... and Google and You tube are censoring the negative reviews also! Check how hard it is to find negative reviews on You Tube or Google as a whole! Why it's free, you don't like, move on, apart from people getting ripped in their half working store, nobody would mind, but why the false pretence to be a major player, with plug ins left and right add ons being created, by the same software clique, and to create workflows with other software. Whilst knowing it's a complete fraud? Is my question, and I don't even care to know the answer... only, people should let others know. Instead of getting in to it under a very false pretence to be genuine, why make such a ''appealing website. If you know those results are not achievable with that software you promote! They even say it them selves in their forum, that it will be aprox. Were the renders are concerned, and at it best, looking like a bad 80's Max Headroom like animation video!

Tip for consumers:
When somethings free , you pay for it on another way. Times of peace and love were a very short period in Western so called Democracy. The question is what is the point of louring people to use DAZ3D when the software can't produce the images it promotes it's self with ....

Products used:
I had problems with , left over files a year after trying to delete it!


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