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Seeker, collector, rebel, lover of beauty, devotee of wit etcetera and so on. And, I can see you looking at my profile.

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113 Reviews by Mountain


Several times a year I must rent a car for one reason or another.

I have nothing but high praise for Enterprise... their rates are competitive... the reservation and booking are reliable... but most significantly they offer pick-up and drop-off service.

At the moment I am knocking on wood so as not to jinx my good fortune with this company.

All the vehicles have been new and clean... probably nicer than my own cars, for that matter.

Five stars for you, Enterprise...


This company is run like an old - school Bostonian financial advising firm. The consultants are educated ladies and gentleman with personal experience in finance, investment and/or banking. Many have MBAs or were business majors in college.

They encourage diversified portfolios; the more you invest the more you advance in terms of representation and access to consultation.

I have been associated with Vanguard for quite some time and remain pleased and impressed by their competence and savvy expertise.

Five stars...


This is my second in a series of reviews of stores along the highways for the traveling motorist.

WAWA comes in at a strong four stores. It is clean, the food is decent enough, it is predictable in terms of price and overall quality. It is not quite as nice as Sheetz, hence the four stars. I am always glad to see one of the beacons on the side of the road.

With a little more effort, they could be five stars.


This is my first review in a series of evaluations for roadside gas station /convenience stores.

Sheetz sets the standard for this type of business. The restrooms are clean and attractive, plenty of bays out front for gas fill-ups. Their food is very good and they always have my Starbucks frappucinos. They offer ready made meals as well as special order fast-food take outs. You can usually find freshly baked cookies at the cash registers.

The fact that they serve free coffee on Christmas day endears them to me the most. I usually have a long drive on this day... so this little nicety means a lot to me.

In all categories Sheetz way stations fit the bill of excellence.

Five red stars for Sheetz.


For my money... these were the only jeans to be had. No frills or fads -- just the basics. They had a few styles from which to choose.
Then someone had the "corporate inspiration" to yield to vagaries of the common marketplace. At this time, fad styles and cut in synthetic fabrics became more of the norm. At this point I jumped ship for LLBean jeans. I hope Levi sets things straight with its old loyalists.


To be clear this review is for one property in Hyatt's chain. This one:

Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall

400 E Street SW, Washington, D. C., United States, 20024

Last November I had visitors arriving from out of the country; we wanted to meet up at Dulles then spend the weekend in Washington.

The first bad omen was booking my reservation on Amoma, a scam organization that was forced out of business. When the reservation hassles were resolved I was squared away with a queen room with fold out sofa. Fine.

When I arrived at this "place," I was underwhelmed... it looked decent enough in a gulag sort of way... everything was pale gray. With cheap upholstery... but things appeared clean and orderly... the staff was trilingual, a plus.

Checked out Sunday morning. Drove home. That night covered with bedbug bites covering entire right side from feet to shoulders. These were confirmed as bedbug bites. I politely contacted the hotel... they deadzoned me... denied denied denied.

Fortunately my suitcase, clothes and shoes were stowed far from beddding while at the Hyatt. Please be aware that the District of Columbia is a major hub for bedbugs... travelers and tourists coming and going constantly... vermin being transferred.

My intention was to inform the management... not to request a refund... nor bring legal actions Heck, if they had been willing to play ball, I would have given that grim place three stars.

I will never spend the night in a DC hotel ever again... okay, maybe a Ritz Carlton... but no other big box chain.

Boo Hyatt... BOO BOO BOO.

One star only for you.


Who does not love this American fixture?

I have relied upon this ubiquitous company throughout the ages... from full sized trucks to vans to trailers, hitches, hand trucks and packing materials -- their equipment can fit the bill for any job.

I have not tried the pods yet, but I may do so for small moves. From my experience the small town and suburban offices are more supportive and responsive than are inner city type reps.

They, admittedly are not perfect, but their iconic orange rentals get the job done.

Four stars.


I am a Saucony fan and loyalist, and have worn the same model for many years. It is designed for a high arch and pronation.

They are so comfortable and perfect for my feet that I often dread having to wear ordinary street shoes.

I also use a Spenco orthotic for further high arch support... but this is not necessary for all runners and walkers.

Every now and then Saucony does a promotion of a classic model in some fun wild color... my last investment was hot pink.

There is no other running shoe for me.

Five stars for Saucony.


In this day and age of inelegant air travel as Alec Baldwin recently quipped... train travel is a wonderful option.

Admittedly it is not the same gracious experience as it once was; however, there are many lovely aspects to rail travel: spacious seating, watching the cityscapes and rural scenery float by, generosity in regard to luggage and many more.

Some reviewers cite the uncleanliness in bathrooms, but this is due to lack of good manners on behalf of other travelers who have poor aim and are generally slothful by nature.

I travel from Point A to Point C on a regular basis --- with a long layover at Point B, which happens to be a fabulous city. I look forward to these jaunts... and they do not cost an arm and a leg for the price of a one-way fare.

Wifi is spotty... so I read or take paperwork. I break up the time with a trip to the Cafe Car -- their fare is not bad at all.

My main concern is the usage of the Quiet Car. But once again; it is fellow travelers failing to observe normative courtesy who disturb the peace for others.

Four stars, Amtrak.


If you and the gentlemen in your life are purists and old school, then you will love these classic ties. They are comparable to Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Vineyard Vines and Ben Silvers -- but less expensive.

The designs are whimsical yet elegant -- most are sporting or leisure themes. The colors are divine. Ties are available in regular length, extra long or bow ties.

And the silk is irresistable.

They also offer a wonderful assortment of socks, scarves and accessories.

Five silky stars for these natty ties!


These are "naturally-derived, biodegradable, non-toxic household cleaners, laundry supplies, personal care + soap."

For years I used their cucumber scent, until they disappointingly decided to discontinue it. Most likely one of those "corporate decisions."

For a while I could buy up their leftover stock on ebay and such sites... but now it is totally unavailable. I liked the all purpose spray, hand soap and dish gel in this particular scent... it was lovely.

The other scents are too cloying for me... much like Mrs. Meyer's products, that receive such hype. I will try the bamboo scent... if that is too strong... I will make my own from the Fabuloso line.

Four stars.


I tried this out last year, when stumped on what to buy for two aged relatives, who have everything. Fortuitously a Schwann's catalog arrived in the mail at that time. I ordered 20 or so individual meals for these two ladies' picky palettes.

They loved them... and the process was easy.

The company offers huge deals for new customers and returning customers.

The fare is not really "fine"... but it is decent enough comfort food, And it arrives in one of their trucks right at the recipient's door. They offer everything from main courses, sides, desserts and breads.

I'll probably order from Schwann's again this Christmas.

Four stars for convenience and decent quality.


A few years ago their prints were wonderful: spotted leopard, madras, Mark Twain quips... I could go on and on.

Plus they were comfortable with that built in contoured padded arch support.

Their philanthropic and eco missions are laudable.

Now their target market is more the crunchy granola, and they have never worked out a viable solution for being able to launder or clean their espies.

I still like them, but I do not want to see them paint themselves into a cornered niche.

Four estrellas...


I have come to accept the big box store known as Lowe's.

For a long time I resisted it... but now I have caved.

Their products were useful for a recent redo... I heavily relied upon their lumber, paint, hardware and even some landscaping items.

I am there so often these days... that I know a lot of the employees either by name or face... and became such a frequent and invested customer that for two years in a row I was invited to (and attended) the contractors' cook out held in their parking lot.

I imagine that each locale varies... and each buying experience does as well.

Their products are certainly not in any sort of exclusive range... but they are about as solid as you can get in terms of basic Americana these days.

Four stars


This one is a heartbreaker. Sears and Roebuck was literally the backbone of the American retail experience for decades. It stood for practical quality at a fair and affordable price. They sold everything from farm implements, tools, clothing, household goods, toys, appliances... one could even buy a mail order house during the 1930s and finance the purchase with a Sears backed mortgage.

Overtime it met with major competition. Then its no frills basic solid quality dipped. The stores became staffed with non-English speakers. Then mergers took place.

I think most are boarded up and shuttered now... my last attempt at commerce with them was a horrendous disappointment in that they further damaged the appliance I had brought in to have repaired.

At one point the Sears and Roebuck catalog was a regular item in every US household.

This wonderful old store has come to such an inglorious end.

Five stars back then... one star now.

I will out of respect keep it five stars.

RIP Sears and Roebuck.


Once again I am delighted to be the first to review a stellar business enterprise.

Michel Design Works designs and sells the most sophisticated and whimsical table top items: napkins, cocktail napkins. Napkin holders, etc. They also offer the most divine line of melamine serving pieces and matching aprons and dish towels. My beach house is loaded with their utterly wonderfully stylish pieces.

The company has several dozen themes from sea inspired to holiday and so on.

Their story is here: https://micheldesignworks.com/pages/about

Five starfish for Michel Design Works... ooo la la!

I enclose a pic of their wonderful elephant logo.


I am pleased to be the first reviewer for this lovely company that produces: writing paper, gift wrap, candles, napkins, paper plates, etcetera and so on.

Caspari is definitely aimed at the sophisticated and worldly consumer. So if Target or CVS is your usual marketplace, then you might not feel comfy in this milieu. I am just being honest here.

Anyway their line is simply delightful and artfully inspired... and worth the pretty penny that you will spend. I send gift packages loaded with their items to my mother and sisters for "that special occasion."

Their colorways and designs are superb.

I have had the good fortune to shop at two of Caspari's brick and mortar stores... just delightful... beautiful and choice array of fine gifts and couture.

Five gold embossed and ribbon-wrapped stars for Caspari... you are precious!


I am pleased to write the first review of Claire Burke. I consider this company to be a Hall of Famer. It started out in a beautiful college town in Virginia... and the original potpourri was mixed in the bath tub of it's creator, Claire Burke.

Her original products were charming and appealed to the discriminating buying public of the carriage trade. Her original scent of potpourri and vapourri spray were her trademark offerings. I had one of her darling little potpourris wrapped in a sage green ribbon in my Easter basket from my grandmother many years ago.

I cannot tell you what a quaint and lovely little cottage industry Claire Burke once was.

Then they were sold to a manufacturer in Minnesota... another horrible corporate blunder. Needless to say the new owner messed around with the image of the product, another crass and tacky mistake by corporate America. I guess their change in image was to make it more appealing to the average consumer.

The Claire Burke line was once sold in fine little shops in Paris and in select venues in the US... now it has been tampered with and lost a lot of its elite charm.

I must concede that the new "owner" did have the good sense to not tamper with the Original scent.

Five stars for its historical style... three stars for the way it is now.

Average: four stars

Below please see an image of the original product as it once was during its halcyon days.


Harney is a top drawer and family-run company. Their teas are just divine. And the tins in which they are sold are stylish and elegant.

I give the "Paris Blend" as a standard Christmas gift.

My day to day to is Bigelow... but for that special occasion or for entertaining I stand by Harney's.

In this day and age of staggering corporate mediocrity, thank the Fates that a company of this caliber still exists.

Five sterling teaspoons for Harney's.


There was a time when this company was the gold standard for gardening tools, gardening supplies... and many cool things related to the garden.

Their quarterly catalog was pure joy.

The quality of their tools, pots and products was top notch.

But then they sold out to Target ( you see where I am going, no?)... another colossal corporate blunder so typical of ill fated businesses that once were superb.

Smith and Hawken, you know I loved you... and I proved it with my loyal patronage... but then you sold out and broke my heart.

So five stars for what once was and one star for what it is now... the average is a three.

So so so sad...

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