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Hi, I am a single mom who loves to write. In my spare time I write and surf the net for opportunities to uplift and up-build others.

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I am always seeking work at home opportunities so I come across a lot of scams and I have lost a little too in my quest. I have vast knowledge on what to look for in legitimate opportunities and how to discern when it is a scam so I can share my experiences. Being a mother too I have a lot to share.


I read a lot on almost any topics, I love to share my knowledge, I love to shop and I love to cook

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It was once believed that men should be rough and rugged, therefore there is no need for skin moisturizers and face creams, that's feminine. The question is do men really need moisturizer.

Those sayings are in the past. We now know that it is not feminine to use face creams and moisturizers. Whether male or female, it is quite natural to want our bodies to have a soft, smooth touch.

When my son was younger, he didn't see the value of it. Even though I believed that he should use a moisturizer in his daily skincare routine, he never thought he needed one until he started to get older and his skin got drier, and he started to develop fine lines and wrinkles around his mouth and eye areas.

That's when he started to use Shea Butter and vitamin E moisturizers. He should actually be writing this review about this amazing product, that can actually be homemade. It can be used by females too. I find it to be a very amazing product that is "out of this world".

It is a known fact that the skin can become dry as a result of a lack of moisture. This is a result of an impaired skin barrier and dysfunction or deficiency in the necessary healthy fats in the top layer of the skin, which is made up of dead cells and natural oils which help trap moisture to keep the skin soft and smooth. Without enough moisture, dry skin could result. The need for drinking more water and using a moisturizer.

The fact is, a very good moisturizer helps with dry skin. It keeps you looking younger. They supply water to the skin and the grease, in this case, the shea butter holds it in. Vitamin E has moisturizing and healing benefits so it will help to strengthen the skin barrier function and fight off free radicals on the skin which will help to protect the skin from damage.

Each person has a different skin type, what works for one person may not work for all. Research your skin type to see if this product will be beneficial for you. If it is, you won't be sorry you try it.


When I have had a good experience I love to tell it without reservation. I know it is easier to talk about the bad more than the good but I love to do the opposite.

I had the experience of opening a Bank account with the Bank of New York a few years ago. It was a temporary account since I was only working for a few months and then I would return home. But my experiences with the bank was satisfactory.

One thing I love about the employees at the branch in Long Island is than they were very friendly and helpful. The bank was never full because they worked diligently and quickly. I had an experience once at the branch or was it the head office in New York city. I went to withdraw some cash and I did not remember my card and it was left all the way at home in Long Island. When I approached the teller she said I needed my ID in order to get the cash that I needed. I had no ID with me, she wanted to assist me so badly that she asked me if I had anything in my possession with my name printed on it. I had my country's National Insurance card with my name on it and she accepted that. I thought that was customer service that exceeded expectation and she deserved a medal for that. That was awesome.

On my departure I went to my bank, where I opened my account to ask for a cheque, since I was leaving and I wanted to close the account. I was given a cheque but, I then changed my mind and wanted cash instead, this was over six thousand US dollars. I was worried that they would have a problem changing from cheque to cash to my amazement the teller just said, "no problem", tore the cheque up and gave me the cash. Without being upset. So easy, what would have been a difficult task for many.

Overall I enjoyed my experience with the Bank of New York and if I have to do business with them again, it would be without hesitation. Hope they are still in business.


If they break it we will replace it not questions asked. I love that motto, that gives me the impression that you care and if you do I will definitely do business with you.

I bought a few things from Amazon online and I have never had a bad experience with them. I still have a few purchases from them that are still in use, quality products. I absolutely love their website, there are so much for the eyes to see. It compels you to buy even when you are just browsing.

My friend regularly buys from them and she has never had a complaint other than buying the wrong sizes, that's her fault really. I don't mind when she does though because I end up getting the products.

What I love about Amazon too is that they are an online electronic department store where you can shop for computers, apparel, computers, books, DVD's and more. Not only that you can also make money on Amazon by selling your services, sell your apps, become an affiliate, advertise your products, you can self-publish with them, You can actually make money on Amazon. The different ways I mentioned and more. Isn't that awesome.

Another plus is that there are different ways of making payment for purchases with their payment products: Awards Visa card, store card, corporate credit line, you can also shop with points, they have their credit card marketplace and they also have currency converter. They cater to the needs of everyone.

Amazon provides products and services, services in the form of employment not only for those they employ in their immediate circle but for everyone else who take advantage of the services they offer. Whether you want to self-publish with them, become an affiliate, advertise your products or become and Amazon vendor, and there are more to choose from.

Go ahead check out their website whether to buy something or do something, you'll be glad you do.


When we shop we want value for money. We want products that last a lifetime. We want to talk about our purchases, hopefully, others will want to purchase the same product and because we were satisfied we will return to do business again and again.

Well, that was my experience at Gap. Would you believe that about fifteen (15) years ago I bought a pair of Jeans Pant from Gap that I still have in my possession and yes I still wear it. I have not gained a pound in 15 years, aha! Great metabolism. I also bought a few other items that I wore for a very long time because the qualities were awesome.

I would shop at Gap again, the reason; their products are great, the qualities are superlative and even though I shopped there in person just once, I can't complain about the customer service. It was good.

I have noticed though since recently I am not able to browse on their website. You open the first page and you are not able to browse to other pages. I don't think its my browser though I think they are having some technical difficulties with their website. Not good because today most persons shop online. Come on Gap, do better.

To sum up though based on my personal experience I think gap was great a few years ago, hope the experience is the same or better yet even better. Hope to visit again soon.


Money transfer has a very long history, longer than I can even remember. In my country remittance is an income for some people. Families go abroad and send remittance to other family members here to take care of their daily expenses. Remittance has a great significance in the growth and development of developing countries, in terms of receiving and having a steady flow of foreign currency in the country. It has become a very important source of Foreign exchange and balance of payment support. Remittance generates positive effects on the economy by stimulating demands for other goods and service.

Western Union has been one of the most relied on Remittance Service, and the best so far in my Country. I have benefited many times, I have both received and transferred cash through Western Union and one thing I can say about them is that they are fast, efficient and a very reliable service. I have never had a bad experience with them. They will do everything to protect your money and their name. In my Country we would say "You can put you pot on fire for them." Meaning you can rely on them, if someone sends remittance the moment they call you, you can go to the office it is there waiting for you to collect. So you can understand what I mean when I say these wired services are a great help to many countries and nations of the world.

With the changing of time though this once reliable, trustworthy service has become a little "scary", if I have used the correct word. With the advent of "Lotto Scamming" people have become a little weary of Western Union because most of the scammers direct their alleged victims to Western Union to perform their transaction. It was just yesterday that I received a Junk Mail with one of them asking me to send remittance to them and it was just a week and a half ago someone was trying to scam me through an online service and I was asked to wire the money through Western Union. This has made it a lot more difficult to receive remittance, the stakes get a bit higher. As a result Western Union has to change the way they do things several times but nothing changes.

I always think too that with all the money we have been spending with Western Union and the thousands or millions of dollars of profits that they boast annually could they do a little more for us their customers, in terms of offering a more comfortable service. For example, could the customers get a little text message to say the money has reached. If the sender does not call to say so the remittance could be there at the office for days or even weeks with no notification.

The big question though is can Western Union do a lot more to protect its customers or is it the fault of the people to allow themselves to be scammed. Can they do more in terms of advertisements not just focusing on their profits but focus more on protecting their customers from these unscrupulous people. I don't know I may be wrong but that is just what I am thinking. If you depend on me and I depend on you shouldn't we protect each other? I certainly think so.

Overall though Western Union has the larger share of the market in my country and they are doing a very good job in taking care of the remittance needs of the people in this country and I think they will continue to sour to greater heights especially if they address the real needs of the customers.


It is the joy of most mothers to be pregnant. If it is a planned pregnancy it is a jubilation. It's wonderful to be carrying a human being inside of you. If it's your first pregnancy it can be a little overwhelming and you may become a little anxious if you have no knowledge of what to expect, the do's and don't and just having an overall knowledge of your pregnancy.

That was my experience with my first pregnancy until I found this website Baby Center. It is a great website. If you are finding it difficult to conceive they give you information of what you can do to make it possible. There is the ovulation calendar that you can use to assist in this area.

It helps you to keep track of your pregnancy from conception to birth. You are able to track your baby's development, you can sign up with them and receive weekly emails that detail your child development. You are able to subscribe to free email newsletter that can help you to gain information about your baby's development week by week. They have a forum for moms where you can go and get support and share advice from moms whose babies are the same age as yours. You can make selection of baby's names and also see the meaning of these names. There is a due date caledar that can help you to calculate so that you can know when you should give birth. There is also the development calendar to help you track your baby's development, it makes you more aware of whether your baby is growing okay. There are a lot more features to baby center that can help all mothers who are planning to get pregnant, expectant mothers and new mothers.

What I also loved about baby center too is that even after you have delivered your baby they still keep in touch and you can still visit as your baby grows and get additional information in order to make sure that your baby is following the milestones of develoment.

My baby is now seven years old going on eight and most of the information about pregnancy and taking care of a baby I have received from baby center. It was my first pregnancy and I can tell you they really helped expecially the community forum where I spent a lot of time with mothers who shared with me on a regular basis and I shared with them too. In fact I had friends whom I regularly communicated with on baby center. Baby center helped to make my pregnancy a fun one.

I would recommend baby center to all mothers who want to conceive, who are expecting and who already have children and need to share information about their babies. You have nothing to loose, everything to gain. So have fun with your pregnancy and while you do hav fun with baby center.


With more and more people doing business online and many persons working at home for international businesses the need has arisen for people to use international credit and debit cards to transfer and receive cash payments. There are also professional and small businesses looking to get paid by international companies and marketplaces. There are also enterprises or online marketplaces looking to transfer money to beneficiaries internationally so companies like Payoneer are doing a good job.

I must comment though on the fees structure that they have. I think the fees are ridiculously high. Let me just quote some of them to you: Annual Account Maintenance is a cost of twenty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents ($29.95) this is withdrawn from your available balance. A Card Replacement is twelve dollars and ninety-five cents ($12.95). An ATM Withdrawal or Cash Disbursement (via bank teller or in store) is three dollars and fifteen cents ($3.15) per transaction. Whenever you request a withdrawal and it is declined you pay one dollar ($1.00) An asterisk is placed at the bottom of their fee structure to make you aware of the fact that there is a fee for transactions originated in a country outside of the country of issuance OR in a currency different than the card currency above all fees assessed by MasterCard, the one that I have. I do hope there are no more fees Payoneer.

I mean what do you really get at the end of the day. I am not really bashing Payoneer because they really delivered the card to me in record time. I have not used the service yet, so I am yet to see what they really offer but, come on Payoneer do better than that with the fees. This is an economically hard time and we need some of the money too. Isn't that the reason we do all we can to make a living, and the reason we need businesses like yours to help you to stay in the marketplace too? Please leave some of it in our pockets Payoneer and review your fee structures. Thanks.


Target is an American retailing company and it is the second largest discount retailer in the United States behind Walmart. Some of their subsidiaries are: Target Brands, Inc, Target Sourcing Services, Target Global Trade, Inc. among others. Many subsidiaries indeed. So there will be a lot of raves and or reviews about such a company, because of its size and the fact that many Americans and People from around the world will be doing business with this company.

I have not personally done any great shopping at a Target store, in terms of shopping but, what I can say is that I love the layout of the store. I also love the way they arrange their items on the website, many items on one page and easy navigation to the other items on the left that makes it easy to find the products without getting impatient. Great way of finding and shopping at Stores at different locations.

I have friends who do online shopping at Target and as far as I know I have never gotten a bad report or review from them. They usually say they enjoy the free shipping, great items, real value for money and great discounts so I can only base those comments on what my friends say.

In regards to negative comments about target; I do read reports about delay in shipping though but I cant say this is my comment since I have never had them ship anything for me. I have also read negative reports from customers who believed that they have been discriminated against because of their skin color. Customers have also complained about attendants not treating them with respect and giving the kind of customer care they should give. So if there is truth in this I would recommend that Management step up to the plate and deliver. I know that people will always complain even if they are dealing with a perfect business and perfect customer service representatives. People will be people but, never let it be true when the comments are negative.

What I do know via the media though is that Target has been given legitimate status by a recognized organization that vets online Pharmacies and was given legal status. So I think that is a big plus for Target. Go Target, keep doing what you are doing and do it better y as long as you can.


With the very challenging economic climate, the un-availability of suitable jobs and the challenges of commuting to work if you are employed, more and more persons are seeking work at home opportunities, this is a well known fact. As a result of this there are many scammers out there who would stop at nothing to fleece on the innocent who are seeking legitimate work at home opportunities, jobs to do on the internet, at home.

I personally have known of individuals who are actually allowing others to pay them money just to give them one or two of these legitimate sites. I am one such person. I actually paid $JA10,000 just for someone to show me one of these sites and navigate me through it, this I could have done myself if only I knew of the website.

I spent many hours, days, months and money seeking legitimate Internet Income opportunities, at one point I almost gave up because it is not a very easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to search websites to locate legitimate work at home income. I only discontinued my search when I learnt about upwork.com.

It is a Website where you can find Freelancers to do any jobs you want done. These jobs can be done at any time, anywhere. Whereever you are in the world you can be registered on upwork to find available jobs that suits your profile, whether it's Data Entry, Typing, Executive Assistant jobs, Website building, Transcribing, you name it, it's there on upwork. If you want somone to do your job for you or you want to do a job for someone, the site is for all.

I have registered on the site, I am now employed full time so I do not get the chance yet to really actively seek a job, I will soon but I know of invividuals who are making a comfortable income on this site. I will not tell anyone they will get rich if they register on this site but I can tell you if your profile is attractive and you spend quality time reviewing and working this site you will have success.

So all those who are asking you for money to register on a website or to get an application from them that will help you to make thousands per day or week, I say thats an hoax, beware of those sites. Legitimate websites are usually free to sign up and they do not promise anything that sounds too good to be true. You have to work hard on upwork to accomplish your desired goal, that is of making a satisfactory income.IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS NOT TRUE.

Tip for consumers:
Just make your profile attractive and catchy in order to get jobs and stars.


I am from the Caribbean so it is not very often that I get the opportunity to shop at Walmart but whenever I get a chance to do so it is usually a great experience for me. Whenever I visit the United States Walmart is usually the place to shop for me. The Walmart where I usually shop is a few miles away, but, I travel that distance because my first experience was great so I always go back to shop at Walmart.

What I like about shopping at Walmart is the fact that you can layaway, this is what I usually do. I work a few months, take my time to pay for the products and whenever my stay is up I pay the balance and take my products. This is great service because people do not always have the money to pay for goods and service all at one time. I hope they still have that service. I haven't been to the US for a while now so I hope nothing changes when I return.

Another service that I love is the very friendly customer service. I am from the Caribbean so I love great customer service and a family like atmosphere, this is what I notice about the employees at Walmart. They are very friendly and helpful and they give great customer service. They are family-like and they treat the customers the same. After a few visits, I was known by a few employees who are always looking out to assist me with my purchases and someone is always available and willing to assist me whenever I ask for assistance. They treat every customer equally as far as I noticed.

What I did not like though was the long line of people returning goods that they previously purchased. Maybe because that does not exist in my country, I am not used to that kind of service. I do know it is not as a result of buying inferior goods because I think they have great quality products. I just think it is the culture of the American people. They buy something and they do not like it anymore so they return it.

Overall I rate Walmart as the number one place to shop whether you live in the States or you are just visiting. I will give up shopping at Walmart for nothing, in fact, I am dying to go to the United States just to shop at Walmart. I shop almost nowhere else for items to take back to my country when I visit the US. Walmart is the place to shop.

Tip for consumers:
Walmart is the place to shop everytime.


Having your own website to advertise your Business, Goods and Services is the way to go. Almost everyone has their own website. It's the way to advertise, it's actually the way to go.

A few years ago I was about to pay for a ten weeks course in Web page designing, it never happened until about three months ago I saw an advertisement on a particular website inviting people to join the website designing boot camp. This boot camps goal is to help people to set up their own personal website in two days. The cost is $10,000 (ten thousand Jamaican dollars) and you are to take your credit card with you to pay an additional US$60 for the Url so that is pretty much JA$16,000 (sixteen thousand Jamaican dollars).

I mentioned it to someone and they told me not to pay any money to set up a website because I can find a site on the internet that can offer me the service for free. I decided to search for myself and gave up until I stumbled on wix.com. I decided to try it myself, by the way, I am not very technologically savvy. I do pretty good on Microsoft office applications but I know little or nothing about web page designing. Anyway, I decided to go on the website and try my hand at it. To my great surprise, and happiness I was actually able to set up a website on my own. I actually started it today on wix.com, I am not finished yet, I have saved it to continue because of time constraint. That is the reason I have decided to do this review. I have gained satisfaction and I want others to benefit too.

You do not have to have a knowledge of programming, HTML or javascript, It is a simple step by step process. Your can create your web page of your design with animation and all of this is for free. The only thing you need is a domain name. Isn't that great!

Well, I know it has helped me because now I can create a web page and this I did for free and I also have the knowledge on hand to share. So if you ever think about building your own web page why not try wix.com you will be glad you do.

Tip for consumers:
Great Service, try it, you will be glad you do.


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