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Monique R.

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About Me

I love to try new places, but am very careful. I also love to write reviews to help others. And of course read reviews.


Reading, journaling, and cooking

24 Reviews by Monique

I needed an after 5 maternity dress and was not happy with the selections at MM. So I started searching some sites. I came across ASOS and was worried because it's another overseas vendor and that makes me nervous. I was showing the picture of the dress to a co-worker who said that she shops at the regular online stores and she had success and said the only thing I needed to be be sure of is the sizing and that there are warehouses in the US. I went over for a few days in my head and decided to order - and held my breath...
The dress arrived and I held my breath some more as I opened the package and put it on. I was in shock. It looked amazing. no hanging threads, the stitching was good and the dress fit perfectly.
I don't usually take risks with my clothes, but I guess having someone I know who had a good experience inspired me a little bit.
I've ordered a lot of items from Rue, but the last order - nothing worked. I had to send it all back. I was very disappointed. The customer service reps were very nice and they sent me the shipping labels, but they received my returns 2 days ago and I haven't seen a credit. I've always found it interesting that they can take your funds right away, but it takes up to 10 days to put them back. I will give an update as to my refund and see if the stars go up, down, or stay the same.
Be careful ordering from LVNV Toys. They are a whole seller through WalMart. And while they are located in Temple City, CA, the email I received about an item I want to return is strangely in broken English (like the Chinese scam sites), and they aren't paying for shipping (much like the Chinese scam sites), AND they are charging me a restocking fee of 20% (very much like the Chinese scam sites). So is it worth it to send back a 18.99 backpack when I have to pay the shipping and they are taking money too? I think not. So now I'm stuck with a backpack, that I'll likely find use for, but I will never order from them again. Here is the email I received. I love the threat to tell WalMart #imsoscared-not

When we get the package back, we will refund the money to your account. (RESTOCK FEES 20%)

The item must be in the manufacturer's original packaging, in brand new condition, and include all packing material.


I'm almost glad that I didn't read the reviews before I placed several orders with Fanatics, but now that I've read them I'm definitely going to be a little bit more cautious with my orders.

To date I haven't had any problems with getting orders on time and the quality of the product. However, I noticed that through my search they tend to get a lot a lot of older merchandise. For example, they have the BC game shirts from the ND - Tide game from like 3 years ago and are charging a crazy price for it. So no, I wouldn't buy that when I can go to the ND 'off the rack' store and get it for a much lower price if I really wanted to have it as a collectors item. Just like I have looked at some of the college store sites and found merchandise much cheaper. So for me it's all about price checking. The shipping has been good though.
Chastity S. – Fanatics Rep
Hello Monique, We are so happy to hear that you had a great experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to let us know! We look forward to the opportunity to serve you again soon. Sincerely, Julian
I went to JCP to purchase a spring jacket. I get to the register and tell them that I have a military discount to the cashier who is checking me out. The cashier next to him gets this attitude and says, "No don't give it to her because we can only give it on Veteran's day." The cashier tells her that he's never heard that before and I also ask her when did it start because I was recently there and the cashier I worked with then was the one who told me about it and to be sure to ask about it because some cashiers don't know they give it. I'm getting this information from someone who has Vets in her family. The cashier continues to argue with the cashier that is checking me out, then she says, "Give it to her if you want to but I'm not getting in trouble!" REALLY JCP? I didn't realize my husband, who is currently deployed only serves the country on Veteran's Day. It's good to know that over the last 21 years of service that he's only served 20 days according to your policy. I take issue with any business that treats our Veterans like crap and this was crap! It would be 1 star, but the cashier still gave me the discount in spite of what the bitter cashier had to say. And the fact that she was going to argue with him in front of a customer...terrible customer service.
I thought that this would be a great deal, but it's one of the worse things I've ever encountered.

I can't use the app because it's always 'jumping' and there are no restaurants near me that will even take the voucher. I have $75 worth of vouchers that I can't even use. This is such a scam, I don't even know why people continue to get these things. Stay far away!
I am an extreme couponer and Target was my jam! I loved getting the products, the gift cards, and the catalinas, but sadly due to their recent stance on the bathroom issue I have had my last shopping experience there. I can't fathom allowing my 12 year old go into the bathroom alone anymore in a store that allows a person to use a bathroom based on what they feel they are. So, if I wake up and feel like I am a horse, does that mean I stop speaking and start nahing, I start walking on all 4s, and get a prosthetic tail? Absolutely not because I would been sent the nearest professional for a psych evaluation. My job is to keep my child safe and if I knowingly can't keep them safe in a store why should I go there? Targets job is sell products not get into social/political issues.

Bye Target, it's been real and this parting is bitter sweet, but I have to go.
I was with another dating website for a little bit and realized quickly that it was not what I was looking for. I was looking for a sight were people didn't just have to put that they were religious or were raised Catholic, or Baptist or whatever other denomination. I wanted one where there would be chat rooms and conversations about faith and scripture and other important aspects of the Christian faith. NOW, this is what I know from all of my years spent in private Baptist schools and in church and also being a pastor's daughter - just because a person says they are a Christian doesn't mean they are SAVED. And I'm sure there is someone reading this who knows exactly what I am talking about and understands the difference. In short, anyone raised in a Bible believing God fearing church can call themselves Christian, but to be saved means that the person has a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. So, with that being said and knowing this I knew that just like on any other site there would be people who said one thing but did and lived another.

So I met 2 gentlemen. One gentleman was Mennonite. He was very nice and we had wonderful conversations both every day conversations and faith based. But he just wasn't the one for me.

The second gentleman. So let me preference this by saying, growing up my father told me he always prayed for myself and my siblings and our future spouses and he told me that when we find the right one we will just know it. So now, I'm going through my matches for the day and I must have went through about 15 of them, some I gave smiles to others I skipped over, but when I got to number 16, I stopped and literally said out loud, "He is the one." It wasn't a extra special picture or anything, it was just a picture of him in his ASUs - and let me add - I have never had any interest in military men - none what so ever! But every once of me said that he was the one. I smiled at him and from there we emailed back and forth, then after about 2 weeks we met, and then a year later we were married. And yes we are both saved. For God to lead me to him he would have to have been because God knows what my father prayed for and what I prayed for in my husband.

So I had a fine experience. I think people go into online dating with unrealistic expectations. I read the post from the gentleman who said the woman wanted him to buy her something. He could've met that same lady on the street and guess what? She probably still would've asked you to buy her something. That is just who she is, nothing to do with the website.

People have heard that church girls are naive and easy so of course people posing as Christians are going to be on the site, duh? If a guy/dog hears easy he wants it.

So I have nothing but good things to say about Christian Mingle.
I got a Groupon for a great price to get a decorative spoon and fork set. After I ordered I realized that they didn't have a telephone number, so immediately I got nervous, but what made it even worse is even after I ordered I didn't a confirmation email with my order number. They also don't update you when the order is shipped. I had to email them twice. Once to get the order number and the last time to find out if the order had shipped. I received a prompt to my first email, but the second email I had to email them a couple of days later and threaten that if I didn't get a reply about the status my next email would be to the BBB. That seemed to provoke some action and I got an email telling me that my items shipped and also gave me a tracking number, that was trackable.

Well, I received the product and I am very happy with it, but I'm a little concerned about there not being a telephone number and not even being updated that my order was complete with a confirmation number or not even getting an email that it was ready and had shipped. So I'm not sure if I would use them again until they fix those things.
I was first 'introduced' to Shutterfly through an internet search for wedding save the dates. Because I was a bride on a very strict budget, I took advantage of the promotion they were having at that time. My save the dates were beautiful and they came on time. So I ordered from them again because I got another promotion for some free cards so I decided to use it to get the Thank You cards for the wedding. Needless to say the cards were beautiful and I got the cards in a timely fashion....Because I ordered so much through them I was able to get a discount on a photo album. I made the album and made some mistakes by duplicating a couple of the pictures a couple of times, so this is why I didn't give them 5 stars because they should've caught that and asked me about it so that I could've corrected it...but none the less I was happy with the album...so fast forward a couple of years ( I got married in 2014)... I recently took advantage of their Leap Year offer for free frig magnets. I ordered 4 of them on Feb. 29th. I was told that they wouldn't arrive until March 16th. I couldn't quite understand why so long, but I wasn't in a rush so it really didn't matter. But I received my magnets yesterday and they are wonderful. I have nothing but good to say about Shutterfly.

Now let me say this, I didn't know anything about Sitejabber before I ordered from them and I'm kind of glad that I didn't because I wouldn't have ordered the things that I needed for my wedding from them. I'm not sure why so many bad reviews, but unless something changes down the line with my ordering I am a loyal customer.
I was offered a free canvas for doing a survey. I started putting the canvas together but decided that I wanted to make sure that was the picture I wanted to use. When logged back in to order the canvas, which was about 8 hours later, I no longer had a free canvas and they were trying to charge me. I went back to the email to make sure there wasn't any expiration time or date that I missed and there wasn't. So I immediately went to their contact informaiton and there was no telephone number. Now if there is one thing I've learned from reading SiteJabber reviews is that is bad news. All they had was an email form to fill out that they doesn't work until they open their offices at 9 a.m. Since when can't I send an email during off hours???

So, while I didn't get to order from them I decided not to because for one my canvas was to be free and now they are trying to charge me and second they don't have a contact telephone number and third, while only one person has reviewed them so far on here I looked at other reviews and they weren't so good. And as the saying goes, if everyone is saying the same thing about you there has to be some truth to it. I'd rather pay the money to a company I know will do a good job on my canvas and has a toll free customer service number.
I love the products at BBB. I recently ordered some things for my new home and they all came as expected and were even secured to be sure that nothing got broken, but what upset me was that if I would've used my coupon I would've paid more because i lost the free shipping. What type of crazy is that? You give me a discount, but I have to order more to keep the free shipping? Yea, that doesn't make since. Overall, I would still order from them, but I would check to be sure it's at the store first so I can use my discounts.
I've been an advocate for Khol's since my mother started shopping there. I think that sometimes they do over price everything, but they do have nice sales and clearances. I ordered some items for my new home and they came quickly and undamaged. I didn't have any problems with the ordering process. The only thing I didn't like was that once I added my discount it took me under the $49 needed for free shipping. Why give me a discount and then take it away - the products end up being cheaper without the discount.
To those of you looking to order or wanted to order from various Chinese scam sites DO NOT DO IT! I like to browse the different sites just to see whose designs they have stolen and I tried to look at Dressily and they are part of a very large lawsuit along with over 3000 other sites. Now if this doesn't turn you away, then shame on you! But let this be a warning that there is a serious problem with the scam sites and finally something is being done about it. I know what it is like to be a bride on a budget. I have been there, but I found my perfect dress in my country within my price range and my range was only up to $300 but it can happen. Was it the dress that I dreamed of as a young girl? Nope, but what do I know about the price of things at 15 y/o. My day was fantastic because while the planning and preping are definitely an important thing after spending 12 months for an 8 hour day the most important thing is the marriage.

I encourage you to try to go to the website and you will get the counterfit notice and can look at the list of sites that have been shut down. Please don't waste your time or money
I ordered my son's birthday/Christmas gift from the website. It was easy to navigate through and I understood everything that I needed to do.
Once I received the package I checked to be sure everything was in it. It looked like one of the games was missing. I called customer service and they were nice enough to send another game out. I have since found the game (it was stuck on the bubble wrap that fell behind the bed) and will be sending the other game back. I would definitely order form them again.
I am so disappointed in Finishline.
I wrote a review before about how they messed up our Christmas order, but I gave them another chance, but after Sunday, April 24th, I am completely done with them.
They have become what a lot of businesses are becoming - UnPatriotic, UnAmerican.
I went to buy my son a new pair of shoes and I showed them my military card and I was told that only Finishline stores near a base are getting the discount now. I disputed that because we have a base and hour away - how much closer do they want it to be. The sales clerk agreed with me, but told me the corporate has made a list of the stores that can give the discount. All I could say is wtf!? So you mean to tell me that if a Marine, Soldier, Airman, or Seaman, retires away from a base they no longer get their discount for their service to their country? You mean to tell me that Finishline's bottomline is so selfish that Reservist or National Guard don't get a discount because they aren't near a base. This is some bs and I'm calling it! I'm absolutely done with Finishline now.

Our society is too busy applauding people like Bruce Jenner for cutting off their private parts and equal bathrooms to even see the stupidity in that. How about the men and women who serve and want to get their child that $120 pair of gym shoes and because of their discount at Finishline they can actually do that, only to find out that now they can't because to Finishline, their service means nothing to corporate. Surely they can't be giving out that many service discounts a year to have made this decision.

I thank my husband and all of the men and women who are serving and have served and I'm sorry that some businesses in your own country can't even give you the respect you deserve because you fought for them to be able to run their business with out the threat of attack.

Never again Finishline - you got my last dime!
I guess I got lucky with my Groupon. I did a food coupon and was told that I could redeem it on my phone. I'm usually skeptical about doing such so I also printed out the voucher.
Well needless to say when we got to the restaurant the voucher was still on my phone so that was a relief.

I haven't really ordered any goods from them. I've seen a lot of things that I would like to get but haven't had the guts to go for it. Maybe I will start small and see how it turns out.
I recently ordered an evening gown from Macys.com. It was one of the easiest experiences I've had and I order a lot online. I signed up to get notifications of the delivery process and once it was delivered I got an email notifying me that it was there and that someone had signed for it. That really gave me a peace of mind. I would definitely order from them again.
I have had Netflix for 3 years now and I am loving the experience. I especially like that they are getting more shows sooner. I like the array of family and kid friendly shows.

Just like any other internet based service they have their problems, but they are minimal.
I tried to order products today and the website kept crashing. I had to call to place my order - taking up time that I don't have. It seems that once a company gets to a certain amount of customers they start to lack in services.

And then on top of that there was nothing in the rewards catalog that I wanted and the one thing that I might have wanted was out of stock and they had several other items out of stock. I may have to find someone else to order from or just buy from BBandB, they have k-cups there.

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