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35 Reviews by mister

I have used this service for some years now. It is the only company that I would give top marks. More recently I found that they have an onion address which I now use. So this makes them even better. The searches always bring relevant results. Its always difficult to write lots about a company that is good.


I have noticed of late, that their search engine in displaying results is not working properly. When one place a '-' in front of a word then one does not want to see that word in the results. What is happening instead is that one gets every search result with that word; this is an error, and its a general error.
On the surface, they appear to be good, with nice communication and fast delivery. But recently I have discovered, due to accessing my credit reference report, that they are doing stuff behind the scenes and out of sight, or where they think few people will look, and with dubious permission even though they are following the rules.

I found, due to receiving a credit report that bullionbypost have been marking and checking my credit reference file - admittadly not a hard/permanent footprint, but all the same I thought this strange, after all I do not buy on credit.

So I contacted them to ask why they are doing this. They pointed to KYC (Know Your Customer) as the reason as to why they did this. For two replies all they would say was that it was down to KYC and that they are following regulations. So I went to the Inland Revenue website and looked up KYC rules - it turns out that its not that clear. From what I could gather there are certain guidlines before you check a customer Credit File - did I purchase using funds from many sources...no; did I make a purchase of over 15,000 Euros...no; but the last rule of KYC basically gives the instruction to check 'just because' which bullionbypost was following and simultaeneuosly ignored the first two rules. My last communication with bulionbypost pointed this out, to which I am still waiting for a reply after all this time...
I found due to needing to call PP about something that my telephone number is linked to a paypal account - I do not have a paypal account.

Over the course of three weeks - obsessive - I have telephoned them to get the account removed from my telephone number; I found it disturbing after all what other details are linked to my number, bank, name, address...

Not one I have called have helped, I have had dubious excuses thrown at myself as to why , but no unlinking.

1... I have paid for something online and the online merchant has used paypal behind my back - as I rebutt when you purchase something there are clearly at least two ways to pay, paypal or a proper online card merchant, and besides surly a paypal payment would show on my bank statement - to which the phone is slammed down by them.

2...That I should contact my telephone company to have them do something about my telephone number being linked to a paypal account - rebuttal why does everyone else have to run around for paypal changing their records? - phone slammed down by them.

3...I have called paypal before.

I could go on and on with the scams and fastones they have pulled, but suffice it to say that this is a company that the employees think they can do what they want.

BTW also can not make a complaint, unless you are a member aka have agreed to their conditions and rules - WTF!!!

Also keeping one in a telephone queue for as long as they do is rude.
As we all should know by now GG offer a lot of services, including youtube. To be able to post on youtube you need an account. So now you have setup an account - with a password. And I want to emphasise with a password. So now you try to login from another machine/browser. You are blocked even though the password is correct. So what then is the point of the password? Ok so you can reset the password - or are required to reset the password to something different. But...but...but... to get through to this you enter the current password, which means the current password is OK, as they recognise it. SO what is the FRIGGIN POINT??? So essentially, if you dont bow down, and drop your trousers and do everything they want you have no account for no good reason. Also, if there has been a serious security breach as they claim is the reason for forcing a password change then surely this procedure allows the scammer/hacker to reset the password?

Also, the forcing of double authenication, via blocking access to your account, unless you supply a code that is sent to your moble - I have deliberatly not enabled double authentication.

And, I delberetely, have opened an account from one machine with the intention of using that one machine only to login - but gurgle still makes the claim that there is something different about my login and force the double authenication procedure - same OS, same router, same isp, same browser same...
Bought what was advertised as 100% cotton shirts. Turned out that they were a cotton/polyester mix. Complained to alibaba. Went through their process. Took photos of the label that shown the percentage of the mix. All the while the seller with the broken english was complaining that he had done nothing wrong - "dears". Alibaba made a decision. Because it was 80% cotton I was to be refunded 20% of the cost of one shirt. But I bought two shirts together. They had the same order number. I sent photos of two shirts - different colours. They didnt put two-and-two together. The western way is to get a full refund - not 20%. As it turns out I did not even get that money. So no refund - 'dears'!!! As thick as two short planks put together. They make a poodle look intelligent.
I had a telephone conversation with one of their woman representatives about the co-operatives email address and that I wanted her to give it to myself. Instead of doing what I asked she repeatedly tried to scam myself for my details before she would even bother to deal with the request; but for something that does not require a login as I was not requesting anything to be done with the account, I know this is not needed and refused to succumb. Nonetheless she tried and tried and tried. She then out of the blue made the claim that she found myself 'threatening'; I was a little surprised, and asked how so? She then changed the subject to avoid answering the question citing her need to get a supervisor as a diversionary tactic. But I kept pressing for an answer as to why she found myself aggressive, to which I got no answer.

I then made a written complaint. the first response was basically a switch around where they looked for something to blame myself, and then turn my complaint into a complaint about myself - but what I brought to them was not answered, and they also found that they had done nothing wrong as part of their standard process.

I made another complaint about the handling of the complaint. The point was taken that my complaint had been switched to a complaint about myself, but then the same result ie they have done nothing wrong was achieved via a different method.

They did backwardly admit by including the woman calling myself 'threatening' that the incident did take place, but you have to laugh at the reason why she did not change the subject that was made "...strictly speaking she did not change the subject, she asked to get a supervisor..." but still there is no explanation for this statement.

Ironically, a few weeks later I called again, and asked whether they had got my emails; I was then put through the same bogus validation that is completely unnecessary given what I was asking. This call ended and I had to call again, this time though I was told that they had the email, and the woman also registered a complaint and found in my favour - for something that is essentially the same as the first complaint - emails!

But no according to the complaints investigator, this second complaint that was found in my favour was found in my favour because there was a yes/no answer.

The email address of the co-operativebank is on their website, but the explanation given as to why this first woman would not give myself the email address is "...I do not agree that Nicola declined to provide an email address..." but she did by trying manipulate the situation by using leveraging what I wanted to get what she wanted first - a competition, and they are always leveraging this is how they operate, and then deny they have done anything wrong when challenged about this behaviour and make the statement "we are here to help".

What they have done with the complaints could be summerised as follows; should I punch you to the ground you would not be happy, but I know that if you do not have the money to take myself to court, and I know the bodies charged with dealing with this will not, then you have to bring myself to do something about it - it is not in my best interests to admit I have done anything wrong. I will say that I need to instigate an investigation, but the only reason why is to find anything against you that you did that I can use to lesson my culpability. Worse still I am the judge, jury and executioner - I control the outcome.

What they should do is admit that they have done something wrong, punish the person who did it, and promise not to do it again. What they are doing in actuality is trying to pull a fast one where they get to rejudge (what you have found to be wrong and what is wrong) in their favour, then palm it off as the real judgement.
I have posted reviews on trustpilot of various companies. I was doing so just a week ago where I posted one review and it was accepted, then I went to post another. Its at this point that I was logged out. I contacted them by email to explain the problem. Just got a reply back today. Apparently their "advanced software" had noticed "patterns" and this was why it happened. They have not explained what they mean by pattern nor offered to rectify the situation. I am just without being told (manipulation) banned from posting out of the blue with no adequate explanation. So ironically I am posting on sitejabber about trustpilot - ha!

[UPDATE] - OK, since the above this has happened. They reinstated my account - or did they? You see despite being now able to login and see my reviews, I can only see my reviews when I am logged in. If I am not logged in my reviews do not appear in the general timeline. I have contacted them about this a couple of times, and they claim that there is no problem. So I made a more thorough check. I used two browsers. One browser I was logged in to trustpilot, and the second I was not. Sure enough, I could not see my reviews on the browser where I was not logged in, but could with the browser I was logged in with. So I made one final complaint. I mentioned yet again what I had read twitter were doing, and that is "shadow accounting". This practice is exactly as I have just described. It is where for all intents and purposes when logged in you can post and see your reviews - but no one else can. This is what trustpilot is doing as well.

[Further update] - They have relented and given back full site privileges.
Cant login to Amazon when using tor. Cant even retrieve a lost password without going through the 'spanish inquisition'. I will buy from elsewhere then - shall I amazon?
I have contacted these clowns on numerous occasions in the past 24 hours. Reason is that I received a letter from a company offering me a loan that I have never had any dealings with. This produced an itch that needed to be scratched. So I contacted the company. It turned out they had got my details from equifax. I have no account with equifax; (I did quite some time ago have a trial account that was cancelled before I had to pay anything). But as I write I have no account with equifax. I then contacted equifax for an explanation. I have been given the run-around. The indian call centre staff are almost incomprehensible, as anyone speaking english is to them. They are not interested in what you want; they are only interested in what they want. I like the way the caller can go into a rant about why they are calling and the problems they are having, and the question comes back from the hapless call centre staff "why are you calling" (I call it the magic eight ball, that is if they dont like what you say they pretend you havent said anything and ask why you are calling over and over again until they get an answer they can deal with - like shaking the magic eight ball when you dont get the result you wanted). At all points when I contact them they presume they can pull up my details from a non existent account, and dont know how to cope when you challenge them about that.

The excuses they have given. They have tried to blame a building society or a bank for giving equifax details. But this is a red herring as its the banks and building societies that come to them for details. They have tried to blame the electorial role and myself for not ticking the box that stops one from being placed on the open register. I always tick the box to stop that from happening.

Here is another for you; it quite clear from the tone of the conversation and the way the conversation is progressing what you want to be done by them. Instead of doing this, they ask whether you want it done. I reply "what do you think?" bear in mind the general direction of the conversation. If they dont get an answer that complies with what they want they pretend they dont know what to do. They even go as far when challenged about this to say something like - well judging from what you have said I would say you would like me to do this. But still nothing is done until they get a certain three letter word.

I had one of their call centre staff, come back from yet another break, to then ask me whether I am going to answer his questions. But due to my considerable experience calling call centres I immediately knew what he was up to. He had gone away to ask a supervisor for permission to put the phone down on myself, and had been given the go-ahead to do so as long as he once again checks by asking myself that question before putting the phone down. I told him of this instead of answering his question, and included that he was using the call to keep his job. he agreed before putting the phone down on myself.

All I can write is morons.
Recently told Trustpilot to delete/remove all my posts and basically close the account.

Why? Well, a company (onestream.co.uk) which is an ISP in the UK, did not pick up the phone, or respond to an email I sent, so I posted what happened to myself on Trustpilot. The company then complained to Trustpilot about the post claiming I was not a customer and then that I had no contact with them either. Trustpilot removed my post with the proviso that if I could supply proof, then the post would be reinstated - I refused and made a counter argument, that if they check my post in this way then they need to check every post on their site to make sure that there was contact, otherwise if they do not check every post then they should not check mine either, just for fairness.

I received an email from someone called manuel, who did a cut'n'paste job of trustpilot rules - my reply 'that is not the question'.

He then, made a more compressed and more personal explanation of the rules - but again this did not answer the question/point, and was basically going over the same point he tried to make in his first email; I suppose he thought it would be rude to just repeat the cut'n'paste job, or would the rudeness be too obvious LOL!!!

He then did the same thing for a third time.

it was obvious that he was trying to avoid addressing the point I had made and therefore validating my point/contention - a typical neo-liberal move, he also got shirty when I pulled him up over his claim that there was no pre-screening of posts by my replying that there is just post-deletion.

So I told them where to go and close the account and delete all posts.
I have had need t use an anonymous email service; after searching and testing I came upon anonymouse. All I can say is that it worked. Good job.
Just spent the better part of 90 minutes on three calls with these clowns. The first call the female representative could not get past forcing myself to answer a question which I could have supplied any answer I wanted and she would be non the wiser. When it became clear to her that I was not going to help her keep her job, she hung up.

The second call I asked another female representative whether they have call logging feature because of the question I was asked on the first call. This one tried to make out that she had no idea what call logging is, only to go on and use call-logging to tell myself that I had called before and what the call was about. She them went on to pull a classic call centre trick, that is say just wait a moment, then after a certain amount of time has elapsed, come back to the phone put the phone down, because there is a rule that states that if a certain amount of time has passed with no sound then the hapless employee can put the phone down - no thats not using the call to keep her job - now is it?

The third, I was to a superviser, who subsequently refused to answer questions about what had happened on the first two calls, who deflected, who made excuses about deflecting, then made an excuse for herself to put the phone down. And just as she was I told her to eff-off. And she and they deserve it.

Needless to say but I have just sent them an email to close the account.
Upon the first three calls I made to this company, all three women I talked with, subsequently wrote, on my record, that I had not answered security questions. I pointed out when I found out about this that the opposite was true. The manager I was talking with found that I was correct, and he apologised profusely; but that set the tone of my stay with plusnet.

Here is one for you, just to show that they are playing the caller and are not very good at it. I state that they must have my details on the screen as I am calling them using the line I rent from them The reply I got was sublime and went something like this "No, no, no, it doesnt matter that you are calling us using the line that you rent from us, we have no details on the screen, it is a white screen, a blank screen. I am waiting for you to give me the answers to the questions so that I can pull up your details (drum roll for the punch line) Mr Jones!!!"

Here is how it ended. I had had enough of them, so I put in a termination of contract request. This takes two weeks to go through because of the BT engineers. Near the end I cancel the termination request, and I am told that the termination request had been cancelled. But as it turns out there is a difference between what they claim is happening and what will happen. At the end of the two weeks on a Monday I awake, do my stuff, and then went to switch on the internet. Nothing - no connection. Same with the phone line. You see by the end they were taking my protestations personally, and this move by plusnet was personal. They had no intention of cancelling the cancellation.

So I would say stay away.
Initially signed up with this outfit, but later cancelled due to the stupidity of call centre staff question "is this your account?". However a couple of weeks later I tried to resign with them (I know its not rational!!). This time over the phone she said they were using the postoffice database for finding addresses. I challenged this as if one goes to the postoffice website and put a postcode in to their search box what fuelbroadband has is not the same as the postoffice database. Surely the postoffice is using the correct database. But no, don't admit we are wrong or lying. So I could not sign up over the phone. But I could do it online, that is of course if I ignore the error in their database - wrong address put in their by another isp - yes its a isp database not postoffice database. Anyway I signed up online and waited for the result. Failure. When asked via their site I was given that it 'may' be reltated to a credit reference agency. So I got a statutary credit report for myself from the credit reference agency. No footprint from fuelbroadband - they had not on either occasion checked the credit reference database. I called and pointed out this fact to them. Anyway, avoid if you do mind being lied to by hapless call centre staff. BTW this outfit was once called newcalltelecom.
It's difficult to know where to start. For myself it was and is always about their customer service over the phone and in writing. I suppose it may be best summed up by this quip - "we don't lie, we just don't tell the truth he-he-he aint we clever". Their attitude is that the customer is even more stupid than they are, and as a consequence can say and do what they like, and the customer has to do what the hapless call centre staff likes as well. Awful. they have put me off from having another provider for a long time.

Not only the above but they will say anything to make a sale - in otherwords lie - claim that everything they do is covered by OFCOM and when challanged try to say well "we are a telecommunications company and OFCOM handle telecommunication companies" and when this is challenged by splitting different areas such as the ICO handles data protection not OFCOM, their reply 'is how do you know this?' - the question is why do they 'not' know this? BTW according to talktalk OFCOM also allows them to do a credit check - but they dont as I contacted OFCOM who were annoyed at myself, said they did not, and told me to contact the company.

There is also the small matter of 27 identical entries in a row on my account notes which when talktalk were asked they refused to supply an explanation, hiding behind rules that have already been fulfilled ie I have proved identification to be able to receive the account notes in the first place, therefor I have already provided identification to receive an explanation; but no this is where talktalk say they do not know who they are dealing with and that I need to supply the same identifying information even though we are continuing with the same topic and line of enquiry - but of course they are covered by OFCOM right?
At the beginning of 2015 I tried to buy some silver from this company. I was having some trouble with payment at the time, but informed the company of the troubles. At first they said ok, but then I received an email informing that they had cancelled the order - I had the money in cash btw. Go forward a number of months and I tried to place another order. I was told that because "I" had cancelled the order I could no longer place any order. I pointed out, and proved with emails that they sent that they had cancelled the order. But no, would not accept by not responding, after they had been shown the proof. Make your own mind up.
Paid £461 sterling for 50 silver coins. Paid by bank transfer. Paid within time period. No delivery. No explanation. No communication. Phone always engaged or no answer. Rip-off avoid.

Received an email from them this morning stating that they are now trading under a changed url - eurgold.de

EDIT - This company/business is no longer about. The owner a certain Shane Buckley packed his bags and ran after trying on zerohedge to restart the scam with another website - goldbullioneu - He was thrown off the zerohedge website, the new site was immediately moth balled, and that is that.
Trying to set an account up. Came to the payment options. Found that even though their was an option box next to paypal this was a faux option. It is compulsory to tick the paypal 'choice'. Weird. I,m guessing that legally you can make a payment anyway you like, but ebay want to 'legally' force you to use paypal. Once you tick the box your choice has gone. I telephoned on numerous occasions as I could not understand why there was an option box, but it was not an option. After one hollow reply after another, the account was closed by ebay. I am now for life permanently banned from having an ebay account, unless I send documentation ie photos of myself. Strangely it hasnt killed me and I fail to see the punishment or bad effect of this. They are basically a law unto themselves. Judge, jury and executioners. The wild west.
It began three days ago where I was forced to contact Santander to try to change the OTP (One Time Password), as I was stopped from doing this with the online-account. I truly believe that if a person has entered the correct details, and as a consequence have got into the account then that person should then have the free run of the facilities - they dont think so.

Despite being told that I have passed security on at least three separate occasions (and on a fourth occasion having the phone put down on myself) they still would not help, as they thought that now they was going to ask more security questions - surly if you pass security - you have passed security - period!

But they wanted to change the rules of the game half way through, and now claim that they knew who was calling but still more security was needed to be passed. A bird does not have three, four or five wings, as two is enough, likewise in triangulating a mobile phone three masts are used not four, five or six, as three is enough, only a certain amount of questions is required to know who you are speaking with, anymore is doing it just because. Its not my fault they made a mistake by saying I had passed security, they should abide by what they claim.

They kept saying they know not who is calling, but if that is the case they also would not have any account details on the screen, yet they do, as they then blocked my use of an ATM, blocked access to my account online, and are holding what money I have in the account as a kind of ransom until they get what they want, which is to go to a branch with id - even though I have passed security. If they did not know who is calling they would not know which account to target - just to reiterate.

They are basically $#*! slapping me until they get what they want. Unfortunately for them I am not financially in dire straits, so there goes that leverage for them.
Have moved to this bank only two months ago, and already I am deeply troubled by their front line customer service telephone staff.

I telephoned three times on the trot, and and had to telephone this many times as I was not getting anywhere with the procedure.

I had one woman who would not even go ahead with the so-called security procedure if I did not say I was happy with the procedure, or at least not say I was unhappy with what she was doing, she also avoided answering, and repeatedly avoided answering any points I was making over her behaviour.

The second woman, even though she said I had passed security, would not do anything for myself unless I repeated every single sentence, to which I refused - I am not going to be treated like a fool and with a complete lack of respect just so she can keep her job; I thought that with call centre staff if you pass security they help - not the case with TSB bank.

I made a report in writing; their initial acknowledgement was full of we're here to help etc..I also put in my initial letter that I did not want a complaint to be made or it turned into a complaint. So what did they do...it was turned into a complaint, and they white washed everything, then claimed I had been treated fairly, before of course saying I could go to the FOS if I am unhappy with their response.

I sent a letter back pointing out that I had not wanted to make a complaint to try to stop them doing what they did, that is claiming that they have done nothing wrong, protecting their colleagues and the company and ultimatly themselves, before going on to describe what I thought if the whole process and that the only reason why it was made into a complaint by themselves was to do just that - to protect themselves as they know the complaints dept almost invariable rubber stamps that nothing wrong has happened.

Their reply was basically this is our final response - sod-off - but not in those words!

A bunch of bare faced liars if ever you come across.

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