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New incantation of International Male. Well stocked site of men's clothing and accessories. The company has sales and clearance items, otherwise fairly pricey items at this site. Their Paypal link is buggy, otherwise company is open to comments and reviews.

Some hidden gems at this site for 'menswear', the site also features many designers items. Can be a bit slow in getting items along, yet, responsive to inquiries.


Increasingly popular site. This company is really growing and evolving. Originally, based in Australia and has a web presence in North America.

Incredible selection of mens clothing and undergarments. Yeah, some garments are eye-catchers and then some! Prices are reasonable to occasionally pricey. Yet, my one criticism of this company is their extortionate shipping costs. They claim that most of their suppliers are from around the world, thus the shipping costs?


Well known indie bookchain, now located in the Pacific Northwest. I've never had any difficulties ordering items from the web from them. They were early pioneers of e-commerce, before the 'big gorrila'.

Their strength is new and used books, especially academic and scientific publications. This family owned company is a well known collector of used books in North America.


Re-checked this review before commenting on this web site for in the past had good service from this company. However, clearly I've noticed that the quality of many of their t-shirts(short and long) are simply not up to snuff. Other items, OK.

Yet, without a doubt they do offer an incredible selection for their clothing of: graphics; photos; questionable tms and iffy rms; wild comments to puns. However, their quality is fair, really only fair – especially true for most graphics and "all photos". My recently purchased shirts' photos and/or graphics are fading, not good.

For a company that once prided itself on quality – too bad. See 'ya!


Folks, wake-up and smell the coffee or ammonia salts!

This site is a data troller. They are taking your personal information and doin' God knows what! Do ur homework and look-up ones respective states' DMV or RMV.


Lordy, lordy Andrew Christian's web site is quite the eye-opener or body-jolter. Well known fashionista has been featuring body enhancing and fashion undergear for sometime, now. Surprisingly, the items are not extremely expensive for a name brand company. Also, they do offer quite regularly sales, with either overstock or end-of-season items.

If youre adventurous, review the videos. But, please be forewarned tres tres over-the-top vids with extreme models. I have been told that 'some' of the men are straight. Wow! The companys videos have been in the news and received all manner of applause to opprobrium.


Fantastic office suite software. Used it for near ten years, and it gets more stable, generally, with the new releases. It's shareware. It was originally a fork from the OpenOffice productivity development over a decade back.

Mac platform software, and it generally will convert most documents, presentations, s—sheets. Never used the database feature, so couldn't comment on applicability.


This site is a real men will be men; boys will be boys site. Definitely geared for the urban male. However, metro flavored and rather macho, sports-minded young men's site. Frankly, the site has some hilarious links to odd and raunchy items.

This site is geared for those with some funds. Yet, most men will be able to find less pricier items and events featured here. Also, the site features male-focused items which are often linked to 3rd site vendors. Yet, clearly this site has significant business affiliations with some vendors.

It features themes under its banner: dating; sex; gadgets; travel; money; bars. One can localize their views to their urban location or choose nationwide. It has a separate selection for The Hamptons – now what does that say.


Decided to write this review to counter some of the previous negativity. My experience with this company is going on 18 months, and I had quite satisfactory response and performance from this small family owned company.

I primarily use them to order a prescription item that I find exorbitant in my local area. After much research I found them to be very good on the price for this medication. It is not too say that the ordering process was perfect -- what is in life. However, I have never had a problem with my orders arriving promptly, once the business processing is completed.

Regarding consumer products and home care items, I have only ever ordered a small number of products from them. One item's packaging was different, but, it was comparable and upon review of the chems and products in this item. They were identical to what I requested. Like this firm.


A valuable web site that offers a wealth of information in the privacy rights field. Their focuses are consumer advocacy and consumer information. A site has received US press attention for its value; the originating organization been around for 20 years. It's flavored by its California location.

They cover areas not solely focused on computers and related fields. Their realms can be: harassment & stalking;
Debt collection; medical privacy; public records and data brokers; telephone privacy; banks and many other fields. Give them a look-up, you'll be surprised.


Great company. Good prices. They specialize in office copying and printing supplies: ink jet cartridges; toner cartridges; fax ribbons and thermal supplies; drums; mailing supplies, et cetera. I've had very good luck with the companies ink-jet cartridges, to date. However, their replacement cartridges are remanufactured; thus don't dilly-dally and put them aside(use them soon). Forgetfully, I placed one cartridge aside for 4 months, and had trouble getting it to work, which it did after some effort.

If tired with the chain office supply stores high prices, give them a try. I did purchase a ribbon for my facsimile machine, no problem. They are very quick in sending-out orders, a plus for those of us, whom can be forgetful or neglectful on home-office supplies.


Site of value to folks whom need some assurance of privacy regarding the purchase of novelty 'toys', et cetera. Also, the site allows folks to purchase 'so-called' embarassing or sensitive products which some people are uncomfortable buying at home care product and pharmacies stores.

This company is a division of the PriveCo.com company from Ohio. Yet, they do allow extra privacy packaging, et cetera. They have an annoying business practise of sending discount coupons with invoices, of which on many of their sites, one cannot use. I've written to them, yet, they don't listen --- obviously, a dumb senior management decision. Their prices are comparable to good, yet, I won't be doing any future business with them.


This company's webmail is still considered the largest per amount of accounts worldwide. They've been around for years, 15 years, now. Though the company has been under the business media's scope for months, this e-mail application is very well tested and has ease of use with neat practicalities.

The free accounts allow many folks to have multiple accounts, as needed. They do have some degree of spam filtering, and one can further set-up greater filtering, if chosen. Also, they have an ID authentication, and one can sign-on from Facebook and Google. Also, they have a classic version of the webmail for individuals that prefer the old-school style, especially the dinosaurs with accounts over 10 years. The present version is about a year old – I've used their webmail service for years.


BAM is a discounter. They sell markdowns, offloads et cet. From major chains(Oh, are there any left!). I generally don't do too much business with this company, but when I have never had a problem. They're mainly heavy on fiction and bios. They do have good deals, frequently. There shipping is fair, and they do notify of any delays, or problems with delivery.
Frankly, I prefer other companies, but will occasionally purchase books from them


Google may finally have met it's comeuppance. This company is dangerous. I made a conscious decision over 4 years ago to rarely if ever search with google, and I stick to it, today. The company's practises through adworks is frankly creepy. Of course, they'll call it optimized SEO, but --------
One of jabber's competitor's and google have a very disturbing synchronization through their so-called business links, that I find repulsive.
On the rare occasion that I have to use 'oogle' for research, I'll travel to an Internet cafe or a public library. I sleep better, with this limit.

I doubt they'll clean up their obnoxious practice of defamatory listings and blogspot smears. Arriverdeci


I've watched Yelp grow these past years. Yet, I have to agree that they have a weird review or 'filtering' process. I take them with two grains of salt. I've found pluses and minuses on the restaurant reviews for Yelp in my home city. Since I generally eat-out in 'ethnic' types my experience and judgement through Yelp's reviews has been a scatter-shot.

Also, I signed-up with yelp through a buddy's computer in a distant city with an e-mail account that I don't commonly use. I am very careful in leaving negative reviews for frankly 'big Trust reasons' - honestly more my stuff. I amusingly still receive e-mails from Yelp on this account trying to welcome me back though I haven't visited this city in near four years. I read the reviews of this city's foodie trade with amusement and caution.

Regarding yelp's other rec's for other services, frankly I don't trust them. Sad to hear their pseudo-extortionate practices.


They've been around a short while, yet, are starting to grow. A unique web site and web application of social media and wellness/health/athletics setting ones' goals. This site intrigues me, and is starting to be highlighted/sponsored(?) by increasing local governments and organizations. In many communities they have additional bennies depending upon the co-sponsors. A wealth of information can be accessed: setting athletic goals, working-out, injury prevention, nutrition, sports and community activities. Some information is available after acquiring an account.


Accidentally surfed to this site, months back. I was intrigued and surprised. Then, recently surfed to the site, intentionally, while researching a travel topic. Very amusing and interesting web site from Singapore. Some mature stuff, but limited - mostly a site for youths and young folks, it can be quite entertaining. All manner of pundits, commentators, characters and upcoming SE Asian actors and actresses featured, along with interesting bloggers. Check it out, you'll enjoy it. Peace


This site is quite frankly outstanding. I'm a jaded not cynical person, and would not give a review of 5stars to many government web sites, but they deserve it. I spend hours and hours here often before I go off to sleep. Kid safe, tons of educational materials for youths and children, along with immense amounts of amazing astronomic photos. Also, a huge amount of scientific data and material that can lead to other research lines. Oh, surprisingly they have occasional meteorological shots from several satellites that are very informative. Enjoy


Ordered health care products and alike for a good number of years from this site. Small company very responsive to questions. They're down over weekends, thus no direct customer service. However, they have regular sales of products unannounced. Prices are very competitive to very good for this industry. If needed one can order products with expedited service.

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