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I enjoy using spotify most days. I especially enjoy the integration with smart devices, now. I do wish my spotify account would work with my Fitbit - that annoys me at the moment.
Besides my (and many other fitbit owners) small problem, the spotify service has grown from strength to strength. The inclusion of podcasts was brilliant and hopefully, more content will be added - how about audiobooks? That's my 2p's worth!

Maybe sometime soon, we will see movies, music videos and much much more from a top tier streaming service?

I use this product and the app every day and highly recommend it to everyone - it's worth every penny and with the inclusion of more services with increased competition, this will be a great service to watch, grow and develop further.


It's not a website - it's a window into filmography and describes 90% of my downtime. Yes, I am biased - and use Netflix every day I've even paid for my family to use this service, as they have their own viewing habits. I like the feature to set up different accounts and I also enjoy the email/whatsapp notification for a new series link or episode. It's one of the few websites which has changed the way I spend my leisure time and I think concept for investing in new netflix shows are funded in a non-traditional, low budget series really supports the fact, I am enjoying TV more now than I have ever watched before.
So, in summary - give netflix your money every month and you'll enjoy every moment of the new series released to your devices. There's no debating the matter. The service is far better than Amazon Prime, Now TV or Apple TV (ive used them all) and wayyyy better than getting a DVD delivered or going to the local video shop (awww, remember those days?)


I use this site mostly to network and get new business ideas. I do like the idea of gold membership but think, for the money, it's a little costly for my needs. I don't mind the additional benefits - but for the £'s, don't think I would necessarily see any value in them at the moment.
All in all, a good networking site - with a slightly annoying creepy side where some guys still think it's okay to comment on the way a woman looks, or judges her appearance - in a creepy way - not acceptable for a professional site and more should be done to prevent weirdo's from perving on women, in this way. It's not facebooks, after all!


Ever since i got my costco card, I've save a few hundred £'s every year. It's been a great experience and really pleased with the quality of the Kirkland brand - it's the same stuff, just cheaper and better.
Shopping in store is a treat too with samples dotted around the site and an amazing returns policy, if I dont like any items.
Overall, really happy with the website where I have purchased a large tv, cctv, and garden furniture, all at a special rate, saving me loads of money.
Great Costco - please keep it up!
Also, please include more US items in the UK... we like chocolate/peanut butter snacks too


I used this site to find a local decorator. On the basis of all the positive reviews, the trader turned up for a quote and low and behold, failed to turn up on time...
So, despite all the positive reviews, I left a negative review, as I felt this was justified, given that there was limited time and the trader agreed to be there for the duration.
The review was removed from the site and a very angry, annoying woman continued to harrass me, calling every day for me to update my review.
Basically, the traders pay money for Trust a Trader to protect their reputation - despite being totally rubbish at their trade - this site treats lay people like idiiots and should be shut down or reported to the trading ombusdman as they don't want to recognise negative reviews.
This was a really bad experience and the "customer care" abuse I got from trust a trader - now to be renamed trusf a scammer, won't be used or recommended every again.

PLEASE AVOID THIS SITE - look in the yellow pages, get 3 quotes from different trades and you'll have much more luck.

Tip for consumers:
Please avoid. Look in the yellow pages, get 3 quotes and make your own mind up - don't reply on this scammer site where trades pay to protect their reputation.

Products used:
Used a recommended trader

Alex M. – TrustATrader Rep

Thank you for your review and we are sorry that you are misinformed that we do not display negative reviews – as we do. However, as you did not have any work carried out by one of our tradesmen you are unable to leave a review as you cannot comment on the categories required for the review of tradesmen. We do have an alternative option for you, however, we tried to contact you several times to discuss this with no success.

We thank you for your feedback and will continue to strive to give customers and tradespeople the best possible service


I don't like going to Marks on the high street. Too many old women doddering around the store, clogging up the aisles. So, I shop online. Always find my size and happy with the quality -I'm not a prolific shopper here - just the essentials, bras pants and comfy bed wear.
Like I say, this company has a serious high street image though. The food is way too expensive to justify and clothing has a feint whiff of lavender and mothballs about the place.


WTF - they advertise one price, entice you to send your phone to them at your expense and they fcuk you over with a price £100 less? I mean, seriously? WTF?
Don't use these rip off merchants. They are scum.

Yes, I said it. SCUM.

Complete low lives and charge to return your phone... hold your old phone hostage until you pay (again) to send it back.



Gotta use Amazon these days as they do set the standard for fast delivery time. THAT IS IF YOU HAVE A GOOD LOCAL DRIVER.
So many temporary or sh1tty drivers who can't give a rats ass if they deliver your parcel next day or not.
Good prices when shopping around and okay returns policy. Tho do check some independent retailers dont follow amazon's strict returns procedure.


Seriously, I thought websites who promise everything and deliver nothing have been ratted out by now. Sadly this one falls through the net. A hundred quid to buy a special phone number sim card within 10 working days. Nope. The seller offered up every excuse under the sun, illness, hospital, none in stock, girlfriend/missus /mum would help process the order... It's all Bull.
Save your money, time and effort trying to deal with this Internet cowboy and look elsewhere.
The only saving grace is PayPal offered a full refund under its buyer protection. Seller didn't even try to contest. I guess this won't be the last unsatisfied customer. Here's hoping we can rid the e-shopping world of this con artist


Tried to do as much research for these razor blades but found very little content online, other than praise on their website - this is a non biased view of these razor cartridge blades and hope this is of some help to other customers.
Bought these for my partner who was fed up paying for expensive razor blades. Read all the site blurb and looked okay... ordered a number of blades (big mistake) and after a trial and error couple of weeks, came to the conslusion, these blades were pretty rubbish, in comparison to the big brands.
Each blade lasts for about 3-4 shaves (all clean) but try the 5th shave and OMG - blunt as as knife in harvester. Not a pretty site.
Now, each blade is cheap. Agreed, this is good. What isnt so good is the longevity of the blade - which is terrible and for that reason, only 2 stars for their products and one of those is for challenging the big manufacturers.
All in all, a nice idea excuted badly - I'll be shopping around for other blades, for example Dorco on Amazon (which has really good reviews).

Tip for consumers:
Shop around - look for more feedback or use Amazon (Dorco) blades as a comparison. Also, don't buy a bulk of these items until you have tried a blade or two for a couple of weeks.


Was recommended to me by a friend to try them out... I ordered 20 team shirts and they arrived in perfect condition, great quality tees, great printing and to top it all off, was pretty cheap too... great value for money. The only thing they are missing is the final touch. If they could put each garment in an individual bag (named and numbered) that would be the finishing touch. TOtall recommended to all.


Bought my new laptop here and was pretty good after a fiasco with the lenovo website - good service, free delivery and good warranty. Overall pleased and would recommend.


Lenovo. Why do you have such amazing products, only to mess it all up with customer service, delivery times and other sites, offering the same thing, CHEAPER? Not impressed for a "stock" item to take up to 21 days to deliver? WHat's that all about Lenovo peeps? Cancelled my order with paypal, refunded within 5 days after raising a claim - during which Lenovo didnt respond to one email I sent, asking to cancel my order. When you finally responded - you told me I would have to take delivery of the laptop only to send it back. Why not cancel the order and save everyone the bother? Jeez, guys... you know how to stress people out >> so i went elsewhere and got a cheaper deal and delivered next day. Now, that's what i call better service. Buck up your ideas, Lenovo


Pretty good service overall - not too many substitutions which is great and quality is fine too. Drivers are always friendly and happy to help out. Will continue to use for a fortnightly big shop.


Eharmony huh? Meant to be quite a decent site for singletons out there, right? Nopes. Seriously wordy, lengthy and too many stoopid questions to get any meaningful conversation going. Whats wrong with just sending a message, like hi, hows it going? But NOO, EH wants you to fill in a load of dum q&a's before you can get to the message. Even before you can work out whether you are interested in the guy.
It just seems a lot of hard work for no reason - should be able to simplify the whole process... like go to the pub and meet someone in real life... sadly we have to resort to dumb sites like eHarmony to make our singleton lives less fun living.


Seriously Tesco? I dont want a loyalty card and I dont want to be patronised at the end of each shop with a 11p money off voucher for my next shop. Likewise, I am not the kind of shopper to spend £40 or more in a transaction because I shop small and regular to keep things fresh and because you have such short lives on your produce.
Just make the prices cheaper and drop the loyalty card. I am not loyal to you or any other brand no more. I shop where I want to not because I like you, convenience or range of foods. I can go anywhere I want to buy my jaffa cakes and not have to buy them in bulk, like you want me to. Poundland has 24 for £1 not £1.56. GET A GRIP and GET REAL


My old bauer skates broke at the bottom and I was looking for a replacement so I went to eBay and bought a second hand pair. These were the wrong size and didn't feel right... The liner was all skinny and I ended up junking them in the bin. I searched for a new pair of skates and found a few sites selling bauer copies... The I found these guys... The holy grail of bauer old school quad skates. I'm so pleased I called Steve and chatted through my needs, the skating I wanted to do... My whole world has been rocked with a new pair of bauer nexus 3000 custom quad skates... I don't want to take them off... They are way tooooo comfortable and I'm getting fit again. I cannot endorse or recommend highly enough the quality work, personal friendly service and true professionalism of this genuine old school skate company.
If you're looking for a pair of bauer quad roller skates, there is no where else to go. Truly amazing.

Tip for consumers:
Very friendly to speak to on the phone and okay with email replies... Dont buy from eBay... Go to these guys for genuine bauer gear and you can't go wrong.


Why oh why does every good thing have to come to an end? Facebook, in it's prime was an amazing piece of social engineering... until the games took over and the shares came flooding in.
Gotta say, FB isn't what it used to be... I'm looking for my new networking site and to be honest, I think there are plenty to choose from... FB has sold out and I'm seeing really negative vibes with this site now... the only down side is the history and photo archive i have on here...: S


Have to say, shopping at Next in the high street can be stressful. If my size isnt in stock I'll always order online and get it within a couple of days. Helpful shop staff and online returns are a bonus. I like the layout of the site, well designed and easy to order. I wish all sites were this simple to use.


I love amazon. Always the best range, best price if you shop around and best customer protection - far better than ebay and paypal in my opinion.
The sellers vary but I try to stick to Amazon Prime. Yes, I'm one of the saddos who pays an annual subscription for free next day delivery... and guess what... IT WORKS!
Next day delivery is an absolute must and should not be without it.
Amazon rocks.

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