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Prospective German Shepherd buyers stop and read this! Below is a timeline of my dealings with this breeder- Troy Smith. Throughout the timeline, you will notice many inconsistencies and loop holes. I really tried to give the benefit of the doubt of the many reasons and explanations that were thrown at me regarding the planned breedings the refunding the deposit, which to this day I still have not received. I have talked to other professional breeders who have been breeding GSD's for over 25 years – one of their common pieces of advice was never give a deposit until puppies "hit the ground". I have definitely learned my lesson. One thing they also mentioned was, a good honest Breeder would not ask for a deposit until they have either confirmed the Dam is pregnant through sonogram or until the puppies have been born. I want to share my experience with this Breeder (Troy Smith), for others to know what they might encounter if they haven't already. Dealings with this breeder have been a nightmare. The puppy never came, I was always given an excuse as to why the breeding did not occur-from Dam not going into heat yet, to an overseas breeder dropping the ball, to the Dam aborting her pups. To this day, I never received my deposit – the excuses I was given for that was refund checks are sent out only at the middle of the month, then the check turned into a money order that was mailed to me and was "lost" in the mail, then Troy Smith states he received a letter that indicates the money order was cashed, which was not true. The letter did not state that at all- it was just an acknowledgement letter stating they (USPS) received his inquiry to investigate/research the "lost" money order- my post master verified this also. Please take my unfortunate experience for what it's worth. Unless you don't mind being dragged along and given the run-around- beware of dealings with this Breeder- Troy Smith.
www.mygsd.net, www.paragondogs.net, www.miamorkennels.com, Geisthaus Kennels
3/12/14- I sent deposit to Breeder (Troy Smith) via PayPal, he confirmed it was received.
4/20/14- I checked in on the breeding. Breeder (Troy Smith) confirmed Dam is not in heat yet.
5/12/14- Dam of first paring still had not yet come into heat. In an email, I was offered a pick from an import female he was getting overseas. This would now be a puppy from a second pairing offered to me.
6/25/14- I checked in on the litter from the overseas Dam.
7/1/14-Breeder (Troy Smith) advised that overseas breeding did not work out and that another pair would be bred in August. This would now be a puppy from a third pair. Breeder (Troy Smith) agreed to refund of deposit if breeding of this pair (3rd pair) did not work out.
8/12/14- I checked on the status of the breeding of what would now be the third pair. Breeder (Troy Smith) confirmed that Dam of third pair would be bred in "about 10 days".
9/2/14-Breeder (Troy Smith) confirmed that he was going to wait for Dam's sonogram for confirmation of her pregnancy. Puppies should be here in October.
10/8/14- I followed up on the breeding of third pair.
The Breeder (Troy Smith) stated he was taking the Dam to the vet to confirm her pregnancy.
10/21/14- I followed up on Vet visit from the August breeding
10/22/14- Breeder (Troy Smith) confirmed Dam "lost the puppies she aborted them we will issue your refund as soon as possible." I thanked the Breeder (Troy Smith) for the follow-up and asked if he needed ay information from me on issuing the refund.
10/29/14- I had not received any response on the refund and again asked the Breeder (Troy Smith)if he needed any information from me.
11/1/2014 Breeder (Troy Smith) stated the deposits will be sent out on the 15th of the month in the form of a check for bookkeeping purposes.
11/21/14- Breeder (Troy Smith) reached out to me and asked me for my last name and address to send the deposit. He sent me a pic of the contract with my name and address. I provided my mailing address, which was the same as what was on the contract.
12/2/14-Breeder (Troy Smith) sent me a picture of the receipt of money order dated 11/21/14 for $200. My deposit was $300, not $200.
12/3/14- I reached out to Breeder (Troy Smith) to advise him of the amount discrepancy. He stated, " I just went by what I normally get from my website because I could not find the actual form that you sent to see how much you send us we will gladly send you additional 100 next week did you receive the other payment…"
I confirmed to the Breeder (Troy Smith) that the $200 money order did not arrive in the mail on that day (12/3/2014).
The Breeder (Troy Smith) stated he would "go to the post office tomorrow and see what to do".
12/5/2014- Breeder (Troy Smith) advises that he started the process to track a lost or stolen money order.
12/5/2014- I asked Breeder (Troy Smith) what other method he will be sending my refund of $300 and when it will be sent.
He stated, "next week we will forward the 100 we will forward the other 200 once the Post Office does their investigation to make sure it was not cashed and then we will issue another refund on it at that time."
I replied to the Breeder (Troy Smith)asking him to send it back to me in full, which would be $300 he initially received in back in March (via Paypal).
No response from Breeder.
12/7/2014-I followed up with Breeder (Troy Smith) and requested that the refund be sent back to me in the same method I initially sent it to him (Paypal) and in the same amount ($300). I asked how long the process would take and that I would check with my post master to check the status of what is going on with the money order.
12/8/14- Response received from Breeder: "Ok, I'll be in touch".
12/9/14- I asked Breeder (Troy Smith) "How long will this take?" as far as the Post Office's investigation- No response.
12/10/14- Followed up with Breeder. He stated he would "double check with the Post Office tomorrow."
12/12/14- I followed up with Breeder- he stated he was told, "Several weeks. So maybe middle of Jan. I will keep you updated.
I replied back to Breeder (Troy Smith) with my concern of having to wait until the middle of January. I also advised Breeder (Troy Smith) that I have been very patient in all of this and have come out without a puppy or a refund as promised.
12/13/14- Breeder (Troy Smith) states, "According to the post office that money order has been cashed. Until they notify me of who cashed the money order I will not be refunding any further funds until this matter is cleared up." He sent me a picture of the acknowledgement receipt from the USPS. The letter states the following:
"This is an acknowledgement of the receipt of your inquiry.
Since a U.S. Postal Money Order is not eligible for replacement until after 60 days from the date of issue, please do not expect a refund until after the 60th day.
Please note, international money orders are not eligible for replacement until 180 days from the date of issue.
If our records indicate that the money order was cashed, we will provide you with that information, as it becomes available.
Keep this letter for your reference. If there are any questions, please contact your local post office.
I replied to the Breeder, trying not to insult his level of comprehension, that his interpretation of the letter is not correct. The letter is simply an acknowledgment letter and does not indicate anywhere that the letter has been cashed. It simply states if their records indicate the money order was cashed, he would be provide with that information as it becomes available. The acknowledgment letter is simple that- an acknowledgment letter. It did not confirm the outcome of the lost or stolen money order investigation.
The Breeder (Troy Smith) went on to state, "in the fourth paragraph it states our records indicate this money order has been cashed".
My rebuttal to the Breeder (Troy Smith) explained to him the letter states the following: IF OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT THE MONEY ORDER WAS CASHED, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT INFORMATION, AS IT BECOMES AVAILABLE.
The Breeder (Troy Smith) did not respond further
12/19/2014- I followed up with the Breeder (Troy Smith) asking what the status was of refunding my deposit. No response.
12/23/2014- I reached out to the Breeder (Troy Smith) requesting an update. He responded with, whenever we hear back from the post office I will contact you at that time."
1/6/2015- I followed up with Breeder (Troy Smith) for any updates. No response.
1/8/2015- I followed up with Breeder (Troy Smith) for any updates. Breeder (Troy Smith) responds with, "I have not heard back from Post Office as of yet as soon as I hear back from them I will let you know".
1/26/2015- I reached out to Breeder (Troy Smith) for any updates. No response.
1/27/2015- I reached out to Breeder (Troy Smith) asking if he has heard anything back from the post office. He replied, with, "when I get time I will follow up".
1/29/2015- Breeder (Troy Smith) reaches out to me and states, I checked on it today and they said it was re-issue it was going in the mail to me 4 or 5 days ago but I have not received it yet".
2/2/2015- I replied and thanked the Breeder (Troy Smith) for the update. And asked him if he has received it and once he received it if he would be mailing it to me again or sending it another way. No response.
2/4/2015- I reached out again asking the same info I did on 2/2/2015. No response.
2/6/2015 - I reached out again asking the same info I did on 2/2/2015. No response.
2/9/2015- I called breeder, he answered and immediately said, "Can I call you right back". I never received a call back.
2/10/2015- I reached out to Breeder (Troy Smith) and asked him if he could please return my call as I would like to discuss the status of issuing my refund. I pointed out that he stated he would be giving me a call back and did not do so. No response.
2/11/2015- I called Breeder, no answer. He responded with a text stating he just got off work and is asleep and that he is asleep, and that he already told me his work hours so please do not call him until at least 3pm. He advised once he receives the "check" back from the Post Office he will "forward to you certified mail, now I'm going back to sleep".
I replied back to the Breeder (Troy Smith) advising him lack of communication (especially the inconsistency) has prompted my calls and texts in this matter that all previous dates he has provided have expired or exhausted.
I replied back to the Breeder (Troy Smith) and advised him that communication is warranted on this issue until I receive my refund.
He did not respond.
2/14/2015- I still have not received my refund nor do I have a puppy.


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