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A long time software developer. Large, secure websites is what I do

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10 Reviews by Michael


RealClearPolitics is a misnomer as the site aggregates opinion and commentary from all over the political spectrum. Leftists see it as a right leaning site, rightest see it as a left leaning site and those in the middle get to see how both sides think.

Article selection often come in pairs, where a topic is covered by two (or more) views that are divergent or opposing. For example today's articles (12/17/2015) have two differing opinions on the fed's interest rate hike:

The Fed's Uncertain Leap Forward by Gerald O'Driscoll of The Wall Street Journal
Fed Wants a World That Makes Sense Again by Noah Smith, Bloomberg

Bringing the two opposing opinions (or three or more) should bring clarity to the issue at hand. At the very least it does expose the reader to opposing points of view, which may be painful for some, but necessary if you want to be wider read than just what you read in your own world view.

I look forward to Fridays when the political cartoons are aggregated for the week. It's a great way to laugh at our political class at the end of the week.


The Breitbart family of news sites presents news and analysis with a right of center world view. The site's readership trends towards a more conservative or libertarian population. Article commentators, for the most part, are decidedly proletarian, giving less than a congenial reception to others who espouse left of center views.

The site is well laid out and easy to navigate, intuitive and easy to use. It won't win any beauty contests but it does accomplish its intended purpose and satisfies its target audience.


A news aggregator with a center/right slant. If your world view is right of center you will enjoy picking through the articles. Left of center, not so much.

The layout of the site - above the "fold" banners followed by three columns below - has not changed for 20 years and doesn't need to. Most articles are from major news sources left and right, and many times odd bits of news find their way onto the page. Hot topics are highlighted in red.

For the most part, the DrudgeReport.com does not provide it's own news. The site does have a center/right bias which often annoys people who disagree with that position, but then this site was never meant for them. I use it to get a quick read on what's happening, then come back later to dive into the articles I find interesting.


I work with a lot of small companies so when I saw this site I was happy to give it a try. The obstacles to profile creation were immediate. One of the profile items you MUST fill in is prior gigs/jobs. Enter a type (Employee, contractor, etc) and then enter the company name, which brings up a type ahead list of known companies. The type-ahead presents and immediate problem. The issue is if the company you want to enter is not on the list, you can't add that experience to your profile. I've worked for a lot of small companies, and some start ups, many of which have been merged or sold to other companies. For what ever reason those company names have never made it into Angle.co's company database. This situation is surprising since the site's purpose is building a talent pool for start up companies.

There are other issues as well. The edit profile screen seems to loose information from one save to the next, forcing you to reenter some bits of information (like years of experience) each time.

I've made several attempts to enter parts of my profile into their site but have been unsuccessful after a week of trying. Without the completed profile you cannot go to the next step (they'll flag the profile as incomplete, making it unavailable to potential start up companies). Because of this obstacle, I cannot make any claim as to the viability or the quality of the opportunities listed on their site.

Until these issues are resolved, I don't see this website as a reasonable alternative to other job posting sites.


Chicks on the Right takes a look at the doings of the wider culture and makes fun of left leaning excesses. More of a gotcha site, most of the topics covered are the innocuous actions on the left fringe of the culture (Mattress Girl, A Beta Male's Opinions on Modern Man, the rantings of Al Sharpton, etc.) Most of their material for skewering comes from places like MSNBC or the New York Times, highlighting actions that make those on the right shake their heads. Those on the left tend to visit the site to hurl insults in the comments section at the writers and other commentators.

If you like getting into the hurly burly of retail politics over unimportant stuff, participating in arguments over small news items that most people would have ignored, and watching the left foam at the mouth while those on the right bark like mad dogs, then this site is for you.


I've been a member of mapmyrun.com when it was a simple java script page that let you map out runs and calculate the milage. The site has grown since those early days (2006) adding a lot of new features, and therein lies the problem. Organizationally, the site is a bit messy, specific functions do not work as you would expect. For example, weight is a critical measure of progress, and I know the website tracks daily weight. But if you change your weight from one day to the next, and then revisit historical nutritional information, the current weight, rather than the historical weight is used to recalculate all nutritional goals. Critical - no; annoying - yes. Also, it appears, if you forget to record your weight for a period, there is no function I have been able to find to go back and change historical weight.

There are a lot of annoying little things like this that prevents me from giving the site more than three stars. I use it almost every day for very basic things, like recording runs and times and distances. Other functions of the website seem to go beyond their original calling, and have made the site a bit more convoluted than it needs to be.

On the plus side, they seem to be changing the website periodically so these issues may be solved as time goes on.

As of this writing (10/2015) MapMyRun.com is a work in progress.


I read a lot and I like book series. FictFact.com solves a simple problem: What are all the books in a series and what order should I read them. Book series is the site's one goal and they do it well. Unlike GoodReads.com which lists a lot of content from other users like reviews and opinions, FictFact.com doesn't have a lot of social media. And if you're like me and really don't want to know everyone's opinion (educated or, more often than not, less than well informed), this site is for you.

On the other hand if you're looking for a social experience with lots of input from a diverse pool of individuals this site is not for you. There is some support for making connections with contacts, but there are no reviews. You can rate a book (on a 1 to 5 star system) but the only place to interact with other readers is in the forums. And the forums do not get much love.


Written like a good Marxist propaganda sheet with tongue planted firmly in cheek, ThePeoplesCube.com satirizes today's American (or is it Amerikan) political scene through the warped lens of the old Soviet empire. The website gets it's name from its flagship product: a Rubic cube with all sides colored in glorious soviet red, so that all results are EQUAL. There are no losers with The People's Cube. Think "The Onion" with a twist of Lenin and Marx.

As said by one of the site contributors:
"Everything that has ever been posted on this glorious site is 100% factual as it is the
Current Truth."

The current truth, accordingly, may be changed at any time without notice.

If you want a good laugh, give ThePeoplesCube.com a spin. You can't lose. Honest.


One of the better sites to order hard-to-find woodworking tools and materials. I've purchased rolling workbenches and router bits, and the some hardware pieces that you just can't get at the general home improvement center. It's one of my favorite sites to shop for woodworking items.

Tip for consumers:
Always research an item before buying. Sometimes you might find an item cheaper elsewhere. But often, you won't find those specialty items anywhere but here.


A mess of a website and a mess of a business model. Most positions I've seen on Indeed.com are old, sometimes more than a year old. I find a lot more valid and recent positions on other employment sites. And the web design is childish, unprofessional and unfinished. If you're looking for a real job, stay away from this site.

Tip for consumers:
Use this site as an example of 1) how not to develop a website and 2) how not to do business.


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