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From Bucks County, Pennsylvaina, but now living, vibing and trying to make it in this most glorious and insidious city of New York. I went to Marymount Manhattan and now I live that young adult Brooklyn existence; trying to live my best life AND navigate this global plague. When I am employed I am usually making crazy and silly TV shows. Just a squirrel trying to get a nut or two.

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By sharing my scrupulous and resolute reviews (opinions) expressed using my refined (read: try hard) banter, quips & witty chaff that packs zing, tang and punch that I pray never arrives overdone. You could sponsor me, for less than a cup of coffee a day. I’d be thrilled to share my Amazon wishlist with any interested party. Stay safe out there, while mean ok’ ‘Rona runs roughshod on the peoples.


Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens.

3 Reviews by Michael


Attempting to review the roadside hoagie and coffee Mecca and their smartphone application.

Here we go:

ALL STAR HEROES (+hogies)!
I Love Wawa. Alas it was better in the near distant past, but even after countless trips, I feel rather satisfied. Unlike many other crappy cruddy spots (looking at you 7/11). Despite the quality of food having slid with the rise of their success (wawas, not 7/11 to be clear) - bring back the slicers please! - the company has maintained a fanatical place in my heart. Right next to Jesus.

A year ago, I absentmindedly left my iPhone X in the mens room. My dumb ass did not realize till pulling up to my folks house in Bensalem. I panicked, i cried and I raced back to Super Wawa. Precious time had been lost! A gas station lavatory, on the turnpike and US 13, has all sorts of transient road warriors. Emotionally I began to prepare for the inevitable - it was an iPhone X after all. I was thunderstruck when the employees had my baby in their care.
Class acts! Thank you again! Sheetz youre trash! WAWA for LIFE!

Shifting focus now (maybe just like WAWA corporate has too…) to address their app:
I've had a bunch of good experiences, but I'd be remiss not to let some stuff off my chest.

I CANNOT be the only one who's WAWA APP experience has been laboriously annoying far too often…? Ordering items that the spot ran out of, preordering but still have hella waits…

You are LYING If No one else's has lost entire detailed orders just when you were nearing the transactions end? Some features seem redundant and others are clunky AF! Come on, boo. What's good? Why you sucking so hard of late!?


My ire is stoked anew constantly when I'm reminded you can not provide the cashier your tele to look up / get dem pointz.

That's just such a basic feature it is on par with having WiFi, AC or electricity nowadays.

Wawa, you slipping girl. Once you ditched the deli slicers and went HARD on diversifying your nosh the slow inevitable arc of decline began. While you were messing with quesadillas and hot matcha teas you've left the thrown vulnerable. Royal Farms will snatch the crown from our beloved Pennsylvania golden goose if you don't pull it together.

Tip for consumers:
Oh gosh. Not sure. Don’t dally when paying. Keep it moving toots!

Products used:
I’ve probably have tried almost every menu item. Be it prepared off site or was made to order. Not the coffee tho, I don’t do coffee.


Basically the worst. Where to begin? Respect is given and (handsomely) paid (and ohhhh my how expensive Grindr+ costs!) for this atrocity app - the first of its kind me thinks. Technically it buggy AF. It crashes constantly and "lost chats" is so common it should be a pre loaded 'saved phrase' feature. This gay legacy is stacked with users who are whack: catfishes, time wasters, bullies, bluffers and bots.

I can attest that yes good dudes and times are to be had on the platform, but they are few and far between. You (or some Jack-off) will waste countess, precious hours of your life - usually during a time of dire need (and vulnerably) when you genuinely were seeking satisfaction and socialization. The app has killed many young homo's swagger, their social skills and decimated the culture of cruising and nightlife industry. However, Grindr is not intrinsically a bad platform or novelty, but would the world be a better place without the orange scourge: ohhhhh Yes.


Decent app but too many - FAR TOO MANY - credit card solicitations. I always find is so funny that many of these credit score and monitoring sites and apps aggressively promote and inundate their members with card offers. No doubt many users of these services Are in credit troubled waters because of credit cards. They come to sites like this to learn and improve their relationships with credit, yet must navigate a snake pit of potentially further credit cards harm.

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