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fenix-funds.pro/ Retrom Ltd/ Reformex LTD is a 100% forex scam. Read details with real proof. Why you should avoid fenix-funds and what to do if you already invested. Read summary or details based on your available time.

(I have posted this review to trustpilot.com but fenix funds paid money to trustpilot to remove this review, I have attached the screen shot. See the account fake profit in daily, also see that trading duration in every day is less than 5 minutes which is impossible to get profit always)

Summary: I have invested some money then I withdrew profit after 2 month and then again invested big amount of money. Then again I wanted to withdraw profit and they asked me to pay extra fee. Finally money disappeared. Donald Britton and Brian Peterson these 2 fake name uses by the 2 owner of the company. Immediately report to www.fca.org.uk and www.actionfraud.police.uk both are government website.

Details: I assume you didn't read summary. I was registered to a online auto trading bot then it forwarded to fenix funds website. Then I have deposited about 5000 USD, after 2 months it becomes more than double without doing any trading. They said they do trading with all investors money together then share the profit to each investor daily which is a lie. After 2 months I requested to withdraw some profit then within 10 minutes I received the money. So, it proved that I can withdraw profit very quickly. Then I invested big amount of money and waited about 4 months and it became over 300% more. Then I requested to withdraw some profit of the balance and they send me a fake email from *******@fenix-funds.pro which shows that money was transferred to my card. In the same time, I got another email that I have to pay extra fee to withdraw money. After paying extra fee then they do not reply my email and do not talk by phone. All invested money eaten by them. They tell you to transfer 10-30% of your balance for tax or liquidity fee to Bulgaria. Now other matters. Their website was fenix-funds.com and after doing scam with previous investor then changed to fenix-funds.pro from September 2020 and again they maybe going to close this website and open with new name. There are 1-3 persons do the full scam. 2 persons are the owner/boss. They all use fake name, presently they are using 2 name Donald Britton (*******@fenix-funds.pro) and Brian Peterson (*******@fenix-funds.pro). If someone contacts with any of them, they say they are just the employee and they can not do anything with the finance department. The main boss/owner (fake name) Donald Britton is genius to impress you to deposit more money. He always call you within every few days just to grow your trust and force you to deposit more and more money. So, new investor should avoid any trading website which do not have Meta trader software, because there are several short time website similar to fenix funds. If you scammed by fenix funds then report it to the www.fca.org.uk and www.actionfraud.police.uk website. Before reporting, prepare all necessary proof, such as take all the screen shot from your trading account, deposit confirmation email. Also, request to your card issuer bank/company to get refund, if you paid by card. Also, search online forex scam refund companies and read all negative reviews about them then proceed.

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