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Like most everyone else, I get a lot of information through the web. It's nice to have a site like site jabber to get information about the sites where I get my information from.

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Computer technology in general with particular emphasis on web technologies.


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This used to be TMPGEnc.com (fyi).

I've used TMPGEnc for many years now. I first purchased TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 about 8 years ago. Now, (just yesterday, in fact) I purchased TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 4 from them and I am in love!

I've always thought it was so stupid that you have to re-render the ENTIRE video you're working on when all you're doing is adding some additional footage, a still image, some audio, or whatever. You would think that in a high-end program like Premiere Pro CS6 (from Adobe) that they would provide a "Smart Rendering" capability, but this is not the case.

But now I have found TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 4. Que the clouds parting and rays of sunlight shining down while angels sing songs of redemption. Ahhhhh! Gloria!:)
It is seriously awesome. The interface isn't quite as intuitive as it could be, but I'm sure that will improve over time. The important part is that IT WORKS! I can bring in an hour-long clip, add in a still image at the end, or somewhere in-between, and then render and it is done in 1 minutes tops! That's because ALL IT RENDERS is the extra footage I have added in.



I'm surprised to find all of the one star reviews for fiverr.com. I guess the experience can vary greatly depending on who you choose to use on the site.

I've been fortunate to have very good experiences with the majority of gigs I have purchased on Fiverr. Since SiteJabber is for reviewing the SITE, I definitely have to give fiverr five stars. I think it's an awesome idea, and fiverr has gone a great job of organizing their interface and feedback system. It allows you to quickly find someone offering their services and see what kind of experiences others have had with them.

I just referred my brother to them a few days ago and he has been very happy with his first experience with them. It just so happens that he was over by my house today and brought it up in our conversation. He had an excel program he wanted created in connection with his business and he was very happy with someone he used on fiverr to create it. He is familiar with creating excel macros, etc. (as am I), but it's so much better to have someone do it who does it day in and day out and is able to do it much more efficiently than he or I could.


I agree with Arthur D. It's interesting to see how many "Trusted Reviewers" review sitejabber and love it.

It's frustrating after so many comments on the forum post that Arthur D. Made reference to that no one who officially represents sitejabber has taken the time to add anything to the conversation.

I just got an email from sitejabber saying, "We want to see more of you!" Really?
You have a funny way of showing it. A little clarity on the process involved to achieve the "Trusted Reviewer" title would go a long way to demonstrate your commitment to an open web. I'm not asking you to reveal every aspect of your "algorithm", but even Google gives more information and direction about their algorithm than anyone from Sitejabber has given about theirs.



I've used textbroker as a client actually submitting requests for articles to be written. They provide a good interface for managing your article writing assignments and for defining the requirements that you have for the assignment (as the client requesting an article to be written).

There are other services out there like this. Textbroker is one of the better ones.


I love the new pricing structure for Atlassian's products. $10 for 10 user licenses. It eliminates any barriers to entry while at the same time creating some buy-in for the user.

I will say that the learning curve is quite steep for setting up the atlassian suite of products if you're not familiar with apache and other server technologies. I'm not sure what the experience is for windows OS deployment, but that route definitely increases the cost if you don't already have windows server licensing in place.

The complexity is made up for by the great flexibility offered by the products. For now, unfortunately, the GUI text editor for confluence is very lacking. That is overcome partially by their support for embedding Microsoft Office documents and being able to directly edit those documents with Microsoft office applications with plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer, but that implementation is not foolproof yet. The pace at which firefox is updating their software lately only adds to the difficulty. Seems like they're throwing out another release almost monthly now. Often with the new release the plugins for atlassian get broken.

Anyway, they are great products and I'm glad we went with them for our needs.


I've been reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer and decided to see what others might have to say about the book online. I came across Goodreads.com in my search and found it to be a great resource. Good to see that other sitejabber reviewers have also found it to be valuable.


MythTV is an open source DVR / PVR (what's the difference?) that runs on Linux. Definitely not a project for a first time linux user, but there are different packages available that make installing it very easy. The hard part is getting the right hardware together to get it to work right. Once you do though, the setup is pretty sweet. Nothing like owning your own solution instead of renting it from your cable provider.
A couple of great distributions that are built solely with the intention of making it easy to get mythTV set up are MythDora and also MythBuntu.


Uniform server is hugely useful for anyone who does website design or web application work with php or other web languages. It's a free LAMP server that runs in windows with ZERO footprint. It doesn't install anything to the registry. Much lighter and definitely more portable than XAMPP for example.


This is one of the best recovery type live CD's I have come across. Very well designed and just works great. Includes partitioning utilities to change your hard drive partitions (supports almost ANY file format including NTFS and others) as well as including "Clonezilla" for performing a full clone of your hard drive for moving to another system or just for backup purposes.


Both the site and the open source tool that's available at this site are excellent. The site is well organized and the tool is amazing! Okay, I'm repeating myself. But I really am excited about this tool.
It lets you EASILY set up a linux distribution to boot from a USB thumb drive... (if anyone reading this has tried to manually set up a linux distribution to boot from a USB drive before, then you know why I'm excited about this tool - makes it exponentially easier to accomplish).
A really nice bonus is that you can run the linux distribution directly from within windows. No need to reboot - it comes with Oracle's Virtual Box which lets you run it parallel with Windows.
Definitely worth checking out.


I'm all about being familiar with and understanding true and correct principles of freedom. The fact that inspiredconstitution.org includes some free online books makes it that much sweeter.

If you're at all interested in constitutional principles of freedom then you may enjoy this site.


A couple of the negative reviews that have been posted for mynewsmile.com seem to be focused on Dr. David Hall instead of on the site itself and the service it provides. This isn't helpful to would-be visitors to the site because the site is not about Dr. David Hall; he's not even practicing any more and hasn't been since around 2000 or so.

The site meets two very important needs: 1 - It educates consumers relating to their cosmetic dental choices with very authoritative and accurate information. 2 - It saves the consumer a lot of time and legwork by recommending a dentist in their area who has been researched and reviewed by a professional cosmetic dentist.

The doctor who performs this research and review is one of only a handful of dentists in the world to have earned the distinction of being fully accredited by the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. What's not to like about this site?

Independent of the fallacy presented by the negative reviewers (rating Dr. Hall instead of the site - which rating appears erroneous to me), I do wish to say that I know Dr. Hall personally and can vouch for his integrity. He does take great pride in only recommending those dentists that he has thoroughly researched and can confidently recommend. The service that mynewsmile.com provides is very unique and very helpful. I know of a few times when Dave has gone above and beyond to personally work with a visitor to the site - actually speaking with them on the phone and communicating via email - to help them find the best solution and the best qualified dentist in their area for their dental needs. He's even called the dentist he wants to recommend on behalf of the site visitor and has discussed with the dentist those things that he has discussed with the visitor so that the dentist would be on the same page with the visitor right from the start.

I challenge anyone to find a better site than mynewsmile.com that provides the same kind of service. My personal opinion; you're not going to find one.


Just another thumbs up for yousendit.com. What's not to like? Very useful and easy to use service.


I love this site. The author has done an incredible job of pulling together authoritative resources and laying them out in a logical sequence. Most everything he has laid out relative to the last days, if not everything, are backed by scripture and prophetic statements. In fact most of the timelines are really just guided tours of the scriptures that are relevant to the particular aspect of the last days that is being considered. My understanding of the events that have been prophesied in the scriptures leading up to the second coming of Christ has been greatly improved and increased by the content in this site.


The main product that Nusphere has created and supports through their forum on this site is PHPEd. A PHP IDE that has a great debugger with many excellent features. Dmitri is the main developer for the software and he is constantly leading out with new features and improvements to the program. If you are or want to start becoming a PHP developer, this ide is a great way to actually step through a php script and see how the program is executed. Can hover over variables and see their values in real time as well as set custom breakpoints based on the evaluation of an expression. Ie: $variable=="value" then the program will trigger a breakpoint when that expression evaluates as true.
Check it out.


This site has tons of good information on raising your family and good principles to live your life by. It's very well organized. It's a site I usually visit every day. The online scriptures are especially useful. I do prefer the classic layout however which is located at http://classic.scriptures.lds.org. I like that version better because it fills the width of my browser which is something that the new version doesn't do.

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