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So many fish to fry.... so little time. I am a warrior for consumer rights, I tell it like it is, I try to keep my reviews short, but packed with information and don't go off on tangents, I do give helpful votes when coming to this site to look something up and...I was the first person to review SiteJabber.com... I got an email from the guy who runs it and he asked me if I would do an interview about finding/criticizing businesses online... and! I got interviewed by the local new station based

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I have owned 3 successful businesses and am making it through the economic downturn pretty well, if you have ANY cash laying around, invest in in Apple stock (mine had over quadrupled since I bought it 10 years ago) I know a lot about how to purchase a purebred cat from out of the state you live in (and who to stay away from!) and I am an expert on travel to France.


Am a crazy cat lady. Love to read, cook, be informed but not be a jerk about it, LAUGH!!!!

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It's easy to get lured in by the cheap prices for new hard cover books. But I feel they have gone too far. I mean, you can buy anything from baby wipes to a tire iron. Why does it need to be so big?

And when I had a problem with a merchant who overcharged me (some sort of clerical error on THEIR part) over 8 times what I was quoted to pay it took me nearly 3 months to clear it up. There is no phone number to call and talk to a live human being and I had to send email after email to try to clear it up. It was ridiculous.

But let's focus on their book review section for a moment: I really hated a book and gave it one star. The author harassed me using various aliases and, then worst of all, got Amazon.com to pull me one star review AND I was accused of hectoring this author. All because this one little crybaby (named Paul Cohn... look it up... I kid you not) complained. And what I found especially fascinating about this particular author is that besides writing total crap "novels" he attacked everyone who gave his book anything less than 5 stars and ALL of his 5 star reviews were from "people" who had never written another book review in their LIFE! I mean... it wasn't a best seller... it maybe sold 20 or 30 copies and it has about 10 5 star reviews that these reviewers have NEVER written another single book review.

I mean, if that doesn't reek or sound of fish, I don't know what does. And Amazon comes down on me? Well, that's just crazy. I say skip Amazon.com and buy local (even though I do live in Seattle, so Amazon is local for me)... because there are so many other book stores who deserve your business.

And don't even get me started on their secondary market. I recently purchased a book that was said to be in "like new" condition. When I got it the cover was torn, there was a red wine (I hope it was red wine) stain on it and worse of all! Some passages in the book were underlined in pen! So I complained 3 weeks ago and they said they would refund my money... but have they? Ope. And I'll bet you anything it will take between 10-15 emails to get them to honor their money back guarantee. That was 3 weeks ago, and I have not received an email saying that my money was refunded.

I would say this is the ONLY time I would ever say: Set fire to Amazon! (because I associate that name with a particular rain forest that is in peril).

Plain and simple: they suck... long, hard and completely.


I'm sure I am not the first person the review SiteJabber.com... but I do think it is one of the most useful sites on the Internet. I like the thing they say about helping to build a "transparent" internet. So... if you are reading this, you probably agree with me. It's easy to navigate (that counts BIG in my book) and I have a great pace to go when I want to say something negative or positive about the internet and it's billions of sites.

So, I say... keep up the great work guys! And thank you for creating this space for those of us who need a place that's easy to find and use for how we feel about sites.


OK... I have been with Dibspace for approximately a year and I can honestly say that it is just one of the worst experiences of my life. I can't say enough bad things about Dominic Canterbury who came up with a good concept, got a lot of people excited about the concept and then it became big and we all got to find out that Dominic should be working a straight job because he is just someone who isn't motivated and needs supervision. They were really super excited that they hooked in with a bigger bartering network call BizExchange but my business did exchanges with them years ago, and they were also awful. I personally know 7 people who own very good small businesses who are no longer taking Dibs for their services and just looking for a way to spend them and get out as fast as they can. I'm one of them. Mr. Canterbury is one of the most disorganized people I have ever not have the pleasure of meeting, because the day we were supposed to meet, he stood me up. When I called him he said he was sick and forgot to call me. So I got to check out of my office in the middle of a busy day, drive 15 miles in one direction to meet him, stay there for a half an hour and drive back the other 15 miles when he said he wasn't coming. He never apologized and he never rescheduled. I believe he will try to franchise Dibspace out to entrepreneurs, but if you get a recruiting call from him... take it from me, a trusted person in the SJ community to NOT do it! You will regret it. I do hope that someone checks his business model and just does one on their own... But don't work for or with him.


The next time I'm craving something that I know will feel bad in my stomach but taste good for 5 minutes I am going to visit this site first. It is absolutely hilarious and SOOOOOO disgusting. Then I'll go running for my Whole Foods Popsicles that taste great, have a serving of fruit and that I actually like better than ice cream. What a brilliant idea for a site to get people to think about what they are putting into their bodies. Love it, love it, love it!


TicketMaster, the mega monopoly who controls that concerts you wish to see has gone too far. They have started they own "resale" site called TicketsNow.com. Here is what I am hating about this. A concert that I wanted to see went on sale 2 weeks ago. At 9:59 on the dot (tickets went on sale at 10) I was both on the TicketMaster.com site AND had a ticket seller from TM on the phone. The instant 10 o'clock came we started searching for tickets and they had absolutely nothing acceptable. I'm not saying I need to be in the front row or anything, but something in the first 25 rows would have been acceptable. After getting no where both online and on the phone with TicketMaster I went directly to TicketsNow.com at 10:05. And guess what!?! On THAT site they had plenty of fantastic seats for anywhere from $400-$1,000 per seat (not including a 15% service charge).

What feels especially fishy to me is that how in the hell did other TicketMaster "clients" buy all these great seats and then list them for multiple times the face value of the ticket in less than 5 minutes? My guess? TicketMaster is withholding the best seats for their own secondary market and charging ridiculous sums of money for people who just want to see a good concert.

I would LOVE to be part of a class action lawsuit against TicketMaster and their sister company TicketsNow... because I nearly always have to buy tickets on the secondary market because it is nearly impossible to get tickets the regular way for the face value of the tickets. I did a little searching and there is a growing movement to break up the monopoly... but TM is a HUGE worldwide company that probably employs hundreds of lawyers. So someone like me who enjoys going to concerts either gets to sit in the nosebleed sections or pay (what sometimes for me is an entire weeks pay) on the secondary market to sit in the first few rows. TicketsNow.com should be STOPPED! And I do think what they are doing is illegal.


So... you get lured into "buying" bids/ I bought 45 bids for $25. I then stated bidding on a ipad that was going up in 1 Cent increments and wasn't getting anywhere with that, so I started bidding on a $15 gift card for iTunes. But I ran out of bids. So I stupidly went to buy more bids, which cost me another $25... and concentrated on getting the iTunes card. I still didn't win it... so then a little window comes up and says "Sorry you didn't win this, would you like to buy it for $2.57"? So I thought... OK, I'll buy it. Even though an itunes certificate can be transferred into your itunes account for free (just with a transaction number) they charged me $1.90 in shipping/handling charges. So, in the end, my $15 iTunes card ended up costing me over $53.00. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! I was lured onto it by them showing me all these great deals people had won, but I don't believe than ANYONE actually won a prize worth over $200 for less than $5. What a horrible rip off.


This site has a LOT of cool stuff... but they are often out of sizes. I have put requests in for things when they come back into stock, but so far that has never happened. The few items I have purchased there were quite nice, even if the shipping is a bit steep. I recommend this site to woman who are plus size but don't want to wear potato sacks. Also, I have noticed that if you give an item a negative review, they do not publish it... so everything is skewed to their benefit, so I think it is good to be aware of this.

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