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So many fish to fry.... so little time. I am a warrior for consumer rights, I tell it like it is, I try to keep my reviews short, but packed with information and don't go off on tangents, I do give helpful votes when coming to this site to look something up and...I was the first person to review SiteJabber.com... I got an email from the guy who runs it and he asked me if I would do an interview about finding/criticizing businesses online... and! I got interviewed by the local new station based

How I Can Help

I have owned 3 successful businesses and am making it through the economic downturn pretty well, if you have ANY cash laying around, invest in in Apple stock (mine had over quadrupled since I bought it 10 years ago) I know a lot about how to purchase a purebred cat from out of the state you live in (and who to stay away from!) and I am an expert on travel to France.


Am a crazy cat lady. Love to read, cook, be informed but not be a jerk about it, LAUGH!!!!

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We recently ordered sheets from Overstock.com and they took forever to come. But when they DID arrive, they were just wonderful and exactly as described.


I adore Zappos. Free shipping when you become a VIP member, and free returns for everyone. This is a company I love to support. The CEO is a nice man, and the employees have FUN while working. I read a long article about the owner, and he sounds like a great guy... If you have never been there, I would say GO! It's fun and they make it easy to find what you need. I have a pair of New Balance shoes on their way as I write this!


I had Netflix a couple of years ago, and I thought it was great. Now it is horribly fey. They have nothing to watch (that I am interested in anyway) except the few good films I have already seen. I have been bedridden since December, so being entertained is important... and with Netflix, it just isn't happening. I was going to cancel my subscription a couple of weeks ago but forgot... Thank you SiteJabber for reminding me.


Easily the WORST website on the planet... enough time wasted...


I just feel that there are SO many insincere men on the site... and while I have never seen the female side of the site, I bet the girls are just posers. Also... site so buggy it's crazy...

Tip for consumers:
Buyer beware.


Normally, I'd give Nordis 5 stars... after all, they did set a world wide trend for service. But! They lost 6 pairs of my shoes... then had the NERVE! To charge me $17.50 for cleaning one air of suede shoes. I'll never take my shoes there again!


DUDE! I have known ** since I was 14. He and his partner, ** are the WORST! ** does hair design. Their home is for sale. ** owns SEVA, a furniture store in Seattle that is GROSS (the $#*! just breaks apart) They are planning to move to Palm Springs so that they "can go out for lunch" Well... have fun boyz, cuz you ain't fooling me.

**[personal info redacted by admin]


OK... I was curious... What can people REALLY find out about someone online? For lots of money, you too can find out.

I was checking out a restaurant and scrolling down, I saw this thing for "Instant Background Checks" called CheckMate.com... Curious as to what it might say about me (not that I have anything to hide) the site didn't even know my name. So anyone relying on it for RECENT info is going to be deceived.

Due to divorce, I changed my name 2.5 years ago. It DID come up with the names of several people related to me, but that was it.

Checkmate had my middle initial wrong and it had my old married name. It did correctly come up with the last 3 cities I have lived in, but then they pour on the sales tactics to get you to pay (of course... you have to wait at least 10 minutes for all of the supposed information to load)... and then when I tried to leave the page, the site made it difficult to do that. And, it offered to give incorrect information about me for just $1 after saying the least expensive "package" was $24.00 (I think).

Either way... I was slightly impressed when it came up with 4 people "possibly" related to me (all of them were), but since it did not have my current name, I wasn't even willing to pay it $1. Plus, it has all of these disclaimers saying that you can't use it to stalk anyone or deny a job to anyone... So unless one is a private detective I don't even think it is worth $1. Also one of the people it said I was possibly related to has been dead for over 3 years.


I needed to escalate a complaint about a local business...(it is SO corrupt that they wouldn't even acknowledge my BBB complaint) so I was searching on the net for another, perhaps more powerful way to complain about this inept business... and I stumbled upon this site (er... rather, it popped up in my search engine) and it looked official, so I filled out the forms it gave me and went to the last button... and they wanted a credit card payment of $25.00. So...

I thought that seemed a bit shady, since it did not mention anything about a fee upfront (and by this point, I was several pages deep into it) and they had a tab that said "contact us" so I did to ask why there was a fee.

Hmmmm... no "live chat" available, and their office was closed (during normal office hours that THEY stated on their website). There was this other tab that said "Submit a question", so I told them that I was wondering about the $25 fee, and how I had tried to contact them during normal operating hours and I did not wish to pay the fee until I got some kind of reasonable explanation why they charge $25 to submit a complaint...

I did submit my question and saved the 4 or 5 pages or info I had already given them. I get an immediate box that said "You will be receiving a response from us within 5 business days". That seemed like a long time, but whatever... I moved on.

20 days later: NO RESPONSE! I even wrote back to them on day 6 asking if they were reviewing my question, and I was assured that they were!

Yeah. I think this Consumers Complaint Agency is in the business of taking $25 and calling it a day... At least, that is how I feel about them... If they are legit... please let me know!


Normally, I am quite satisfied with iTunes... but recently the site has been buggy. And I have a $75 gift card attached to my account... but I can't download anything... Their customer service is basically nonexistent. Also, if you download an album and hate it, I believe you should be able to return it. Audible.com lets you return virtual books, so why can't you return music files?


Don't bother writing a review here. If you say ANYTHING negative, you will first be asked to connect to your account through FaceBook and now I bet I will get 1,000 unwanted posts from them on my FB feed... yay.


Groupon and Living Social BOTH will refund and guarantee that your experience is a good one. Ncrowd doesn't. That is unacceptable to me... So resist the urge to buy from them...


Wow! What an awesome company. I am a bit of a "vitamin junkie" but Swanson's rivals Nordstrom for customer service. They rock so hard! Their name brands are very affordable and stuff like Green Vibrance (that retails in a local store for over $40) is $19... or something crazy like that. Their boxes always arrive in immaculate condition and recently I was looking for a supplement they did not carry... so I called them and they took down all of the info on the package that I had and said they would inquire about carrying it! YAY! You can buy anything from Fish Oil to their own Tri-Fiber complex (my favorite fiber supplement, ever... very easy on the stomach... to lip balms, to organic peppermint oil... I don't even know what else to say about Sawanon's... they rock... And I am grateful to be a customer


NOOOOOOO! I called AppleCare to get some help on a download that I accidentally did and they were closed, and I got hijacked by this site called ExpertHelp.com! (obviously, I am going to report them to AppleCare tomorrow morning) and it said "7 day free trial" but then on the next window it asked me for my credit card info. So, I thought, no big, I will give them it because I only intend to use them once. But! The "person" helping me was named "ROFLMAO Lee" and I got terrible, generic answers to my question... and then I called my Amex card, and, LO!... they charge my card for $1.00 and set me up on a monthly payment plan for $7.99 a week! Long story short... AMEX will dispute the charge as fraudulent and will not let them charge you any further. Call me brain-dead or whatever you want... but I am currently a student studying my butt off with really 0 time to do much else. So... don't fall for their scam. I am SO HAPPY that AMEX has already disputed the $1.00 charge and that they will not allow any further charges... because I am pretty sure that this unscruplous pseudo-company will attempt to charge me $7.99 next week. GAWD... I love/hate the internet so much. I feel I am pretty savvy, but I do get sucked in sometimes. Anyway... YAY for AMEX, Boo on expert help.com.


I cannot even begin to express HOW EXCELLENT their customer support is. Always buy AppleCare with ANY new purchase. They rock and I gotta go as they are connecting me just NOW! YAY! Love this company. Comcast should take some lessons from Apple... STAT!


OMGAWSH! Comcast SUCKS so bad and I HATE them. They constantly waste my time, it takes 4 minutes to get thru their phone system and in this day and age I cannot even fathom how horrific their customer service is! I just spent 6 minutes on the phone, agreed to take their stupid customer satisfaction quiz... and then the line is just cut after I ALWAYS tell the rep AT THE VERY START OF THE CALL to call me back if the call is dropped, and they never do! My internet is constantly going down on a perfectly sunny day and I'm stuck paying $80 a month FOR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON PLANET EARTH! They should all be ASHAMED of their crap product. PLEASE... let the Sabertooth Tiger come back and eat all of them in a blood bath! That would make me SO happy!


I have been trying to change my name and my email address and they are making it SO DIFFICULT! First of all, it takes at least 5 minutes to get thru their automated phone system as they keep referring you back to the website to do whatever it is that you want to do. But if you can't get in, then you get to spend HOURS and HOURS on the phone with them! It's awful. Their customer service is lacking and I'm on hold for the 4th time as I leisurly write this review. It's a time-saver if you never need to change your information... but just trying to update your name or your account information and be prepared to have you call dropped multiple times, having to deal with their EXTREMELY IRRITATING customer service. Actually... I am rethinking my 2 stars, here. Depending on how much longer I have to deal with this, I may be coming back and downgrading it to 1 star. Their "customer service" is bad...


Every single time I travel with a booking thru Expedia, it has been a bad experience. In fact, it is SO bad that I plan to pay off my balance and cut up my card.

I spent over 2 hours with them on the phone and they would keep dropping the call only to find that when I printed out my travel itenirary THEY HAD BOOKED ME INTO THE WRONG CITY! So, the I have to spend another 2 hours right before I was getting ready to leave the country for almost a month… They kept transferring me to different people, who I had to give THE EXACT INFORMATION about my trip and what was the problem is (why doesn't the first person I speak to start a file so the other agents have the information right in front of them?) and on and on on, ad nauseam. The people they have working there are dumb as rocks.

It was s completely unsatisfactory… and I am even having trouble with them AFTER my trip is over. OMGawd! Never again will I use Expedia for ANYTHING!


I bought a couple of dresses from them through TIPPR and what I got in the mail was 2 pieces of GARBAGE masquerading as dresses... never have I seen such cheap, ugly material... AND! They weren't even in my size. They sent dresses that were WAY too small.

I wrote to TIPPR, but knew that nothing would really come of that, so I wrote to Jade and Juliet and told them I wanted to return them and they said that it stated that all sales were final and the dresses could not be returned. I looked up the original transaction and it said nothing about no returns and everything was a final sale.

You don't get to do that in hindsight. I have already turned this matter over to my credit card company (YAY AMEX! For having such great customer service) and the money has already been placed back into my account and now these 2 stupid girls get to deal with AMEX instead of me.

BEWARE of this company. I don't know what dress the model was wearing, but it wasn't the cheap, ugly rags I got. And in 6 sizes too small? Don't order from them! Let's drive them out of business.


I was surfing the net a few weeks ago and found this "miracle face lift cream: called ProLift Serum. They promised that for a small handling fee (it was 4 or 5 dollars) I would get a free jar, and I could cancel my membership anytime.

And... I completely forgot about it until...

Last night my credit card company called saying I had a suspicious looking charge to my account for $89.99 and wanted to know if I had authorized the charge. Since my free trial never came I had, indeed forgotten about it, and when I tried calling the company, their phone is disconnected. But I tried to get the pop up ad to come back up... and I found it, stating the EXACT terms of get a free sample now and cancel anytime w/o having to return the product.

The CC company gave me their phone number and guess what? The phone has been disconnected. How very convenient for them.

So stay away from this offer. The little video is very convincing that this is the new best thing in the war on your face... which will win? The hideous wrinkles of a 52 year old woman or the perfect, flawless face of the 22 year old spokesmodel? Hmmmm.

Don't we in the US spend several hundreds of billions of dollars trying to look young? Well, I know that I personally do not spend billions, but I do try to take care of myself... and the best way to not have wrinkles is to drink lots of water, limit caffeine, avoid the sun and not smoke, so I'm not too worried.

But I do worry about this "company". My card is no longer useful to me, since they told me to destroy it and they are sending me a new one, but it will take 10 business days, yada yada yada. I'm just grateful that the CC companies make it so easy to get rid of fraudulent charges. Still, it is a total hassle since I recently started using that card for my Audible.com account and a couple of other accounts where I do use it to pay my monthly subscription, like NetFlix. So I have to waste my time adding in a new credit card.

Please do not support these criminals.

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