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8/19/10 is where you go if you have a problem with your windows based PC or just want to see what the latest and greatest software Microsoft will be putting out to the public in the future or now. You can navigate the site pretty easily and everything is at your disposal. There is a bet that you need to find information about a Microsoft product this site is where to go.


This site is pretty much a site where people can go to get a review or suggestion for the best Restaurants & Bars in a certain area. I have yet to use this site but will be putting it in my bookmarks just in case I ever go out to eat again I can see what people think about the Restaurants & Bars in my area before making a choice.


If you have a thumb drive/ Flash Dive this is the site for you. It is jammed full of applications that can be installed to your flash drive and run from your flash drive. I have used this site in the past and some of the applications that are on the site are very useful. They have taken most of the most popular freeware programs and made them where they can be installed on your flash drive. They have also made it easier to download multiple apps at one time with the suite program for flash drive which comes with the most popular apps in the directory. I recommend this site for anyone and everyone who thinks their productivity can go up with the ease of having apps on their flash drive to help with most computer needs.


Ok I have been an avid youtube user for quite a while now. I like youtube because if you want to watch a video on how to do somthing then search for it if it isn't there well make it for the world to see. I know that most people go to it just to see viral videos and some people go to learn how to do a particular thing like maybe glitch in Modern Warfare 2. Me myself I watch them to be entertained. Now that they have a safe search feature on the site then it is easier for parents to monitor what their children watch which might help in some of the accidents that have happened because of some of the videos. The only gripe I have is not being able to actually download videos without having to download an add-on into Firefox. You have a variety of videos to watch from funny to fitness. Sometimes you can even watch Tv shows be they are usually taken down within a couple of hours after upload. I recommend this site for entertainment.


I was asked to do a review on this site. Before being asked I had heard of it before just never went on it until now. First impression was ok it is pretty much another news feed site but then you look at the news and posts and see that it is actually news for geeks if you like weird stuff and interested in seeing people do geeky stuff then this your site to go to. This site is pretty informative in the weird side of the news. I recommend checking it out if you get the chance.


Newegg is the geeks Garden of Eden. The site offers the ability to buy individual computer parts at very low prices. One person can build a computer for as much as $300 and it be one of the best systems the have ever owned. Shipping is 1 of the sites strong points if it is free shipping it's very low priced shipping and you receive it fast. Not only do they sell computer parts but they also sell everything electronic from Tv's to gaming consoles. Newegg is #1 when it comes to buying the ltest technology.


Amazon is a website for the masses. It allows for people to buy just about anything and everything. I have used the site to purchase numerous items and have yet to be disappointed. The website itself is simple enough for the most unintelligent person to navigate it. While offering a broad range of offerings to the table. Amazon in my eyes outshines any other site that rivals it because of it's ability to help people sell their stuff in stores within amazon. The checkout process is quick and painless and the shipping process is above average for a website of it's size with super saver shipping to allow for the customer to save on shipping. The one thing I like the most is the ability to buy used over new stuff to save money and if the item is not what you wanted you can return it with out hassle. I give Amazon 4 stars for being one of the leading websites for the shopper in all of us.


I visit this site probably once a day and it is always informative. No matter if you are having trouble with your Xbox or a game there is somewhere to get help if not in the help or F. A. Q in the forums. I decided to write this review seeing how uninformative the above review was about the actual site. The moderators on the forum do sometimes show immaturity but that is because 60% of the people they have to deal with are between the ages of 13-19 years of age. The news on the site about upcoming games and other peripherals for the Xbox 360. If your Xbox breaks and you have to send it in for repair then the site offers a way to track the progress of your repair along with updates about the Xbox live status. It also allows for users to buy games and other marketplace items and have them download directly to their console. Another thing is it also allows for users to have their own input with the forums on games and the whole Xbox experience.


Being a Linux OS lover I find this site to be one of the most informative sites out there when it comes to Linux Operating Systems you can find just about any and all Distributions of Linux on this site. On the left hand side of the home page you will find a list of the most popular Distributions (distros) by download. You can also search for the version you want to find. Along with after clicking a distro you will be shown a page with a complete description and screenshots of the system where to download and the creator's website. The home page also shows what is new and exciting within different distros. This site is the leading site when it comes to finding that one Linux distro you have got to have


I have visited this site a couple of times to search for software that fits what I need to do and I like it. It is a cool site but the not the best out there. When you go to this site to search for software make sure if you don't recognized the company to do a company review or search for review for that software on google. I have downloaded many things from this site and I'll say 80% of the downloads are uninstalled very shortly after installation. Its not that the website itself is bad it is that it allows for some of the most unusable and spam filled software out there to be uploaded for people to download. I will say this not all the software is bad there are things they have on there that are useful like editor reviews and user reviews for the software read those if they have them to find out if there is any problems with the software. The previous poster post that they are verified spyware and virus free which they are but it comes down to "do you want to install multiple different toolbars into your browser or do you want to install this piece of software to?" I know thats how most of the free software creators get their money but you should advertise that in your description of the software stating "this software also contains the messyouup toolbar do you want to download it?" I remember one install that took my about 1 hour because every next button was either an advertisement for another piece of software or another toolbar I finally got tired of it and will now only download from the creator's website.


I joined this site to become more familiar with the security vulnerabilities of computers what I didn't know is that I would actually learn more from some of the users on this site. is a pretty informative site to visit you can learn just about anything from how to secure your own personal computer to how to get even with an enemy. You can even find software and tutorials to help expand your knowledge of the security side of the internet. Plus it has a section for gamers who want to know how something works within a gaming system and any exploits that are found within that game or system. This site gets 4 stars for it's layout of information, ease of use, and it's informative nature.


If you are gamer over the age of 16 this is the site and community you want to join. IGC gives members opportunities to win gamerpoints for xbox 360 and opportunities to meet gamers from around the world. I myself have been a member now for almost a year and have met a number and grab bag of people from the calm to the insane. If you play xbox live go to this site and read about the group.


I joined this site just to see what it was all about then come to find out it is more of a scam than anything. After 1 week and numerous surveys later my account gets closed because i logged onto it while at school to show some college buddies. Didn't use the school computer but my own laptop this must have been illegal to use my own computer in my own way but anyway. Don't go on this site it is nothing but a scam and if you do go on it use caution as you never know what reason they'll give to stiff you out of you time.

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