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19 Reviews by Matthew

Everyone keeps going on about businesses trying to manipulate ratings but pretty much across the board the general consensus reigns supreme. Here and there some places aren't what they are cracked up to be but that can pretty much be chalked up to personal preference. All-in-all I hit up yelp first to research a new spot and will continue to do so for many years!
Obviously everything here only makes attractive women hotter. That isn't up for debate. And yes the place is ridiculously expensive for what can only be called increasingly reducing fabric amounts. Oh well. What I truly have a problem with is anytime I go into the stores alone, I am unanimously stared down as if I am some child molester or weirdo. I am not allowed to buy this stuff as a gift unless I bring my girl with me to prove I have one?? Thanks for ruining any surprise present ever. Definitely in need of an overhaul!
Depending on the company, this place can be a treasure-trove of info, or can be pretty worthless. Based on what I read in the little crevices of the site, Should a company move, altar its name a little bit, or even open up a new location, they completely start over and the BBB doesn't link the two profiles. Certain shady places use this to their advantage, just reset their trash ratings and after like a year if nobody updates the page of the old place, it just all gets deleted/archived and nobody is the wiser of how horrible the company really is. People need to watch closer on the business info!
Maybe I am just not getting something...What is the draw for this site? It's like someone took all the individual parts of all social media like games, notifications, intelligent info tracking on people. They removed those all from existence, and compiled the loser traits from what was left into this garbage site. Bare bones information, ridiculously absurd connection attempts, widespread pointless suggestions, and absolutely no purpose to this website as far as the mouse can roam. It seems this is the new-age version of those boards you find on university campuses full of posters and personal ads on people you really don't care about rambling on about some crap in their life that was purposefully avoided by all. Only reason for 2* is I get to use this site as a screening element. Oh you have a linkedIn profile? Great! Get your moronic self 5 states away from me, yesterday! You aren't worth my time.
Everytime I have mistakenly given IHOP a chance in the last decade I am disappointed beyond belief. I have never once sat down, ordered, and actually eaten within an hours time frame. It seems across the board the only requirement to work here is being more lazy than the last person. Across 4 states, probably 10 cities there is not one location I would revisit. Just plain ridiculous for an old-school name to have fallen this far.

Tip for consumers: Run, don't walk, RUN away from this chain!!!!

I get pretty good deals online here as opposed to other websites. My only problem is their customer service. Sent them an email about tracking a package and was just told to wait longer. No eta no plan just wait and see.

Tip for consumers: Hope there are no problems, CSR's suck

I guess the good and bad of this place are all in which location you go to. The website blows its about as basic as you can get. The good part is going into the shop and spending 5-10 mins roaming the shelves for something cool. Some places have great people working there to chit-chat with about games, while other spots just have rude people that want you to pay and get out. I just like the former experience better. We could all go elsewhere, but good service would keep more customers in--house!

Tip for consumers: Investing in their promembership is worth it if you plan to get 10+ games a year.

This place is a little pricey but I know that you get what you pay for! Their electronics aren't that flimsy like the crapple store. Service is way better too. I like going into a store for tech and people there know how it actually works... unlike elsewhere, in this place that actually happens! Just wish there were more locations. Here in vegas there isn't one around me for probably a half hour drive.
Guess its a good thing when you go somewhere and its full of people. Has to mean its a great place right? Not always, but in this case its very good for a store. Great service, good prices on most things, and even though its almost as crowded as walmart around me, I never spend even half the time leaving as I do elsewhere. Definitely prefer to shop here than any supercenter!
Since the old school NES in my closet STILL works every weekend, I can attest to the quality of their products! Got my combo super mario/duck hunt, the golden original zelda cart, and castlevania 2 simons quest. Oh yeah, my weekends of yesteryear are here to stay! Then there is the wii. Say what you will about how it ignored conventional gaming control, Its just too fun to hate on!!! Forget anything else crapple or sony even microsoft put out, nintendo is the gaming god!
Prices, shipping, returns, selection, Amazon has it all! One problem I have is the filters. When you search for 1 specific thing, instead of the search bar having an option to match just what you ask, it just puts forth 500 other things that don't really affect you. You want a hammer? try 200 boxes of nails, a poster of a hammerhead shark, 14 new screwdrivers, and some baking soda(made by arm & hammer of course). Oh page 32 the actual hammer I wanted? excellent...
I will always be a PS man over xbox. I know everyone is on about the better graphics, and while they would have a strong case, I still prefer PS as my system. Its called gameplay and its more important to some. Waiting for the ps4.2 that will let me keep my ps3 games going, but im still never jumping ship!
I know lots of people are into TPB, but I have always likes KAT better. The community is awesome, after a couple weeks you know all the good uploaders from the bad, (everyone knows yify is god of movies, ettv god of cable) But more than what you can find, its just an easy website to handle, ads aren't overwhelming, good forums, I love this place!
Again, depends on which shop you go to. Some places have very friendly people, some places have people who really know what they are talking about, and some places have neither! Next time I need a DIY project done I may just use the website instead of gambling on the in house service.
The picture and company profile are for Persopo.com LOL. Someone at SJ can't spell.I'll review the real company on their page~
Since most reviews were older, took a shot on the site. Ill admit I didn't find what I thought I would. But I called them up and while it was clearly scripted, they were straight with me. Said they don't make up info just pass along what they get. If it's wrong they can't help it, and I think thats fair. If someone tells you something you and you just pass it along is it your fault if its wrong? No its not. I have a problem with the industry not really Persopo. I asked for my money back and got it, I think the people complaining were expecting more than reality. Keep your head on and read what you pay for, be straight with them, they will treat you right. I can't bash them for doing right by me~
Everytime I think I've found a decent groupon I end up calling the business directly and am offered a similar or even better deal going on at the time. This website is closer to the supermarket ads than a discount service. They just parrot what is being offered. I can never even seem to get someone on the phone to ask about it either. Just a ridiculous service!
I used to love MW on FB and the other bunch of games that were the same code with different pictures lol. But when they tried doing their own gaming site the upkeep on them just plummeted. Tried looking into them again recently and was met with more road blocks than I could navigate. It shouldn't be made more annoying to jump back into a game site than onto social media. It was fun, but ya gotta go!
These people just need to go away. I am so tired of crapple products littering the world. They flat out suck. I have had the misfortune of owning 3 crapple products in my life and not one lasted more than a month. And every time I am stupid enough to think a company would stand behind their product and replace or even repair it, I am met with laughter and disdain by people who tell me I bought it I shouldn't have broke it. Its not my fault this junk is designed to brick out. And don't get me started on the sh*t battery life. Rot and die crapple.

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