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LOVE it. Free internet radio and you can always find just the right songs. If I could get this in my car, I would never listen to local stations anymore. I think in the future all local radio will vanish.


This is probably one of the only news shows I watch and it gives you a very unbiased view of the state of current affairs. Most of the shows are archived on the website and I think anyone interested in current events should be bookmarking this site.


I have been using latisse for 6 weeks now and can honestly say my eyelashes are longer and thicker. It does still sting my eyes a little bit but it is well worth it to have longer lashes for real. No more fake lashes. People think I am wearing fake lashes because my real lashes are so long now!


I put all of my photos on flickr to share with family and friends. The main reason I like it is that I can easily share photos with those relatives who have ZERO computer knowledge. I sent a link to my flickr account to my 70 aunt and she figured it out. I have tried that with other photo sharing sites and she was not able to navigate the site. My 70 year old aunt is my litmus test on how easy it is to navigate a website... if she can do it, anyone can do it.


I keep telling all of my friends to use this website if they are going to buy ANYTHING online. Especially from big stores like amazon. Might as well make the world a greener place and if Amazon doesn't get as much money, then so be it :)


I was a little skeptical of the "new" botox but it seems to work the same way but it is just a little bit cheaper. Not sure how long it will last though and if it doesn't last the usual 3 months, then it won't be worth it. Right now I am happy as it was about 20% less than botox at my doctor's office.


My sister warned me about this site so I thought I would post it here. She somehow believed that a cream can rebuild collagen... I almost laughed at her when she said this as that is just not true. But I did feel bad when she told me how she couldn't get this company to stop charging her credit card. Girls, creams do not rebuild collagen... small companies like this do not have some magic ingrediant that can make you look 10 years younger. If it really were the case then then multibillion dollar companies like Loreal would have it too. These types of companies are all scams and trying to trick women into parting with their hard earned money.


Like everyone in this economy I saw the cash for gold TV commercial and thought about selling some of my jewelry for a little extra cash to pay the rent. I sent in my gold and waited. I was offered almost nothing for it. Then I saw this article online; http://www.cockeyed.com/citizen/goldkit/reputation.shtml OMFG.


I just bought the new iPhone and did a search here on sitejabber and found out about this website. It is almost too good to be true. Ever since I bought this software I have played internet radio on my laptop all day long and downloaded every song I listened to into my iPhone. I have 500 songs now and all I paid for was the 30 bucks for this software. I still haven't figured out how to download videos yet, but hoping to get that working too.


I was not impressed at all with the selection of vendors at this bridal show. Maybe other ones were better but this one had seemingly poor quality photographers, florists and the usual cheap tux rental stores. Still though, my friend won a raffle prize, so that definitely made the trip worthwhile. I would say if this show comes to your area, check it out, but I drove 2 hours to get to this show and it wasn't really worth the effort in doing that.


I have been to about a dozen bridal shows and they range from complete garbage to ones that have good vendors. The problem is that just about anyone can pay to be a part of these things and some of these shows have really bad vendors and are a complete waste of time. The modern bridal shows are excellent and usually held at 4 star types of venues like the Ritz Carlton. Plus the exhibitors are NOT that much more expensive than the cheap ones... you get what you pay for.


These guys ROCK! I soooo wish I could get them to make my wedding cake and I do not mind at all that they have a $1000 minimum purchase price, but they refuse to travel more than 4 hours from Baltimore and I'm getting married in NYC. If you people at Charm City are listening... open a franchise in NYC so we can take part in your dreamy cakes. A friend of mine ordered a cake from them after seeing the show on the food network and it was simply amazing. If you live anywhere near MD, these guys are the real deal, don't trust your wedding cake to anyone but them if you are lucky enough to live nearby.


No, you can't buy these rings online, but just take a look at them and you will see why these are the most cherished rings around. My mom had an artcarved ring and so I made damn sure my fiance knew to get this for me. The best thing to do is find a few jewelers in your area that carry this type of ring and then see which one will give you the best deal. I found a 10-20% difference in price just by shopping around for the SAME EXACT ring. Though I know they could just be marking the price down in hopes of upselling me on a diamond. Either way, this is my favorite style of wedding bands :)


Not cheap, Not for the bargain hunters... but this is THE best stationary I have found for wedding invitations. The 3D flowers are sooooo perfect! Have them send you a sample and you will be impressed. You can somewhat bargain with them, but their prices are fairly set.


My friends love this site because of the deals. Beware, they will spam you on a daily basis, but the email newsletters do contain some great stuff. Each sale only lasts for 36 hours and they are really serious about that time limit, so if you want something, you have to buy it pretty much exactly when you get the email. The good deals sell out fast too... and sometimes I wonder if the deals are too good to be true because when I try to order something, it often says the deal has already sold out.

The $25 dollar referral fee to get your friends to join is how I think this website spread so fast, I got 8 friends to join and then got a free purse :)

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