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About Me

People say that I'm witty...Nah, not really. Just insolent, but very well educated!!!

How I Can Help

Simply, you'll get the objective truth...no more, no less. Well, wait one...maybe a wee bit of humor too. However, we all know what the saving grace of humor is...If you fail, no one will laugh at you 8^)

41 Reviews by Marty

I don't sell on Ebay, but from a purchasing perspective, I couldn't be happier.
I've ordered 500+ items over the last couple of years and have been very pleased.
Of all those total sales, only one transaction was an issue that required EBay's involvement. After investigation, EBay promptly refunded my purchase price because the Seller had 'disappeared' and wouldn't respond. This all happened within 5 days. I use PayPal so the money was returned to my account there.
One other time, a small item wasn't delivered. I contacted the Seller by email (China) and they promptly re-sent another. It arrived on schedule... problem solved.
Presently, I have another 5 'active' orders with 5 different Sellers and have complete confidence that everything will arrive as promised.
Best wishes...

Tip for consumers: As with any purchase, be diligent and prudent...

As another reviewer noted "Are we talking about the same Kaiser?"
Simply, living in Northern California, I've been with Kaiser for decades.
And, as I've gotten older, their attention to the 'normal' maladies that effect us as we all age has been outstanding.
Granted, and fortunately, I'm a healthy 60ish with no major health issues (knock on wood).
They've even performed preventative screenings because of my age.
I've nothing but praise and support for the professionals that I've met over the years.
Best wishes...
Reading the other reviews makes me wonder...
I've used TZ for a few things locally and even used them for a travel package and have never experienced the 'horror' stories some reviewers are leaving.
Every promise made and voucher used has been honored without any problems whatsoever.
Thus, I am leaving them a good and positive review, but, based on what other info that I'm reading, I'll certainly use prudence when booking my next adventure.
Obviously, you should to.
What I am impressed with is that TZ has responded to each negative review here with a follow up response...
Candidly, a 'shady' business isn't likely to respond in any fashion.
So, in my multiple experiences with TZ, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them at all.
Best wishes!
Travelzoo C. – Travelzoo Rep
Hello Marty S.,

Thank you for your feedback! We are so happy to hear that you have enjoyed your experiences with Travelzoo. We do our best to make sure that we stay in contact with our members to resolve any issues or bad experiences that our members have. We also enjoy the great feedback that our members leave, including this one. We will pass this along to our team to let them know how much you have enjoyed our service.

Thank you again for being a Travelzoo member. We hope that you continue to enjoy Travelzoo.

Best Regards,

The Travelzoo Team
For those that may need a regular denture, implants, or a complete set of 'new' teeth, you must check out your local office.
They give you many options for dentures... all at a very fair price.
Plus, their service is very quick. In most cases, a single day.
The quality of their work and products is excellent.
If you're one of the unfortunate ones that need dentures, do yourself a favor and visit... you'll be very happy that you did.
Note: after re-reading my review, it sounds likes an 'ad'.
Thus, to make it more credible. I've added a weee bit more info for you;-)
Personally, based on my experience, I used the Windsor/SR office in Northern California for my dental implants (3ea).
Everyone there, from the front office to Dr. "Tad" himself, were very empathetic, supportive, and professional.
It's been over a year now and my implants are still perfect! I couldn't be happier!
Best wishes...
When traveling 'worldwide', I always prefer one of the Asian carriers (No, I'm not Asian...)
Whether it be JAL, Singapore Air, or, in this case, Cathay Pacific, they will usually be my first choice.
The planes are newer and cleaner, the service personnel are polite and helpful, the food quality/taste is definitely better and they are 'on time'.
Simply, an A++ for me when flying.
How could anyone object to a Timex?
Simply, a great little watch at a reasonable price.
Styling is conservative, in my opinion, but that isn't a bad thing.
I'm not sure that it can still 'take a licking and keep on ticking' as the 'old' motto suggests...
Lot's of choices for under $100.00.
They're certainly worth checking out!
A nice selection of menswear ranging from suits and sports coats to shirts and accessories.
Quality is good for the money. Thus, a really good value.
Check it out;-)
It's really very simple... when I need to review anything travel oriented, this is my "go to" site. Are there other sites just as good? Maybe... I just have the most confidence in TripAdvisor.
In my experience, the bad reviews have, arguably, as much, or more value than the positive reviews. Here, I get a fair balance of both. That's all that I'm searching for when making a travel decision.
With so many magic sites on the "net", it's always good to find another great source of a wide variety/range of magic tricks... from the very simple to the not so easy! Plus, the true value of any company lies with its products, pricing, shipping, and customer service. Magictricks.com excels at it all. Whether you're a newbie, or a hobbyist magician, you should check this out. You won't be disappointed!
O. K. it's not a 3 Star Michelin (if that makes sense to you... good. If not, that's OK too).
Simply, for fast food, I love this place. Now, I like Taco Bell too... just to give you a reference for this review.
Food is always hot and plentiful... pricing is fair. Authentic Chinese(?)... who cares... it's fast food. Similar to how Taco Bell is authentic Mexican faire 8^). Ummm, yeaaaaa... you bet!
Nonetheless, acknowledging the restaurant type, give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
Simply, my favorite streaming service. Selection is great and is updated continually. Downloads are "smoking" fast.
The best $24.00 deal out there for movies.
Yes, you can still get DVDs mailed to you... but why?
I also have Amazon Prime, but Netflix is my "go to" movie source.
So, you ask, why do I have still have Amazon Prime? The easy answer... my wife likes the guaranteed 2 day shipping included when she shops. Simple logic eh?
Yep, if you're looking for an automobile, you must check out Cars.com.
Why? Because to be the most educated consumer prepared to pay a fair price for a good auto, you need great info... a lot of it!
That info is here. You can research any make of auto to your hearts content (with no pressure) as to what is available in your area. I promise... after a bit of research here, you'll know quite clearly what a fair price is for your new/used car will be.
Check it out...
First of all, I like Home Depot. So, why am I here? Simply, I really like Lowe's too. In some ways, I must like them a bit better. I've many of the same praises for both e.g. great service, great products, helpful employees...
However, reviewing my most recent substantial purchases (new washer/dryer, vinyl fencing, pressure washer...), I got them at Lowe's. Hmmm, makes you wonder. That says something...
That being the case, the Lowe's stores seem brighter/more appealing than HD. As for me, I don't really care one way or the other. However, my wife definitely likes Lowe's better for those types of reasons... thus, the previously mentioned purchases. What can I say? If she's happy... well, I'm happy 8^)
Yes, you get what you pay for... Now, that doesn't really tell you much at all, does it?
O. K. Then... here goes. IKEA has so much "stuff" and to be candid, I really like most of the things they sell. From a price point perspective, with regard to furniture, it's in the "low to mid range" part of the cost scale. However, more importantly, they always provide a great value for their products. They are certainly worth "checking out". Go see... then write your own review!
The title says it all. This review is nothing but praise for the warehouse giant. If you need it and Costco has it, just buy it. You won't get a better price anywhere else whether it be for medical prescriptions to food to consumer electronics. Yea, I know... I'm not sure that I need a gallon of mustard either. I get it, and to fix that problem, I just don't buy mustard (or anything else in such quantities that I won't use) at Costco. You know what I mean...
Worth mentioning, I've never had a problem (returns...) over the last decade to where I needed to contact Customer Service, but anyone I know who has worked with CS has always returned happy. That's a good thing!
One minor nuisance, my wife doesn't mind, but I hate the long checkout lines... and they are ALWAYS long in my opinion... uggghhhh 8^)
You really can't go wrong with Hilton Hotels in any part of the world. When I first started traveling internationally during the 1980's (yes, before you could really Google anything), our default hotel was always a Hilton. Always reliable w/no surprises... Generally, you don't want surprises when you're half a world away from home. Trust me on this one!
Still use them to this day.
Yes, happy wife, happy life... Thus, since my wife loves this stuff and I love my wife in this stuff, well, what else can one say?
Higher priced, but great value. No problems to share here. I recommend them highly!
For your magic tricks/supplies, you MUST check these guys out. Huge selection of illusions, from the inexpensive to the little more so i. E. pricey;-) Online chat makes it easy if you have any questions. Heck, they even answer the phone if you call in directly (just don't press 4, or you'll have to talk to a penguin... don't believe me... then, try it) Anyway, this is my first stop, and usually my only stop, to re-supply or just to see what's new in the world of magic. And, although this seems obvious, shipment usually occurs the same business day. If not, certainly the next. You know what I mean... when I order something, I want it fast (now isn't soon enough... lol). Product pricing is very good, thus, high value for any item. They even have a price matching guarantee which I've never had to use. Again, great pricing equal great value!
Also, if it's not in stock, you can't "add to cart" so you completely avoid waiting for who knows how long for a trick/illusion to be delivered while they still have your money due to a back order. Some sites are notorious for long delayed shipping for an out of stock item while still having your dollars Penguin will let you know by email when your item becomes available... then, you can order.
Tracking numbers are provided for all orders.
Check em' out
Simply, how could anyone not like Amazon? This is absolutely one of the best online retailers that you can visit.
Huge product selection... great pricing... fast, free 2 day shipping (Amazon Prime... plus you get movies), great customer service (only had to use once in hundreds of orders...), etc.
There may be sites as good as Amazon, but there are certainly none better!
Walmart... it seems that some people love to hate them;-)
Now, to be fair, I don't get "everything" at Walmart, but they always get the first look from our family. As for me, if I need anything and I can get it at Walmart, BAM! I'm at Walmart. What else is there to say.

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