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I'm 61, latina, have a 5 yr young boxer that is my life. 130lb. Puppy. I live in Az., trying to live the life I was blessed with. I believe in Equality for EVERYONE! MY PET PIEVE is the word, 'step', when it's used with, mom, sister, dad, ect... I feel once we're in a new family, that's our family now. The only steps, should be the steps taken to become another happy family.

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Love one another, regardless of color, religion, weight, mentality, ect... Live today, as if it were your last.


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Good evening.
Again, here I am, writing something negative. I wish, at some point, I would see the police, anywhere in this country, do something right.
This black man, brandishing a knife, and he was mental, they found out after he was shot to death. But those who watched this, did y'll hear how many gunshots were fired at this man? MANY! I heard six, could of been more. Don't the police know it only takes one shot to kill one person, and if it was more than one officer shooting, way back in the day, an officer would tell it, "I got this", so there was ONLY one officer shooting, which would probably end with a result of one, maybe two shots fired.
But here's my question.
Let's go back to another man, recently, brandishing a knife at a police officer/s, and even stabbed an officer in the neck.
Not one shot fired. Matter of fact, the officer, immediately returned his gun to his holster, and pulled out the tazer gun. Then gave this fella water.
There was a difference, just one tho.
That one difference was, one man brandishing a knife, stabbing an officer in the neck and got tazed, was White, and is alive now.
The other man brandishing a knife at officers, but did no stabbing to Any officer, was shot several times, and was killed, was black.
Isn't that a gosh darn shame that the police in this country, who are supposed to treat us ALL EQUALLY and protect us, basically from harm and death, are the ones we fear the most.
I'm latina and I feel I'd have more luck not being raped by a rapist, than I would not being killed by a cop.
That is very sad, and what's sadder, is, there are so so many more that feel as I feel.


As I watched the news yesterday, Oct. 14,2020, I saw something that I was, actually, very content. Then as I was complimenting the officer, telling my significant other, that's how ALL officers should treat EVERYONE.
It was a story of a young adult man, 20-27 yrs. Of age, maybe. There was a problem, he was running from an officer, was caught, stabbed the officer with a knife in the neck, then ran again from officer.
The officer chased him, had his gun out, but immediately switched to a taser, I believe.
He tased the young man once, which is all that was needed.
It was the most ideal action I've seen any officer do, especially after being stabbed.
I'm latina, so I was so impressed, as I've only seen the complete opposite.
Then as I continued praising this officer, I realized something.
The young man was White. I'm not a racist, to me everyone is equal, but that's, most likely, the reason this young man was so lucky and didn't have any fear of losing His life.
I hate to say this, but if it would of been a person of color, the outcome would not have resulted in the stabber living another day
Now this is my opinion but if like CNN to look at this.
Thank you,


I just need to say that wen checking for fevers and stating, "you're negative", is wrong.
I had the virus, was not checked, as I refused to go to hospital. I had many symptoms, more vomiting than most, but the chills, ect., and loss of smell, taste. This was over 2 months ago and I still smell the things I did smell, (2 different items), and my taste hasn't bn the same. Headaches r almost non stop, and many days I'm still feeling the symptoms.
To me, there fever checking is off.
Wen I went to Dr. to check if I was free of virus, they checked my temperature, no temperature, so they said I was negative. That evening, the paramedics came to where I stay, (not for me), and I was not breathing good, so after they were done with complaint, they asked if I was ok and if they cud take my temperature.
Guess wat, I had a temperature.
So I'd like that explained.
And as for your president having Covid 19, don't expect him to change any of his thoughts/ways on the virus.
FEELS THE PAIN, THE AGONY, THE FEAR OF FALLING ASLEEP, FEARING YOU ARE NOT GONNA WAKE UP, CZ OF SHORTNESS OF BREATH. UNLESS HE FEELS THE PRESSURE ON HIS CHEST, and all the other awful ailments that r included in this awful virus, like over 7 million of us have felt,.
That's wen your president MIGHT acknowledge this virus is real.
If he's a lucky one and feels none of the symptoms, he will continue saying it's just like a flu. Sniffles, and however else he described it.
If he

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