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Crapella universchitty very toxic workplace culture. Average age of employees is 30. Coworkers gang up on older workers to get them fired-passive aggressive jerks. HR run by unprofessional skank. Management only cares about metrics no matter how hard you work. Managers absent and do not know whats going on even after notified of problems.

Students dumber than sticks. Pay $100k+ for education only to pay huge debts and no job prospects.

Dont work for go to school here. Should be shut down.


Tried this site for a couple of weeks. In my mid-50s looking for female of same age/height. The only women that emailed me were 20-something hot SKANKS! They kept telling me how great I looked. I asked why contact someone 2X their age. Aren't there any guys their own age on the site? Never received an answer. I'm guessing these ladies, for lack of a better term, were not who they claimed to be. Don't waste your time on this site.


I purchased a refurbished iPhone 1/15/16 for $189. I received the phone a week later. I noticed the phone was $20 less after I took possession. I requested the difference refunded instead of having to return for a refund and repurchase at the lower price. I received canned responses. I responded back "use your brain and resolve the issue". I was offered their funny money on next purchase. I declined and reiterated my request. I then get a response referring to a 2 year old purchase. This is not rocket science! It's a simple request that can be handled in a couple of emails. They responded, again, with a canned email. After all the emails back and forth and filing a BBB complaint, I finally received the partial refund. I did receive a response from a manager. They were no better than the idiot overseas reps. I was given more funny money, but I had enough. I deleted my account. I'll do something more productive like hitting my head against a wall. The iPhone is fine. All's well that ends well.


I signed up for EH a few years ago. I paid the one month subscription fee of $59.00. I got matched with over 200 "ladies." Didn't get one date. After not getting what I paid for, I demanded a refund. What EH doesn't tell you is they match you with people who do not have paid subscriptions and cannot respond. Customer disservice asked me for my email address. They had no record of it... imagine that! Since I paid with a credit card, I charged back the fee. If EH doesn't know who I am, they cannot keep my money. I outscammed EH! Stay away from EH. It's just a bunch of BS.


Have been off and on Tinder for months. App is easy to use. Have had two dates and a couple of conversations. Also on Bumble. More about that later. I communicated with a nurse for little more than a week. We appeared to get along. I noticed early signs of flakiness--ignoring request to chat directly, taking a few days to respond. She appeared to be interested, strung me along for 10 days. When I finally suggested a place to meet, she unmatched me. About three weeks later, we match on Bumble. She messages me, "Nice to meet you." I responded, "You don't remember me from Tinder?" I took the opportunity and tore her a new one. Ladies, if you're not going to be nice to people, at least have a good memory of those you treated like crap. It'll save you a lot of embarrassment.


Site is full of rude qunts. 99.9% of the *itches never respond. The ones that do have no intention of going out with you One qunt had the nerve to call me creepy. I ripped her a new one. Another one just wanted to be a facebook friend. The games are never ending. These broads will favorite you and never send an email, nor will they respond to an email. I suspect POF sends these teasers to get you to upgrade. Another game is a young pretty gal, 20 years your junior, will say hi, you respond, and they want you to go to another dating site. I suspect the majority of the females on this site are fake and scammers The ones that do respond are fugly (fat and ugly) and/or 10-15 years older than you. At least the shunning is free. The POF staff should screen their applicants and kick the qunts off that do not respond. I am DONE with POF. It's the place where all the stuck up rude qunts take refuge. For those of you who blew me off... BITE ME! Kiss my #ss dolflynn! You 've been on POF for NINE YEARS! Give it up and become a nun!

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