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After walking around Nova Bossa Concept Store, I decided to write a review and raise a few questions. Nova Bossa is a retailer located in La Cosecha Market.
The owner's business model is designed to give the impression she is trying to help disadvantaged and poor artisans from Mexico. It is allegedly based on social responsibility.
The short Alas vest is currently for sale at Nova Bossa in Washington, D. C. for over $300. The long Alas vest, over $400. The Bruja Bucket Bag is over $300. How much of that goes to the poor and disadvantaged artisan ladies from Mexico?
What kind of Health Insurance and Retirement Benefit is provided to these master artisans who work at the plantation farm in Mexico day in and day out?
What are the hours and working conditions of the "magical farm"? How many breaks, to include lunch, are those artisans allowed to take? How many hours per day do the Mayan hands work? Do they get paid for working overtime? Do they get paid "a time and a half" for working during the holidays?
Is the "magical farm," in Yucatan, open to the public to protect business transparency or closed to "protect the integrity of those poor and disadvantaged artisans"? Perhaps, closed to the public in order to protect the "integrity" of Angela Damman's (the plantation owner in Mexico) and Carolina Furukrona's (Nova Bossa owner in Washington, D. C.) source of cheap labor?
Is labor law in Mexico "more relaxed" than in the United States? Is labor law enforced in Yucatan, Mexico, protecting workers from exploitation?
Nova Bossa sells NaturaBrasil soaps, Natura Ekos nourishing hand cream-Castanha and NaturaBrasil Pataua Restorative Hair Oil. One perfume only had "madeira branca" label on it and "jacaranda" label on the other one. Only one perfume had "Nova Bossa" label.
Is Nova Bossa a legally authorized vendor for NaturaBrasil's products in Washington, D. C.? Does Nova Bossa carry a licensing agreement to sell NaturaBrasil merchandise?
Could the same questions be applied to the Boca watches currently for sale at Nova Bossa or any product, for that matter, with a label other than "Nova Bossa?"
Last but not least, if you are shopping alone at La Cosecha/Union Market D. C., make sure you do not get a false sense of security in the area. Parking in front of Nova Bossa is limited and shared with a rundown strip of general merchandise wholesalers selling T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts.
When I was walking inside La Cosecha Market, I noticed only one security guard, and he appeared distracted on his personal phone. I felt unsafe when approached by three men on my way to my car.
Is it reasonable to feel unsafe in and out of La Cosecha Market in Washington, D. C.?
I have no further questions.

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