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| Gadget-Freak || Sci-Fi Believer || Music-Lover | | Engineer | Not an ALIEN

How I Can Help

I have been shopping online since the very beginning of the time, and I can help queries related to the tech, gadgets, smartphones and almost anything related to the online world. P.S. My reviews are influenced by own experience, and nothing else.


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29 Reviews by Mass

As the name suggests, TIPESTRY is a tipping-made-easy platform on the blockchain. The users can post/share a link to any content and start a discussion on that, and if the shared link or the discussion is found to be interesting and helpful, the other users can tip cryptos.

The main use-case of the platform is to make the users aware of the scam products, websites and the news as a whole.

And talking about usage, I've been TIPESTRY user since April, and trust me, I have been tipped for a fair amount of crypto.

And for the rating, I give it 4 out of 5,1 star less for there is a room for improvement in website speed, layout, and UI.

Tip for consumers: You can read this Medium post to be more aware of how you can earn on Tipestry!


Latium is built on the top of the blockchain and a best place to get any digital tasks done!
It's a Microworker alternative. It's unbelievably cheaper to hire employees than any other similar platforms.

Latium has it's own native currency called LATX and can be exchanged for BTC, ETH, OMG and USDT within their internal exchange!
Been using Blinkist for a while now, won't say it's the best one there in books-summarizing product category, but its' obviously one of the best, in my opinion!

The best thing I've liked about the Blinkist is how well they have balanced the pricing with the collection size, unlike other books-summarizing products like getAbstract and Soundview.

The user interface is simple and interactive enough to get the flow going and the audio quality for the audio books is amazing!
The website is very much spot-on with its domain ". Info". Prabidhi.info is full of information-rich contents and guides. I didn't find this website very long, but now I have [as I searching for Blinkist review], I've bookmarked it. And so should you guys.

And the best thing is, the website has no ads. Completely ad-free. Kudos to the developers, content creators for providing amazing knowledge in ad-free environment.
You might have heard of Product Hunt where daily new products are listed. I've been a PH user for like a year or more, I really love the platform. But recently I discovered Steem Hunt, a Product Hunt alternative, but a better & decentralized one! I've been using it for the last 3-4 months, and rather than the most of the products hand-picked by editors in PH [the contribution to aid in ranking the hunt by the user is low if compared to SH], in SH the users are given power to filter the cool hunts and rank them.

And to the plus side, both the hunters and the users who upvote and help in ranking the cool products are rewarded for their contribution in the platform. In fact, I've earned more than 70$ in SBD.
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The anonymity is at its best, but the rules and Rediquitte is a $#*!-job.
Anyone for no specific reasons can get shadowbanned or even deleted!
Reaching out to support is nearly impossible and even if you do, they hardly respond back.

Update: They un-shadowbanned my account after 12 days [they didn't respond until 12 days!]
Feels good to earn million of internet points; KARMA!
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Undoubtedly, Reddit's userbase is too smart if compared to Facebook's.

I love using Reddit, I have learned more things in less than a year from Reddit than my 8 years of Facebook-ing!

The journey of my Reddit started with the leaked episode of GoT S07 on r/freefolk, and got over 100K Karma plus 5 times gilded in the very first 10 days!

Honestly, the UI, for me at the beginning, was too confusing, and reading the comments and finding the beginning and the end of the comment/reply thread seemed the most difficult task ever! But as soon as I got the hang of it, the same UI got me interesting feeling!

Yeah, I did a little karma whoring for that, but, hey that was in the beginning!

In Reddit, anonymity is quite good and there is subreddit for everything. Literally, for every f*king thing. The very "Front Page" is full of quality NSFW posts, and that's fine for users!

Unfortunately, these days, Reddit is quite a busy experimenting and trying new layout/UI. Most of the regular users are unhappy 'bout it, but for me, its fine until it doesn't turn out like Facebook!

Tip for consumers: If you are a newbie on the website, try reading my 5 worthwhile tips on Quora on how to get hang of Reddit! Ironic, right??


Cent is one of the best dApp out there, and one and only bounty program on blockchain.
The users can ask questions and pay for bounty, and the other users can answer them for bounty.
To this day, I have earned around 40$ ETH. Earning is darn easy.

Tip for consumers: Answer as quickly as you can as soon as the bounty is posted to be in the top 10 answer. Make sure you answer as the first 10 users. Also use the picture, more specifically, if possible, use GIFs to attract the user's attention and get the "vote."

• Updated review
The staffs on live chat don't have good command at English. They hardly understand what I try to say. However, they try hard to resolve the issues, and yet they can hardly resolve the issues.

I bought a phone on Anniversary sale, it was the Global launch of the phone. To the shame, the seller took a month alone for the phone to ship, which means it will be delivered around 3 months after the order date. That's ridiculous! I don't know why Aliexpress allows these types of sellers!

The seller had a lame excuse, "because this is new released phone. For a better shopping experience, we need to do the quality check before sending. And we will send it according to the time you paid for the order. Hope for your understanding."

Those all QA should have been done before the seller kept the items for sale on the campaign. Doing a month delay just for shipping and putting QA as the cause, that's a shame.

Tip for consumers: New users don't forget to grab the site's "4$ New user coupon" and 15$ signup bonus + 6% cashback on every order by registering here https://goo.gl/uFEtdY

Best at its own!
• Previous review
I won't say this is the best site to get quality products but the prices are within the cheapest range I have ever found on the web along with the [most of] free shipping products!
I have shopped over 500$ here, and I am mostly satisfied except some of the sellers' products' quality.
However, the shipping takes too long to Nepal, where I reside (normally it takes a month or two and sometimes it's three)!
Signed up there after hearing "Minds is a social media on the blockchain" [like everyone else.] However, Minds seems like out of the minds with the post mostly against Facebook, spreading Fake news, NSFWs, and fake liberalism.

In my rough guess, more 50% accounts here are fake and sock-puppets.

The user interaction is very low if the number of subscribers is to be considered for an account.

However, the Minds have potential to be great social media and one of the kind on Blockchain, but it looks very-very far away!
No wonder why's Payoneer the best service provider in its game!
It supports many-many platforms!

The only drawbacks I have felt about it are:
1. The newer cards and accounts are not supported in Facebook Ad Platform.
2. Some of the platforms ask for the zip code of the virtual bank provided by Payoneer, however, there is no zip code of banks mentioned in the "Global Payment Service." And this makes hard to add Payoneer as payment receiver to those platforms.
3. Payoneer doesn't provide "Buyer Protection Service" for transactions below 20$ while doing online shopping.
4. Free delivery of the MasterCard too much time than it should have.
Wirex, currently, from my perspective, is one of the best wallets right now. It supports most of the countries than other wallets.

1. More countries supported.
2. Fast transaction than ever.
3. Transaction fees are minimum
4. Verification was quick.
5. Support is responsive!

1. Card support was halted, and it's taking too much time to be available again.
The site needs verification and all for being able to buy or sell anything on the site. However, still, the site has been the junction for the scammers to sell Amazon GCs.

Moreover, the site, itself, takes a large percentage away from the sellers, compelling the sellers to sell at the higher rates.

Also, Gameflip supports only the US, I wonder are there not gamers outside the US? Huh?
Undoubtedly, the cashback is higher than the other websites [except some stores.] The earnings from referral and signup are also great. I had referral signup from one of the sites, I had whopping 25$ as a signup bonus. And though there is no minimum threshold for the payout, you have to wait as long as 4-5 months for your earnings to be confirmed and payable, and that s*cks.

1. High CB
2. Multiple payout options
3. No payout threshold

1. Have to wait as long as 4-5 months for earnings to be payable
2. Minimum 10$ in CB for the referral bonus to be confirmed.
YouTube is the name that everybody knows. So, I don't think I need to explain anything about it.

However, for creators, YT has become a $#*! job. The policies are killing the small, growing creators!

And the other thing about YT is, no matter how slow the internet is, YT is comparatively 10 times smooth as compared other websites in my region!
Yes, the transfer is quite slow, not as advertised. However, I still like the service as I can request and hold 29 currencies in 29 different countries' banks. I don't think any
Other services offer such for free!

Also, the verification was pretty quick!
There are tons of website/apps that claim themselves as the world-class grammar-checker tool. But got to admit, there is no other service like Grammarly. Most of the other free services are for limited time, whereas Grammarly's free service for the lifetime [though the features are limited.]

However, the paid service is where Grammarly loses some reputation! The paid service is comparatively expensive than others.

I used the Grammarly premium for a year, and honestly, it did help me a lot with the plagiarism!

P.S. Now, I am free user!

Tip for consumers: If you are planning to buy a paid subscription, look out for the discount coupons. Sometimes, the discount is high as 50% straight!

I signed up there before the cryptocurrencies started grabbing some real attention, but I am still not so active there!
It so much like Reddit, but it's on the blockchain, and there you get paid for sharing contents!

Looking at the some real earning reviews, it seems if the user has nice contents and favor-for-favor followers, 50-100$/day is an easy money!
Though the site is named as Sarcasm, most of the articles and cover photos of the posts are NSFW. The content looks very much unoriginal.
Nothing so sarcastic contents there! Just too much attention seeking NSFWs!
The website is very useful to make designs online. There are tons of templates, designs, graphics to use.
The UI is easy to interact with, and most importantly this has replaced my Photoshop designing for creating contents.

Best go-to design website. Better than Fotor considering the regular android app updates.
Everything these days sounds fascinating when
"blockchain" word is associated with it. And this website is no exception!

The website's just raw and nothing has started, except tokens distribution [3$ worth token per connection referred] for the inviting the connections to here.

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