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Shanghai Ruolin Machine is supposed to be "a professional supplier of food and beverage machinery, printing equipment and cleaning" based in Shanghai, China.

I am an online retailer selling designed and printed T-shirts using a DTF printer based in Australia.

I bought a DTF printer, and the seller sent me a defective printer. I paid US$1149. 00, and I am expecting a working printer. Instead, they sent me a totally rubbish DTF printer. The top cover was broken and replaced with a piece of metal junk. Worst, the moment I received the printer, I opened it and turned it on, and since this is my second machine, I am already familiar with the printer; it was already malfunctioning. The seller pushed me to fix it even if it was beyond repair as the machine is not turning on and even told me to get a professional to fix it for me! I can ignore the garbage top cover of the printer as long as it is working, but IT IS NOT. The seller offered a refund of US$ 80 against US$1149! I escalated the refund application but was sent an email by Yuki of Alibaba insinuating that I will not get my refund even before the decision of Alibaba. We are in lockdown here in Sydney, and Seller insisted that I get a professional to help me fix the broken printer. I paid for a working printer and not for a printer that needs repair! The reason I bought a new printer is that my printer is broken. If I can get a professional to fix a broken printer, I could have just called a technician to come to my place and fix my broken printer and not repair the printer they sent that I expected to be working. I already explained we are in lockdown, and they kept telling me to get a professional or all my relatives to fix the broken printer they sent me. Yuki of Alibaba told me to accept the seller's refund offer of $80 instead of the $1149 I paid for the printer. She indicated that she thinks Alibaba will not return my money as I signed for the receipt of the printer. How will you know if the printer is working or not if you are not going to sign for the receipt of the printer? Obviously, Yuki is already biased. She indicated that the printer might be working when it left China, and I operated it incorrectly, causing it not to work. That was my last straw, and I decided I am out of Alibaba. A decision has been rendered already by Alibaba through Yuki. This is really a horrible experience for me dealing with Alibaba. WARNING: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS RUOLINMACHINE! If the machine is defective, the customer has the problem and is not the one who made the machine which is the RuolinMachine. I lost my money, and I lost my business because of the defective machine.,

See the photos below and see if that is a photo of a working machine. I received that Thursday night and opened in the morning of Friday. I had to open the whole printer and strip the frame so I could get to the printer's motherboard. When I turned it on 2 lights are blinking, the top cover is a piece of metal junk. The frame is deformed. The paper rest was falling off because the deformed frame at the back was pushing the paper rest. They told me I have to straighten the deformed frame. I had to push the belt of the printer carriage in the frame so I could hook it back to the frame. There were so many things they told me to do for the printer to work, including machinist work, until the printer did not turn on anymore. Then Yuki of Alibaba said that the printer did not work because of incorrect operation. I am totally disappointed with how Alibaba treated me despite most of the stocks and equipment I bought from their site. This printer is totally different from the photos seller showed on their site.

I am an online retailer selling designed and printed T-shirts using a DTF printer based in Australia.

Tip for consumers:
To know which companies are reliable. And definitely, this company is not.

Products used:
I bought another DTF printer from another supplier.


Sad to say, I am deactivating my account with Alibaba. I have been buying my stocks, supplies and equipment through Alibaba. But I have never expected that I will get unfair treatment for my request for refund.

Tip for consumers:
Don' expect your money to be refunded when the seller sent you a defective product. It is your fault if the seller sent you a defective printer. Buyers are not really protected. They only look after the sellers. You have to know if the product you bought is working or not without seeing it. That is what they told me that because I received the printer automatically the printer is working even if it is not. Ruolin sent me a broken printer and totally different from the photo they showed me.

Products used:
I bought a new printer to replace the defective printer sent to me by Ruolin Machinery. The printer is the same price I paid for the defective printer sent to me by Ruolin and is not refunded by Alibaba. But the new printer I bought from another seller is elegant, sent in a wooden crate, and most importantly, the printer was perfectly working when it arrived.


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