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If you use these pans on high heat at all they will get coated and Stick. The pans are durable but after some use they are not non-stick. If you after wash them, Every time, with an abrasive liquid (like you would use to clean a glass, electric stove top) it will help. But they still stick (just not as bad). The bottoms of the pans were very flat when new but after a little use they are not as flat. On a gas stove... not a problem but on a glass, electric top... not so great. The pans are basically easy to clean but, when you factor in having to use a scouring liquid to keep them serviceable, It's kind of a pain.


Stocktwits may have been created to allow investors to share ideas but the site is inundated by verbose commenters who spout words that, to the novice investors, sound like they might know something about stocks, BUT THEY DON''T. The site is essentially useless. Knowledgeable investors have long since left this site. Overall monitoring of posts on this site is very haphazard.


For a company that bases its' name on their main product, you would think that they would have pretty good wings; right? Not! I have been to several of their stores, with friends, and they all have the same thing in common; Small, Dry Wings. They use very small wings to cut costs that have very little meat on them. They deep fry their wings and since there is not much meat on them it makes them very dry. If you put enough sauce on anything you can probably eat it, But Why?


Goodfeet DOES NOT Guarantee their product!
For almost $500 for shoe inserts that should raise a RED FLAG!
The sales people don't know anything about feet other than to measure the size of your feet and get that size insert from the stock room (no different than a shoe store getting you shoes in your size).
The "analysis" that they give you is nothing more than a sales gimmick to sell you their product.
Help yourself and see a good Podiatrist.


For the Homeowner perspective:
Home Advisor leads potential customers to believe that they can give them accurate costs for different projects and also provide them with several options of willing contractors to service them. But they are primarily interested in having people request a "Lead" so that they can then relay it to more than one Contractor and charge each of them a fee. Contractors get charged whether they accept a "Lead" or not. So if the description given by the homeowner is less than described, it is frustrating for the Contractor. Another problem is that when a Contractor meets with a potential client, those clients often have an unrealistic idea of the cost of their project ( usually precipitated by Home Advisor's unhelpful cost estimates).

For the Builder/Contractor perspective:
Home Advisor makes money from Contractors by charging them for each and every "Lead" that they provide to them. "Lead" costs range between $50 and $250 each.
From personal experience; I received around 20 "Leads" over a 6 month period.
18 of those "Leads" were ones that I considered bogus. The "Leads" were either not for what their descriptions said they were for, people just trying to satisfy a curiosity or they were asking for services at Ridiculously Low Prices (three of the "Leads" were asking for someone to build them a 1600 square foot custom home including land for between $100,000 and $200,000). I tried to not get charged for these "Leads" but was told that they considered them to be legitimate "Leads" and their would be no credit. Although I did receive credit for 5 of those "Leads", it still ended up costing me over $1,000 before I decided to quit their service.

It is true that Home Advisor does come through with some good leads but the way they aggressively pursue money for 'Leads" gives a foul taste to their business model.


Do Not Depend on Bidadoo Inspections. They give the impression that their items are fully inspected by a qualified independent party. This is not true! They are known to use "inspections" given by the Seller. I bought a piece of equipment that was clearly fraudulently represented. Technically the fraudulent "inspection" was provided by the seller but Bidadoo should make sure that this does not happen!
So Be Very Cautious!


Public Surplus does not monitor Sellers in any way! Furthermore; If you have a problem with a seller and they don't like that you had a problem with them they can block you from bidding on their auctions. You may ask why should I care if they block me from their auctions? Because if they block you from their auctions then many other agencies will block you because you have been blocked by another agency. This is like a virus, one block becomes two then four then eight then sixteen blocks (you can see where this is going). I have communicated with Public Surplus and their response is that it is up to the Buyer to resolve any issues with the agencies and it is not Public Surplus's problem. Public Surplus is also not concerned with any consequences for
Sellers who misrepresent auction items.
Caveat emptor!


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