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Okay, so not exactly politically correct, but hear my story before you judge me. Ordered 3 KN95 face masks and a "professional" face shield. Masks were rinky-dink, but usable (although questionable as to their efficacy in blocking the Covid-19 virus considering what lying, cheating, human filth these people are). As for the face shield, they bent me over to the tune of $29.99, and what I received was a tightly rolled up, creased, clouded, and scratched up piece of cheap plastic that is wholly unwearable and unusable. In all probability, it may have been a decent shield when it started, but these treacherous scumbags rolled it up and stuck it into a magazine sleeve to save THEMSELVES postage costs, all the while charging ME $7.99 for first class postage in what should have been at least a padded manilla envelope or cardboard box. Something large enough to accommodate the mask without folding or rolling it up. Hence the creased, scratched up, and cloudy piece of s**t plastic shield I couldn't wear or see through. I offered PharmaCentral the opportunity to replace the item with a face shield that was represented on their website. But they have no honor nor any interest or intention of fixing the problem or satisfying some American pig they had fun ripping off. Never answered any of my emails. As with all their dissatisfied customers, they forced me to file a claim. I did so. Took me two months to get it, because they kept stalling and appealing. Indeed, they tried every trick in the book to stymie my attempts. Demanded that I return the item and provided me a return address consisting of mandarin ideograms. Knowing the USPS wouldn't be able to decipher this, I contacted PayPal where I got to utilize that amusing old saw, "It's all Chinese to me!" The CSR and I enjoyed a good belly laugh at their expense. Then she made these con artists provide the proper address. That was the first gauntlet. Next they demand a tracking number on the returned item. Now, get this--when you send mail to China that requires tracking, ONLY PACKAGES qualify for this service, NOT LETTERS. If a letter qualified, I could have sent the shield (sans the headband cushion) in a manila envelope for about $2.00. But since it had to be a package, the cheapest postage available was $18.00. Of course, 75% of hapless customers give up at this point. You better believe they count on that. I, on the other hand, am one of the other 25% that DID NOT give up. I dug around in my junk drawer 'til I found a bunch of old-$#*! $5.00 and $3.00 postage stamps (Bret Harte & Captain Cook, to be exact) and glued those suckers on! Got my tracking number and submitted it to PayPal Resolution Center and waited. PharmaCentral's last gasp was a final appeal which, happily, PayPal denied. I got my $50.66 PharmaCentral has committed this fraudulent misrepresentation many, many times before (read the reviews) and should not be allowed to continue bilking customers on the PayPal platform. The lessons I learned are: 1.) Never trust a web site because its appearance is polished and claims to be U.S.-based. In the "about us" section of the site, PharmaCentral claims to be an importer located in Temple, Florida. A Google search yields neither a physical address nor a contact telephone number. If you can't go pound on their front door or call them, something's fishy. If I'm not good enough to visit or talk to them, then my money's no good either. They can keep their secrets, and I'll keep my hard-earned cash. 2.) Speaking of money, any web site that only accepts one form of payment should automatically be deemed suspicious. It means you don't get the protections afforded customers who purchase products online with credit cards. Without the ability to quickly dispute charges for substandard, shoddy, or damaged products, as well as fraudulent transactions, you're at the mercy of a protracted resolution process that can be tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming. 3.) Finally, and you must excuse the topical pun, avoid China like the plague. Product review all Chinese companies and vendors. These companies thrive on selling cheap, fake, worthless and dangerous products to unwary customers throughout the world, I know it's impossible to not buy any Chinese products, but for our country's sake, buy American whenever you can.

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