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We've had at least one Citi-backed credit card for decades. We; re giving up on Citi and moving to Amex.
1. The customer service line is poor. It is automated with not-quite-working voice recognition. It is infuriating.
2. Their choice of security questions for online accounts does not work for joint accounts (Heaven forfend that their customers might actually be married.)
If they allowed more than one online account (one for each person, say), this would be workable, but they don't. And, the extra security questions get asked in the situation of a session timeout, so having the login and password are not enough.
3. Their fraud detection, although laudable in intent, seems mainly to detect that we're actually using the card and then gets in the way, forcing us to deal with their customer service line. Part of the problem seems to be that we don't use the card often (geez, I wonder why).
4, There used to be an app that let you generate virtual card numbers. These are very handy for things like trial offers and such that you don't want to renew or have a hassle to cancel. They apparently broke it in an apparent attempt to make it more secure. I can no longer use it. Wasted more than hour, much of it on the phone with their their service line before completely giving up.


I ditched my LinkedIn account roughly a year ago after the fiasco where they got hacked and were found to be keeping passwords in the clear. Joined a decade ago when my job was in trouble and LinkedIn was all the rage in tech-land. Didn't do a damn bit of good. Contacts from people I knew were usually bad news. Headhunter contacts were usually way off base. Nothing good ever came from it.


Job search site, similar to Dice.com Started using it a decade ago when layoffs were imminent at my employer. Complete waste of time. Generated worthless leads, spam, phishing and at least one recruiting attempt by a money launderer. Not an effective job search tool.


In general, I'm pleased with the site. It's a great alternative to going to the store when the weather is awful. I have ordered merchandise a few times and it has arrived in the expected time. One problem (why it's not 5 stars) is that the rendering of colors on their website could be better. I ended up having to do a return and repurchase of bath rugs because the actual color as it appears in the store or on my bathroom floor was slightly different than the online version. I didn't have any hassles on the return, but I did end up paying for shipping twice.


Lousy. Several problems:
1) They're terrible at screening out the fake reviewers (this becomes obvious on some of the small business reviews)
2) The number of genuine reviews for businesses in my area is pathetically low, making reliability a real issue.
3) They send me a lot of junk mail - it's not malicious, but I'd rather see less of it

If you want an example of how weak they are, check out their rating of Autocare in Richardson, TX These dudes are scammers who sell overpriced car maintenance policies via illegal spam phone calls and misleading snail mail (I have a gem in my hands right now). They have an F rating from the Dallas BBB, yet they're 5 stars on Yelp. That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of Yelp reviews.


Web site for Alexander Valley Vineyards (which is in California's Alexander Valley).
Great wine. Not cheap, but you get you what you pay for. Had a wine club membership for a few years after a visit to the vineyard (pre-Internet). They are a winery first who happens to have a web site, not a web site with wine supplier(s). Since they've put up a web site, have ordered through it a couple of times and was pleased with the service.


For travel to a location I haven't been to before, a little quality time on Tripadvisor.com is essential for checking out hotels prior to booking. However, I use the averages as a loose guideline only and am I'm careful to read both ends of the ratings, paying particular attention to the details on the bad ones.
For restaurants, they're not so good. For me, their NYC restaurant reviews are worthless. The reviews seem to get swamped by tourists whose tastes, budgets and expectations are radically different from mine.


Scum-sucking spammers. I've never been to this site, had never heard of them until their spam showed up in my email inbox. I'm quite clearly not in the market for their product (I've been married to the same guy longer than the geniuses who work there have been alive, most likely), I am curious as to who exactly gave (or rather, sold) them my email address. That would be useful information.


Very useful site. Have used it many times for reservations, particularly some of the busier, better places around. Never had an issue with a missed reservation or a "misunderstanding" on the part of the restaurant.


Had a Pinterest account for a year for a year or two, closed it recently. Reasons:
1) Not crazy about their data use policies. These guys seem to belong to the Facebook school of privacy, except they're a bit slower. My page was hacked, and as I was looking for info on how to get rid of the account I discovered privacy settings that hadn't been there before. Wonderful.
2) The folks that I knew who were using it seemed to put a lot of junk on their pages. Their recipes/crafts/whatever seemed attractive at first, but gradually seemed to be, well, a lot of crap not worth reading.


If you are on Facebook, this site is indispensable. I've lost count of the number of times that I've been able to go to this site to quickly debunk some nonsense being spread around by gullible friends, with just a few clicks and a copy/paste. It's amazing what people will believe, even some folks that I thought were pretty savvy.


My biggest problem with Zagat's is that the fantastic depth of information that they have on restaurants in Manhattan is not replicated for where I live in NJ. That said, their reviews have been reasonably consistent with actual experience for restaurants we've been to, especially for the higher-end places. Also find that it's worth buying the hardcopy guides. They don't need power or a cell signal, which can be an issue when out and about in NYC.


Not so great. I had a subscription for 1 year, did not renew. Did not find it to be worth paying for.
1) It let me vent about a really bad experience with an HVAC company.
2) There are some decent reviews in the area of home repair/improvement. For some things I could at least identify who not to go to.
1) They run ads, sometimes from businesses that look like they're on the lousy end of the scale (conflict of interest?)
2) Screening issues: some reviews look like they're written by friends and family of the owner.
3) For things other than home improvement/repairs stuff, I found the listings pretty thin.
4) They're spamming me to write reviews for outfits I only looked at briefly on their web site and never contacted. It seems they're desperate for real data. (And, I've told them this -> now they're sending me discount offers, daily).


It's been our go-to site for anything book-related for years and we're finding it useful for all sorts of other things. For instance, we found a tail light for a Toyota Prius for less than half the quote from a local mechanic. (The tail light is now in service with no problems.) I did have one minor issue re Kindle: a magazine that they offer (and show as available for the Kindle) isn't supported on the PaperWhite. I didn't find that out until after I had purchased it and found it wouldn't download. It was easy enough to cancel, but that part of the web site needs improvement. For things non-Kindle I've never had a problem with shipping delays or other issues. Sometimes they have surprised us and the item showed up the next day when we asked (and paid for) regular shipping. In general, Amazon keeps surprising us with what can be purchased reliably online.


As of 8:30 pm this evening (11/29/2013) These guys are standing
Behind KlearGear (yes, That KlearGear), stating that they are a merchant in good standing on their web site. Enough said.

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