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I am an animal artist. Many of my reviews are on the various scam pages (many advertised on Facebook) that are stealing from artists and ripping off consumers. Unfortunately I am one of the many artists who is a victim of these foreign scammers (mostly in Vietnam) that steal my art then rip off consumers.

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A full time artist, I am well versed in copyright law. and unfortunately, frequently have my art stolen by foreign scammers.


Animals and art

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Thieves and scammers using stolen art images. One of many pages on facebook ran by Vietnam based counterfeiters. They steal artists images and sell junk. My stolen art is on this crap website. Stolen from https :// www.icanvas. Com/canvas-print/hazel-the-cow-with-sunflower-flower-crown-hhs544? Utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping%20feed&utm_content=free%20google%20shopping%20clicks&gclid=Cj0KCQjwweyFBhDvARIsAA67M70kUFSRJbhNqpTBeHlb1AaF2u4X7E1Xv6RYg9uHoA4CyOzMMARTF94aAiSUEALw_wcB#1PC3-12x12


I am a long time seller on ETSY. The last year it has gone to crap. Unfortunately they do no vetting of shops and it has became a hub for counterfeit and infringing items. I have reported many shops, filed many DMCA's, yet ETSY continues to leave these shops up and running. Shops like this send junk to the customers while stealing from honest hard working artists and designers. Buyer beware. Do some research on the seller before purchasing goods. I added a photo of just a couple items that are using my art.


More thieves based in foreign countries. They steal images from artists websites then send a crap product to consumers, DO NOT PURCHASE
I have added one photo of my art they have stolen!


Another scam pushed by facebook ads. They have stolen some of my art (and from many other artist) for the junk they sell


This is another Vietnam based page that steals artists images from their online marketplaces. They prey on US consumers and send them crap or you get your credit card info stolen. Facebook is hosting these crappy pages too! Copyright infringement and outright theft.
I have attached my art that they have STOLEN


This is your typical facebook page running ads that include items with art images. They art thieves, typically based in Vietnam. They steal images from artists then prey on American consumers. If you are lucky you get utter crap using stolen art, more than likely you are going to get your credit card info stolen and get ripped off.


This is junk from Vietnam selling via Facebook ads. They have stolen my art for their junk! STAY AWAY from crap advertised on FB!


Scam page based out of Vietnam. Steals artists images for their scammy crap. DONT PURCHASE FROM FACEBOOK ADS unless you know the company well


More thieves stealing art and ripping off consumers. Here is just one of the art images they have stolen from me for their crappy site. They use facebook to push their junk


One of hundreds of thousands of scam using facebook ads to push their products on American consumers. Beware of Facebook ads selling shirts, quilts and other items with art images.


More thieves stealing artist images and using Facebook ads to prey on consumers. Beware of facebook ads with interest pages selling shirts, rugs, quilts and other items with art images... majority are based in Vietnam and sell knock offs and smelly nasty junk. Adding just a few with my stolen art!


This is another copyright infringer based in Vietnam. Everything they 'sell' is using images stolen from artists. They stalk sites like ETSY, Fine art America etc and steal images via a screen shot. They then use that image for a mock up of a shirt. They then send you a poor quality product. If you do research on pages like this you will find most send you a poor quality product, nothing or steal your credit card info. They currently have several shirts with my stolen art... I have filed DMCAs with their website provider. Please be careful who you purchase from!
+++++This is an update to my review on 11/12/19++ I have removed the word "SCAM" as now this 'company' is harassing me by sending messages to my ETSY shop, the same place they 'steal' from me. I have attached the harassing messages here. The only thing I can compare this to is--- your home is robbed, the robber gets put in jail. You call the robber a 'thief'. The robber gets angry that you have called him a thief in public and begins harrasing you... and threatening to sue you for slander.
Items with my images have been removed because I filed a DMCA (Copyright report) with their IP host.
What this company is doing is called 'criminal copyright infringement'. That is where you steal someone elses creation for financial gain. In case they don't realize it copyright infringement is a federal crime. The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits. The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs.


Great company and great product. I have my art licensed with icanvas and customers have been happy with their experience with them also!


This is one of thousands of scam pages. They steal images from artist (me included) for their mock ups. They run sponsored ads on facebook for their junk or scam product. They then steal your $ and/or credit card info. Be aware, there are thousands of scams like this... nearly every page selling quilts with various art images are scams stealing from artists and consumer.


One of thousand of quilt scams ran by VIETNAMESE THIEVES, they steal art images for their crap products that they push with facebook ads (my art included). They steal consumers money. You get complete junk or nothing. Sick of facebook taking these thieves sponsored ad $.


Another vietnamese based quilt scam using facebook to push its crap products. They steal my art for their junk. So many quilt scams running on facebook. What a shame!


I am constantly finding sponsored ads from Google and Facebook pushing scams. This is another that steals my art images (and from many other artists) they preys on American consumers. DO NOT PURCHASE quilts with multiple art images from theses random websites generated in Facebook and google ads 100% scams.


This is yet another Vietnamese knock-off page. They steal artists images and use FB ads to push their crappy products. Shame on Facebook for taking dirty ad money. The Vietnamese scams on Facebook are out of hand!


Another page ran by Vietnamese that steal artists images in an attempt to rip of consumer. STAY away from this and other websites that are promoted with Facebook ads that sell items with art.


Another Vietnamese scam stealing art images. I have filed mutliple DMCA's to have listings with my art removed. They steal artists images (copyright infringement) for their mock ups to rip of consumers.

Ben H. – Block Of Gear Rep

Hi Lee, We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. As we are working hard to build our business better every day, your feedback and copyright notice to us is highly appreciated. Please let us know the name of artist and send us photo of it via our email address support@blockofgear.com. We would love to make things right. Thanks,

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