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I am currently pursuing a career as a novelist. It is a hard industry to get into, but I am tenacious (as I bet many people on this site are)!! I write fantasy and loopy sci fi for kids and adults. I have nearly been picked up by agents and publishers but *sigh* not yet!! I live in a log cabin in the Dandenongs - a rain forest east of Melbourne, Australia. I'm an atheist (more precisely, a tooth-fairy agnostic, for you sticklers out there) but still love to imagine gnomes running around my home!

How I Can Help

I do most shopping online. I have had a variety of experiences in regards to product quality and shipping. I believe many companies have to pick up their game, competition should be encouraged, and certain companies MUST be exposed for their scams! I will report my experiences honestly and fully for anyone who is interested. :)


Words, TV, nature (it doesn't talk back), nice people.. Imagining things that don't exist do exist!

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I will state without reservation that I have rarely witnessed as much maltreatment from a licensed establishment as I did at Holliava.

First, the floor was sticky with spilt alcohol and the crowd was rowdy. It is sold as a classy joint on their website, yet the actual interior presents no such sophisticated image. Inside it is dark and slightly dingy.

However, this is not the reason I am giving feedback. I am writing this because Holliava managed to personally offend and upset me and my boyfriend within one hour of setting foot inside.

The events were as follows: My boyfriend went to the beer garden for a cigarette, but finding he'd mistakenly walked into a function, he quickly took the cigarette out the front. He sat quietly for a minute before putting it in the bin, then stood up to re-enter Holliava. However, the two bouncers stopped him from entering with a physical gesture, claiming he was too intoxicated to further mingle with the people inside. He asked, without fuss, if he could at least come in to see me and get his belongings. They would not allow this. They would have seen him walk home without his wallet, money, credit card and other belongings. Even when he requested they at least escort him inside to speak with me and retrieve his belongings, they refused.

Our rather large group was seated around tables parallel to the road, alongside a window that opens onto the street. My boyfriend let me know through said window that he was not allowed back into the establishment. I asked several members of the staff if I could speak with the manager, none of whom obliged. They barely acknowledged me, in fact; despite having no idea what the problem might be. As a female in a rowdy bar, I find this a problem in itself.

Finally I spoke to someone in a higher position (but not the manager, as I had requested). I explained the situation calmly and diplomatically, assuring him that there had been a mistake. My boyfriend was not half as drunk as many people on the premises and is one of the gentlest and most harmless individuals I know. The employee led me to understand that he would go out and deal with the situation on our behalf, which made me happy.
Instead, however, he went outside and directly told my boyfriend he could not re-enter the establishment. My boyfriend came around to the window again to let me know and collect his belongings. Before he was able to do so, the same staff member, in an act of rudeness I have rarely witnessed, pulled down the glass in front of his face, thus creating a barrier between him and the rest of our group. This was not only unjust but humiliating. My boyfriend had not spoken out of turn, had not acted in an unruly manner, had not slurred his words or behaved in a threatening manner – the latter of which he is practically incapable of.

My boyfriend has scruffy hair and was chronically fatigued from work. I posit that the people running this establishment made a superficial judgment based on his looks. Of course, after he was shut out so rudely I then became upset with the employee, who was unwilling to budge on the matter even though I had burst into tears. Wanting to support my boyfriend, I regretfully left a close family member's birthday celebrations in order that he didn't have to leave alone in this manner.

To make matters significantly worse, as we walked up the street to find a taxi, the two bouncers at the door started whistling at me (or us?) as we walked down the street. This was an announcement of victory at best or sexual harassment at worst.

I tried to call many times that night to discuss what had happened. I left my number, but no one returned my calls.

The treatment meted out at Holliava was unforgivable and unjustified. I have no more words to sufficiently express my disgust.


I finally found a wholesale site that delivers the quality they boast, and they deliver it when they say they will!

The shipping - for everything - is free Australia wide (if you want it within 8 days - otherwise it is a little more expensive). For New Zealand, it is but five dollars to receive within 8 days. To ship elsewhere, I am not sure, but from what I have experienced so far they will live up to what they claim.

I bought a Samsung wallet cover for my Samsung GS4 phone, which had just the right amount of padding, as they claimed. I also bought some lovely little Samsung ear phones, with quite a unique design. The cord could be longer, but I am not that fussy. No longer am I uncomfortable listening to Podcasts at night with my earphones in!

Take a look at this site. They have a whole range of items. A lot of accessories, including IT accessories, fashion accessories, kitchen items, LED lighting, and more. They may not have the largest range ever, but what they do have is really good so far.

It feels good to be able to give a good review for a change! After a lot of problems with online sites, I was happy to find an honest one!


This website is a scam!

I ordered a 'Mesh Face Shield and Hearing Protector' for the price of $19.99 USD for my flatmate. It goes without saying that, if I wanted to buy a high quality face shield, I would have gone up the road to get one. However, I could only afford this price.

I received the Paypal receipt and everything seemed fine. I expected a wait, which was also fine.

However, the next day I received this email: Thank you for your recent order. We are contacting you to provide a shipping quote via UPS Worldwide Expedite for $99.59.

This was not only a shock, but struck me as entirely ludicrous. NO WHERE in the billing process was I lead to believe I would be required to spend this amount of money for shipping. When I queried Bailey's, they simply replied that they only post via UPS, and that there was no other option.

It is safe to say that adding this information WHEN I MADE MY ORDER would have been the only ethical method by which to sell me this product. Of course, I cannot afford this extra amount of money. Like I said, if I buy something that is worth $20, I think it goes without saying that I cannot afford almost $100 worth of shipping costs!

Not able to send the shipping money, we never received the face mesh. This means we also lost the $20 we gave to this company. In my eyes, this is scandalous. If my flatmate has an accident with a chainsaw and hurts his face, I will consider Bailey's responsible.

If someone could have made this right, I would have been forgiving. But they didn't. Thus my report on this site.

http://www.baileysonline.com/ appears to be a scam. If you don't want to be charged a ridiculous amount for shipping, go elsewhere!

Thanks guys.


I was wholly disappointed with my experience with Rosewholesale. First, they are extremely unclear about shipping period. Unless you look at the fineprint, you will pay a lot of money for quick delivery only to find, one month later, you STILL haven't received your items.

Second, be careful of sizes! I am size ten Australian, which is medium to small. They do not make it clear enough on this site that medium DOES NOT indicate medium in your own country. I spent over $100 on clothes, only to find that most items were easily too small. One item in particular would only fit a child here.

Third, all communication with them was uncomfortable and I found them to be terse. The items were not as good quality as they would appear. I pulled stockings on and they immediately tore right up the thigh.

I do not recommend shopping at this store.

Tip for consumers:
Sizes too small. Shipping takes a very long time. Clothes are not good quality. Customer service is hopeless. What more can I say?

rosewholesale a. – RoseWholesale Rep

I would like to start off by telling you that we are so sorry about your problem.
Could you telll us your email address or your order number? So that we can solve your problem.
Let me start by apologizing for your experience. We really want to make this right. Wish your reply.

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