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For some reason ALL of my comments get flagged as spam even though I am NOT posting spam. I tried reporting the issue and apparently they've "been working on it" for over half a year and have STILL not fixed the problem.

While trying to contact support I found this bit of information that makes me lose even more respect for this company I already had no respect for.

"Direct support is reserved for paying publishers and large forum moderators. For more information on support levels, see Disqus Plans and Pricing."

What? I have to be a PAID member for you guys to be willing to give me direct support? So that mean that even though they are "working on" my flagged comments (That AREN'T spam but have been flagged as for some reason) that they are actually NOT because that would require DIRECT SUPPORT witch is RESERVED FOR PAID MEMBERS ONLY!!



For reading manga this site has been functional enough for me. HOWEVER there are a few things that I really do no like about this site.

1. No live subscription updates.
If you follow a manga you will only receive update notifications once a day, where it will list all the manga that had been update the previous day. A minor annoyance, but many other manga sites I've used will have a subscription feed that will update as soon as a new chapter is released. Not this site.

2. I've noticed that if I am logged out (and sometimes when I'm am logged in) that instead of forwarding me to manga hosted on their site I end up reading the manga hosted on OTHER sites, two examples being and (two sites that have NOTHING to do with manga) I don't know why I am being forwarded to these sites and I really do not appreciate it.

3. The site logs me out randomly for seemingly no reason all the time and I am forced to do a CAPTCHA to be allowed to log back in.

All in all I am ready to stop using this site and switching over to (which I've been using more and more these days)



I've had this VPN for a few months and I regret paying for a full year in advance.
I still get blocked out of many sites that detect I'm using this VPN service, such as Netflix. In fact Virtualshield even states that if you want to use their VPN on these sites you have to pay EXTRA! WHAT? This VPN is already WELL over $100, why do I have to pay extra to use one of the most basic features of a VPN?!

If I'm using this VPN
- Runs slow
- Can't upload anything to twitter, google drive, tumblr and probably many other sites (it always times out)
- Still get blocked by many sites unless I pay extra

In short, DON'T BUY A SUBSCRIPTION FOR THIS VPN! It's not worth it.




Even though I've limited my search to FREE almost half of the results in the FREE section redirect me to PAID content. For the most part it redirects me to in the section of the results that claim to be free. This is beyond irritating to find something that is perfect only to be redirected to a paid site.




The new policy for Pro and Free users is terrible! In the past when you went from Pro to Free your photos would only been hidden, but now they are going to start deleting your photos if you are a Free user with more than 1,000 photos. I have been using this site since 2005, so I have well over that amount and now might lose all of them if I don't become Pro or back the photos up. Well, with such a horrible policy change out of nowhere there is no way I am willing to give them more money (since I have had a Pro account on and off)

Congratulations Flickr, you have lost a long time member of your site. I used to love this site but every time they change something it just keep getting worse and worse. This is honestly just the last straw.

UPDATE 1/13/2018:
Ok, it seems that they have changed the policy to FREEZE free accounts that have more than 1,000 photos and put older photos above that limit "at risk of being deleted". Slightly better than out-rightly saying that they are going to delete photos over 1,000. However I still disagree with what Flickr is doing and still have no plans on returning to Flickr.




I had ordered a tank top from here and while the quality of the shirt was good it didn't fit right. When I contacted them about it I was refunded my money with no questions asked, they didn't even ask me to return the shirt. While I didn't get a shirt I am still giving this place a good rating because of their great customer service.




I ordered an XL shirt from them and when it got here the shirt didn't fit as an XL should (way smaller). On top of that the material is super thin their site made no mention of it being thin, just "extra soft". Right, more like "Extra Thin"
When I contacted them about this they sent this list of instructions to me

"I'm sorry to hear about this sizing issue, and am happy to help. Could you please send a photo of the shirt laying flat (_as an attachment_)
Please be sure to:
- Include either a ruler or tape measure all the way across the front (1" below the underarm) displaying the measurements.
- Show the label as best as possible."

What? Why do I have to go through all that effort just for a return? I have shopped at other custom shirt places that charge less than $35 a shirt and didn't need any of that info when I told them the size was incorrect. For example when I ordered from and the size was wrong they refunded my money when I contacted them, no questions asked. They too do custom print orders, so TeePublic's excuse that they can't provide refund unless it's defective because they are 'print on demand' is BS.




Seriously, why are so many sites doing this these days? It's super annoying and the only thing it does it make me use another site to get the info I wanted. It doesn't make me disable my adblock like the sites seem to think it will. Because like I said I can just to go another site that doesn't completely block you out just for using adblock.




YouTube is broken, it always has been and always will be. The owners of the site don't give a sh** about their users unless they are making them a ton of money. When they do try to "fix" problems they always end up punishing smaller channels that had NOTHING to do with whatever they are trying to fix. For example after the most recent incident they decided to up their requirements for what qualifies for a monetized channels. Their new rules wouldn't have effect the channel the caused the problem in the first place, only small channels that have done NOTHING WRONG!

YouTube, PLEASE stop punishing small channels for the wrong things that large channels do! It's completely unfair and in no way solves that problem you guys were trying to solve.




I tried to download something and it said I needed an account, made NO mention of payment. I made an account and when I tried to download a sound it demanded that I sign up for their subscription service. Aside form being misleading, their prices are TERRIBLE! 5 Downloads for $15 USD! That's ridiculous!


Even though you can look for free fonts the only thing you will find is a bunch of wingdings and they will charge for the actual fonts that they misleading list in the "free" search results.




Navigating the site used to be a bit of a challenge but I was able to at least view all my subscriptions recent uploads in one page. But with the redesign they not only manged to make the site even less functional than it was before, they decided to remove a bunch of features. When I go to "For You" it shows me only a couple of videos that my subscriptions have uploaded and a bunch of video it thinks I want to watch. I can't figure out how to view ONLY my subscription uploads like in the past where they used to have a feed like page for that.




I want to start off by saying that there are many great sellers here that have given me no problem. As far as buying glass items, pipes, adapters etc I have had no problems. HOWEVER I recently tried to buy some tea from a seller named mcgretea and when I received the product a month later I found that the JASMINE pearl tea I had bought had no jasmine scent or taste like it's supposed to. I've bought this type of tea from many different places and I know what it's suppose to smell and look like and what they gave me was not what I had ordered. (also when I tried to brew it the tea leafs came out in smaller pieces as if they had rolled up inferior grade tea in an attempt to make it look better than it actually is.) I tried contacting the seller directly and the only thing they said was "The tea is ok" and wouldn't even acknowledge that they LIED in their products description. I tried to submit a dispute but so far DHGATE themselves have said

"You opened the dispute for the reason oftaste problems. We are sorry to tell you we can not handle these problkems as it can not prove."

(Yes, they missed spelled 'problems', how professional guys)
They have ignored me since even though I said that the seller LIED about their product. I've tried talking with their live chat and they were just as unhelpful as all they did was tell me to make a video as evidence and send it in.

I will update this review if I ever get a refund. In the mean time I'm leaving the 1 star rating. I would leave less if I could.

UPDATE 11/13/2017

After I submitted a video of the brewed tea leafs I was finally given a full refund. I still can't 100% recommend this site after all the hassle I went through to get a refund, but I won't say avoid this site either because there are good sellers on this site with good products. Just not the tea. Avoid the tea and the seller mcgretea.

RE: Response from DHgate C., DHgate Representative

Yeah, I already said I got a refund, if you bothered to actually read the review. This just shows just out of touch with everything this site is.

Tip for consumers: If you buy tea, don't buy from mcgretea Links Links


When I try to download anything from people using these links I get spammed with "Your computer has a virus" scam alters, causing dozen of popups to get in my way, freezing my browser and preventing me from getting to link I was trying to get to. Please, if you have to use one of those annoying url shortening site to make a buck use something other than this one. At least doesn't freeze my web browser




I thought I would look myself up just for fun, but after going through a ton of forms I was eventually asked to pay for the results.




For everyone that says this site is garbage I have to disagree. While there are MANY scammers out there I do have to point out that there are MANY different people selling things here, much like ebay. (actually a lot of people that sell here sell on ebay as well) However most things here are dirt cheap and honestly you can't expect great quality for the prices. What you can expect is to save money on things like stationary or other things that don't need to be high quality to use. But I do suggest that you look at the reviews for EACH item before buying to see if the item is worth it/if there was any problems getting it/etc.
Another thing that people seem to be complaining about it having problem getting refunds. I've personally have never had any problems getting refunds from sellers, you just have to contact the seller directly and then open a Dispute. I've gotten my money back with out any problems so far.
Though shipping dose take a LONG time as most of these things are coming from China or over seas in general. But for the most part shipping is free so I really can't complain.




Yet another site waging war on ad-block. Won't let me get to the link I'm TRYING to get to through and even when I disable my ad-block on their site it's STILL not happy!




This site ALWAYS turns up in my "FREE e-card" search when they don't actually have any free cards. I hate how when ever I go to this site I get the impression that I won't have to pay money to send the e-cards, but when I try to personalize that e-card I am told to sign up. Ok, fine.... but when I try to sign up it turns out they charge a MONTHLY FEE. A monthly fee for E-CARDS.




Their customer support is really bad. I Pre-Ordered an iphone 6 case and somehow the wrong size was accidentally selected. I tried contacting them to change the order but they told me that "Since it's been more that 2 hours we can't change it". Mind you that if THEY had responded to me sooner that wouldn't have been an issue. So I tried contacting them again since I really don't see why they can't change a Pre-Order that hasn't even been shipped yet and they gave me the EXACT same reply, like copy & paste same. So I tried contacting them again to get them to cancel the order and they sent me the SAME response AGAIN! It's like they don't even bother reading peoples e-mails! My advice is the AVOID buying from here as their customer support is TERRIBLE! Doing something as simple as changing something in a pre-order shouldn't be this difficult!


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